Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Four

I have heard of soo many stories where woman had falsely accused a man of rape and I had always thought that you had to be so sick and twisted to accuse any person of such a crime.  Rape has to be one of the most petrifying experiences any person can go through and one moment that would be forever tattooed in your brain and for an innocent man to be accused of that it must be hell,I don’t know how I felt about sending John to jail, there was a simpler approach to this and I felt we were over analysing the situation, it was simple, John had to disappear, permanently, and he more than anyone we had killed before deserved it, no scrap that he was begging for it.   The response from She Rocks was one that we had not expected she stopped crying and said “No Cleo, sending him to jail would be too easy, I want to punish him, besides if he goes to jail he might get raped there and infect someone’s boyfriend, or husband and when that person comes out of prison they spread it to their partner who might also have another side person who they will also infect and will just become this vicious circle, we need to make sure that he never ever infects anyone ever again, and no, we not going to kill him that would be too easy.”  I think none of us had expected that Andiswa said “can we deal with the matter at hand, we can decide later what happens to your boyfriend, I mean Jay-Jay, we need to get you to a doctor asap.”  Cleo looked at Andiswa and asked “what the hell for she’s already been infected.”  Andiswa explained to us that there is something called Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in short PEP, it’s mostly given to people that have been raped and this minimizes the chances of a person getting infected, She Rocks googled it and read all the information to us about it, “so it’s like a morning after pill basically, you have to get on the treatment within 72 hours after the deed right?”  asked Cleo.  “Guys we don’t have much time, most doctors close at 13:00 on Saturday’s.  We need to leave now.  Andiswa shall we go to your man?”  She shook her head and said he’s out of town for some conference and will be back next week.  “Should we call Nothabo then?” Cleo asked, “Hell no, that woman is too judgemental with her spoilt brat daughter” Women judge each other harshly and Nothabo was no exception she always acted like she was better than the rest us I don’t think it’s because she’s a doctor but we all have those friends that just think they are high and mighty for no apparent reason.  She Rocks said she knew of a doctor in Bel Air close to North Gate and we should go there.  We all got into Mthobisi’s car and I drove, when we got to the doctor there was only one person in front of us so we didn’t have to wait long.  She Rocks was still crying, the girls were trying to calm her down, my phone rang it was my husband so I went outside to go answer.  “Where did you go?”  he asked I told him that I went to She Rocks she had an emergency and he said he needed to use his car and since I had left mine at Andiswa’s he was at home stranded, I told him to use my mom’s car and he said there was no one at home, they had left.   “Jesus Mthobisi, can’t you use a cab or call one of your hundred friends to come pick you up?”  I asked annoyed, was he expecting me to leave my friends and drive back for 40 minutes to give him the car, no man he was being ridiculous.  “Lesedi, I need my damn car now.” He said then hung up.  Oh well, he was just going to be strong because I was not going to drive to Alberton, he was going to learn patience by force.

I went back inside, it was our turn to go in, She Rocks asked me to go in with her, I agreed.  The Doctor was a young looking guy, he looked so hot I so wished She Rocks had meet him before the bloody dj.  He looked up at her and said “Hey Zandile, how you doing?”  They knew each other?  What is wrong with She Rocks why couldn’t she date him, I looked at her in amazement she smiled and said “not so good.”  She saw the question in my eyes without me even asking her and asked the doctor “how’s your wife and kids?”  That shut me up.  He said they were well and showed us pictures of his daughter in a bike that she wants to sleep in and never wants to get off it.  The doctor had a way of making you feel like everythings was  going to be okay without him saying it.  “What can I do for you ladies today?”  She Rocks started crying again I explained that she has been exposed to HIV virus.  I told him that the condom burst while they were having sex the last thing I wanted was this doctor judging She Rocks and the kind of people she dated.  He asked “when last did you get tested?”  She Rocks said about 4 months ago, he asked if she wanted to be tested again and then maybe also go with her boyfriend for HIV tests because she could be worrying over nothing.  I wanted to tell him that the bastard is positive but She Rocks replied before words could come out of my mouth “he doesn’t want to get tested Doc.”  The doctor said you can’t force a person to test if they don’t want, she will just have to show him her results and maybe he will feel guilty and also want to test.  “Can you give her something in case he is HIV positive.”  The doctor said he will prescribe some pills, there was one that she needed to drink as soon as possible and the others were to be taken for 5 days and then the ARV for a month.  He explained that she will feel sick for the first few days but she shouldn’t  stop taking them, her body will get used to it and the ARV’s are to be taken at night.  He quickly wrote a prescription and said there is a pharmacy across the road and I should rush there to go buy the medication before they close while he does HIV tests on She Rocks.  I went out and gave the prescription to Cleo and Andiswa and told them to go buy it before the pharmacy closes and I went back to the doctor, they were just waiting for the stick to show the results and he said “Okay, you are HIV Negative, please take try and keep it that way.”  We thanked him and went to go meet the girls at the pharmacy on the way I got an sms from my husband “how far are you?”  I didn’t respond.  When we got there the pharmacists was still counting the pills, when she was done she said that will be R849.10, “say what?  These are supposed to save people’s lives and they so costly.  Where are poor people supposed to get this kind of money from?”  I asked, she looked at me and with not even a sign of a slight smile said “poor people go to government hospitals.”  That shut me up, She Rocks handed her medical aid card and paid with it and we left , I asked if we could go to Andiswa’s house to collect my car, we drove to her place as soon as we arrived She Rocks drank the one pill she was told to drink immediately.  The opened a bottle of wine and drank two glasses before she asked if we wanted some.  I declined and said I still needed to drive back home as my husband needed the car.  Her phone had been ringing none-stop ever since we got to her place and she had been ignoring it.  She went took it out of her bag and answered “What do you want from me John?  Is it not enough that you infected me with your virus, now you have to finish my batry phone too with your endless calling?  Why are you so unfair?  What did I ever do to you to deserve this?”  She started crying again. As much as I wanted to stay and comfort her my hot-headed husband was probably losing his marbles wherever he was so I needed to get home.  I asked Cleo if she could drive my car and follow me home we would come back after I had dropped of Mthobisi’s car, she agreed.  We told Andiswa we would be back, She Rocks was busy on the phone outside with John, what I would have done to be a fly on that wall to hear the logic behind John’s craziness.

