Rumblings – Chapter Forty Nine

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I am not really a party person. I have never been. I do however believe that I missed my opportunity in university. When I look back, I should have had a bit more fun back then. It’s true most girls as soon as they enter university tend to look for a boyfriend who they will babysit for the duration of university only for him to dump her as soon as we leave! He dumps her because now he has money and can afford those pretty girls he never could before! It’s true! Look at the girl he is dating now and much as you hate her if you are honest with yourself she is quite pretty. It does not bother him if he left you pregnant and this is the sad bit, you are left taking care of the baby he left you with at times not even completing the studies you came there for in the first place! Looking back now I get to shake my head when I look at these little girls who forget that the first and only thing they should focus on in university is getting that degree! Nothing else matters! Being a single mom really plays mind games with you and this braai hopefully will allow me to breathe a little and share a few laughs. I did not know where Milpark was so was rather thankful that it was settled they would pick me up in Sandton. I hated getting lost! In Johannesburg you always feel like if you get lost you will get robbed or worse!

When we got there there were already a few guys there. Benmore is not as fancy as I had been made to believe. I am rather shy so I asked Aurelia to do a group introduction this way I won’t be forced to greet each person there. We went into the kitchen and there was a girl that was spicing the meat. Aurelia called her and said,

“Thandeka meet my friend Faith, Faith this Thandeka Mkhize!”

The girl smiled at me and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.

“Pleasure to meet you! Sorry I can’t shake your hand…”

She said showing me how spicy her hands were. There was movement behind us and it seemed to capture her attention and she said,

“Baby come meet my friends friend,”

I turned to see the most beautiful man ever walk towards me. I kid you not by his looks alone he was the kind of man who could make you fuck him without even asking for it. He was Nigerian no doubt, muscular without looking like those gym freaks, more like athletic and I am sure I felt my panties moisten. He was hot!

“Abedi, Faith, Faith, Abedi!”

She said. I offered my hand to shake and he instead hugged me and said in this rich accent,

“Welcome to our home…”

Turned to Thandeka and said,

“Yum Yum I am going to get more meat I don’t think it’s enough!”

I didn’t hear that correctly, did he just call her Yum Yum! I blinked two or three times because I have never ever heard someone called that! Who cares though if the man looks as good as that he can call me a goat and I will still smile? I could not help but look at him walk away! This was sinful I swear but he was magnetic.

“He is hot right!”

Aurelia said seeing my stunned face and fortunately stopping me from gawking!

“I had the same reaction don’t worry no wonder Thandeka does not invite us often!”

She said. I was so embarrassed but Thandeka did not seem to mind. In fact she completely ignored that. It must be hard as a girl having a guy that hot because every girl would be after him and we all know the dogs that man are, even the ugly ones!

“I need help with the meat! I am not used to this, back home it’s my father who does all the braaing and he even does his own spicing!”

She was saying to Aurelia but I doubt she knew much either. I told her I will help her and together we set about doing the meat. I won’t lie, in Pretoria there is large Nigerian community especially in Little Lagos, sorry, Sunnyside, but I had never actually hung out with one let alone a group. There were two other girls who came through but they were more focused on the guys than the cooking and mixing. With their expensive weaves and manicures I was certain I did not belong here. I doubt any of them had to worry about pamphers and purity like I did. It was fun though with Thandeka in the kitchen! She spoke a lot and Aurelia and her kept talking about Kevin, her friend who had been killed. Killed because you are gay! This country is deep! When her boyfriend came back with the meat it was like he had bought the whole butchery! There was so much meat! He said to Thandeka that Tiny had called him and they both seemed to tense up. When he left the kitchen Thandeka exclaimed to us,

“Why won’t that gorilla leave us alone?!”

