Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings Forty Two

It’s so weird when you think about how a man can bring out the worst in a woman. No matter what my fellow sisters say about how they will never let a man dictate how they should behave there will come a day when you lose all reason in something linked to love or hate of a man! Meladi was one such woman. In the name of love, a six month love at that, she had come to my house to pick a fight! Really? How could she be so dumb though? I don’t understand us women at times. We let our emotions tell us lies and that we can fight anyone and everyone. She was pregnant and had come to pick a fight with me. Maybe she was hoping I would be sympathetic because she was carrying my exes child but she had another thing coming. Maybe this was some kind of a trick, she wanted me to commit a crime or something then report me. That was the only logic. No court will ever look favorably on hitting a pregnant woman. That much I doubt. I immediately picked up my phone and called Mudenda. I doubt very much that Aurelia would have picked up.

“Mudenda, come get your girlfriend she is here at my house!”

I said putting him on speaker so that she could hear whom I was talking to. It could go either way to be honest. She could snap because I called him or she could listen to him.

“No baby don’t come! I want to teach this bitch a lesson! She clearly still has you on speed dial the way she called you so fast”

She said screaming loud enough for him to hear. She really was on a mission today. I am not sure yet what I had done to deserve this but maybe he told her he was here. In the state she was in now was not the time to take out that recording of her man begging for me. That was for later.

“O shit!”

I heard him say. I think he thought I was going to sell him out but everything has a time and place.

“Meladi go home. Come on what are you doing. Things are sorted why are you starting another fight?”

He said pleading with her! What a coward? Why could he not own up to her about what he had done? At times men just know how to hang themselves. Meladi was hearing none of it though. She refused to listen, instead she got hysterical.

“I am not leaving! I want to know why she can’t stay away from you and if she does not tell me I am going to beat it out of her just watch!”

She said removing her earrings, rule number one in a chick fight!

“Mudenda please come take your woman before I do something I regret.”

I said sincerely. I had too many problems to want to deal with this one again and no I was not scared of her!

“And please ask her not to call me bitch!”

I ended. I think that last part irked her because the verbal barrage came!

“You such a bitch! Luring my man to your house what were you trying to achieve! You thought he would come running back to you! He left you because you smell! He told me that! He told me that sex with you is like fucking a bucket! He was scared that if you had a baby then sex with you would be like putting a pencil in that bucket and hoping it would work…”

Mudenda hung up the phone before I could ask him. I held my nerve because if I didn’t I would kill her. I could not believe she had said that but I won’t lie that stung. Was sex with me really that bad? Was this really the reason why he left me? I still had no answers towards that. When I dated Tidimalo he had cheated on me and was this the reason that I gave bad sex.

“So listen bitch stay away from me and my man!”

She shouted. I think she was about to leave as I stood there totally stunned that such a classy girl could say such foul things.

“Say bitch one more time, I dare you!”

I said very calmly. I was seething but self control counts for something. She turned around as she had already reached the door. Stupid girl,

“What you going to do about it bitch!”

She said walking towards then she did the ultimate, she spat at me. Her saliva landed on more head with a splash! I moved so fast towards and I punded her right in the nose making her stumble backwards and fall on her ass. I advanced towards her to go in for the kill and at that moment my sister and her boyfriend Kagiso walked in.

“What’s happening here?”

Judith asked walked in. Her boyfriend quickly jumped on front of me as I headed for the fallen Meladi.

“She is trying to kill me!”

Meladi screamed hiding behind my sister!

“Isn’t this the girl that is dating Mudenda now?”

My sister asked me when she recognized Meladi.

“Yes she is!”

I responded out of breath because of anger!

“What is she doing here?”

She asked me still!

“I don’t know! She showed up unannounced saying she wants to teach me a lesson!”

I told my sister! They also couldn’t believe it. See why I say this girl was mad or brave! My sister asked if this was true and by this stage Meladi was crying out loud! She didn’t respond!

