Realities – Chapter Two


Marriage is tough guys. People who are not married think it’s easy to just commit to one man and things will be perfect. It’s hard work and you can never ever get complacent because the better you build your man, the other women find him attractive. It’s easy to say that he must be more vigilant about who he must associate with for the sake of the marriage but truth is, as a woman there will always be someone younger or prettier than you that will target him at some point. It’s a simple fact we are often taught to put at the back of our minds but if it were true why would we bother getting jealous. Jealousy and possessiveness stem from the fact that we are always in constant competition with ourselves. I know I am expected to go crazy on him but how many women do that? With the way these men have a wondering eye when you are married you almost get the impression that you are waiting for your turn to come! I was furious though. I wanted to kill him if I could but kill him for what. When we got married I under stand it ended up being a shotgun marriage because I got pregnant but there is no denying that we were happy. He was my first, goodness I just realized I have only ever slept with one man, but being my first meant I loved him more than anything as he was the only one I knew. I grew up being told that sex was exclusive, one man one woman that type of thing but I was not naive to the world. Half the girls at my school back them, some as early as primary school were sexually active. That was a long time ago meaning now that statistic should have risen hectically. It’s funny how we as parents act shocked at the level this little whores are promiscuous yet back in our day, without social media we too found a way to get laid and were just as bad!

I called my daughter to have supper. I made sure I dished for him and served him like normal. I refused to act like a jilted baby mama! I am a married woman and I will behave in the manner that one should. Keeping up appearances is one of the fortes of marriage. You can not show the world that your marriage is going South. At least I had the comfort that my husband never went missing nor was he a drunkard nor a cheat in my face. How many women can truly say that? I have a confession to make, once upon a time I had a friend who had told me that my husband had a kid. I had broken off the friendship with her because at the time I thought she was just trying to hurt me because her boyfriend had made a move on me. Note at this stage I was already married so I felt she had too much drama in her life so I did not want it to be brought back to my house!

Lintle asked me why there was tension on the table. These kids of today, they simply have no chill but I could not help it,

“Ask your stupid father! He has brought home a present!”

I said. Yes I was mad! I could not help it. What the fuck?

“A present daddy wow I am so excited! What is it?”

She said. Fucken 16 years old has to be the worst age to have a girl child. Her breasts have developed and peverts of all ages start turning to look at her wrong. What’s worse she had a biggish body meaning she could pass off as 18 or 19 but to me this was my baby! She wants a phone she can’t get off from me but worse, the worst thing, she has started to appreciate what money can do for her! That is the greatest evil at this age because even a 23year old guy who has a basic car to her looks like a god!

“Your father brought you home a sister!”.

I said coldly. She looked confused, then realisation set in and her eyes widened.


She actually said that. See why I say they have no self control button! She even did a slight whistle at the end but when she saw I was dead serious and was amused at all she turned on her father,

“Dad, how could you? What about mum and me? She is not coming to our house otherwise I am moving in with Aunty Nokwanda!”

She declared. Lintle had a temper! I know parents are not supposed to entertain such but my daughter had this evil in her I always played down and managed. I don’t know where she got it from because I was fairly calm and my husband was a bit of an idiot, or at least I thought!

“It’s not something I planned to happen guys and besides you are over reacting!”

Bad mistake which men don’t get from teenage years to old age! Never tell a woman she is overreacting! Is he crazy! He is the one who brought a child home and now he has the nerve to say am overreacting! I am normally mild and passive like most wives are. I allow my husband to do what ever he wants, within reason of course whilst on the other hand I tend to stay in after work. It’s not like I am not allowed but a good woman stays home.

“I think you should not sleep in the house tonight!”

I said very calmly trying not to raise my voice in the house.

“O come on, she is a child I did not know I had, you cannot blame me for that!”

He said in his defence.

“And what other secrets do you have? You don’t tell me everything you get up to yet you are always the one who says that we should have no secrets!”

