Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Forty One

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I am not sure how cruel a person I really am but when you are pushed into a corner then you are capable of finding the deepest darkest pits in yourself. When you are in your right state of mind there are a lot of things you say you will never do because you are such a good person but truth be told, unless you are put in a situation which challenges you then you are unable to judge what your true self would do. For one, are you willing to kill someone else to protect the ones you love? Are you willing to abort a pregnancy for the greater good? See what I mean, when you are not in the right situation you are unable to actually be objective on the matter because that added pressure to do something or else is not there. You start to think of getting arrested or being judged by others but in that moment all that goes away. Survival of the fittest instinct takes over. So many things had happened in the last couple of days it was not natural. I had to find a moment just to breathe to make things settle down. Not a moment to myself also meant that I was not at my happiest. Now I knew why a normal person can have a stroke. It’s too much work to just exist at times.

I decided on going to the hospital. All the way my heart and mind were telling me that I must let her suffer. That would be her penance for the woman who had died, Khanyi’s house I am sure she had burnt down, Lindiwe she had most likely killed and two marriages she had destroyed! Why did she get to walk away still looking like an angel? I almost stopped the car and went for a drink. Let her suffer for life! Let her! I did not want her anymore! Why should I care? Often forgiveness I overrated! When I got to the hospital, I sat in the car for what seemed like hours to be honest. I was torn between letting her suffer her own fate and doing the so called right thing and help a fellow animal in need! Yes I called her an animal! She deserved the SPCA the way she was selfish and mean. Ok fine, I was starting to sound like her. I was here now in any case. I went inside to hospital and found the doctor who had called. He was quite annoyed at how long I had taken but I snapped at him and told him that I was here right? He needed to chill because he did not know that I changed my mind last minute otherwise I could have walked away. I signed my consent form.

“Are you not going to go in an see her?”

He asked me as he noticed I was about to leave! I stood there and looked at him with my hands on my waist and said,

“No! She is not my wife anymore!”

With that I walked out. I was avoiding seeing her because I knew if I did I will feel sorry for her and get emotionally attached to her situation. I wanted all this to be done with. Where was her lover anyway? When I got to the car I found myself stuck. I got an sms from the bus saying it had an hour delay. I sent Zimasa message and reminded her that this time she must come out with all her things. She said her battery was almost flat so when I come I must come in to call her. She had left her charger at the BnB. Nothing sucks more than travelling with a flat battery. I decided I was going to pick her up now so she could come charge her phone before she left! It was already 730pm when I got to the house and you would swear it was midday the way it was still so light out. That’s Cape Town for you. I tried the gate bell because I saw that he was back already and I did not want to talk to him. No one came. I called her but her phone was off already. I hooted but no one came! Crap, I had to go in and possibly see this loser again. I walked in and I had not even gone far when he walked out! Here we go!

“How dare you come to my house?”

In fact it was not even a question, more of an expression said with so much anger. I tried to explain what was happening to him but the man was already mad with grief. I honestly don’t understand people at times. Where was he all this time when his wife was suffering from his neglect yet now here he was losing it.

“I dropped off Zimasa earlier on am just here to pick her up man. Please let’s not make this worse than it already is!”

I said to him with my hands raised to up almost in surrender stance to show him I was not hear for war. I really was not. Too much had happened meaning not every fight at a time like this can solve anything!

“Worse? How worse can this get? My wife is dead you stupid fool! This is worse!”

He shouted at the top of his lungs. Why was he screaming though? This guy had serious issues. It was definitely time for Zimasa and I to leave.

“I will be out of your way in a minute!”

I said calmly making sure I did not let this time bomb explode even further. He was not done though!

“I am not like you! I have so many mistakes but I love my wife! I lost not just her today by my son who was in her womb! That is two people in one evening! Then tell me how that is not worse! How dare you even say that?”

He said angrily.

“I am sorry I used the wrong words. Please just call me Zimasa so we can leave. You have a lot to deal with so I don’t want to be in your way.”

He looked at me for a moment and I even thought he was going to fight again but he didn’t. He actually went still and seemed to have calm down. At least.

“Stay here! Don’t come any closer to my house!”

He said which I think I understood at this moment and I was not going to fight. As soon as he left my phone rang! Finally my wife’s parents were calling back! Where had they been all this time?