I had no idea who or what she was talking about nor did she seem willing to continue the story when Aurelia pressed her. She skilfully changed the topic and soon we were talking about her sugar daddy chasing roommate something rather awkward considering Aurelia was there. One of the girls came to talk to us! Her name was Azania and turns out she was also from KZN and so was her friend! I was the only none Zulu amongst the girls. She was so sweet and her hair, wow, to die for! By now the meat was being braai’d and I was sipping on a glass of Nederberg Baronne! My phone rang.

It was my sister calling! Really just before I could taste the meat which was smelling so good! I reluctantly picked up the phone! This was technically my day off hence why I was not happy she was calling,

“Faith, you need to come home now! Mommy has had a stroke! I am following the ambulance!”

She said in tears!

It was like I did not hear her the first time!

“That is not funny Judith!”

I said in disbelief but deep down I knew she was telling the truth!

“Aurelia I have to go home now!”

I said turning to her and my tears already betraying the contents of the conversation!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks for reading my letter. I married my husband after seven years of dating. We had always lived apart because of work and school. Last year he moved back home permanently something we had fought so hard for as he was in Durban and I was in Jhb. We got married 3years ago. The problem is now I can’t stand him. We fight so much over so many small things. I feel like I start most of the fights and am short tempered with him. I have tried so hard to stop. I was used to him coming for the weekends and when on leave. I love him dearly please don’t get me wrong and I have no eyes of any other man yet I can’t stand him. When we at work I actually miss him but an hour into getting home he starts to irritate me. My friend says I have been bewitched and so does my mother because he has done nothing wrong.

Please advise me before I harm my own marriage.

Thank You

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  1. This year Mike has made it a point to combine characters now introducing; “Faith and Thandeka”. Halala can’t wait for the continuity. Thanx brother Mike

  2. It is starting to seem like DOAZ is coming back to life.
    Q n A: I also felt irritated around him and yet missed him when I was away. I think it was caused by us living apart for years. You are both used to having your own space. It took me time to get around it but now we are sorted.

  3. Mrs K
    QnA: living together will take both of you some time to adjust. He is probably going through the same emotions. You have fought very hard to live together now continue to fight for staying together. Change takes you out of your comfort zone but the beauty here is that you have an insight to your problem. Now it’s time to focus on ways of overcoming it. I suggest you plan more fun things to do with your hubby. It doesn’t have to be big things. Communicate your feelings to him and come up with solutions that will bring both of you together.

  4. OMG Mike u r a genious…..I can’t u r connecting diary with jilted! I ddnt even c dis coming….thanx Mikesto

  5. wow Mike u r a genius, now qe get to explore other characters in DOAG, I really didn’t see that one coming!!!! is this the surprise u talked abt?? I like I like…

  6. Q&A when i first moved in with my hsuband we were always ready to kill each other, and i did not enjoy the marriage anymore, but we stayed coz we made the vows, even though we fought a lot and exchanged a lot of bitter words. 6 months later things got better and today i cant even imagine a day without him. what i am saying is its a matter of adjusting, you have pet peeves he has his, you havent been noticing them, it will take time but you will get used to it, and things will become normal again. at the moment just try to accept his flaws, and when something pisses you off, go to the kitchen and drink very cold water and go outside for a few minutes for air, you will soon get used to it.

  7. Woooooww 🙂 luving the fact the “whole” story is coming together, from Zulu gal, Sugar baby to all these stories into 1 big bang drama!! Hope you get an offer for a movie or series!! Beautiful stuff Mike!

  8. Q&A My advice to you is you need to control your temper, I know it’s not easy but you are right you are harming your own marriage. NO man wants to be treated like a child, no man wants to be snapped at or shouted at for no apparent reason. You are pushing him away without even realizing it and trust me he will find someone who respects him and someone who is always nice and sweet to him.

    Each time you get the urge to snap try and think of something nice that he did for you and substitute the shouting with a compliment. Ignore the small things like him leaving the toilet sit up or him not putting the dishes in the sink. It’s very hard to getting used to sharing your space but it’s all in your head, you need to tell yourself that no everything has to be perfect all the time, it’s okay to have to pick up some of his clothes on the floor, also remind yourself of how miserable you were when you were staying apart, this will make you appreciate him even more.