“Go home Meladi before I allow my sister to finish you off. You need to grow up and stop this childishness!”l

She walked out in tears. My sister hs moments I tell you. She turned around to me and started shouting. She told me that the moment that she came I should never have let her in because anything could haave happened. She asked me what woild have happened if Meladi had a gun of which I told her not to be ridiculous. I told her how Mudenda had come here that evening uninvited but sister would hear none of that. She refused to see my side and insisted that I should know better than to hit a pregnant woman. I don’t think I could remember her this angry in a long time. I backed down. She turned to her man and asked him to leave because she was not in a good space anymore. I know hey, bizarre! She went to her room immediately very annoyed. I apologized to him as I walked her out!

Two hours later, there was a knock at my door. It was the police.Had Meladi reported me? What the hell! I should have suspected it though. After reporting Mudenda she was definitely going to do this.

“Is Faith Magongwa here?”

They asked. I was actually so scared. Police are actually scary and you know in America how they help you cross the road, carry your shopping bags if you are old etc. SA police are not that time. It’s as simple as that. Ours are designed to enforce, punish and scare the crap out of you when you are in trouble which only makes sense with the high crime rate we have. The officer who spoke first then continued

“We are also looking for a Judith!”

They said. My sister had just gone to bed so I had to wake her up.

“Do you know someone called Meladi?”

They asked. She said yes but not well. The officer responded to that,

“Well you clearly know her well enough to assault her! You are under arrest the both of you!”

He said calmly as he handcuffed!

I was confused…

Did he say the both of us? Was he mad?

“Beating up a pregnant girl like that whom do you think you are… Kelly Khumalo and her sister?

The other officer laughed!

So now the cops were comedians!

But it wasn’t funny at all!

*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank for your daily posts. I always read till the last comment.

Jackzorro and other infallible DOAZG fans motivated this letter

I am a 22 year old girl. I am HIV + and so is my 27 year old boyfriend of almost 6 years. I am a fourth year student and found out about my status when I was in first year. He was my virgin breaker, A year after that we found out that we were positive. I was angry at my self when this came out mainly at him for infecting me, but counselling made me realise that I was equally responsible for the consequences. I was so dissapointed at my self because my mother died when I was only 12 years old leaving me with an 8 year old brother and drunkard abusive father.Regardless of growing growing up under difficult situations since now my brother and I rellied on extended family..I made it to varsity as the first to reach that age without a child, drinking problem or dropping out of school in the side of my dad’s family. My boyfriend has ALWAYS been the only support system I have since he is the only one who knows of my status.
My point in writing this letter is the pain that comes with infallible ignorant people like Jackzorro whom think that HIV is a punishment for people who open their legs for anything with the biggest dick underneath their pants.
I am not ashamed of my past because its what makes me wake up every day ngi chubeke nge mpilo yam cause I attack each obstacle and challenge with all my might as though it was my last day on earth. And for those abaphila nalo leligciwane..noma ulithole kanjani…its a virus …only in your blood therefore should not hinder your ability to continue making your dreams into reality.
I WILL BE THE FIRST NURSE EKHAYA and *fingers crossed* getting married come December.
Stop living in shame.especially I youth. HIV is not a physical barrier


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  1. Anonymous you go girl…. 🙂 some ppl stil need a lot of teaching shame kuba there are so many ways u can get HIV unfortunaltely some realise that ONLY when it happens to them, didnt think such ppl stil existed kwelixesha siphila kulo its actually sad.

  2. When Faith takes the bait like the fool dat she is.
    Meladi on the ada hand ubophisa konke no Judith lol eeeeh!!

  3. Which bait did Faith took, she was provoked and what was the whore doing at Faith’s home, the judge will have to ask her that if she ever makes it to court. And she should be charged with perjury herself for lying about Judith, stupid girl forgot that Judith has an alibi in her bf Kagiso. This Meladi is a foolish,stupid whore. Mudenda is such an idiot tjo, so what does he still want from the smelling bucket?! This two deserve each other, I hope Faith has something up her sleeve for them, phela Faith ke starring, we don’t want another Mxolisi, we want someone who can take control of the situation concerned. This is a plea to Mike, I would love to see our starring winning. Who the hell does Meladi think she is, she is been with Mudenda for 6 mnths already preganant and she thinks she is queen?! Stupid girl, what if Mudenda pulls the same stunt he pulled on Faith, on her too?! Where will she go too?! Oh I forgot that her dad is a big shot business man.

