Realities – Chapter Nine

Children are meant to test you but not like this. There are parents who are lucky and never get to go through a delinquent child and to these ones you are honestly blessed. These are the things that make you join church because you feel like you are cursed. My husband was also an issue. I decided to go downstairs to talk to him because we had to find a way forward with this no matter how angry I was. When I got downstairs I found him knocked out on the couch! Men! No matter what the crisis is they can sleep like a baby as though there is no worry in the world. I was tempted to pour cold water on him to make him realize that we had problems but I decided against it. That’s the problem though isn’t it, we don’t approach problems the same way and we certainly don’t handle them emotionally the same way. He was the one bringing his bastard home yet he got to sleep so nicely. It was not worth the fight though so it was best I just go sleep. Being a woman can be a curse though. How many of us have received such a package from our so called loving husbands. No matter how we respond, dump him or not, we are royally screwed regardless!

In the morning I woke up earlier than usual because today I was going to drive Lintle to school. I was going to make sure she got into class and I was going to make sure she got punished for skipping school. Obviously she was annoyed by all this but I made it clear I was the mother she was the child. She tried to apologize for calling the police but I ignored it. She was going to learn. When we got to school she asked for money for lunch and I said no because at lunch I was going to be there to pick her up. I told her she had to be at the gate exactly at two because five minutes late would be punishment from me. She did not like the fact that I walked her in. In fact it just made her look guilty. I took her to her registry teacher and told her what she had done yesterday. She was so embarrassed. The teacher said not to worry she will deal with her. One thing I praise in white schools is discipline; they are quick to dispense it! I went to the car and went to work. This is the reason why I don’t drive, Johannesburg traffic is hectic. No matter how many roads they widen there will always be congestion. Needless to say was late to work. I had already planned on a half day anyway so I got right to it.

Zethu was not in the best of spirits. She said one of her friends was not feeling well and she might have to go visit her. They had been high school friends and also attended the same university. It gave me something to do as I got to worry over someone other me at that moment. She asked me about Lintle and when I told her she just said it’s what teenagers do! They test your limits. She too was shocked at the fact that she had called the police. See I was not the only who had a problem with that. Maybe I should send her to her grandmothers place for the weekend. I know she did not like that much but it sounded like something that would calm her down. I had all these thoughts on what to do next but I was not quite sure what exactly. At lunch I knocked off and went to pick her up. I found her waiting for me because I was the one who was in fact ten minutes late. She seemed agitated and moody when she got it and I told her immediately to mind her attitude!

“I got detention on Saturday!”

She said cold when I asked her how was her day. It’s amazing hey. I am sure in my day if I said detention I would have taken it gladly but for these kids it actually feels like a punishment. In a black house you don’t get grounded as punishment you get beat! These kids were so spoiled. I had to shop though for tonight. I felt I was not adequately prepared for this Nelisa so had to prepare. I think I bought half the shop. I am not the best cook so I left it to Mapula. You wouldd have thought the king was coming they way we prepared.

Towards evening I was actually getting nervous. What was I doing bringing another woman’s child into my house? Into my home where my child was? I steadied myself. She is just a child I told myself! I could not help myself but feel self conscious. What if her mother’s house was better than mine? Look I am a woman, we compete with each other no matter what other girls might tell you! From curtains to cooking we have to be the best amongst other women! If that fails then I must make more money than you and there… there I beat most women! I am doctor meaning brains and money! Try competing with that. I heard his car pull up and held my breath.

“Why you breathing in mom?”

Lintle asked. I told her no particular reason. I guess she could feel my tension.

And there she was at my door. She waited for my husband to walk in behind her and closed the door. When she turned I could never have been more annoyed, truly!

She was simply the most beautiful girl I had ever seen!

My husband produced that?

What the hell!?

“Mom she is gorgeous!”

Lintle said to me in a whisper clearly thinking exactly what I was think!

I hated her even more already!

