Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Two

But then I remembered that She Rocks knew Mfundo and since Fundani and Mfundo were identical twin brothers there was no way in hell she would have missed that.  We finally arrived at this drag racing place, the place was in the middle of an open space with nothing around, those huge space that after sometime they buy and build townhouses or malls in, the was a long line of cars waiting to go in, we were probably like the 40th  on the line and there were still a lot of cars waiting behind us, you could smell the burnt tyres , the atmosphere was exciting to say the least, there were all kinds of race blacks, whites, coloureds, Indians and most people came in their pimped up car, I felt like I was on Fast and Furious set.  She Rocks explained to us that apparently this is illegal and we are at a secret venue, Andiswa laughed and said “wow, how big is this secret if over a thousand people know about?”  She Rocks ignored her and continued “they text you an invite the morning of the race and tell you when the venue is going to be.  Not everyone gets a text but those that get spread the word.”  Andiswa who was not buying this secrecy thing said “if the police wanted to stop this they would have, trust me they know about it.”  I looked at her and said “shhhh, it’s a secret” we both laughed.  She Rocks shook her head and said “your sarcasm will get you nowhere.  I’m in too much of a great mood to argue with the two of you.”  We finally arrived at the front of the line, She Rocks spoke to the guy at the entrance then gave him money and they let us through Andiswa asked “were you giving him the secret code to get inside?”  She Rocks simply said “I was asking if my boyfriend has arrived?”   I turned to She Rocks and said “Is he that big that even bouncers know him here?”  Andiswa said “by big, do you mean big as in fat or big as in big famous, gosh I miss Cleo she’s the one who usually asks these kinds of questions.” We all laughed, there were cars everywhere we couldn’t find parking anywhere, we eventually found it after a few minutes of driving around.  We got out, She Rocks took out a cooler bag from her boot and led us to the stands the set-up looked like that of a soccer stadium, there were stands all around and a big circle in the middle we sat at the stands, there was a lot of people there, She Rocks crew was already there so we sat with them at the stands, she introduced us, there was a lot of them I will blame the loud music on not remembering their names, but there were just too many people that she introduced us to over nine, then she saved the best for last, her boyfriend of course, “guys this is John Black.”  Cleo said “sorry who” I just burst out laughing and Cleo also couldn’t hold it in the guy lovingly pulled She Rocks closer and said “babe, stop calling me that, I’m John and not John Black just John but they call me Jay-Jay.” He said pointing at his friends who all together said “John vuli gate John, John vuli gate.”  We all laughed, for those that don’t know that’s a line from a South African Movie Tsotsie.  John laughed and said “having a name like John is a problem.”  A guy driving a Subaru came and started spinning his car, there was smoke everywhere, people were screaming and cheering him on, he span the car a couple of times then another guy with a BMW came also span the car in circles then got out the car while the car was moving, I’m sorry for my ignorance because I had always thought this was stunts that was done in movies but seeing it live in front of my eyes was an eye opener, the guy then chased the car and went back inside it. Every car that came out the driver would try to do things to outdo the one who came before him, it was so much fun to watch.  We were drinking our ciders that She Rocks had brought, John and his friends had hubbly bubbly and their beers, there were a lot of people with hubbly bubblies in fact every second group of people had a pipe, most people there came in groups.  Each time a car would come out and do stunts people would cheer and clap, it was all fun and exciting, there was a time when a guy came out in an old BMW that he probably inherited from his late great grandfather because that thing was an ancestor, he spun the car once and after that the car started coughing then switched off, there was booing from the crowd and the poor guy was so embarrassed worst of all the car wouldn’t start some of his friends had to come and push him out, it was funny though because someone in the crowd threw him with ice and said “its to cool the overheating car down.”  She Rocks and her boyfriend looked really cute, they were cosying up, they would take pictures together and when she was struggling to take a video because too many people were standing in front of her while she was trying to capture cars spinning her boyfriend lifted her up so she could take a nice video.  His friends were all nice, crazy people, they joked around a lot they were just a fun bunch to be with, they made fun of each other and told us funny stories about John.   Before we knew it was already after one am, I asked She Rocks to drop me home, she and Andiswa said they would crash at my house since it was too late to drive to the North and cops would be everywhere as it was the weekend.  John said to She Rocks she should leave her car at my place and go sleep over at his place, She Rocks made up an excuse and ended up going with Andiswa and I to my parent’s place.  On the way back Andiswa asked She Rocks “soo Rock Star, does John have bad writing skills, is that why you made up that lame excuse and didn’t want to sleep at his place?” Writing is our language of saying sex, most girls have different names for sex, in high school we called it going to Miami and as we got older it changed; now we called it writing.  I know of some ladies that call it the government, all women have a name for it.  She Rocks said “I think he writes in cursive” both Andiswa and I said “you think?” she laughed and said they haven’t gone that far yet and changed the subject.  We arrived at my parent’s house and they crashed in my sister’s room while I tiptoed in my room to find my husband asleep.  I quickly changed and realised that I smelled of smoke from all the car’s smoke and hubbly bubble that everyone was smoking, I went to shower came back and found Mthobisi awake.  “How was it Honey?” he asked, I smiled and told him everything that happened, from the moment we left the house to us arriving and not finding parking, next thing I heard him snoring, I never learn, I was disappointed I still had so much to tell him and the guy goes and passes out on me.