  4. How can Faith be so foolish to fall into to trap she saw from the beginning? She can be annoying sometimes.. She should have played Meladi that recording.. Thats what i expected not this! Thanx Mike

  5. Faith why are u so stupid? I thought u were going to play that recording to Meladi so that she could see that once a cheat always a cheat, why is she so insecure if u have a bucket hole? Mxm..

  6. ThnkQ Mikey n the team. Anonymous u said it sister basebanengi abafuna ukufundiswa its sad 2 think that basekhona abathi leligciwane lingena ngoba ubeyingwadla no bekayingwadla ayiii

  7. Rozz sana whay bait did Faith take and u call her a fool? U must be confused.Meladi is so annoying but y would be attacked at Faiths home ebefunani aphaya

    U so brave woman POWER.

  8. Anonymous everyone is entitled to his o her opinion including Jackzorro.

    When you sleep with a man or woman without a condom you’re not different from someone who’s taking a gun a shooting themselves on the leg. People should stop looking for sympathy and start taking responsibility for their actions.

  9. Anonymous Wow touched by ur courage & bravery sister,Wish more youth can have ur mentality,All the best with ur bright future regardless of the Virus,Lots of Love

  10. Good morning good people. Happy Monday Mikey, lerato la dipelo tsa rona. Re go rata lerato la love wa utlwa?!

    Meladi ena ke psycho e serious. Nothing irritates me more than an insecure woman. Yho! She needs to get a life bathong a tlogele Faith le bucket ya gae. Maybe Mudenda o na le toothpick that’s why a re Faith o na le bucket. Sometimes we should check ourselves before we judge others.Just saying!

    Yho bathong! It’s a new day, new week, new everything. Can we get over the Jackzorro comment already. He is entitled to his own opinion, whether we like it or not. I am so over it. It is so last Friday, c’mon people.

    @Dahlia, happy birthday boo. Hope you get spoiled and you should share some “cake” with us. 😉 😉

    @Bhejane, How are you this lovely morning?

    @Anon, big ups to you lovie. You are such a brave young soul. I hope your story touches a lot of hearts, and those who are suicidal today, because they found out that they are HIV+ can actually see that it is not the end of the world. It’s true people need to be educated about this. The way you choose to live your life is up to you and only you will deal with the consequences thereof. It is just unfortunate that a lot of people who are infected today they got it from people they trusted like their husbands/wives, relatives who raped them and so forth.

    A very good and fruitful week to all the bloggers. Lovies!!!

  11. Faith come on… Maledi like really now?

    Anonymouse_Thank you for your courage. the world needs more people like you…..

    Happy Graduation Girl… and have a blessed wedding indeed. That Man must know he has a diamond in his hands…

  12. I totally agree with you KAYVEE, can we get over the JACKZORRO comment already, it’s time to move on bakwethu.

  13. Was feeling rather annoyed at what Meladi just did but to Q&A girl you just brightened up my day and I agree with you on the ignorant people we have here. Jackzorro you’re good with your words yes, and uyabachaza obachazayo but your critisism can be very unnecessary at times.

  14. Thanks you mike nice read .

    well said Dear. I like the fact that you high lite that not everyone has gone from one partner to the next seeking this virus. Its so appalling to here that a well behaved person who respects life and their body in these days, end up with this virus of HIv/Aids All in the name of partners. It is true , Jackzorro is “INSENSETIVE”. He seems not the kind of a guy who scrutinise peoples problem first before giving his own opinion.

    With this virus issue , people should halt feeling self pity and be inspired by people like you Anonymous .people! am not an expert but from my perspective HIV/Aids is a manageable disease .It olny needs people to be conscious of it and live life to the fullest .

  15. good start of the week…..Meladi bathong……I would have actually assaulted her on a serious note

    QnA I saw his comment last time and I found it offensive but I also respected that he is entitled to his opinion ….but I understand where you coming from…..

  16. Thanx bra Mike….

    weMudenda buthata ba gago keng bathing??… Faith I still trust your sense of humour nana

    @Kayvee lol “Mudenda a tlogele Faith le bucket la gae” lol killa one!!!

