Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty One

“Okay, the suspense is killing me, what does the damn stick say?” with all my heart and soul I soo badly wanted the damn pregnancy test to say I wasn’t pregnant, I was not prepared to carry for nine months in my belly a child of a man who had held me hostage for weeks and feed me drugs, I hated Fundani more than words could explain, if I had access to him like I did with his brother Mfundo I would not hesitate to take his life and I think I would actually do it with a smile on my face, but Fundani was like a cockroach he showed up in places where he was not wanted unexpectedly, how do you find a man like that and kill him without him finding you and killing you first.  Mthobisi had a look of relief in his face; he smiled and said “you are not pregnant Honey.”  I grabbed the stick from him and it showed one line, I quickly grabbed the paper to read the instructions and it said one line means you not pregnant and two lines means you are pregnant. I started jumping up and down with excitement, I was so happy and relieved.  Mthobisi said “come here” I went to him, he gave me a long hug and a kiss and told me how much he loved me.  We kissed, took of each other’s clothes and made sweet love, it felt so good, nothing beats making love to your husband, we went on until the early hours of the morning.

The following morning Mthobisi woke up early and got ready for work, the love making had my body feeling so relaxed I didn’t want to wake up, thank God for Victor who makes breakfast for my mom every morning so since we were there he had no choice but to make for us too, so at least I didn’t have to wake up early to prepare breakfast but I had to be at the breakfast table to eat breakfast with everyone.  My mom said “I can’t wait for you two to go back to your house; Lesedi is too loud for my liking.”  I chuckled a little I had not realised that I had been that loud during our session, I looked at Mthobisi who was focusing on his plate and I could see he wanted to laugh but was holding it in.  I quickly changed the subject and said to Victor “when I grow up I want a husband like you who makes me breakfast every morning.” We all laughed Mthobisi said “but you have a husband who makes you breakfast, lunch and super.” I rolled my eyes and said “I wish”. We spent the rest of the breakfast teasing each other and joking around.  Everyone left for work except for me I went back to bed and slept a few minutes later Neo came in and wanted to play, I was too tired to play so I grabbed a few of his toys and gave him to play in the room while I slept, an hour later when I woke up he had my body lotion spilled on the floor, the mirror smeared with lotion, his clothes full of lotion, the carpet, the bed, I was so annoyed I shouted at him and all he said “soli mama” and that just melted my heart these kids know how to manipulate us even from a small age, I hugged him and told him to not take mommy’s things,  I cleaned up and took him to his nanny to bath him.  I got up and decided to go visit my sister since I had nothing to do at home, I called her she said she was at work which was a surprise because my sister is an estate agent and she hardly ever goes to the office, she said we could meet up for lunch later.  I received a call from Aus Maria she was crying telling me how hurt she is by what her niece had done to us, I asked her how she knew she said Mthobisi had paid her a visit and told her everything, she said she will let us know as soon as she finds out where she is at the moment she had no clue where Nomzamo is, I thanked her for calling to apologize and told her not to blame herself you can’t control these kids.

