Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Two

I kept asking myself what is this board nonsense they keep referring to.  The only board I could think of was a board of directors, was Tshepang insane?  Was he telling Mthobisi to take his personal life to the board of his company directors?  Okay, my husband like most guys when he speaks to his brother they have some code word they use and I sometimes struggle figuring out what they saying, I figured this board must be a term for something else.  I opened the door and walked out to them and asked if they weren’t  cold, they said no and asked why I was up I told them I was getting painkillers for the headache.  Mthobisi looked at me and said “you not supposed to take any medication Honey; it could set back your progress.”  I regretted telling and answered “it was just She Rocks painkillers not nyaope.” They both laughed, Mthobisi said “your friends have medication for everything, She Rocks even had medication that she sprayed on your throat, mara women love medication and they share it like it’s sweets, remember your crazy white friend Jessica?”  I ignored them and told them I was going back to sleep, Mthobisi said he will join me shortly.  I got to bed and passed out again this time with the help of painkillers.

The following morning Tshepang and Koketso left before breakfast they said they had church to attend to, Koketso said their pastor would be praying for deliverance and she didn’t want to miss those prayers, deliverance from what, I have no clue, some of these church term can be a bit confusing.  Mthobisi said we should take Neo to my parents because he needed us to do something in the course of the week and didn’t want Neo around for that.  I packed Neo’s clothes while he and Mthobisi took a bath.  I suggested we go to my parent’s church since they were going to be at church and we hadn’t been to church in ages.  Mthobisi wore his suit and looked so yummy I could eat him up, he knew how sexy I thought he was in a suite, I wore a black dress, maroon jacket and heels, it felt soo weird walking in heels after weeks of not wearing them that I eventually took them off and wore black pumps.  We drove to Alberton to my parent’s church we got there a few minutes after the service had started I spotted my mom and Victor a few seats ahead from us.  The service was nice and short and within 2 hours everything was done, this is why I love these white churches, no long preaching just to the point and done.  After church they were serving cookies and coffee, we found my mom and Victor outside having coffee, they were happy to see us and even more happier that we had come to church.  Mthobisi said “I had to drag Lesedi kicking and screaming to church you know how much she doesn’t like waking up Ma.”  We all laughed, I asked my mom if we could leave Neo with them for the week she asked where our nanny was I told her she took some time off and I wasn’t sure when she would be back.  Nomzamo had actually not called ever since she left and when I had tried calling her the phone was off. I would just see her when she decides she wants to come back.  My mom suggested that we go to their place for lunch to which Mthobisi declined saying we were rushing off somewhere, my mom and Victor were both surprised because Mthobisi loves my mother’s food and never says no to it.  Victor said “it must be an important meeting for you to miss our food.”  Mthobisi laughed and said “Not at all it’s just that time is not on our side.  Ma please keep some food in the lunch box for me.”  that’s the Mthobisi I knew, my mom said she would, and I knew she was definitely going to do that’s how much she loves her son in law.