    @Anonymous ibambe apho ke sana.. you will live longer
    Acceptance is the key to go

  17. Nice on Mike
    Big ups to Q&A, stay strong.
    Why is this now about Jackzorro, He has always been raw and uncut with his opinions. which has always been cool.
    He probably hit a nerve. That’s all.

  18. I agree with u Xolile jackzorro’s critisism can be really unnecessary at times, and people are standing up for him coz they like him

  19. Aow… So Mike mentions some people on his blog and suddenly they think their opinions matter the most apha Ku comments. People stop shielding Jackzoro. He was an ass and he deserves all this flack he is getting. Being entitled to ur opinion has never given u the right to hurt others feelings. If nizoqhubeka nivune umuntu ebheda then people will stop sending their problems to Mike because they have a fear of being judged and being called izifebe. So no, we are not getting over it just yet. Sengishilo…

    1. I agree with you nontokozo jackzorro mst cum back to earth he is no celebrity hle bathong who died and made him judge judy he must learn to respect other ppl nje qha or else athule

  20. happy birthday to the birthday girl! Money and good health should wear you in Jesus’s name! as for last week comment being discussed le this week, can it just die already. Anon salute bby, acceptance of things u cant change has always been the best remedy!…as for Meladi! the less I say ka yena the better!!!

  21. People need to understand something here, we are not shielding Jackzorro. I am one of the people who said he was too harsh on the poor girl but he is also entitled to his opinion. Some of you are saying he is a celebrity on this blog. Well, good for him. He wouldn’t be a celebrity if he didn’t have followers right! If Mike thought Jackzorro is a pain in the arse then he would actually block him from posting here. We all need to learn that just because some people see the sky as blue then everyone will agree that it’s blue. Some will say it’s lilac and that is how they see it. The comment was made on Friday and yes, he was grilled. It’s been three days already for f**k’s sake. Can we, AS ADULTS, just move on already and don’t turn this into the “JACKZORRO MARATHON”. Interesting that people have a problem with him being a celebrity here when the very same people are actually the ones putting him on that pedastal. Really now, c’mon people.

    @mamaTT, we should get together some time for juice or maybe a glass of wine

    1. NOOO Kayve. Jack deserves the grilling! This guy is plain rude and thinks he is the next best thing after Jesus Christ. Well he is not. He is a nobody in fact. Jack needs to know his place and learn to respect other people. He deserves all the insults until he apologises for being so callous. His comments were derogatory and insensitive!

      1. Bona ausi, if you can’t move on from this, don’t make it my problem. I refuse to be dragged to your level of stupidity and idiocy. If you are waiting for an apology then shame on you, you have a long wait ahead of yourself. Pull yourself towards yourself and take a chill pill. My life doesn’t revolve around Jackzorro’s or your’s for that matter. A grown up, matured adult would just brush this off and move on but clearly wena o sa le ngwana hence the comments about him being a “xhosa” whatever. Talk about being a hypocrite. GOSH!!!!! You know why I don’t entertain BS? I have been called all names in the book of B*tches but I do not care and it doesn’t move me a bit because I am not living a promiscuous life. If I was doing that then it would hurt because the truth hurts. To you and all the hypocrites like you, you know what really attracted me to Jackzorro in the first place? The fact that he dishes it out raw and is brutally honest. HIV+ people go around claiming they want to be treated no differently from “normal” people but when we do that everyone cries disrespect. Mxm!! Go swim in the nearest pothole mann. We are not here to spare each other’s feelings but to give honest truths. I have come to embrace the word sefebe because that title has been given to every woman walking this earth. It is not who you are being called that makes you who you are but how you react towards that. When you reach that stage of maturity, write to be and let me know how you feel then about this topic.

        1. Stooping to my level? Wow… But your comment below just shows what a ghetto tramp you are but I refuse to entertain you. You ain’t worth it and a nobody just like Jack. I aint here for you and kesatloba mo whether you like it or not. so Go jump of the nearest bridge for all I care!

  22. Just because a person has hiv doesn’t give us a right to judge doesn’t necessarily mean that u Sfebe coz u living with the long as u having unprotected sex married or not we all at risk coz we don’t know wht our partners get up 2.anonymous stay strong girl

  23. Comrades, this matter is long overdue ka Jackzorro, probably people were waiting for his apology, but you cannot force him to do that because as many have said, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

    Let us move on……

  24. Thanks Mikeesto, today’s letter is very interesting. I posted a reply to the onslaught that came with my comment on friday. The statement is repeated below.

