Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Five

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God is a man! Did I say that out loud? Did I offend anyone? Good! Because it’s true! How does this sperm donor get to knock on my mothers door after all these years like he was a Jehovahs Witness, unannounced! Where was the shame or self respect and he did not look at all bothered! I should be more excited some might think but how could I be? Is this what men do? Is this it? Are these the people that are meant to love and protect us? Are these the animals that are meant to make sure that their children are meant to be dressed, sheltered and fed? Is this it? Is this what God wanted for us when he took us of a man’s rib as we are told! If it was so please Modimo, ke ya go rapela, ngyakucela, I am begging you with all that I have, take these shits back because Father with all due respect you failed dismally! How are these things made in your image really? Ask any woman, any, what a man has done to her and you will know why I am on my knees right now begging for this! These shits were not meant to be in this world! I looked at this complete stranger who was standing in front of me. I knew his name because like I said earlier, my mother had a sharp tongue and every time she would curse at me as a child his name would come up! Then there was my sisters reaction, I knew exactly who this stranger was. He was my father. We resembled vaguely but I could see me in him! I was so confused at this moment I even wanted to cry. I did not know my own father because when he left I was too young to remember. With the way my mother had held his name over me for so many years, with the way she had punished me for his sins I had hated him so much for all this year’s. I had a problem now though, I did not know who he was and I could not bring out that hate. I stepped back.

“20 years later Robert! 20 years later you fucken devil!”

In all my years I had never heard my mother swear! She was on the verge of bursting into tears but what I saw on her face was not just anger, it was pain and betrayal all wrapped in one! I kind of understood why she hated him through me all these years.

“Technically it’s not 20years!”

He said so casually with a grin on his face that showed nothing of the hurt he had caused. In American TV there is a line they often use of how he went to buy bread and never came back! Is that what he had done? It did not make sense and imagine the balls of this man to just waltz into my home and a crack a joke.

“Robert really? Really? Is that what you have to say? Which of these two is your daughter? Which one?”

At least you could do that? I dentify his child? Guess what, the idiot picked Judith.

“How can I not know my own flesh and blood?”

He said with a grin looking at her!

“Come here child, come greet your father!”

He said to her! Judith looked at him and coldly said,

“My father is dead. Faith, come meet your father!”

She said turning to me! He looked at me and there was recognition in him whatsoever! Nothing! Zero! He did not know me! Should I have gone looking for him on Khumbule’khaya maybe? Note, at this stage I had said absolutely nothing. I was so much in shock to move.

“I was just putting your leg, I know who my child is. It was too tense, had to crack a joke to lighten up the mood. You know me I like to joke! We even named her after my mother, Faith!”

He said turning to my mother. We both stood there incredulous. Was this man for real. My sister who was always quick to laugh in a tense situation this time showed the right emotion, shock.

“What do you want?”

My mother asked him. He still had not answered that part.

“I came to see my daughter and I see she is getting married, someone from my family has to be there! The ancestors will not be pleased at all!”

I wonder if things like this only happen in South Africa! I am not travelled I don’t know. Are all these dogs the same! He wanted money clearly because lobola goes to the father’s house! That’s why he had come.

“Who told you that?”

My mother asked him coldly.

“I bumped into one of your brothers and he was shouting at me for not being present. He is the one who gave me your address!”

He said with a smile.

“Child please fetch me some water! I walked from Bellair Mall to here, it’s far!”

Guess he did not have a car either! I went into the kitchen. My heart was so broken. Please don’t laugh but I am African like that. I don’t know what other families do but here to sterilize Amo’s bottles we boil them in a pot. My mother is the one who said it’s 100% full proof though often she complains about the elecricity!

“Wait here I want to show you something!”

I heard my mother say.

She went to her bedroom whilst my sister just stood there rude as she always was, arms folded and stared at that man. He did not seem to worry or care whom I was and how I got to be here. Maybe he was drunk I don’t know but who just waltzes in like this after all these years. He started making small talk to my sister.

I reached boiling point now! I turned around andd picked up the closest weapon I had, the pot of boiling water!

I got into the lounge with intention only, burn this man or die trying!

I walked in exactly the same time as my mom swung her tjambok so hard it whizzed through with a hissing sound and it caught him on his back with tip hitting his neck! He jumped so high I am sure God though his reject was coming home but that was not it,

In the same moment my mother swung I had already been in motion to throw my water, bottles and all in his direction. Had he not jumped I would have hit his head with it and thank God too for my mother!