I shouted! It’s funny how hard I was trying to keep myself from boiling over but it was not happening!

“Now I have secrets! Do you see how much this escalating?”

He protested!

“Just get out!”

I shouted. I think he saw that I was not kidding because he sluggishly walker out. There was something missing in his story, the way he was so calm about it! As soon her left the house I locked the door.

“Mom please don’t get a divorce! I don’t want to be like all my friends at school. I kinda had the cool spot of having both parents!”

Lintle said. I had forgotten she was even at the table. I laughed through my tears actually because I did not expect that from my daughter. I did not want a divorce either I just needed to think. I told her to go to bed. I took out my phone and called my brother,

“Nothabo it’s late what’s up?”

He said as soon as he picked up. My brother was a dick most times so I was not surprised at how he asked me that at all! In every family, bless you if yours does not, there is a black sheep, he was ours!

“Where can I get a private investigator?”

I asked him of which he paused for am moment then he said,

“I know a guy! Why?”

He asked curiously.

“Just get me his numbers!”

I was going to investigate my own husband! Deep!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good morning to all the readers and ofcoz you mike as well, I need advice on how other women think

Here is my story

I am 22 my boyfriend 26 and we in a long distance relationship. it is hard but we cope, or rather I thought we coping! A few days a ago I received a phone call from my boyfriends new girl telling me to back off her man and am old news they happy n expecting a baby. The insults this girl said to me left me stunned, when I asked my boyfriend about this he told me its not true, but later admitted that yes he got a girl pregnant! My questions ls what possess a women to call another women about what her man is doing? why do we as women blame each other and not the man in this situation? I mean this girl knew of my existence even before they started dating yet, she confronts me and not her man thats been open about two timing her, it really has me wondering about women logic

Thank you for reading my letter, I look forward to your replies


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  1. Some girls r plain stupid, I also don’t get it why insult the woman instead of the bustard! Bt dear walk away if he was so careless to let his bitch to get ur number his clearly not a keeper

  2. Well Anon hope u left the bastard for disrespecting u so much. No only for sleep with her but also for not using protection. As for the other woman, she thinks she won but honestly speaking she will also write to mike too oneday talking about his infidelities. Women sometimes think a Dick is a trophy!

  3. This wife needs to take a ‘chill pill’ – which self respecting woman talks / fights like that with her husband infront of a child? Bedrooms are there for a reason, bakithi…
    A to Q: some women are wired differently… There’s no point to phone and insult the other woman. As a girlfriend/ wife/ or whatever – always maintain your dignity. Walk away from that r/ship, you’ll have unending babymamma dramas with that fool. Sorry gal, this ish happens… Just keep walking…

  4. Hey Mike thanks for the blog and stories they really wonderful but please Mike you having too many stories at the same time can you finish a book before now starting another one we still waiting for confession please finish that book and then missteps and memoirs and then the story ja go faith the realities there’s too much going on with all these books please mike give us 3 at a time till they finishes then the next book

    1. Diary is finished. We just waiting for court order. Confessions i believe is finished because by the time i stopped posting people were complaining that the story was winding. Memoirs definitely is finished.

  5. I like Rumblings already,suprisingly I’m in a similar situation……Q&A,th things some woman do is scary,I once had hair remover emptied in2 my hair moisturiser,now that’s worst than being phoned&insulted…..

  6. Mike thanks for your stories great work man. But you haven’t answered most of our concerns about memoirs. The 2 kids that Mxolisi had on chapter one what happened to them. We know Lindiwe and Astha had unborn babies. It still doesn’t add up. If u changed the story somewhere just tell us

  7. Aay Mike how can u say meimors is finished? U killed mxolisi before we get to find out about the two kids they have,that u mentioned in chapter one….please dnt do that to us…@least two chapters to wrap everything up….