    DOAZG Family. I have taken insults, compliments, threats and all other stuff you can associate with being human. When I started reading this blog, catching up to all the previous chapters when I disappeared,my ressurection, all of that, I have never changed.

    Some of you will know me from way back, some of ya’ll are recent, therefore you only know the ‘good times’. Whether or not you’ve followed this blog from day one, it has been quite evident that I, Jackzorro write what I like, what I feel, what I know. Careful consideration is given to every feedback I give to writers, each response is screened to ensure that it is within the standard that I live by: Telling the truth, nomatter what, without fear or favour. A degree of respect is inevitably practised to ensure political correctness.

    I may have a following for comments that I give that fellow bloggers sometimes admire, but do not be fooled by that and think it clouds my better judgement, and ofcourse my will to give honest feedback, in its most brutal form where necessary. To say ‘fame’ influences my comments shows lack of understanding for the cause.

    Let me remind you fellow bloggers, love or hate me, I do what I do and I do it best, precisely because the comments I give come from me, within, my experiences, my knowledge and my expertise. I’ve helped others, I’ve been helped by others also. If you do not agree with my comment, it doesn’t mean that it must affect you in anyway. Its not a set standard that Jackzorro’s comments must be the key to each letter, not at all actually. Sometimes I get it wrong, sometimes I get it right, the onnus is on the writer to accept whatever advice WE give, not I give alone and yours discarded. Setting expectations for Jackzorro is why ya’ll are so disappointed for Jackzorro being Jackzorro. Hell, back then I wouldve responded to every critic with a counter attack, but I’m not that anymore.

    You want to read the truth, check my comment, if you don’t then move right down the list to other bloggers who give equally constructive advise if not even better. I remain the same, if I told someone about their mischievous ways, why should I not when the other does the same but with HIV? Without fear or favour.

    I normally apologise when needed, I can’t apologise for being me, then my identity will be lost.


    1. Jackzarro are you sure you are not Makisto from TVSA or VusiK also from TVSA…. damn I love your writing, I love the way you express yourself but most importantly I love the fact that you do not buy face!!!

    2. that comment was not properly planned out as you claim. the issue is that this a virus that affects too many people and your comment was rude and ignorant. before taking pride in writing what you like consider how it affects others especially the ones that call you out specifically to give them advise. people seem to value your opinion and you know this. so why you would show such a large degree of insensitivity and ignorance is beyond me.

  25. why do people want to have their egos stroked? Jakzozo may have been harsh but why do you care.akasiye owakini, if u wanna take his advise do so, of not don’t. thats what the previous lady did, hlezi kuthiwa “get tested and know ur status” ,”condomise” but she chose to ignore that. kusemhlabeni la akho muntu ozogcobana nani ngamafutha ay suka.

  26. You know what the problem is here:: people had turned Jackzorro into a saint or the centre of all intelligence. he is only human like the rest of us and id bound to make mistakes. So lets get over his comment. I like Jckzorro,in fact iam a fan, so lets not crucify him over one mistake he has done okay

  27. Ah but this is simple- Yes this was a set-up and Faith fell for it but this is pure self-defence. Meladi has threatened both Faith and her son before and even said she wishes Amo could die. Now Meladi shows up at her place hurling insults and continuing with her threats. What if this crazy chick hurt her son. Nah fam, pregnant or not, you cannot come into MY house with threats and expect me not to defend myself and my son. That cant fly.

  28. Anonymous you are entitled to your opinion as every body else.

    I have to agree with Jackzorro on his previous comment about HIV. In this day and age if you there’s that still feels that there is nothing wrong with having unprotected sex with someone that you are not sure of their status, then i don’t know whether its stupidity or just a need for sympathy in the wrong place.

    Anonymous campaigning for sympathy on something that you went out to get is jus pathetic.