Around 12 my sister called and said we should meet for lunch at Aspen Hills in some restaurant there. I called Mthobisi to let him know that I would be meeting with my sister for lunch I gave him the name of the restaurant, I had turned a new leaf I guess after all the drama I had been through I needed my husband to know my whereabouts all the time.  He was happy that I had told him, I asked him if my car had tracker he said “not yet, but they should install it by next week.  Are you okay with having tracker on your car, it’s your car after all and the decision should be yours,” Okay, wow I had not expected that from him, I told him yes, I wanted tracker installed.  I arrived at the restaurant before my sister who was never on time, I order juice while I waited for her, she arrived 20 minutes later I looked at her and said “my stomach was about to explode with all the juice I have been drinking while waiting for you, are you ever on time?”  She smiled hugged me and said “traffic was a nightmare.”  I looked at her in amazement “you literally work 10 minutes away from here, what traffic are you talking about this time of the day?”  She rolled her eyes and said “don’t get technical Lee” the waiter came with the menu and we ordered.  She looked at me and smiled “so, how does it feel to be back in the land of the living?”  I laughed and said “it’s still the same, I just appreciate life more and don’t like wasting time and making people wait.”  She looked at me and said “Okay, I get it, you won’t get over this until I apologize, I’m sorry for being late it won’t happen again I promise.”  I snorted back “was that so difficult to say?”  And we both laughed, we talked about our husband’s and I asked her if I could borrow her kids for the weekend because I missed them very much, she said “I wish you could but they’re going to Tembisa with their nanny for the weekend.”  I looked at her in disbelief “you let your kids go to the location with your nanny?  Are you out of your mind?  Do you even know where in Tembisa she stays?  Do you know how big Tembisa is?  What if she doesn’t come back with them?  Naledi, do you even watch the news read the papers, do you know how kids get lost, stolen kidnapped every single day and you just give yours away just like that?”  I could not believe her ignorance, who does that?  She looked at me and said “Lee I know you have been through hell and back and I feel for you I really do, but I think you are a bit paranoid.  Are you still in therapy? Coz you really should be”  There are people that just go around looking for trouble while trouble is sitting somewhere just chilling in the sun and they disturb him and beg him to follow them and when trouble follows them they start saying they are cursed or bewitched or have bad luck and my sister was one of those people.  She was still talking “you have trust issues and you need to work on them.  I know Tembisa is big and not every person has ill intentions.”  I looked at her and decided that I was not going to win this argument so the best thing to do for myself would be to just shut up and let her be.  Our food arrived and we talked about our mother-in laws both my sister and I had mother in laws from hell, in fact they could be twin sisters.  Around two my sister said she had a client she was meeting to show a house to and asked if I wanted to come with her, I declined; I was bored but not bored enough to go around looking at houses.  I went home and played with Neo.  I got a call from She Rocks who asked where I was I told her in Alberton at my moms place she said “I know it’s short notice but tonight, there is drag racing Kibler Park, please come with.”  I laughed and said “since when are you into drag racing?”  she said she meet this guy and it’s a long story but she will tell me if I went to this drag racing nonsense with her, I said I will check with Mthobisi and get back to her.  I knew Mthobisi would not like the idea of me going to a drag race.  I called him and told him that She Rocks had invited me to this thing, he said “It’s not a drag race as such it’s people spinning cars and doing stunts, it’s fun you should go you will enjoy it.”  I laughed and said “how do you know about it?”  he casually said “I’ve been there a few times.”  I cleared my throat “you have?”  he choose to be his typical self and not answer my question and simply said “so when you go drag racing with your friends am I supposed to sit and home with your parents?  Aren’t they going to think I’m a wimp for letting you go out while I stay at home and watch them?” I laughed because I knew what he was implying; it definitely wouldn’t look right so I told him to come with us.  I called She Rocks and told her that Mthobisi would be coming with us, she said they will be at my house at 18:00.

Around 5 my husband arrived and he said he was not feeling well, he said he had a splitting headache, we had not taken any painkillers and since I was not allowed any pain medication I didn’t have anything to offer him, I raided my mom’s medicine cupboards and she had some disprins which Mthobisi took 3 of but the headache wouldn’t go away, he said he needed to lie down a bit and wanted the room to be dark, I closed the curtains in our room and let him sleep it off.  At 18:00 She Rocks arrived with Andiswa I told them Mthobisi had a headache and wouldn’t be coming with us.  She Rocks said it was still too early we needed to chill a bit and leave around 9 I suggested we cook super while we were killing time, I had to somehow make up for all the noises I made last night, when I told my friends this they couldn’t stop laughing at how random my mom was by mentioning it.  We prepared supper more like She Rocks cooked and we just did the chopping and passed everything to her to prepare.  My mom and Victor arrived and told us how nice whatever we were making was smelling and couldn’t wait to taste it.  She Rocks whispered “hopefully it makes her forget about last night” before my mom and Victor arrived we were drinking wine as soon as they arrived party was over we gulped the wine on our glasses and finished them before my mom or Victor could see, they know we drink but not in their house.  We dished up, I went to go get Mthobisi in the room to tell him the food was ready he said he would eat later, shame my poor hubby really didn’t like being sick, it was just a headache but you would swear he was dying the way he was acting.  The food was delicious, my mom and Victor loved it and even wanted second servings.  After eating I told my parent my friends and I would be going out but Mthobisi would be staying in as he is not feeling well they understood.  I kissed him goodbye and told him to get better and we left in She Rocks car.  On the way She Rocks told us about the guy she had meet last year who is a Dj, both Andiswa and I said “a DJ?” this was a rather strange turn of events how do you move from dating a Pastor to dating a Dj, she laughed and said “I know what you thinking but it’s not like that, he’s not those hectic dj’s he own an events company, anyway I meet him last year but at the time we were both and relationships and we just became friends, so I ran into him last about two months ago when I went to go buy pizza and from that day on we’ve been talking and have been on few dates, he’s a really cool guy I like him a lot.”   Again Andiswa and I both said “Ahhhhhhhh” she laughed and said “oh shut up you two.  Anyway he will be here tonight, he brought me here for our second date and I had sooo much fun, he is different, none of our dates have been in restaurants it’s always something different with him, I can’t wait for you guys to meet him.  You are going to love him”

As soon as she said that I had a bad feeling, what if new boyfriend was Fundani, like I said before that guy was like a cockroach , he had a way of showing up unexpectedly.

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  1. Tholah am in the same boat with. I have tried several times and nothing is happening. I even e-mailed no response.

  2. Also experiencing the same problem. it seems with vodacom you dont get a code but with mtn you do. i use both networks so that is what i have experienced

  3. what a relief, Lee is not pregnant. The way Lee’s life never goes without drama, i woudn’t be surprised if its really fundani this new dj.

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