I smiled and welcomed her in like she was an old friend. It’s amazing how formal we all got as though to put our best foot forward. My phone rang before I could sit at the dinner table.

It was the private investigator! I had forgotten to tell him not to call me this late! I went upstairs before my husband spotted it. I had not expected him back so soon. I mean I only spoke to him yesterday and I had not even fully signed the contract.

“Why are you calling?”

I asked him as soon as I picked up!

“I am sorry about the lateness of the hour but we need to talk. I have something for you!”

He said.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

I asked him but he insisted and spilled out his story immediately!

“Ma’am your husband is already being investigated by the police on charges of corruption! I did not even have to wait in line because when I asked about him his name is famous!”

What the hell was he on about? I had just wanted him to tell me about my husbands extra marital affairs if indeed there were any and he was now bring me this information!

“Are you sure you want me to pursue this because you only make things worse for him and your family?”

That’s the problem with these tender people!

They are all corrupt!

“Yes find out what’s happening!”

I said before I hung up!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Ok here it goes, I just turned 30 a few weeks ago and I’m spiraling into deep depression I’ve tried everything on this planet to get a job and nothing works its like the job fairy just isn’t seeing me well I grew up living with almost all of my relatives which I’ve always hated my parents for I know my life would’ve been different. I have a daughter who lives with her dad because of my instability but I need her back but I need a job for that I need help I’ve applied for every type of job the only thing left is me to sleep my way into a job which my morals don’t allow can anybody help me I’m really desperate. I have matric I didn’t finish my media and journalism diploma I’ve worked in retail n as office support (Receptionist) and I have a passion for radio too that’s my dream all I want is a job so I can complete all of this. Anybody who can help can whatsapp me on 0735616931

Thank You

Jobless and Unhappy

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  1. Tnx Mr Maphoto.. lovely n safe long weekend to u all FAM.. nginithanda ngothando luka love <3 . Mncwaaaaahs

  2. Lovely Read Mike….

    You know the way you explain Nelisa’s Beauty, I think of an Angel like but then again Nelisa is no Angel

  3. Q&A…… I wonder what were the reasons for you to stop working as a receptionist or in retail, I think you could use that experience to get a job which you will therefore use as a stepping stone that will help you chase your media dream, good luck.

  4. N is in the building, dankie Mikeesto, lekker one boet.


    Goodluck Nana, hope you get something soon.

    Happy long weekend fam, let’s all come back safe on Tuesday.


  5. Ccy sorry to read abt your situation n I can fully understand what u going through as I was once jobless myself…I suggest while you still searching for a job you volunteer somewhere atleast that will keep your mind busy it might not pay a salary at the moment but it will give you hope not to mention experience as well.. At Rose she can’t go back to her studies as yet due to lack of funds cc!

  6. My Girlfriend Nelisa Songelwa is back n this Doc she better watch out or kuzonyiswa coz uNelisa ngumxhosa n akoyiki ukulifaka inqindi emfazini umbuze

  7. ya neh i guess you can never really know what you sleep with everyday, investigated for corruption? and Ms Doc overhere thought Lee was the one in a troubled marriage ha, the irony of things

    Thanks Team

    Happy Long Weekend People

  8. Haa N’s beauty is getting the wife jealous lol I’m sure she’s now wondering how the N’s mom looks if the daughter is that gourgeous.

    However Mike, doesn’t Nozipho and Nelisa share a father?

  9. thank you.

    welcome back Nelisa, i know my girl will mark her territory watch the space this Nelisa is trouble woman!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ayya some people though

    ROSES she can’t even afford to take care of her child, how do u expect her to afford tuition fees???….

  11. Tnx team,
    Nelisa o tlo godira busy DR,watch the space lol.
    Rose nxt tym do read between the b4 u cn coment ok!

  12. This woman though I’m a step child and this whole issue of step parents hating kids if just f**ked up why hate someone you do not know? Hayi maan!!!!!!!!

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