    PS, you are not bewitched I think witches would do more harmful and hurtful things than make you snap at your husband. : )

  9. Pure genius Mikey, Python and our sweet Thandeka does this mean they got married? I remember they were engaged, this would also mean whoever had kidnapped Thandeka didn’t kill her, YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Mikey thanks for hinting to us about the last chapters of DOAZG that we waiting to read on the release of the book.

    I am so loving this

    Thanks Team

  10. So Gorilla’s name is Tiny!!! Lolin ja ne.. thanks for the good read, Abuti Mike nd thanks for bringing our Zulu girl back:) can’t Faith stay longer in Jozi just a bit plzzzzzz

  11. Q n A: I agree with ur friend and ur mother, u need deliverance my sister. Those are evil spirit trying to destroy ur marriage, u may not beleive it but its true.

  12. I hope Faith’s mom will be okay, she cannot lose her mother at this time in her life……Was there not a part about a braai in Thandeka’s Diary, I don’t think she is alive guys, I think its faith version of the braai.

    Q&A, your husband is around now and you need to get used to it! Klaar

  13. Thnx ta Mike, u are talented broer

    Q&A….. Dear try & control your emotions, you don’t want to appreciate him when he is no longer there, men are very patient but they also have their breaking point, remember the good times you had with him and try to bring them back, do not ruin your own marriage

  14. I love your work Mike
    Why is it that when things go wrong in our lives we blame boloi? Q&A like someone said you are both used to having your own space

  15. Can somebody give our mikey some Bells. Wow thats all I can say,mike you are a genius. Thank you so much for sharing the talent!!!! Our handsome Python is back whooop whooop!

  16. Mike, Zama and Co, u guys r the best by far, your work is genius! Thank you for sharing your talent with us guys! Now I’m tempted to go back to both diary and confessions so I can get a reminder of what happened then. I’m so very excited Thandeka is back!

    Big up to u

  17. Kore everything links here!! Really enjoy your work Mikey…BIG UPS!

    QnA: Get yourself a book called “Fascinating Womanhood” this is a book I think every married, even unmarried woman should read and live by. One of the things it teaches is that whatever you focus on expands, it teaches you as a woman to love and accept your husband with his faults and imperfections. You will learn how to focus on the love and all his qualities that will find his faults almost minimal. Your marriage doesn’t have to be ruined…This is probably your first year of marriage (Since you have been staying apart, you are only getting to know your husband now) Not all is lost, you guys are going to be just fine 🙂

  18. Lol I’m 1 of those ppl abakgalayo so I decided 2 take myself 2 shoprite and buy this nederberg baronne oh well not quite what I expected I’m more of a sweet wine type gal its not even a bitter wine also anyway I ain’t gonna waste my R55 here I am drinking it

  19. I’ve never posted anything b4, bt I had to now,,,,,,Mike I didn’t see that one coming, I’ve been wondering what happened to Thandeka 🙂 you are a genius,,,,,,salute to u and the team!

  20. Diary of a Zulu Girl, Confessions of a Sugar Baby, Memoirs of Tired Old Black Man, Rumblings of a Jilted Woman, Realities of a Modern Wife; only Missteps of Young Wife not yet connected. Mike you are a genius to connect 5 books into one. This would make the BEST soap in South Africa, please go TV route like you once mooted

  21. Oh Python… Eish akemotsebe abuti oo but I kinda have an idea in my head gore o byang. Sounds like this hot somebody I know whose a client!

    #Interesting Mikey

  22. Go to church dear because you probably needs deliverance you might take it simple but its serious sangoma will not help he will make things worse but God can give u permanent solution….Trust God hoo am speaking from experience otherwise you will loose that man.

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