    The new book is interesting but now we have to keep the fingers crossed that u dnt end it and leave us all hanging…its not fair though#just saying#

  8. thanks Mike…nothabo needs to chill though as for now I dont see whats making her so angry and shouting at her husband in front of their child, that’s so uncalled for…Q&A great I’m sure you can already see that that man is not for you, if he impregnated a high school kid (judging from the girls behaviour) nikka is too immature for you boo

  9. Salute 2U Advocate/Commander Maphoto. While W R aware that there is a tym 4everything (Ecclesiastes Chapter 3) Im gonna miss all these books that hav finished. Im realizing now how addicted Iv been 2yo writing skills. I will suffer from “diaryofazulugirl” withdrawal syndrome a.k.a. “doazg” withdrawal syndrome.
    Needless 2say, d only fix is 4U 2kip posting d books that R stil avlbl.

  10. Aowa Mike! Nelisa is finished?and Mxolisi? You never told us who kiiled him bathong! *Heartbroken* aw nkos yam that bitch gets everything??? Mxm njena!

  11. Aowa Mike! Nelisa is finished?and Mxolisi? You never told us who kiiled him bathong! *Heartbroken* aw nkos yam that bitch Asthandile gets everything??? Mxm njena!

  12. Thanks for the awesome work Mike! Your stories have taught me so much… Im sad that memoirs is finished though 🙁 was really hoping it was an April Fools prank…

  13. Failed to notice this post completely, we truly are spoilt, a post on a holiday. Thanks Mikeesto, better late than never.

  14. OMG Mike confessions can’t be finishes as well as memoirs aowa we enjoyed then aowa mike such dramatic endings please thle mike don’t it like that you been waiting for confessions to continue after Nelisa ari she’s busy ka do exam phela we want to know till the time Thandeka and her met eish damn man I love your work though thanks.

  15. This book is boring AF, sorry but I don’t see where it’s going. Kill everyone and end it and stop torturing us with a directionless marriage drama.

  16. ThankQ mike for ur talent, effort and patience…I enjoy all your books. I read to understand, not to check mistakes and judge ur work…I mean we paying nothing but people are busy complaining. Since they have some hidden writing skills, its better to stop complaining and start writting on their own blog…they way they see fit coz they complaining too much its boring now….Stay blessed Mr Maphoto

  17. @tshidiliciuos y dont u do us a favour by finding urself a hobby instead of criticising the work u were not asked to read in the first place?

  18. Wow Tshidilicious that is plain right rude and uncalled for. The beginning of something cannot b the same as the middle or end it has only been two chapters and u have already made hectic judgement no ah sisi. Give this a chance i have a filing a lot of married people are going to be helped by this book and so far its not boring its reality this is something that happens on our everyday life. Rather stop reading and leave the rest of us supporters to enjoy this generous man’s work. Because for zero cent you get to read this books and be entertained and also learn. Be grateful and appreciative sisi please.

  19. Thanx for the good read but im failing to understand here, in chapter one the daughters name was Dintle, jiki jiki she is Lintle . and i thought the couple hails was Bloem, now they starting to sound Xhosa. Im confused

  20. Tx Mike 4 d good job u doing.
    People need to stop complaining cause we not paying a cent, and as for missteps, you find 5 comments meaning only five people bought the code and read d story. How selfish are we? We want this and that, but we cannot even support Mike with R5, i really get annoyed when i read d comments. Abantu nje they are ungrateful.

  21. Some readers of this blog are selfish and ungrateful. Mike is doing a good job and people treat him like a fool.
    As for Tshidi I think we are not forced to read. So do yourself a favour .
    Thanks Mike for keeping your cool.

  22. Chapter 2 and we already fighting each other lol. Mike you should write another blog about all us , your ungrateful readers kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks, I like the blog already.

    I am not married yet but I get the feeling i am going to learn more about it.I mean I can imagine what this woman is going through, all this years and suddenly there is another child, i’d have killed that man before he finished his sentence eh! lol I am so dramatic!

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