“Mxolisi what do you want? We get it you are leaving our daughter so stop calling us!”

Why was everyone fighting me today though? Why?

“There had been an accident!”

I started. I told them what had happened, in detail how another woman had caught her in bed with her husband and the acid. Everything. They were so quiet as I did so all I heard were groans and then tears. I guess the truth hurts. Where had they been though? I am certain they were going to find her a new rich husband!

I thought I heard something so I turned to face the gate but whilst still explaining. That’s when I felt it. Something pierced me from the back. I could actually feel the plunge of the knife as it went inside me. As it sank deeper I am sure it cut something as I lost all energy. That bastard! He was now trying to murder me! As I fell to the ground I remember thinking, I had not even gotten to divorce my wife and here I was leaving her with everything. This is how I started my story, how I never divorced my evil wife! The only way of escaping her was death.

As my knees hit the ground, I turned to look at him, my attacker! This man just knew how to make mistake after mistake.

It was not him, I saw females legs. It was Ezile, no, maybe Zim…

I could not breathe properly and I choked on my own blood,

The legs moved forward I think to finish off,

I passed out!

******The End *******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi Mike and all the readers,

Thanks for the good read, I have been reading comments I hope you guys can advise me on my problem.

I am average looking (girl from next door) really nothing to wow about. I met my husband at varsity our first year in 2001. We have been together since, married for 10 years. But oh boy he has cheated on me with lots of girls I have even lost count. We have a child together and she will be turning 9 this year. He recently told me that he has fathered two kids outside our Marriage with two different women. The first thing that came to mind was HIV/AIDS and how selfish this man has been. He only think of himself and his need. I really don’t know what to do cause in all this years I have been faithful to this guy and never cheated on him. I have this anger in my heart and I don’t think I can forgive him for this.

I am scared that with all the feelings I am having I might do something I will regret. He is the only man I have slept with if I can put it out there, like literary I don’t know any other’s man Dick except his. Now I am tempted to see what am I missing. Cause clearly I don’t have experience in that field. I might as well get some experience and compare what I have with what is out there. Thoughts that I have nothing to major/compare with hence he still comparing me and getting his bread buttered on both sides. But again I am not that type of a woman. I have told myself that the man I will sleep with will be my husband.

How do you let go of 14 years relationship, where do you start I know he has hurt me a lot, but still it hurts to just up and leave. I used to make excuses that I cannot afford my own place and will not be able to sustain. GOD has blessed me with a good JOB recently and it pays very well. I can be able to move out and start all over again. It is so hard, how do you start all over after so long? How do you leave it all behind and move on. The other issue is that I am a very private person people really don’t know what is happening in my life. I never told anyone about what he has been doing not even his mother or mine. How do I tell my parents that my marriage is over? Do I tell them how bad he was. I don’t want people to loose the respect they have for him as I believe he is still searching for what he wants. He still needs to grow up and know who he is. He is struggling with self-worth and he is trying to find it in places where he will not. I hope he one day realizes who he is. At the same time if I don’t let them know the real reason it will be like I gave up on my marriage.


Dear friends Of Mxolisi, haters of Asthandile and all… this is the end of Mxolisi’s journey.

Divorce ladies and gentleman is not a measure of last resort because at times too late really is too late. Cheating in marriage often has a tendency of making one lie grow into so many more lies and I know some won’t believe me but this is actually a true story. The lady in question was our Asthandile and her husband died at the hands of her lover. Please take lessons from here thouse who will listen.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto


As of next week this is the blog that will replace Memoirs. If there are any wives that want to share their stories, especially in the certain scenarios

1. Hubby brought home a love child?
2. Hubby’s family hates you? What are the cruel things they do to you?
3. Hubby is entertaining the thought of taking a second wife and you are powerless to stop it
4. If you received a calling, how that changed your life?
5. If you are entertaining thoughts of cheating with a colleague?
6. If you have a rebellious teenage daughter or sister how you are dealing with her and how it is affecting the family.

For now let’s focus on those. 0835905147 is where we can have the chat or you can just email me.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

139 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Forty One

  1. myb m thick but how dd she stab mxo while in hospital dd I miss something? I wanted her to get punished thou

    1. Mxo died in the hands of Asthandile’s LOVER not in the hands of ASTHANDILE!!! Read people read do not browse and ask quaestions that already have answers!!

