Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty

So there we were all chilling in my house, Mthobisi with a gun pointed at his half-brother and his half-brother with an injection pointed at my veins, I was actually the only one who didn’t have anything pointed.  Fundani smirked and said “I don’t think you want to do that big brother, have my brains splash all over your pathetic wife over here, do you want her traumatized for life?” he said pointing at me with the needle in his hand. Mthobisi laughed and said “you underestimate my wife, she won’t even flinch if I shoot you now, and will probably wipe your brains off her face then go make herself  lunch and eat it next to your body”  at that moment Fundani grabbed me and got up with me in front  of him.  “Mthobisi we are the same blood you and I, I am not as soft as Mfundo, I will fuck you up badly boy” Now it was Mthobisi’s turn to speak, the way this conversation was going there was no shouting and screaming at each other like women usually do, I know if this was a fight between me and my friends there would have been a lot of screamings going on, this was like two people sitting in an office discussing a merger between two companies and each person bringing their opinion and point on how the merger will affect  both companies, that’s how cool and calm they both were.  “Fundani, you know me, I don’t make threats that I can’t deliver on, I would say ask your wife but you know” he shrugged his shoulders.  At the mention of his wife Fundani pushed me to the floor and went for Mthobisi, but Mthobisi was ready for him, he punched him in the face so hard I expected Fundani to fall but he didn’t he just staggered backwards a bit and as soon as he could get his balance back he went for Mthobisi who I think also expected Fundani to fall because he was now coming to me with his back turned from Fundani before I could scream for Mthobisi to look behind him, Fundani had already kicked him soo hard that the gun flew to the floor and Mthobisi fell on the couch, I expected Fundani to go for the gun but he didn’t, he went for Mthobisi again I ran for my phone which was on the dining room table while Mthobisi and Fundani were punching each other and I screamed “I’m calling the complex security.”  At hearing that Fundani got off Mthobisi and went for the door with blood dripping in his mouth and shouted “this is not over brother” and got out, I went to the couch to check on Mthobisi who looked bad with blood on his face, he told me he is fine and I shouldn’t worry, I went to the kitchen got him ice and some wipes to wipe the blood of his face.  I put the ice in his face and was just fussing over him he told me to relax he was okay.  He laughed and said “I’m sorry that  pig Fundani ruined your couch and carpet, now they full of blood”  I laughed and said I didn’t care about that I just wanted him to be okay.

Mthobisi went to go shower while I cleaned out the house, it honestly looked like some war had happened.  She Rocks arrived back from work and when she saw the blood at the door she screamed “Lee, Lee, oh God please let her be okay” I came out from the kitchen and she hugged me soo tightly I couldn’t even breath “thank God you are okay” she said when she finally let go of me and looked me over to see if I had any wounds when she didn’t see any she asked “what happened here?  Whose blood is this all over the house?”  I told her it was Mthobisi and Fundani’s to which she was very surprised that Fundani had guts to come to my house after everything.  She then asked “so where is his body?” I laughed and said “his body is still walking around alive just with a few bruises.”   She laughed and said “we are not normal, seriously, first thing I thought of was you guys had probably killed him and put his body in the freeze in the garage.”  I smiled and told her we were not that ruthless and said “speaking of bodies, have there been any new developments on the body that was found at that farm?”  She shook her head and said she was happy that there hadn’t been any developments because her heart was ready to fail her, there was just too much drama for her to handle, we both laughed.  She offered to help me clean the house, I got us some gloves and we started cleaning and She Rocks filled me in on her day at work.  Mthobisi came down after he was done with his shower, he said he had some chemical in his car that can remove the blood stains from the couch and carpet, he got it for us and the thing smelled terrible but it did the job, the carpet and the couch looked as good as new.  Mthobisi said he was going out and would be back before dinner, as he was about to leave She Rocks asked “what do we do with this injection.” She asked holding the injection that Fundani had almost injected me with.  Mthobisi grabbed it to her and said “I will take that, thank you” he came to me kissed me and told me that he loves me and headed for the door then said looking at both of us “try not to get into any trouble while I’m gone” and left.  I quickly filled She Rocks on what Fundani almost did to me she asked if do I think Mthobisi is going to Fundani now, I told her with my husband no one knows how his head works and I had given up on trying to figure him out and asking would not help either he never gives me straight answers.

We prepared dinner, Neo got up, and She Rocks bathe him while I continued with the cooking.  We watched a bit of Tv then Mthobisi called to say he was running late and we should eat without him, that’s my husband for you, sounding all professional but I guess he couldn’t exactly say “I’m going to be home late, I’m still busy killing some people.”  The thought of that made me laugh out loud, She Rocks wanted to know why I was laughing because we were both silent and out of nowhere I just burst out laughing “I was just thinking of how weird my husband is.”  I said, She Rocks responded “Tell me about it.  Do you know that your husband is friends with Russians?  Not just some typical Russian family where you can take Neo for play-date, but some really hectic ones.”  I shook my head and said the less I knew about my husband’s dealings the better.  She Rocks was not letting this on go she continued “does it not bother you at all? I mean what he does and who he is associated with?”  I again shook my head and said “should it?” she gave me a confused look and said “if I were you I would be concerned.”  I looked at her and said “one day you are going to get married.  Are you going to share all your secrets with your husband?”  She smiled at hearing “get married” and confidently said “of course I will.”  I looked at her and said “I don’t mean small secrets like you stealing sugar in your mom’s kitchen type of secret; I’m talking deep dark secrets.  For example will you tell your future husband that you’ve killed two people in your lifetime?”  That shut her up for a second I continued “I’ve learnt that in marriage somethings should be on a need to know basis, I don’t need to know who or what Mthobisi is involved with, just like your future husband doesn’t need to know that he’s marrying a serial killer who might one day kill him in his sleep.”  She threw me with a cushion and we both burst out laughing.

It was getting late and we decided to call it a night.  I activated the alarms in all the rooms and gave She Rock a panic button to press should she even hear a mosquito buzzing next to her ear; I didn’t want to take any chances.  In the early hours of the morning I heard Mthobisi come in.  I tried opening my eyes but they were to heavy I could see him but it was foggy, I asked him “what time is it?”  he said “shhhhhh, go back to sleep.” I tried closing my eyes but something wasn’t right.  I jumped out of the bed and before I could open my mouth…

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  1. So Fundani is almost as hard core as Mthombisi hmm, this should be interesting.

    Will the drama in this household where little Neo is now a resident ever come to an end. But why isn’t Fundani after neo if Neo is his child, why does he go after Lee? oh well

    Thanks Team Mike

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