Realities – Chapter Five

A lot of married women can readily tell you how man can be the most unthoughtful creatures in marriage and tend to be selfish in their decision making. He expects you the woman to always think and put the family first, wants to be consulted all the time but don’t expect him to do the same, hell no! He is the head of the house remember hence you must treat him like a king. I was livid! This morning was turning to shit so fast! I tried calling my husband but his phone was off. I recalled at the back of my mind that he had mentioned something about a meeting but I did not know where he had said it will be. I would have gone there myself to give him a piece of mind because what he had done was wrong! His meetings though! Normally that takes about two hours. I did not even know whom he was meeting so I could not call them. I tried to call her phone but she kept on hanging up on me. At least the phone was ringing. I was not happy with this situation but I decided the best thing to do was go to my rounds he will call me back! Periodically I called Lintle hoping she would answer but she did not pick up. Her father was brainwashing her probably but let him, I was going to bash him brains in that’s for sure. I was now regretting not getting those APPs which they always tell us to get that can track your kids! It’s a black people thing educated or not! We do not want to use technology which favors us because we are so quick to say it’s so difficult yet a 13 year old can use it. It’s not because we do not want to invade our kids privacy but rather that we are ignorant. We are content with the little information that we know yet forgetting that the world changes every single day. If I had the APP all I would have done was check her location. Zethu found me pacing up and down my office!

“Zethu I can’t believe he will do that?”

I said as soon as she entered.

“You can’t believe he will do what?”

I explained to her the situation and she just shook her head and said I am going to have to keep on trying him. She said as long as she was with him she was safe. Two minutes later he called!

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

I screamed at him as soon as I picked up!

“I told you already that the child was before our time! Come on you over playing this!”

He said in a snappish tone! Why was snapping already? He was in so much trouble!

“No am not talking about that! I want to know why you took Lintle out of school without telling me! Was she sick? You should have told me!”

I shouted!

“What are you talking about? I didn’t take Lintle! You know I had a meeting today. I was even late because I didn’t have clothes and had to go home because someone kicked me out!”

Why was he telling me all this? If he didn’t pick her up then who did?

“Where is she Sizwe? This is serious!”

I said to him that shouting turning into fear. I could hear though that he too was panicking!

“This is all your fault! If you hadn’t mentioned that Nelisa all this would not be happening!”

I screamed through the phone!

“My fault, are you serious! You are the one that insisted on us fighting in front of her like we were kids! I always say we don’t fight in front of her but you never listen!”

He retorted but continued,

“Look let’s try find out where she is! I will try calling her but I think you must go to the school and speak to some of her friends!”

He said. He was right! Now was not the time for this fight!

“Eish Zethu where do I even start though? These schools have a tendency of putting a black mark on your child if your storm in like that!”

Ii said to her and I was right! Black schools I could go to the principal and everyone I needed would be brought to me but in a white school you needed their parents permission first to even talk to them otherwise lawsuit!

“I should go!”

I said to her looking for my keys. I rushed out the hospital like a woman possessed but Zethu chased me down and asked me to breathe first. She asked me why I had my keys in hand because I took the Gautrain! Imagine how stupid I felt at that moment! There goes the lack of convenience I mentioned earlier!

“Before you go to school aren’t there mom’s you are friends with that you can call?”

I thought about it and remembered Tsakane. Zethu was telling me that when your child goes missing one of her friends will always know. Fortunately for me she was not really close to her white snorty friends at school but two of the girls who lived in our complex. One of the mothers of the girls I had her numbers because we often arranged sleep overs and jogged together when I had the time. That’s Tsakane. She picked up and I immediately told her what the problem was. Our daughters were roughly the same age so it was not a difficult conversation but what she said rather took me off guard,

“You are joking right! Sandra’s school also called she is not there! She left in a black mercedes!”

These kids! They thought this was a joke. The irony is she did not seem too disturbed because she had older daughters. She told me that we can look for them until we turn blue but that does not guarantee us finding them. She told me that we should wait until the evening because they probably will assume that we don’t know they are at school. It’s when you make them panic that you have problems. I was in awe. Both our kids were missing and I was falling apart and she was as cool as a cucumber. This motherhood business really is different depending on whom you are.

I told Zethu who just laughed and said kids of today but I did not find it funny at all. I called my husband and told him of these latest developments. Like me he was not sure what to do next. I think because he was already in my bad books he agreed with my recommendation that we do nothing until the evening. Hardest decision ever. My daughter normally got home around three so the plan was to wait until then. I asked my husband to come see me at the hospital to discuss this Nelisa girl because clearly we could not have this fight at home again. He refused and said that we should rather do this away from colleagues or friends unless it ended up as a fight. We are actually not a fighting couple and maybe I had overreacted I guess. I agreed. It was already mid afternoon. I called my husband and told him I was on my way home. An hour and a half later we pulled up in the driveway together. We were both tense.

Tsakane had been right!

When we walked into the house there she was passed out on the couch, reeking like a brewery!

My 16year old daughter was drunk out of her skull!