  2. im so anxious to read this chapter…! as in, i really really want mxo to just leave her in that state so that she can be humbled in her new appearance. but then again, why does the hospital need his consent? she’s awake and conscious so she can make the decision can she not?

    but let me read maar…

    1. Lolz Kay I so hope so too this is was a very abrupt ending so I think its an April fools joke…I am very keen on the Realities

  3. Thank u sir for a good read… Really do hope that this story helps someone going through what Mxo went through… From all these stories, I’ll have a meltdown if missteps came to an end….

  4. So that’s it Mike two of your stories are tragedies?! Why did Mxolisi suffer the fate of dying?! So that the boss and Asthandile can carry on with their relationship, without their spouses who are both dead?! But things like this happen Mike and thank you for opening our eyes and educating us. I thought you will return Confessions because her story is still on hold, but I’m also looking forward to Realities. Thank you Mike for the wonderful work you are sharing with us.

  5. yho..i dropped a tear has been one good ride with memoirs but oh well cant wait for realities😀

  6. This has been a very interesting story. This things really do happen in really life
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much Mike. May God Bless you
    Q&A don’t stay with someone selfish like him, if you stay, you will never be happy and you will turn into a very angry n ugly inside. trust me, it doesn’t get better
    run far away from this guy

  7. first chapter of memoirs Mxolisi mentioned having 2 children of which he doubted that the first was his and then he started explained how everything happened, how is this the end for him before we got to the children part?

    Mike I hope this is April fool prank

    1. Hah spot on Nthabi coz I just went back & checked lolz but then again he still says he did not divorce Asthandile…Mike I really hope this is an April fool prank

  8. Haaibo Mike..In Chapter 1 u mentioned Mxolisi nd Asthandile havin 2 kids..Nd their marriage surprisingly made it to 8 years..This Cant b End..,Stick to the story line Bhut mike asseblief

  9. I really hope this is an April fools joke. why do your stories keep ending? next kuzaba yi missteps. we never got to see how confessions and zulu girl were interlinked and now memoirs Mxo is dead. haai. Please let this be a joke.

  10. I had not even gotten to divorce my wife and here I was leaving her with everything. Lol awu kodwa bra mike ……ay aibo don’t see that cuming ke yoooooh No its April fool you must be joking

  11. I f it is at the hands of her lover then it must have been Ezile, she is the lover’s daughter moss therefore making her very upredictable and out for revenge.

    Tjoe thanks Mike and Team. I’m glad something also finally happened to Mxolisi, he was no angel in this mess. He also cheated multiple times and should also suffer the quencequences of his action and the part he contributed to this mess.


  13. Hayi Mike andivumi, you introduced Mxo as having two kids, with one that he doubted was his, how come then it ends before Astha gives birth to “their” firstborn? Don’t go all April fools on us.

    Q&A I think the problem is that you do not know your potential, you see yourself as an average looking girl from next door who strike it likey by getting married. Yes your husband is selfish and all and by shielding his shenanigans to his family you encouraging him, he knows that you will forgive him and stay with him. I also know it won’t be that easy to leave him hence I will advice you take time out and go and stay on your own for a while.

    All the best in whatever you decide though

  14. No I protest! It can’t be the end no ways, there are so many things in Chapter one that just don’t agree with this conclusion. What happened to the 2 kids he mentioned in the beginning? or was he writing his memoirs from the grave?? #BringBackOurMemoirs

    Dear Anon, 14 years is indeed a long time but this guy has been nothing but horrible to you. I would have forgiven him for cheating once but not for the second time up to God knows how many times. I would also have forgiven him for the first child but not the second. So if I were you I would have left already unless if I wanna die of HIV. You have a child to think of and you deserve to be happy. Let the man find himself on his own not at your expense. I really hope you are using protection with him that’s if you are still engaging in those activities with him. It’s clear the man is not using a condom with all his floozies and baby mamas, he is not respecting himself or you for that matter.

    something actually tells me he wants you to leave him. Why then would he tell you about all his infidelities and his baby mamas?? Wake up and smell the coffee. And stop making excuses for him. Nothing hurts than being infected with an incurable disease from your man while you have never ever tasted another man out there. Put yourself first, love yourself enough to leave.

