Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Eight

At this stage soo many things were going through my mind, why me? Why so much bad luck? What did I do to deserve all this misery?  Okay I won’t lie and say I’m a good person but still I did not deserve to suffer this much.  I had paid for my sins and this was more than enough now.  I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me, this life was just too much for me, I was not strong enough, somehow I knew things were about to get worse but what came next completely shocked me.  Koketso shouted “Haaibo Lee you slept with this guy who was having problems with his wife” I shook my head and looked at Koketso and asked what the hell was she on about she said “phela I was there when dude came to your place while you were still staying in Fourways” I needed some intervention from higher powers, lighting , tsunami anything to hit us all of us at once so we can all die and leave no one behind so that no one will be left with unanswered questions, nothing is more frustrating than having all these questions with no one to answer them so if we were all to die right there and then life would have been perfect.  At this moment Mthobis and his mother, hell the entire family including the extended family was now glaring at me waiting for me to come up with an answer.  I did what any self-respecting woman would have done in that position I fainted, well if you want to get technical about it you can say I faked fainting, that was the only way out of this one.  Koketso has a big mouth period, first of all Mthobisi didn’t know about Mfundo coming to our place and obviously  stupid Koketso thought that Fundani was Mfundo, and this was when he was out of town on work, hell I had completely forgotten about that incident.  Why did the stupid woman have to bring it up, couldn’t she wait till we were alone then ask me in private.

There is that saying that bad things happen in threes, well I was already on two I was not about to wait for three and the only way to avoid another bad drama was by faking fainting.  I have to say to it is damn hard to fake fainting I had to make sure I position myself in a way where I would not fall and hit my head, in fact I didn’t want to hurt any part of my body.  I heard Mthobisi’s mom say “don’t worry I will wake her up” and I thought to myself “no stupid woman there is no waking up, I will wake up when I get home” the next thing I felt water in my face, I swear I almost drowned while laying on the floor, the crazy woman must have thrown me with five litres of water, I jumped up and shouted “what’s going on?” Koketso burst out laughing, she found the whole thing soo amusing I wanted to slap her but I was dripping wet but honestly if I was watching that happen to someone else I would have been on the floor laughing but I was pissed, both at my mother in law and Koketso.

Fundani’s mom started shouting at Mthobisi’s mom as to why she had thrown me with cold water and how insensitive she was knowing I was pregnant and in a cold weather like this what if both baby and I got pneumonia.  Hebana, this pregnancy nonsense again, I was cold and shaking from the cold water but I managed to scream out, “I am not pregnant, Fundani please tell me you didn’t rape me.”  I said with everything in me begging,  Mthobisi had his eyes pierced on Fundani waiting for him to answer and I could tell that if he said the wrong answer that was going to be the end of Fundani, witnesses around or no witnesses my husband was going to finish him off and no one was going to be able to stop him.  Fundani cleared his throat and said “no Ma, she’s not the one I got pregnant.”  The said looking at me “I am not a rapist, I didn’t rape you.”  He then turned to Mthobisi and said “You have your wife back now bring my brother back, I’ve stopped this war and if you want it to start all over again say the word and I will destroy your entire family.”  Mthobisi moved closer to Fundani and said “you and your cheap mother come to my mother’s house and disrespect us like this and you are telling me about ending the war, this war will be over when I say it’s over.”

There was complete silence for a few seconds which was broken by Mthobisi’s mom who looked at Fundani’s mother and said “take your bastard and leave my house.”  Fundani’s mother looked at Fundanni and it was as if they had just spoken some silent language because next thing they were both following each other to the door.  Jesus Christ my in-laws had drama for days.  After they left everyone was pretty upset, no one was interested in dinner.  Mthobisi’s mom wanted to speak to her son’s in private while Koketso and I went to the bathroom so I could dry myself up, when we were alone I shouted at her “what were you thinking saying that nonsense about me.”  Koketso suddenly had amnesia she said she didn’t know what I was on about, I reminded her of how she told everyone in there that I had slept with Fundani, I explained that he was a twin of Mfundo and that I worked with Mfundo, she just shook her head and said “you are very kinky”  obviously the women was in the dark about what was happening right under her nose.  I explained to her the whole situation but left out the part about sleeping with Mfundo because I knew she was never going to keep it to herself.  We went to Mthobisi’s old bedroom and she put on the heater for me while we waited for my clothes to dry up in the tumble dryer, there was no way in hell I was going to wear my mother in laws clothes.   Eventually my clothes got dry, I got dressed and Mthobisi and Tshepang got out from the family meeting that their mom had called, funny thing was Koketso and I were part of the family but we didn’t know half the shit that went down.   When they were done Mthobisi told me that we are leaving, I was not being asked I was being told.


We got into the car and drove home, Mthobisi was silent all the way home, he didn’t say one single word, I kept asking if everything was okay and he would just nod and look ahead on the road and not even bother looking at me.

As soon as we got home, Mthobisi said to me “What the hell was Mfundo doing at our house in Fourways? Were you having an affair with him Lesedi?  Is that why you and your friends killed him?

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  5. The drama in this family, will never end. How i wish i was a fly on the wall about that “house meeting” that just took place.

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