I am going to kill her!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am 14 and my mother is sleeping with my friends father. My mother is a single mom and on Saturday she thought I had gone to the movies but there was load shedding so I came back early. When I got home I found them having sex in the lounge and I even saw his thing. My friends mother has cancer and she is very ill. We have been friend since grade one and we do everything together. We attend the same church andd because she is sick we even went to pray for her with the church which makes me feel so rotten. How can my mother do that though? We all go to the same church and we are from a small neighborhood meaning it’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out. I am so ashamed. When they saw me he tried to bribe me with a r100 to keep quiet. What should I do?

Please advise me


29 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Five

  1. Thnx mike lukin 4wrd 2 Realities n it seems its gna get intresting even thou my heart still lingers for Memoirs bt ke as we say into engapheliyo iyahlola so ya lets carry on hey

  2. Hi Nkele

    I’m so sorry to hear what your mom has done and you must be very ashamed for what she has done. You need to sit her down and tell her what she did was wrong and if she doesn’t stop you going to tell your mom’s friend.

    Mike thanks again for the Realities but when are we getting back all other 3 stories, I mis Thandeka, Nelisa and Mxholisi

  3. idk why the lady is so angry though. as in, i can feel her rage inside of me ever since the first chapter. she’s honestly over reacting just a little. so her daughter is taken out of school by the husband as she first presumed, why the drama? why try track him down like a man who doesn’t pay maintenance. neh man. she must tone it down.

    Q: this has nothing to do with you. these are grown people problems and they will handle it in their manner. your friendship should not be affected by this. contrary to telenovelas you don’t go about feeling you have a part to play in everybodys business. if you tell someone, it might just reach the ears of the cancerous lady causing her more harm than good and it could worsen her condition.

    1. ubolile wena!! if its not her business they should have hidden it from her manje they didnt nabo they were careless

  4. Thanks Mike

    Nkele, you are facing a huge problem at your tender age. It’s not easy being a child because you are expected to respect your elders even when they behave in such an inconsiderate manner. The only thing you can do is tell your mom how you feel about this and let her decide what she wants to do next (try to contain your anger while speaking to her). Fighting her and telling her to stop what she is doing is only going to make the situation worse. Don’t give her an ultimatum either she will see that as declaring war on her. When people are accused of things irrespective of whether they are guilty or not they become defensive and you don’t want that kind of situation as it will end up interfering with yours and mommy’s relationship. If you tell your mom’s friend about this the situation could explode and even though it’s not your fault some people could end up blaming you for opening your mouth. The toughest challenge for you is understanding that this is non of your business even though it affects you so much. You can not control how people behave, the only thing you can control is how you react. Your mother is an adult who is entitled to making her own decisions whether good or bad. She is totally wrong for doing what she is doing but this is not your fight baby so try to stay out of it.

  5. Thanks Bhuti mike

    Q:My dear please go get professional help at the nearest social worker center on how to approach your mom and how to let it go or talk to any neutral person that you trust to advice you.

  6. Nothabo needs to calm down….uyaspeeder shame.

    Nkele……..I am so shocked by your story, I can’t process this as an adult, I don’t know how you can as a teen. You are in a difficult situation, maybe you should speak to the pastor at church about how you can approach your mother because she won’t take what you have to say as a child or like Everjoy has suggested.

  7. Thank Mike
    Its actually my birthday today.

    U still young to stress about such things and telling ur friend’s mother will kill her. As hard as it will be u have to leave it to ur mother and her boyfriend, they know that u know now so they will do what’s best.

  8. Happy bday cupcake and may u c many more to cum, q&a tell ur mom to stop what she’s doing or else u gonna report her to ur friends mom or the pastor at church

  9. Q&A. Forget what u saw, u have no single right in this world to call your own mother to order. In which African tribe is that done. It’s none of your business. Kids must know their place. People on this forum advising kids to disrespect their parents need help. That woman raised that child, she did her job that’s enuf, who she gets intimate with shud never be a child’s concern. Q&a pray and get over it.

  10. Wow Mike this is getting very interesting! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Dear Nkele to answer your question…You should do nothing. Stop taking responsibility of your mother’s actions. U haven’t cheated on anyone. Even if this comes out it shouldn’t ruin your relationship with your friend! You’re not responsible of actions decided on & chosen by adults.

  11. Hmmm Things R getting juicy.Unetalent bhuti Mike.keep it up.
    #bringbackmemoirs ,Even two more chapters just to rap it up

  12. Nkele ask for R1000 lol. It has nothing to do with you though so try your best not to think about it, its difficult yes, I know(trust me) but try. It’ll eventually come out but you wont be the bad person here, they are.

  13. Nkele sori 4finding abadala @it. Find an adult relativ (who stays a bit far 4fear of gossip spoiling it) whom U can confide in 2talk 2yo mom (even by 4n) abt yo concern.
    That cud shame yo mom but the desired result is 2 mek her respect U & herself by being a bit mo discrete. I mean bedroom/hotel rooms etc R there 4a reason if she wants to sing the “haleluja!” chorus! – PapaG.

  14. shame nkele sorry. please sit your mother down and discuss. mike I have been asking where can one get the book of diary of a Zulu girl. please please assist

  15. QnA

    I remember seeing so many things as a child, that a child should probably never see or even know! My advice is sometimes in life u must keep your mouth shut and look the other way! Don’t get involved in your parents actions because u may think u know everything but you don’t! Sometimes it’s better to just stay out of other people’s business, you dint know their arrangement….

    Your friends mother has cancer can u imagine if she found out and that can affect her recovery process!

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