As we were leaving Andiswa’s place I called Mthobisi to let him know I was on the way home to drop of his car, he told me not to bother he had made another plan but he needed something from the car and since I had refused to bring it earlier when he asked me to I’m going to have to do the drop of myself.  He said this with so much confidence like I knew what the hell he was on about.  Before I could ask more questions about this drop-off he told me he has to go and will text me the instructions and hung up. “ Really?”  I said starring at the phone.  Andiswa asked what was going on, I told her there has been a change of plan and I’m waiting for my husband to text me then we will go, we went back inside the house.

She Rocks was now done on the phone, she said John wanted  to come and see her so they could talk, Cleo said “I hope you told him there is nothing to talk about and you never want to see him again.”  I turned to Cleo and said “Maybe the guy wants to explain what happened, during the uhmmm, you know.”  Cleo went of “what is there to explain Lee? He tried to infect her with HIV that’s all there is to it, I say he should stay away from you Rock Star.”  I looked at Cleo in amazement, this is the same woman who knows her husband is cheating with their nanny and won’t leave him, mara woman are something else.  I said “Cleo she needs to know why he did it?  John was acting like a man that’s inlove I don’t think he would intentionally infect She Rocks, maybe we missing something here and her avoiding him is not going to give us any answers or closure for She Rocks.”  She Rocks finally spoke “can you guys stop talking like I’m not in the same room.  It’s my decision to make, I am going to speak to John, he’s on his way here.” Cleo clapped three times and said “I give up”  Andiswa said “I just think that if he’s intentions were to just give her the HIV virus then he wouldn’t be calling so much and trying to make peace, maybe the condom burst guys.”  She said shrugging her shoulders “the condom didn’t burst he removed it and I get the feeling that he is used to doing that, I didn’t even feel him remove it, that’s how smooth of an operator he is, I don’t know if I should be angry or sad, I just want to tell him what a monster and pig I think he is, so let me have this moment girls.”  Cleo nodded and said “okay but we will be close by in case he tries to give you TB this time.”  We all burst out laughing, trust Cleo to say the blondest things.

A few minutes later John arrived, he greeted and we all just stared at him, he asked She Rocks if they could speak outside we all said “No.”  He looked at her and asked “you told them?  This is awkward.”   She Rocks pulled him by the arm and they went outside to the balcony and we could hear her screaming and shouting at him but we couldn’t hear what they were saying, damn these two were worse than Mthobisi and I, we could hear John trying to get a few words in between.  After what felt like hours of screaming session She Rocks came in again dragging John and said “get out.”  He walked to the door and left.  We were all dying to find out what he had to say for himself this time before we could ask I got a text message from a number I didn’t know “Drop it in Raleigh Street in Yeoville.”

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  1. Mthobisi will have 2 wait shame we need to knw what this Jay jay have 2 say for himself! Thankx team

  2. Ai mara sum men!john ha a bone gona le bothata nix go infecta motho o mong,forgeting gore o hafola days tsa gage tsa go phela maan!
    Mthobisi ha se mbaye maan!
    TNX team

  3. Hamba suka Mike and T!You guys rock bigtime. Can’twait to read about how the girls know Nothabo.

    Eish mara you killed me ka Cleo “…incase he tries to give you tb” I was literallyon the floor. laughing my ass off as I think about it eish. O gotweng Mothobisi a ke a chill-e tuu, yeoville can wait. Re batla go utlwa excuse ya John

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