Next morning when Victor made breakfast and the girls took over from him and told him to go relax. Andiswa came to wake us up, we went to go join everyone for breakfast.  My mom said “you girls are amazing in the one night you’ve been here you’ve cooked diner and now breakfast, I need to swop my daughter and adopt the two of you.” we all laughed and I said “I know mom hey, but how are we going to break the news to Naledi that we giving her up for adoption.” We all laughed. Breakfast was good, after breakfast the girls left to go home and change.  Mthobisi said he had things he needed to take care of when I asked what he just gave me a “you ask too many questions” look and I knew better so I let him be.  I played with Neo, Cleo called and asked if she could visit us with her boys, I happily agreed, within an hour they were at my parent’s home, the kids played while we sat and chatted, she told me about how smooth her husband was.  She said she discovered that he had an extra phone that stayed in the boot in the spare wheel compartment she discovered this when she was using his car and had a flat tyre so she drove to the nearest garage to ask the guys there to change it for her, when they removed the spare wheel out came the spare phone too, she said the phone was off and when she tried switching it on it wanted pin numbers so she just put it back and acted like she didn’t see it.  When her husband came home and she told him about the flat tyre, he didn’t even ask about the phone.  “I guess it explains why he never cared when you checked his phone all the time.” I said, she shook her head and said “I thought I was being clever by doing random inspections of his phone and reading text and checking his out-going calls, if a man wants to cheat he will find a way, it doesn’t matter how strict you think you are.  Anyway tell me about the new man in our Rock Star’s life.” I gave her the low down on what had happened the previous night mind you she only asked about She Rock’s man but me being the woman, I had to tell her everything from the beginning, besides I needed it out of my chest since my husband didn’t give me a chance to share it with him.  I love gossiping with other women because they lap everything up they make all the right noises at the right time unlike when you are telling a guy gossip, most never react the just give you a blank stare,  we want someone who will make all the ahhhh’s and ohhhhh’s and nooooo’s at the right time, men will never get this, it’s a woman thing we are just made different.  Cleo asked if we’ve heard anything from the police about the body that was found, deep down I somehow suspected that Mthobisi took care of that but those were just my suspicion I had no proof and as much as I wanted to ask him I somehow felt it would be best if I left that alone.  I told her we hadn’t heard anything from the cops She Rocks had been to the farm a few times but there were no new developments and she said no one was even talking about it anymore it had sort of become old news, people move on very fast in Joburg.  Cleo had to leave I thanked her for the visit and walked her and her kids to her car, she said she will let me know when she got home.  I went and sat with my mom who was reading a book, I asked her if she knew Naledi was giving her kids to her nanny for the weekend she said no but didn’t seem bothered about it, I don’t know why I was the only one paranoid over this.

