Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Four

I quickly grabbed the tablet from She Rocks and scrolled to the next pictures, there were more pictures of Cleo’s husband with this woman and the kid, in some pictures it was written “Love of my life and our angel” I fell sick in my stomach, I asked She Rocks whose Facebook account this was she said she it belonged to some girl who was applying for a job at their company so the company does social media background check to see what kind of a person you are, if you post nude pictures or rude, racist comments then you don’t get hired so she was checking this girls background and that’s when she came across pictures of Vusi with this girl and their daughter.  I felt sick I ran to the bathroom to throw up that’s how disgusted I was.  I came back and hear Andiswa shouting at She Rocks “are you out of your damn mind? Were you seriously planning on showing those to Cleo?  What kind of a friend are you?”  She Rocks was not going to take it lying down she angrily replied “I’m the kind of friend who will not keep the truth from her best friend, yes I was going to show this to Cleo in fact I am still going to show it to her.  What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t show it to her.”  I asked She Rocks if she was sure if the child was Vusi’s child, she took the tablet from the table and shoved it to me “look at that child and look at Vusi and tell me there is no resemblance there” she took out her phone and showed us the pictures of Cleo’s boys and they looked exactly like the little girl. “Oh God, what has that idiot Vusi done? This will kill Cleo, you guys know how much she’s always wanted a girl and just kept having boys and for Vusi to do this to her.” I said feeling defeated.  While we were still in shock Andiswa’s phone rang “Shit, it’s Cleo” she said “put her on speaker” I quickly said. “Hi A, are you at Lee’s house?”  Andiswa “Uhmmmm, yeah. Are you at the gate?”  Cleo “No, I’m still at the home, I had such a busy day, I was waiting for Vusi to come home but fell asleep on the couch, the fool didn’t wake me up when he got here, I just got up.  What did She Rocks want to show you?” Andiswa who is a terrible liar started stuttering I quickly interrupted “Hey Cleo, it’s nothing serious she just missed my cooking and made an excuse, she showed us some pictures of a guy she’s crushing on.”  Cleo laughed and said “am I on speaker?” we all echoed a “yes” she continued “Go for him Rock Star, he might be the one, you never know, he could be as amazing as Vusi.  Besides these days women don’t wait for men to ask them out, throw hints and signs his way friend.” She Rocks rolled her eyes and put her finger on her neck and slide   her finger across her throat signalling that she is going to kill me. We said our goodbyes to Cleo and hung up.  We all agreed that we will think this through and find a right way to tell Cleo but one thing for sure we were going to tell her.

After my friends were gone I decided to go find my husband who was still in his study, he was watching something in his laptop as soon as I walked in he closed the laptop “are you watching porn?” he laughed and said “yes Honey, I’ve got nothing better to do with myself and too much time on my hands.”  I looked at him and gave him a serious face “I need to ask you something and I need you to be very honest with me.”  he nooded and said “ask away” I contined “Did you know that Vusi is having an affair?” He gave me a blank stare and after a few seconds of silence he asked “which Vusi?” I shouted “Cleo’s Vusi, how many other Vusi’s do I ever talk about?” He showed no emotions at all, no surprised emotion or shock, nothing all he said was “oh him? Nah I didn’t know.” Then preceded packing up some papers that wee on his desk I looked at him amazed “aren’t you going to ask with whom is he having an affair with?” Mthobisi was now acting very bored by all this, why wasn’t he as shocked as I was?  Did he know? I couldn’t read him.  “Honey, that is not really my business, I will know he had an affair with who, and then do what with that information?  Vusi is a man, he might look like a wimp but he’s still a man.”  I screamed “so if he’s a man that gives him a right to cheat?  That is such bullshit logic.” Mthobisi still calm “That’s not what I’m saying, Cleo treats him like one of her kids, I’m not surprised that he went out to find someone who will treat him like an adult.” I knew exactly what he meant but I was not going to stand there and agree with him instead I said “so what you saying is it would be okay for me to go and find another man who is not a thug and will not make me run away from police and put my life in danger?” That must have hit home because he stood up from where he was sitting came to where I was standing and put his finger in my forehead and poked me and said “Do not push me Lesedi, you know what I’m capable of, DON’T” and he walked out and left me standing there with my mouth wide open.  When I went to bed he was in the shower he came out and didn’t say a word to me, I didn’t know if I should apologize for what I had said or just leave things as awkward and uncomfortable as they were, I decided to ignore him, I was still angry about what he said about Vusi being a man, so if he’s a man he should be allowed to cheat, go and create another family, if he’s man enough to do that then he should be man enough to tell Cleo that he no longer wants her and has found someone better.  I was so angry I couldn’t even sleep, I kept tossing and turning the whole night.

The following morning Mthobisi and I were still not talking, I honestly hated the tension between us so I decided to be the bigger person and apologized, the annoying thing about my husband if you apologize to him he will ask you what exactly it is that you are apologising for, I honestly wasn’t apologizing because I felt I was wrong I was only doing it because I wanted peace and silent treatment doesn’t work well for me as I have a big mouth and always want to talk so I told him I was apologizing for disrespecting him last night.  He smiled and said he accepts my apology and I should stop this things of saying hurtful things when I’m losing the argument, I promised that I would stop doing that, we kissed and made up.  He said he had a surprise for me and I shouldn’t go anywhere during the day he will come back early from work.  Champagne came after my husband left and did his usual routine checks every hour.  She Rocks called and she was more adamant than ever that Cleo  be told the truth.  She said she had taken half day at work and would be knocking off at 12 and had already asked Cleo to come to my place so we can break the news together to her, I don’t know how I felt about being ambushed like that but I agreed.  By 10 I had already showered and had breakfast and was waiting for She Rocks who arrived at 11:15 she said she sneaked out of work she just couldn’t wait for 12 o’clock.  Cleo arrived shortly, I hugged her tightly and wouldn’t let go when I eventually did let go she said “what’s wrong Lee?  Are you having more bad memories about the Durban accident?  I’m fine love, we are all fine” I smiled at her and told her “I just want you to know how much I love you and how much I value your friendship, you’ve been with me through thick and thin and I want you to know that there is absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do for you” She Rocks said “yeah and that goes for me too Cleo, you know how much I love you.”  Cleo looked at me then at She Rocks then back at me and said “what’s going on here, the two of you are starting to scare me.” Before for we could answer my husband opened the door and shouted “surprise” with the door wide open and outside behind him was…..


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  1. Behind him was???? I hope its nothing scary or something the girls shouldn’t know off. eish this family and their drama.

    I hope Cleo can take this, women are strong and as much as they are strong, they are weak too.

    Thanks Team

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