It landed on his leg as he was midair after that lashing and he screamed and fell to the floor and did not move!

He did not move att all!

“O fuck you guys killed him!”

My sister screamed!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am 22 year old woman who met a wonderful man towards the end of 2013 and today I regret the day I met this man.

Things moved so fast by the 4th month had moved in with him and fell pregnant during the 6th month. One of my friend told my family that I was co-habiting with him and had to go home and miss a whole year of varsity. He had two kids from a previous relationship he hadn’t seen for almost two years. Anyways, now I realize he is just a bank but will never be there for my son. He just changed into something that I do not know. He went to his brother wedding as a best man and came back with the maid of honor. During all that time he was ill treating me and cheated then requested for a break as if its my fault.
I crashed and destroyed everything of his then called him to come with the cops because the way I was so angry he would have killed me. I doubt we will ever even see each other. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life and don’t trust anyone anymore because I’ve been sexually abused before and now have to be a single mother but as much as it hurts my son first priority.
I would like advice on how do I move on from this? How do I forget about this man who I gave my last innocence to? How do I go on from here because it hurts so much and feel like ill never meet a man who will accept that I have a son?

Thank You


31 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Five

  1. Rumblings Mike, Rumblings, not Realities. Thank you for the early morning dose, would have reacted the same way, mo tshele metsi a belang, shameless idiot, mxm *nigerian accent*

  2. Had me confused there: “Rumblings vs Realities”. Thank you for the great chapter, I would’ve done the same…absent fathers ave bengamaqola!

  3. Sorry about what you went through. sad situation this where a bad guy had a good girl and he broke her emotionally, then girl finds a good guy but because she is emotionally damaged she takes it out on her good guy, who in turn ends up being a bad guy because of his past experience, and when he finds himself a good girl, the cycle just keeps on from there.

    right now just make your son a priority.

    its sad and annoying when guys like myself want a good woman whom we know how to treat well, it makes it hard when they are stuck with guys who dont know how to commit to one woman or have a sense of direction and what they want from the relationship.

    there will be a guy who may accept you and the fact that you have a son, but thats also rare to find.

    some guys, especially those who come from family backgrounds where they have both parents and share the same parents as their siblings, would wanna have the same in their lives and give that to their children. so yeah finding a man to accept you and your son will be tough.

    but goodluck.

  4. Thanks Mike. Let’s hope Faith and mom didn’t do extreme damage to that thing on their floor right now. I wonder where these people get guts to just walk in bazonilinga endlini yenu!

  5. Was it me or was this chapter hilarious lol, Thanks Mikeesto and have a safe long weekend team.

    Betrayed, hayi andaz shem, maybe some counselling or something. My concern is actually your worry over a possible man who might not love you because you have a son in future… ukuthanda amadoda kunzima neh. One just put you through hell and you worried about the next?? Hayi No!!


  6. As a woman, i never understand my fellow woman. What do they mean; things moved so fast? What were they doing when things moving fast,sipping cocktails?

    The biggest problem as women we believe too much fairytale nonsense and we cry when reality hits us.

    Honestly, why do you think moving in with a guy is a passport to a happy marriage? How many vat en sit have resulted into marriage? I only know few and they less than five.

    Sesi, big advice is stop running after men. You just broke up with a man and you already thinking of a next guy. How are you going to raise your son if you are always thinking of the next guy.

    Please go for counselling. Being sexually abused is no child’s pay.

    Just focus on building your life

  7. you can’t move on if you haven’t healed yourself, you need to find what makes you happy and live for that, the rest will follow, right now your first priority needs to be your child, don’t think of getting the next man, he will come at the right time and if he loves you genuinely, he will love your child too (so for now another man shouldn’t be your worry) just do you

  8. Q&A

    at 22 you very very young, you actually a ben10, so please dont let this one man rule your bright future. move one, finish your studies and find a job to support and raise your son. amadoda maninzi you will find lots more who will take you iwith a child, just make sure next time you dont fall preggies.

  9. Nice one Mike
    I must say these Q&A are getting boring, starting to sound repetitive.
    Women get hurting by men either HIV, Preggies or Abusive. How do they move on.
    Its like we have heard all these stories before.
    Anyway its none of my business. Woza weekend.

  10. Like someone else said, these QnA’s are getting repetitive. Why do women think it’s okay to just move in with someone they barely know then fall pregnant? It’s time to take control of your lives and not walk around like brain dead zombies while letting life happen to you. I’m so disappointed in these sisters, either getting pregnant,staying with a cheating man or contracting all soughts of diseases from the random men they sleep with. Wake up ladies, you are worth more than you think!