  15. i hope this isnt April fool Mikey.
    how anout Nelisa in confessions Mike , akere she should go to tertiary now, PLEASE CONTINUE WHERE WE LEFT OFF.

    thank you writer and be blessed by the Almighty as we go for easter holidays.
    big love.

  16. This is all too sudden Mike, in the 1st chapter was there not a part where Mxolisi said, he was just with his wife and only get to have sex with her as and when he wanted ? Well I think this is an April Fool’s joke, however the reality of the matter is that, people get killed by their lovers and some even their ex’s, its really sad.

    Thanks Mike

  17. Ahhh Mike, don’t be cruel and unusual haaa at least have a send off rather then living us with our mouths open.

    Q & A.
    I often find it sad the thing we man put woman through but in this case I’d say you need to tell on your husband and seek real help.

    If you want to play around then BEN 10 OVER HERE.

    please think in depth about this.

  18. This is an April fools joke right? Come on!!!!

    Q & A; Dear anon,
    Thank you for acknowledging God in your life.its encouraged me to comment.

    The bible allows for divorce when one partner cheats. First off.
    Second off: This guy doesn’t love you or reSpect you. And as much as you think he is trying to find his welf worth, what not, where is yours?
    You sound like the most low self esteemed person I ever met. No offense.
    Do yourself a favour! And do better by yourself.

    Also, rationalize your feelings. Is what you have for this guy, better than what you have for your daughter? Think about your daughter. She’s 9, with two step siblings from God knows where… How many will they be when she’s 15?

    Do yourself a favor and think about YOU.

  19. People saying that they don’t know how confessions and Zulu girl are intertwined. Please re-read those two stories again. I’m certain it wasn’t hard to realize that Nelisa in confessions is the same girl Thandeka shared a flat with in Zulu Girl. Confessions ends with Nelisa living in Rodney’s flat in Milpark, that’s the same flat Thandeka in Zulu Girl shares with a girl she called N.

    I have to applaud your Mike on your stories.

  20. Thanks bhut’ Mike udlala ngathi kodwa, uphume nini uAsthandile esbhedlele?

    Q&A it is obvious that you want to leave because you are hurt and unhappy. So do yourself this favour and leave but not for the sole reason of sampling other dicks – that is so not important – a dick is a dick it just depends on how it is served. What i don’t understand is you wanting to protect his dignity? did he protect yours when he went and made those 2 other babies and when he cheated? i think not. leave and if the family wants to be involved then tell them you are unhappy and of his cheating and the results thereof. Change is never easy but most times necessary. things will not be the same coz you’ll be going solo but you get used to the new lifestyle. I would suggest that you think things throught, sit him down and tell him of your intensions and the reasons behind them. when it comes to my happiness i am very selfish and that is what you also need to do.

    all the best.

  21. hai no mike you are wrong on this one, why cant you ever leave us with a happy ending. With DOAZG you left us hanging, with confessions the very same thing now you do it again this is totally wrong mike. Please with this story can you leave us with a happy ending.

  22. Ohh no man…:-( And to think this is all true , sadenss me even more. But yeah there are people who do drastic things for “the ones they love” and im not sure what kind of love thaaat is…Fine line between love and obsession though… Thank you Mike for sharing such with us. It really is an eye opener for both men and women. What men bring in the relationships with their cheating and what women are capable of doing when scorned. I just wonder how Ezile turned out. Knowing her father cheated , her mother dying because she was the one who told her about her father’s sheningans. True to form though , one needs to stay in one’s lane. Cheating is too much admin anyway.

    QnA : My angel , you need to find yourself again. In your letter all im hearing is how your husband cheated, how he will lose respect when word gets out about what he was doing. You seem to have lost yourself in your relationship with your husband. Find yourself again , and you need to love yourself first and respect yourself enough and peoploe will follow siut.

    You need to write down the good and bad things about your relationship and weigh the options ( Believe me it works ). If its worth you staying then do so.

    You have a 9 year old child, is this the kind of perception you want your child to have of relationships and marriage?? You need to set a good example for your child. I mean children do learn things from the elders right?