  29. Tjoooo I knew Meladi was gonna play the victim card, when she is the one who started this…..

    QnA…as much as HIV is still has a stigma but nobody is guaranteed a long life even if u negative, any HIV- person can die in an accident or some other incurable sickness and u can live longer with ur HIV+ status….

    u will have a great wedding indeed……and u one of the lucky ones who still has her man next to her even after u knew ur status….

  30. Thanx mike for a good read.

    Annon that was very brave of u and I like the fact that u r optimistic about life and u excepted u status, I am wishing u a bright future ahead.

    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion so let’s respect Jackzorro’s comment except for the word (isifebe).
    We leave in the Era where this deases have claimed lives of many, those who r not infeceted are affected so fellow bloggers let’s take the responsibility and take the neccesary precautions.

  31. QnA
    anonymous…. Uthandwa yimina sisi.
    Yaz lamaletter akuve esiza as some people dont have the guts to write them but most of us end up being helped by comments. Kodwa lately usungathi writing a letter to Mike myt just be discouraging as some of the comments are way way out of line. I think we write this letters to be helped but lately judgement is what we get. I personally no longer feel safe writing a letter anymore, i just hope m the only one who feels like that.

    Mike, thank you for your blog, a lot has been learned by me. Thankx and keep up the good work.

  32. Polly we are not crucifying anyone here, let truth be told, if a person is out of line, he/she must be told finish and klaar, without fear or favour. The least that Jackzorro, could have done, after the bombshell that he threw at a desperate woman who needed help, was to keep quite and not to justify the wrong he has done.

    You know it is always a problem whereby a person is always liked and glorified, even if he/she has done something wrong, most people would be scared to call him/her to order scared of the bombastic words that would come after that as a means of justification. Some of us are not scared to call a spade, a spade. What is it to justify there because you are out of order.

  33. Wish there’s like button here. Lol m also a fan of jackzorro. His comments are alwayz on point. That’s da reason y I like him so much he tells da ugly truth of which most of us don’t wana hear. I blve da fridae issue was based on saying “wat makes da letter writer to stop using condom wit her current ex or bf” bcoz she has been careful wat she did was stupid bcoz she knew da concequences of sleeping witout a condom. And 4 2day’s letter I blve accepting yo status is da important and da 1st step of living longer positivy but if u encouraging ppl to accept their status don’t drag fridae’s issue its def not da same as yoz. I thank you.

  34. @Maka Siseko I completely agree with u I thought I was one of the few that noticed that Friday and todays letters r different.

  35. yah neh its true jackzoro is insensitive, the best thing is jst to ignore him coz he loves it when we talk abt him. so lets focus on wat we here for… anyway this is not his blog aker– hope he’s life is perfect and he wont make any mistakes

  36. I agree with you Nontokozo, no we will not be getting over it already! I think we need to recognize that this issue is not about a personal attack on Jackzorro..I would have been just as annoyed if someone else had said it. This is an issue about a manageable but potentially life threatening illness which has destroyed families, robbed children of parents the list is endless..WHY? Because of STIGMA & DISCRIMINATION. As society we are still terrified of being labeled Hiv positive because of the judgment and discrimination that goes hand in hand with it. It’s a disease we want to manage behind closed doors..I am a pharmacist by profession, I deal with Hiv patients everyday, my own parents are Hiv positive. My very own father who is a medical Dr nearly succumbed to the disease..he was in denial till his Cd4 was 5! (Cd4 of 5 let that sink in; normal Cd4 is 500 and above) he is still with us today by the grace of God. Another example is a patient I dealt with who was positive and pregnant but refused for dr’s and nurses to disclose her status to her husband. Yet another scenario is a 16year old who was born with the illness but because his mother completely refused to discuss with him why he was on ARV’s and along with the discrimination from school he committed suicide. All in all what I’m trying to say is we cannot afford to be callous and wreckless with comments that continue to drive this Stigma that Hiv positive people can be called promiscuous and all kinds of names hence everyone hiding with their condition whilst it spreads. EVERYONE is having sex we are all vulnerable, let’s prevent its spread but recognize the impact of how we treat those that have it. We have to win this fight if not for our generation then for future generations. To the two ladies that wrote the letters you are both brave women keep fighting never give up. The pen is mightier than the sword, be responsible.