Mthobisi and I drove to Bedfordview, he drove around in circles we kept passing the same places over and over I asked “Are we lost?” he looked at me and said “no, it’s just that I’m debating with myself whether I should take you with me or not baby, I honestly don’t want to get you into this world, it is very scary and once I open this door there will be no turning back.”  He stopped the car and said “I need to know that I can trust you with my life Lesedi” now I was curious “of course you can trust me Honey.”  I said, he opened the dashboard and removed a blind-fold and said “Honey I need you to wear this, this is for your own safety I promise, please put it on and I will put your sunglasses over it so people don’t see that you are blind-folded.” I laughed nervously “you joking right?” I could see in his face that the man meant business, I put the blind-fold on without any further questions and he put my sunglasses over it, I couldn’t see a thing, I felt the car moving and there was silent, I was now nervous, what is this place that I am not meant to see, I wondered, a few minutes later the car stopped somewhere and Mthobisi pressed the buzzer then gave a code with long numbers all I know is it started with 68952 and the rest of the numbers I don’t remember, I figured the gate must have opened coz a few seconds later he drove again.  He got out the car and came to my side of the door opened my door and held my hand and said “let’s go” I wanted to ask where but was too scared of what I might hear.  When we got inside he removed my sunglasses and the blind-fold I looked around and we were in a club, I looked at him confused.  He asked if I wanted anything to drink I said “water” he went behind the bar and grabbed me some water.  “Is this your club?”  I asked “No” was all I got.  Then he walked to the back of the club, I stood there and he told me to follow, I followed behind him like a helpless kid, he opened a door and there were stairs leading down and a lift, we took the lift, this place was soo odd, when we got downstairs, I actually don’t know if it was up or down, all I know is we got out the lift and there were girls half naked dancing on poles, this was getting stranger and stranger by the second.  We went to the very last room that was opened, Mthobisi went in ahead of me I followed behind him there were about 11 men, 7 were white, 2 black south African, 1 coloured and 1 was Nigerian and the other I don’t know which race he was he looked half of everything, the one noticeable thing about these guys is they were all dressed in suits, they were sitting around a big ass table, the room looked like a boardroom, there was a big screen tv on the wall but it was off, the room was a bit dark and scary or maybe it was because my eyes had not yet adjusted since we were from the light in the club.  Mthobisi stood in front of the tv there was one empty seat I figured that was his “Gentleman, thank you for availing yourself in such short notice, today I’m bending the rules a bit, I brought my wife, rules say no wives allowed but I needed you to see this with your own eyes so you can understand my anger.  Honey please take off your jacket.”  I removed my jacket and he showed them the needle marks in my arms, no one said a word they just nodded then Mthobisi told me to go wait outside.  I went outside wondering what the hell was that about.  Some lady came and asked if I wanted something to eat, I said I was fine.  I sat there for what felt like 3 hours eventually my husband came out with some off the guys they were now laughing and smiling.  He took me back to the bar and we went to the car and he again asked me to put a blind-fold and said it will only be for a few minutes.  He took me to a very nice restaurant where he bought me diner and just spoiled me, I wanted to ask what was the club thing all about but I felt I would be spoiling the moment because after that meeting my husband was soo happy and I didn’t want to spoil his mood by asking too many questions.  Around 9 we decided to drive home to sleep, he was driving and I was telling him about story that She Rocks had told me about her boss suspecting that his gay.  Mthobisi took out his phone and called someone “I’m being followed” and then hung up. My eyes popped up and as I turned to look behind us Mthobisi “don’t look back, you will make it obvious.”  He drove like a maniac, skipped robots and made sharp turns, my left hand was holding the roof of the car while my right hand was gripping the chair.  After a few minutes he made a call again and said “I’ve lost them.”  He still continued driving like a maniac, he skipped another robot and next thing we heard was the police siren.  I looked at him and asked “aren’t you going to stop.” He laughed and said “why would I do that?”  my stomach was turning upside down after the food I had eaten and this crazy driving, the police car chased us for a bit but my husband’s car was too fast for them, he left them I was so relieved.

We somehow ended up on Joe Slove Road as we were taking the bridge to join before the Vodacom building to join the freeway we saw blue light, we both knew there was a road-block ahead.  It’s a one way so there was no turning back we had to go and face the fire.  Mthobisi slowed down, I whispered “why you slowing down?  Please tell me you are not carrying anything illegal in the car that might send us to jail.”  Mthobisi switched off the car lights and put the car on reverse and reversed it, I was praying inside soo hard, I didn’t want to go to jail, Mthobisi continued reversing the car, the next thing we saw were the blue lights next to us Mthobisi whispered “shit”  The cops shouted using an intercom “Get out of the car.”

Mthobisi turned and looked at me and said “Baby we are fucked!!”

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  1. Mike! Mike! Mike! U damn good!! Am holding on to my seat. Next week ke neng?? Can’t I buy for the whole month! Hahaha! Bare ba tlo ntlhala!!! Gotta go!! Nice read ka nnete.

  2. heeeeeey modimo mara what is dis book doing to my brains mara?…..anada awsome read thanks soo much team yall rock# best book since diary of a zulu girl

  3. Mike nd Thozama,u damn good playing with pen,nxt week tla be k swele dan lol,hope Mtho makes a plan b4 ba tshwarwa.

  4. yhooooo, every time I read this book it sure feels like im watching a movie. Damn!

    you guys are awesome!
    I wanna be like u when I grow up, LOL

  5. Am I the confused 1 here from lee in her hospital bed with monther in law holding the pillow 2 suffocate her she’s now discharged n home with step brother in law n injections n guns in their house wu ae

  6. Bo bedi ba baratani bana ba dikebekwa ba kene ba tetebetse moraheng kgetlong lena.
    Ho thata ha o sa tlwaela

  7. Wow Mike l salute.
    U just knw how to write,been waitng impatiently fr these 3 chapters,thanks a lot
    l just love Mtho nd Lesedi,power couple..

  8. This is something we only see in movies oh wow! This is though the 1st time i hear Mtho admitting defeat! Shem man I hope they manage to get out of this mess.

    So that was the BOARD hmmm

    Thanks Team

  9. mike you are really good and your books keeps us yearning for more, however there are too many books now can’t you just keep to a few so that we could keep up? I have been reading the likes of zulugirl, confessions, missteps and memoirs for years now, but because of all these new books i feel that my favourites are fading away. I am not a writer and i mean no harm but i feel that the books that i have mentioned were more raw than these new ones. I really love your work sir and therefore i would really love it if you took us back to the roots of diary of a zulu girl. thank you

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