Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty

I looked at him confused “what bitch and bastard?” He looked at me amazed that I still did not get it, “Fundani and Nomzamo, dammit”  I opened my mouth in shock and asked “how do they even know each other?” Then everything started to make sense, Nomzamo knew way too much but it always seemed like it was things that I had told or her and since I was not around I thought maybe She Rocks could have mentioned somethings to her so I never took everything to heart, but now everything was starting to add up.  The stupid bitch had really played me well, I had fallen for her stupid trick, I was soo mad if I could grab her with my hands I swear I was going to kill her.  How could she.  Mthobisi said we should drive up to security and asked them if they saw anything, we got into his car and drove to the security gates, we asked them and they told us that Nomzamo had actually said she was the wife of the owner of the house and they were now moving and because security had seen her around they believed her.  They had cameras at the gate and they played for us the tape of her moving out with trucks and each time she passed the cameras she had a smile on her face it’s like she knew we would be watching this.  But in all the footage there was none with Fundani, it was different guys that obviously work for the moving company.  Security suggested that we call the police and open a case of theft, I agreed and said we were definitely going to do that.  Mthobisi gave me the look that I knew too well, the “that shit ain’t gonna happen” look.

We went back to our empty house, the bedrooms were untouched so they left our bed and our clothes it was only downstairs were they took everything.  Mthobisi turned to me and said “Honey please call your mom and tell her that you sleeping at her place tonight.”  I quickly asked “what about you?  Where are you going to sleep?”  He said he would also be sleeping at my mom’s house but would only be joining us later for now he needed to make sure that I was protected and that nothing like this ever happens again, he asked me to pack a few clothes for both of us, I did that and he put the suitcases in my boot.  I called my mom and told her I was coming to sleep over, she didn’t ask any questions she said she would get my room ready.  I begged Mthobisi not to come home too late I didn’t want my parent’s thinking we were having problems and worrying about us, he told me he wasn’t going to lift a  finger all he needed to do was give instructions and would come join us.

I drove to my mom’s house very slow, I did not want to get there way before Mthobisi, traffic was flowing which was just not helping, I drove on the slow lane on 60 at some point I even put on hazards just so cars could pass me and think something was wrong with my car, there is really nothing more annoying than arriving at your parent’s place and having to explain why your husband isn’t with you and I know with me the harder I tried to explain the guilty I would sound.  After an hour of driving I finally arrived at my mom’s place, she wasn’t there but Victor my step-dad was he was sitting with Neo, I joined them we chatted and played.  An hour later Mthobisi arrived, he immediately wanted to shower, I wanted to ask what happened but the blood on his shirt sleeve was enough answers for me.  Soon after my mother arrived, with Indian food take-aways, just what I needed, I helped her to dish-up, first question she asked was were Mthobisi was, thank God he had arrived when he did because now I could just tell her he was in the shower instead of trying to come up with some long complicated lie.

When Mthobisi was done taking a shower, we had our Indian diner, we chatted about a few things, my mom asked us why were paying them a visit on a Thursday, before I could think of a lie Mthobisi said “our house was broken into, they took everything.”  My mom was in soo much shock I gave Mthobisi a dirty look, what the hell was wrong with him.  I didn’t want my mom worrying about me all the time.  My mother told us that we should stay with them until the police find the people that took our furnisher.  Mthobisi wasn’t done, “it’s our maid that stole from us, security showed us footage of her moving the furniture with movers, but I found the guys that own the moving company, our furniture will be returned to our house unstarched. “  There was an uncomfortable silence then my mom said “Good, people need to learn to work and not just expect others to work and them to just benefict.”  Hebana, what was wrong with this mother of mine siding with my crazy husband.  Victor was my saviour all he said was “you can’t solve violence with more violence.”  This is why I loved this man, he was the voice of reason.  My mother started arguing that people needed to be taught a lesson and blah blah blah.  I actually zoned out from the discussion because my mom was convinced that this was the way to go, I don’t blame her though she was tired of all the crime and the last thing she wanted was to have to worry about her daughter’s safety.

After dinner Mthobisi and I kissed Neo good night and we went to bed.  As soon as we arrived in my bedroom.  Mthobisi said “Honey we need to talk.”  My heart started beating soo hard, those are words that freak any grown men and women out, I tried sounding confident even those I was shaking on the inside and asked “what’s up baby?”  he looked at me with a serious face and said “I love you with all my heart and soul you know that right?”  I nodded my head, he continued “I want you to know no matter what happens I will always love you.  What I’m about to ask you is not to hurt you or to try and humiliate you but for my own sanity I need to know.”  Shit, was he still on about the Mfundo affair, I already had my defences up I was ready to deny, deny, deny.  Before I could even say “I never had any sexual relations with that man” he took out a package form his gym bag and said “this is a pregnancy test, I need you to test yourself just to eliminate any doubt in both our heads that you could be carrying Fundani’s child.”  I looked at him confused and reminded him of what Fundani had said and how sincere he sounded when he said it.  He told me that he didn’t trust anything that came out of Fundani’s mouth and would prefer that we prove him wrong.  I had no words for this I reluctantly took the pregnancy test and went to the toilet to pee on it, I was tempted to pour water on the stick but there had already been too much lies, I needed to be honest.  I peed then went back to Mthobisi and gave it back to him, he was reading the instructions on how it works and said we needed to wait for a few minutes.  We waited for what felt like eternity eventually it was the moment of truth.  He looked at it then looked at me then looked at it again and he didn’t have to say a word I knew what the results were.

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  1. Mthobisi with instructions?is so unlike him.if the niece of ausi Maria cn do that,is Maria clean?cos she is the 1 who insist lee hires here.tnx team

  2. Did I miss the memo or something? I waited for the chapter to be completed and the next chapters but nothing is coming fourth

  3. Their biggest fear has just become a reality, Lee is pregnant with Fundani’s child. This family of psycho’s hai

    The drama is this household is enough to make a sane person insane.

    Thanks Team

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