    Like I said , you need to find yourself again, outside of that relationship. Going around carrying anger will only brew disaster ( look at what happened to Mxolisi ). As they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You dont have to be hot, to be loved. Your husband should love you for who you are and NOT for your looks – lest you want to be a trophy wife like Asithandile who couldnt even hold down a conversation. Its brains before beauty.

    All the best in the future 🙂

  23. Mike we already have Missteps Of A Young Wife which everybody loves, we don’t want another story about a wife and from a woman’s point of view. These stories will just confuse the sh#t out of everyone. By the look of things you don’t have any ideas on what to write on it since you asking for our help. We are happy with Misstep and do not want something similar to it. Please rather bring Nelisa back or write something else from a male’s point of view.

    You really have something good with Misstep please don’t miss the plot by adding unnecessary stories. My humble opinion.

  24. Just like that its over…I believe there are two suspects here with motive, one Ezile considering the fact that her mother and unborn brother passed away and because of anger she could blame Mxo for what his wife deeds and Asthandile herself, well because she’s no longer beautiful and buddah was about to divorce her cheating ass (not that i support Mxo’s cheating). She could have discharged herself from the Hospital just to get him eliminated but then again Zamisa could have done the deed as well hmmm….

    Now I get why Mxo never divorced his wife….sad ending indeed

    p.s. If this is some sort of April’s fool then you got me buddah Mike

  25. So this comes to an abrupt end, was really starting to get into it. But thanks a lot mike u’ve taught a lot through this story, sucks that asthandile gets to have her face fixed and keeps everything.

  26. Aowa Mike nna a ke sa dlala mos wena u don’t play nicely with other kids…phela on 1st chapter Mxolisi was saying he’s been married for 8 years and he’s not even sure if one of the kids is his nou jikijiki he’s dead???

  27. I sincerely hope that this is an April Fools Joke Mike. I cannot imagine a weekday without Memoirs #IDie. Anyway Thanks for an incredible story bra, sad end to it, poor Mxo. Dankie Mikeesto


    It seems that you have a psychological dysfunction, its not unique to any specific beings really, anyone can be Stupid. How on Earth do you defend a man that has been cheating on you for 14years, fathered two kids with different mothers while married to you….. And say he is looking to find himself???? Is this a sick joke… And now you wanna go have some?!! You wanna know what you missing???? This must be an April Fools surely!!!

    Such fuckery though!!


  28. Oh nooooo Mike, the end of Mxo!?! Hayini I’m soooo saddened for days…0_0 I just hope this has to do with April fool….I cnt deal

    Thank you Mikey! Nonertheless

  29. Hao Mike what an ending…..maybe it’s Khan yo who killed Mxo. My mornings won’t be same again “sad face”

  30. Thank you Mike.

    I am really hurt that Memoirs is coming to an end… I cant even feel my heart, the pain has made me numb! I loved Mxolisi and yes maybe I am a stupid woman because as much as he cheated with Khanyi and made Lindi preggies… I still feel like Astha wronged him more than he ever wronged her!!!

    I hope that someone will find Mxo and rush him to hsopital like it happened with Thandeka when she was involved in an accident with malume and she woke up in hospital after Mike gave us the impression that she might have died!!!

    Asthandile cannot go unpunished…

  31. Maybe its Khanyi who did it, aowa Mike vele ore tlogela ka question mark, in life we always think men are bad but women le bona, bona nou she is left with everything. The lovers are left to be happy together. Thanks Mike lesson learned.

  32. Okay……….What happened to the two kids Mike???????? Have you forgotten your own beginning? So Thandeka may have died, Mxolisi also dies, Aowa Mike. I guess such is life.

  33. Nice one Mike
    this is so twisted and scary. Make sure Taylor Perry doesn’t steal your work, theatres would be packed.
    Guys please read properly before commenting, kids fail matric because coz they don’t read properly#upyourgame

  34. i am so confused. i had to read this chapter twice!
    “As my knees hit the ground, I turned to look at him, my attacker! This man just knew how to make mistake after mistake.It was not him, I saw females legs. It was Ezile, no, maybe Zim…” this part suggests that the attacker is Khanyi/Ezile or maybe Zim. then you go on to say, “…her husband died at the hands of her lover.” #confused for days.

