Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Six

I knew I should have stayed home but worry and curiosity had the better of me and we all know what curiosity did to the cat. I was naïve, I thought I could go to Alexandra township and act all heroic put on my Superwoman outfit and rescue my husband and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for me happily ever after did not exist in my life, my life was a fit in or ship out kind of life, I was fast getting used to that. As I was on the floor trying to figure out where the hell had the gun sound come from and to see if I was shot and where was I shot, a person came out of nowhere and held me by both my legs and started pulling me like they were pulling a dead body, the fool dragged me I wanted to scream and tell him to leave me alone but decided to just act dead and keep my mouth shut.

He dragged me inside the house and threw me inside and said “I found this one snooping around outside.” My eyes were tightly shut I didn’t want to see anything in case they decide that I saw too much and kill me so I didn’t wont to risk my life, like I was not stupid enough by going there in the first place I didn’t want to perform any more stupid acts.
A familiar voice said “Lesedi Jumbe open your eyes and tell me what the hell you are doing here and also tell me how in hell did you find me?” it was my husband. To say I was relieved would be an understatement but my relief quickly turned to fear when I saw blood in my husband’s hand “Jesus Christ Honey , you bleeding. What happened to your hands?” he looked at his hands as if he had no idea what I was talking about. He stood up and got a cloth and wiped his hands then said to the guy who had dragged me in the house “cover that shit up” I turned to look at the guy who had dragged me and next to him was a person tied up in a chair I shook my head in disbelief and whispered to Mthobisi “who is that?” he ignored me and told me to get up he’s taking me home, this was not a request or a suggestion it was a command, I got up he held my hand and dragged me outside, he took me to my car and told me to drive behind him, he was angry I could see it in his eyes. I drove behind him thinking of how I was going to apologize for this mess up, was I even wrong by going to where he was, I was just being a good wife who wanted to make sure that her husband was okay. Mthobisi was driving way over the speed limit and I had to keep up and I have to say my car was a machine it moved effortlessly now I understood why guys become passionate about cars.
We arrived home in no time, I asked Mthobisi if I should dish up for him and he said “no” I tried apologizing for going to Alex but he wouldn’t hear none of that. I explained that I was worried about him and when the Tracker company called and he wasn’t answering his phone I thought he was in danger all he said was “I’m a grown man, I need to be taking care of you and not the other way round.” I smiled; every woman wants a strong man who will protect her. I asked why was he not answering his phone and he explained that he forgot his phone in the car and didn’t think the tracking company would call me because he was in Alexander, he was annoyed and even wanted to cancel the tracker but after a lot of arguing and negotiating he agreed to keep the tracker in his car. By the time we went to bed I was tired and not in the mood for any kind of sex so we just slept.
The next morning Mthobisi woke up early and said he needed to get to the office early, I knew he was lying he was going back to Alex but I didn’t argue I just nodded half awake and half asleep, I was unusually tired. I got out of bed after 10 and didn’t feel like doing anything so I just sat and watched TV. Sitting at home was really depressing; I decided to call Cleo to check on her. She said all was well with her and her husband was not showing any signs of infidelity, so she was sticking by him and will continue acting like she knows nothing until she comes up with a better plan, the woman was in denial but who was I to judge so I let it go. Around two o’clock while sitting at home bored out of my mind the one and only my housekeeper Nomzamo arrived, looking gorgeous from head to toe, hair done, nails done.

She greeted me with a warm hug and asked how I was doing and why I had not bath that time of the day, I told her I was feeling tired, she went to her room to pack her clothes, I wondered how on earth did she afford that hair, it must have cost 3 times her salary but what she did in her spare time was none of my business, she could be standing at Oxford road in Rosebank for all I cared for as long as she did her job when she was needed to I was not bothered. I needed to address this thing of her coming and going as she pleased. I decide to first take a shower, when I was done I called her so we could talk, I started by complimenting her on her hair and nails and new clothes, she thanked me and started telling me about this rich guy that she’s dating and how he’s been spoiling her rotten I was really not interested in her love life so I got to the point and told her that if she wanted to continue working for me she needed to respect me and my husband and we cannot plan our lives around her, she was supposed to be back on Sunday but decided to come back at her own time and what if I was going to work and Neo was home who was going to look after him, worse I couldn’t even get hold of her, she honestly was the worst helper but I didn’t tell her the last past. She apologized and said it will never happen again, I didn’t believe that but I tell her the last part, I told her that I was giving her another chance, she promised that I won’t reject it she will make proud, I wanted to roll my eyes but didn’t want to seem rude so I just told her that I was going to takw a nap for a bit I honestly wasn’t feeling too good.
I was woken up around 5 by a call from my husband “Hey Superwoman” he said, I laughed and said “Hey Spiderman” he asked if I was sleeping I said yes “are you okay?” he asked sounding concerned “I’m good I was just feeling extremely tired for some reason but being dragged on the floor will do that to a person” I said reminding him of his friend from last night, he apologized and said maybe I should book myself into a Spa I didn’t argue with that because I really needed a nice, long massage, he told me he would be coming home late and I shouldn’t pull my superwoman stunts again he is fine and he doesn’t need me to come and rescue him, I laughed and said I will stay at home besides I had no strength to do anything, none whatsoever. I got up, washed my face and went downstairs I wanted to start cooking dinner. I had actually forgotten that Nomzamo was back until I heard her talk on the phone when I went to the kitchen.
“She’s still sleeping, you won’t believe how she threw the employer employee book at me, arrggghh if she only knew that I don’t even need this job she would die. I can’t wait to leave this hell-hole, these coconuts are just too annoying.” I cleared my throat, I must have surprised her she jumped and the her phone fell on the floor and battery and sim card flew all over the kitchen, she stood there looked at me and said “I wasn’t talking about you, I mean I was but I didn’t mean what I said, I’m sorry.” I told her it was fine, I also spoke ill of my boss so I completely understood where she was coming from. I went to the fridge and told her not to worry about dinner I will make it, grabbed some water and left her standing there with her mouth wide opened .
I went outside to the pool area and sent a text to She Rocks telling her about Nomzamo and her bad attitude. She texted back and said “You should fire her, I honestly don’t trust her.” As I was about to answer her back my phone rang, I answered “Lesedi, I know I’m the last person you want or expect to hear from but please don’t hang up.” It was a familiar voice but I wasn’t sure who it was I asked “Who are you?” she replied “It’s me Ngwako.”
I angrily replied “you are right, I don’t’ want to ever hear from you ever again, stay the hell away from me.” I hung up
She called again, I dropped, she then sent a text
“I’m sorry about what we did to you, I had no idea that Fundani would go that far, but please we need to talk I feel guilty about what happened to you.”
I replied “Take your guilt and shove it up your ass.” And blocked her number.

9 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Six

  1. You should listen to SheRocks Nomzamo is a danger and, I think she is working wth mfundo ‘s brother there is just connections first time u were to pick her up she didn’t show up u were kidnapped, when she left the house he came to the house how did he knw the code becareful Lee plz.

  2. Wow thanks Mike and team. Yes Lesedi you are right she must take her guilt and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine, after what you’ve been through now she says she is sorry let her rot in hell.

  3. Nomzamo is trouble Lee open ur eyes,yena le ngwako le mfundos brother ke team,o sare ha ka go bolella.
    Tnx team

  4. Ngwako begging Lee, Lee should be more attentive, your worst enemy won’t beg you for anything unless she is feeling guilty about what is about to happen. I smell a rat!

  5. Lee you real need to fire Nomzamo akethembakele myb ds rich dude ay’tholile ufundani if not already workng with him kwasek’qaleni

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