    1. And people must be aware that as long as you are sexually active you are vulnerable. The condom may burst due to malfunction or rough sex, foreplay and other forms of intimacy may also put one at risk. There are also other ways though at a low percentage that one may be infected as one may be unfortunate to be one out of a thousand (or whatever probability may be assigned) chances that an infection may occur. You may trust your partner but the ultimate responsibility of your life rests with you.

      We therefore need to take care of ourselves and we need to know more as each one of us affected one way or the other. One needs to be knowledgeable to be able to support the next person who could be a friend or a relative.

      I commend those who have been able to overcome and live positive lives as has been said it is no longer amongst the top five killer diseases.

  37. hai u jackzorro usile maan yeses mike must install a button to block him im sick n tired of his cruel comments

  38. Ja neh. I notice that ppl wait for Jackzorro to comment first an then follow his lead… Then that’s were we loose focus. An ppl make fun of the writers. Sad indeed but ke,

  39. @ JackZorro: No one is asking you to apologise; just to show a bit of empathy when necessary. Getting off your high horse once in a while will not hurt.

    It’s a bit of a shame that we sometimes let fame get to our heads… what a shame

  40. @Miss T you are so right I hope our fellow bloggers and Mr Jackzorro read your comment with an open mind and understanding hle bathong . I thank you

  41. Friday I didn’t read the comments, so I had to go back and check what this hype is about. When you write a letter here you open yourself to all sorts of comments, we all know Jackzorro speaks his mind and with Friday’s letter he did what he does best. I didn’t see a part where he says or suggests that all people who open their legs are HIV positve. He just spoke to the facts of the letter as presented.

  42. Some ppl don’t get that Jackzorro is just being the dick that he is maybe the poor boy had a rough childhood that’s why he is so angry and insensitive,as for KellieR “I agree with Jeckzorro”shit don’t u have yo own brain to think and stop agreeing with foolish people infact whn last did u get tested for HIV?go get tested before agreeing & drag Jackzorro with u

  43. Oh Faith, the witch was out to get you. Can Mudenda dump this chick already,she makes me wanna to speak in tongues.
    Thanks Mike.
    As for Jackzorro, I really don’t get this. Did Jackzorro claim to be a celeb or we gave him that “title” and now we complaining. Get over it or just don’t read his comments. Truth hurts and too bad Jackzorro doesn’t sugar coat anything and that’s a crime here. People have been insulated in the past but I don’t remember kukhona okhala ngalokho.

  44. As much as we are entitled to our opinions lets try and stop calling each other names… Lets move on Jackzorro’s comment is Friday’s news

  45. Thanks for the great work Mike 🙂 I normally do not post comments on the blog but in this case I feel that Jackzorro is taking flak and being asked to apologise for having an opinion. Part of discrimination is shielding people and making them feel like they are less human or deserve more sympathy than the next person, which maybe they do? But when you feel sorry for someone with a condition, any condition that makes them different to you, you are in fact discriminating too because you are highlighting how they are different to you. So both the person who points a finger and says sfebe and the one who says sorry are both segregating the person with the condition and discriminating. That said, the lady on Friday slept with a man without a condom (for whatever reason) after sleeping with a string of men with condoms…naturally in any scenario, if you knew her personally, or she lived down your street and you got to witness her ‘many men’ ways, you would call her promiscuous – to use a politically correct word. Now anon. got the virus but under totally different circumstances – if you knew anon personally and she lived down your street, you probably wouldn’t call her names. We go with what’s written – these two stories are different. The HIV virus, like cancer and any other such illness with no cure, is devastating to have and devastating to watch someone else suffer from if untreated – that’s a different story. If people write to the blog for pity parties and applause and praise, ok, let’s say what makes them happy, but if they write for truth, albeit having changed their ways or feeling remorse for their actions, let’s say things as they are to prompt change in their lives. Let’s not all sing the sorry song! We all need someone who will be honest once in a while. Are you sure that your pity helped the lady who wrote in on Friday in any way? How do you know that Jackzorro’s comment was not an eye opener to her? For the advise on this blog to remain relevant, we must all be honest. Those who write in must be willing to get an honest opinion.