    Nevertheless, Thank you Mike for a wonderful read. i have come to love Memoirs at one point felt sorry for Mxolisi , nako e ntse e tsamaya i felt they deserved each other. Communication is key to any realtionship. had Asthandile voiced her issues ka go tlhoka go nna satisfied in bed to her husband they would have avoided all this cheatings. selo se revenge sucks all your energy and with time it turns into an obsesion. u cant think clearly.

  35. hau Mike

    Mxo stl has a lot to accomplish,pls brng back

    So from bhnd it seemed like lady legs………………cld it b Khanyi?y wld he hurt her so much?

    unles ofcoz Ezille

  36. Yes Bra Mike quite a number of facts do not add up, the story starts like this family had gone through a very rough patch but it was in the past. The orator mentions something like he gets sex whenever he wants because the wife knows that she might as well move out permanently. There is mention of two kids whom he needs to shelter and clothe before he takes care of his mother.

    Who was telling the story then if the main character dies? I have been so hooked I also do not know how am i going to have my morning tea without my memoirs.

    Q&A Yes being cheated on is not the nicest thing, in fact it kills you inside and make you feel degraded. Whether you stay or leave is up to you but it is not wise to try new relationships at this stage. You are a woman scorned and you not good for anyone. We get into relationships and marriages not just for dicks but for companionship. You will try those dicks and even feel dirty and empty inside. Close the chapter with your husband rather and then open another door but it is important to wait until you sure that you not angry.

  37. Q&A

    I know exactly what you going through cc, I was once in the very same situation not long ago, till I finally realised that I needed to be selfish for myself & daughter, truth is you already bitter and a part of you hates him for all his doing…not realising that you also damaging yourself in the process of staying hoping things will get better, as they proved opposite to me…

    Think of the kind of life and love that your child deserves also you, truth is its not easy leaving behind the only life you’ve known for years, but then again, you will never know your true worth and potential in life if you carry on the way you do….

    Pray that God gives you strength to move on and be strong for yourself and child…you both deserve happiness, God never said in marriage we must be miserable and always hurt for the same stupid mistakes or whatever…

    You deserve a partner who knows what they all about in life. Take it one step at a time….and yes I did move out and I’m far much happier than I have been in years….and yes its also a bit tricky as you will have to rediscover yourself again…but its worth it in the end…he will never change…even if he does it will be too late…

    You come first and your child, if you love yourself enough to be happy your daughter will also be happy, believe me kids see’s everything we do, she notices that you unhappy…think about her as well

  38. I’m so hurt beyond words reali asthandile n her lover won again ngeke Mike bad April fool’s joke making us all sad no wat happened to karma like reali

  39. Bathong ba modimo Mike!so mthobisi o swa net so?I never so dis cuming,,,,,I’m so sad cos ne ke b”galla go utlwa life after acid e tlo ba jwang

  40. Ai Mike, this gaping feeling of disappointment i’m going through right now is so overwhelming, #BringBackOurMemoirs hle…

    Dear Anon,

    Let me be stereotypical and embrace a well known manly character about the opposite sex’s philandering ways, MEN CHEAT, not because of lack of self-restraint but because it’s how they were designed, they were built to be hunters and will always hunt. The husband might not do it 5 years or 10 years in your marriage but at some point, if they are honest to themselves they’ve had a close encounter [be it sexual or emotional intimacy] with someone other than their spouse. A husband cheating is a reality most women have to deal with, but what keeps them all rooted in their unions is that the husbands respect them enough to not parade their shenanigans infront of them nor do they bring stray cats home. Heck some even pay 82K just for that very reason. They RESPECT their wives. Your husband on the other hand is pure scum, not to mention doesn’t give an ounce about your well-being because he’s continuously putting your life in danger.