Mthobisi called and said we’ve been invited to a braai / party in Bedfordview I need to get dressed he will pick me up in an hour.  I was so not in the mood of people, with braai’s you always have to be polite, smile, say the right things and pretend to be having fun even if you are bored out of your mind.  If there is one thing I’ve learnt about my husband’s Bedfordview friends is that they are rich so I obviously couldn’t just wear jeans, top and sneakers and go I had to dress the part, good thing I had packed like I was going away for a month.  I took a shower and put on my long green chiffon dress that showed a bit of cleavage, with a gold Egyptian belt and gold sandals, I did my make up and tied my hair in a ponytail, I looked like I was a wedding but that’s how people dressed in Bedfordview braai’s and the last thing you want is to look and feel out of place.  Mthobisi arrived, he told me I looked gorgeous, he showed and wore green Lacosta shorts to match my dress and a white Polo golf shirt and navy lacosta Shoes, my mom looked at us and said “hot date?”  we just looked at her and laughed.  We left home around five in the afternoon.  The house we went to was magnificent, it was like something from a magazine, very big, they had guards at the gate, just the outside was enough to make you ask yourself “what am I doing with my life if there are people living like this?”  As you walk in there was a table with glasses of champagne, Mthobisi grabbed me a glass, then we walked inside the huge beautiful house, there were people around, we went to the back of the house to sliding doors that led us outside and outside was this big pool, a bar and chairs all around it and there were white couches everywhere, damn this place was gorgeous.  I had been so mesmerised by a place that I didn’t even notice that my husband was speaking to someone, I just heard him say “Lee?” he had obviously been speaking to me for some time but I had not heard anything.  I turned and said “huh? Sorry Honey I got distracted by this beautiful house.”  the guy said “Well thank you ma’am.  I can ask my wife to give you a tour of the house later.” I smiled and realised that I had missed the introduction and said “that would be lovely thank you.”  he spoke for a bit with Mthobisi then 3 other guys came and joined us, talked about a whole lot of things that didn’t really make sense to me, not that I was paying attention to them I just smiled whenever they all looked at me or nodded whichever felt it was the right time to and would also laugh when they laughed, I was rescued by some lady who looked soo elegant that I actually felt under-dressed.  She said her name was Tee, she was the lady of the house, she offered to show me around.  I excused myself from the gents and left with the Tee character, she looked flawless; I don’t know how you could have an immaculate house like that and still look so gorgeous, I asked if she needed help with the braai, marinating the meat and stuff she told me not to worry the catering people were taking care of everything.  Jesus how rich were these people to have a catering company do everything for a braai, I decided it would be rude to ask that so instead I asked if they had any kids “Yes, Brian and I have  4 kids.”  In that body I wondered, I must have stared at her body because she quickly responded “oh no, two are from his ex wife and two are my sister’s who passed away.”  I mumbled something about being sorry, I honestly didn’t know what to say, sometimes asking too many questions is just not advisable, I decided to shut up and admire the house.  We went from room to room everything there was just too magnificent for words, my phone rang it was my husband.  “Hey Honey, your sister just called we need to go.”  My heart sank a bit thinking something happened to the kids in Tembisa “Is it the kids?” I asked, “No, it’s your dad, he had a heart-attack.”

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  1. Didn’t you post anything last week. I read the completed chapters in April and thought this week I will buy the premium chapters.

  2. I knew a week wouldn’t last without Lee having some kind of trouble, anyway Victor and the mom are the best. You know just last week my friend was telling me about her friend who lets the creche teacher go home with her child for the weekend, I don’t know how you mothers do that but i think its insane! No mother in her right mind should do that.

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