  11. QnA…my sister you need to focus on your self. Learn to love yourself first before you worry or focus too much on people loving and accepting you with whatever it is you have or dont have.

    Enyanisweni when things were moving too fast what were you doing wena??

    I fell preggies mna after 5 months in the relationship, and I’m still with my boyfriend. But even if he would leave me I wouldnt be bothered about the next guy accepting my daughter. I am too focused on my little angel to be worrying myself about a grown ass man who doesnt know what he wants.

    You need to love yourself , respect yourself and other people will follow suit.
    Stop worrying about things in the future that you cant do anything about. Get a life coach or something or a hobby, it will do wonders for you. You need to accept YOU for who you are and not worry about things that happen to you. Dont let your past run your future.

    All best

  12. Great chapter Mikey..
    QnA: I really dnt blme u 4 thinking if yo next man will b any good. Ngiyabezwa bathi u just broke up with sm1 n already u thinkng of the next. Mxm who r they to judge?? A girl got needs. As to the advise of puttng your child 1st, mxm clearly they aint parents yet cos no metter how many guys 1 can c, their kids r always 1st priority, with women the love for our babies comes naturally and having a man whose not a baby daddy doesn’t make us love em any less, our concern mostly bcomes “is he going to love my kid like needs b”.. Girl dnt go looking, yo man will come, u myt meet a few more bastrds but dnt ever lose hope that he is out dr somewhr. NB not all man r the same, so never let your past xpiriences intrfr with your future happiness.

  13. Thanx Mike for the beautifully Written chapter
    QnA I’m sorry for what u went through, but I have a question for you, who said to be happy you need a man, what is it tht a man can do for u tht u can’t do 4 urself,ever since U started dating, Was there a time u were really happy with someone tht made sure u stayed tht way, if not try this, stay single for a year or two and see if the hapiness or fulfilment u think a man can give u, can’t u get it for urself? When u can make urself happy, I gurantee u no man can take tht away 4rm u, u don’t need a man not because u can’t find one, because I assure u, u can but u cant rely on someone else 4 ur hapiness, hasn’t any of these stories Mike and Thozama write taught u anything about r/ships relationships?

  14. Thanks everyone for the advice although a.lot of you misunderstood. my email im not even looking for a relationship. made a.vow to myself to be celibate and finish my degree first because im not ready emotionally or.any.other.way for that matter . thanks anyways

  15. Sorry gal for what happened to you. I know people are too quick to judge. My advice is dont worry about finding someone to love you and your child, focuse on yourself and the kid, find happiness, and heal but most importantly accept that your previous relationship didnt work not because you did something wrong but because that man didnt know what he wanted and he doesnt deserve you. In good time love will find you and when it does you should love like you never been hurt before. There are good man out there just prepare yourself so that when yours come, you would be ready emotionaly.

  16. Way to go girl, take a break from men so U can heal your heart bcz its 2 precious. Love yo kid.
    There is no formula 2 find Mr Right but the “intelligent” or “decent” guy looks 4 character. Child or not is usually way below on most guys’ check lists. Looks R as important to most guys as 2 most girls, so look yo best even if U R not a natural. Dress well ( not 2cheap & not 2provocative). Dress 2 say I know my worth & I respect myself.
    Stay focused know what U want & find ways 2 reach yo goals.
    Use yo experience with men 2 yo advantage but don’t B 2 hard on a guy who is honestly trying his best. – PapaG.

  17. QnA sorry for being sexually abused.

    But can you love your son and love will find you when you approach 30. What wrong with kids and this “moving in” shit. If u are black kid I will give you a tip for the next man you worried about. Next time when things start moving fast ask that man to go see your family fast(lobola) and even a wedding.

  18. hahaha this family though, like mother like daughter, I guess Faith and her mother where on the same point, Isn’t this interesting.


    you saying people misunderstood your letter yet you the one who didn’t mention that you going to be celibate and finish your degree, your letter just sounded like someone who wanted to know how to get over a relationship and if you will find another man. I think you confused.

  19. Its sad but true Sisi that most situations end – up like this. Now you are a mother that means someone else’s future is in your hands, so it is your duty from now on to work on YOU. In order to be a good Mom you need to take good care of yourself. One step at a time is what you need to do towards healing and moving forward.

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