    Men and women can never be the same, as much as 50/50 is preached throughout, all that is baloney. Yes, you’re husband was whoring about and making babies but that doesn’t mean you should pursue the same route. What exactly would you be achieving by sleeping around or comparing as you say? Do not use his habits as an excuse to go sleeping around, do that on your own account so you have yourself to blame should there be any consequences. Don’t also leave him just because you have a good job[are you gonna go back to him should shit hit the fan?], leave him cause you deserve better, do it for yourself and your son. First year in 2001 means that you’re somewhere in your late 30s, the dating pull is very shallow, unless ofcourse you want to be those big sisters in the club tugging on to a youngin aka ben10, these don’t come cheap by the way. Unless ofcourse you already have an eye on someone else…

    Our mothers survived a whole lot because of this saying “lebitla la mosadi ke bogadi [a wife’s grave is with her in-laws]” it comes from a good place but with the realities of our generation, self-preservation supersedes all that. The number one question to ask yourself is whether you’re happy then everything else becomes secondary. Don’t let logic rule over your life. Do you and don’t let this unfortunate experience change who you are. Yes it might be 14 years but it’s never to late to start over…

    Don’t Lose Yourself



    1. Zama
      You took my words I was lazy to write.

      @Mike, how did the boss’ wife die btw? I thought that part would be addressed.

  41. Dear Mike

    You can’t end the blog this way. Go back to the 1st few paragraphs if chapter 1…

    I hope this is your April fool joke.

  42. mxo ddn’t deserve to die Mike, yes he made mistakes bt they were nt enough for him to die and leave tht bitch everythng, m so disapointed.

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    QnA.. it seems you’re quite nïeve and still a bit in denial since you are still making excuses for your husband… you need to stop being so secretive and stop keeping up appearances, it’s the 1st to moving on. Kuyacaca ukuthi udlala ngawe lo muntu amd you got the money to start over so leave the clown and see where the road takes you, it should be a great journey of self discovery

  45. ahh but you PEOPLE ARE DOM!!! thank you Evoque people need to READ AND RE READ nifunde bakwethu…nowhere does it say Asthandile killed him, he clearly says a woman stabbed him not sure if Zimasa or the lovers daughter…ungenaphike Atha la? and the phrase “died in the arms of Asthas lover” does not mean he killed him it means because of Asthandiles unfaithful ways and her lover…all that was the cause of his death. the two kids are Lindiwe”s and Asthandiles unborn kids. anifundisise bakwethu

  46. Thanx Mike, u really are talented..nina bo dumb kop nihlezi ni complaina..wats confusing la? Ay man u guys should learn to appreciate.

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  48. This cant be the end of memoirs,in da 1st chapter Mxo said he doesn’t know hw his wife gave birth since she is si lazy.there havnt been kids yet so diz cant be da end**

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    Mike thanks for sharing the story with us and thanks to the lady for sharing her story with us and this makes very sad but hey life goes on.

  52. KWANDO ukphapha kwakho. Look now you are exposing yourself. Mike says the woman in question was Asthandile, meaning the woman Mxolisi only saw legs of was Asthandile. Dont expose yourself like that. What people must do is lend their opinions without telling others that they are stupid.

  53. Anon. I find that I resemble your husband. Have been married for years and we have beautiful kids. I love my wife and respect her a lot. Regrettably sometime after our marriage I realised that she lacks “spark”. I then got involved in “shenanigans” just for kicks (not that am proud of it). Unfortunately, “side dishes” do well looking after a stray a man. All those men who are quick to shout “leave him” are probably luck they married wives who give them all. My wife refuses to give me a blow job – says its dirt, my side dish sucks my dick soon after I urinate – and she swallows my cum. Wife has never removed my jacket – side dish removes my shoes as well. Wife won’t kiss me (as if I have bad breath) – Makhwapheni will suck my toes.

    Most self righteous and conscious women make the worst wives. Anon, your husband loves you despite your aloofness. I guess you behave like I have described my wife here. The reason why he moves from wonan to woman is to avoid commitment to them – because he wants you.

    My bet is, even if you changed dicks, the new guys will sooner find you boring. I suggest you rediscover yourself with your husband. Don’t concentrate on yourself only, spicy your marriage, dress sexy for him, give him what he wants. I bet you are the kind of wife who respects your Pastor more than her husband.

    The ball is in your court.


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  61. Mike

    i was so hoping that the story would continue, two months later and nothing. I am sad! Thank you though for such a good read. God bless your beautiful mind.

  62. Wow this is sad indeed…and to think that most people actually go thru this…U are truly talented Mike..keep up the gud work

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  64. I finally got the courage to read memoirs and it had been a wonderful ride….I read every book of urs butmemoirs…. Now I fully consider myself part of diaryofazulugirl family… Thanx Mr Mike

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