  46. Miss T you hit right on the head. I know of neighbours who have the virus and I know of relatives who have the virus aswel. If you’re not infected then you are affected by it… But to have people say such hurtful words is beyond me. Yeah we talk about freedom of speech but should that come with derragotory(sp) words, I highly doubt. Now we acknoledge what was said and majority was in disagreement but let’s move past it yall.

    The previous lady and the current one who sent in their letters received tons of love and support from most of us and that’s what really matters <3

  47. Anon awuyeke uJackz maan. Uma ungazwanga ipoint yakhe yekasisi. Ithi ngikubekele. Uma ulala nomuntu ngaphandle kwecd zimbili izinto okumele uzilindele: 1.Ingane 2.ukugula
    Angeke ulindele ukuthandwa kakhulu ngoba naku wena awusebenzisanga ijazi. He he he uzogodola mawuhamba enorth pole ngomzimba uthi uyacharma.

  48. Oooh my,wht about faith’s baby?A2Q some ppl are regreting voting EFF coz Malema is so annoying so as peaple who praise Jackzoro even noma esangana.

    Plz ask for his pic so ezothula kancane n get off his high horse n run on ponies with his chomies

  49. Miss T tnks on
    Using a condom dsnt guarantee u hiv risk myt break then wat.
    Ppl like bo jakzoorroo se nonsense just dnt understand that being hiv+ dsnt mean u gt it by sleeping around.I myt b faithfull wot one partner n the very same partners decides to sleep around n infect me.
    Wen u start to comment think first n hv yo facts ryt coz clearly your kneledge is so limited hence the bombastic works to compensate for the tiny brain u hv!!!!!!!

  50. Ag! tswang mo Jackzorro, he still remains irrelevant After that long comment trying to justify himself.

  51. at annonymous, i just love your courage sisi, keep it up and always know that life is 90% of who you are and 10% of how you respond to it. you’ve got a very bright future ahead of you, let it shine.

  52. I normally just keep my comments to myself but today I just couldn’t help it.
    Anonymous sissy big up to you for accepting and dealing with your status. I admire that you realise its just a tenant in your blood and life still continues.
    The people getting emotional and enraged over Friday’s comment by Jackzorro are in my opinion hypocritical. When Jackzorro calls the woman/man writing letters and asking for advice iy’febe for sleeping around you applause him but now that he called a woman that slept around and contracted HIV is’febe he’s the devils advocate?.
    Yes that lady acknowledged that what she did was wrong but the mere fact that she sees what she did as wrong means she knew she was wrong for doing it. Vele sleeping around results has consequences

  53. kwaaaaaaa aniyekezi uJackzooo okokuqala you all wait upon his comment yes hes a celebrity and guess who made him all of us yes if you have sex without a condom chances r you will get HIV that cant be sugar coated AIDS is there and if you dnt wear protection you might get it thats y its important to get tested if you start a new relationship get tested togather before nilale and again in 3 months

  54. y’all are so obsessed with Jackzorro. lets face it, he’s very good with his words and his writing skills are on point.
    get over yourselves and admit that he is damn good.
    he writes what he feels, just deal with it.

    I love me some Jackzinto. he writes sense. not lombhedo enihlezi nivumelana ngawo! mxm

  55. Eish this Meladi chick is so annoying nxa. Faith u saw this coming u should have acted sane.. Lv u thou #babby_mama_POWER

  56. Guys be patient with Mike.
    There was a post today (24/3/15) after 9am (then disappeared before 10am) but it was riddled with too many errors, I think Mike decided to pull it and rewrite it.
    I was about to complain (actually I had written it) that there is too many gaps today to follow the story. So lets wait for him to refine the story and he will deliver as he usually do.

    I liked the revenge of Meladi, giving Faith her dose of medicine. All out war, spare no punches! Now, who will be left with the baby and who will Mudenda side with as she witnessed the drama on the phone.

    Your story says there is a need for forums dealing with HIV and are anonymous as they had in Health24 as there is many of us affected and infected. These forums provide a platform to discuss any challenges/victories you have as a HIV+ person or someone caring for one.
    Who can disagree that your story and those of few who posted on Friday are very much motivating on surviving with the virus. The more stories you hear and coping methods you learn a lot.


  57. Can we pls just get over this issue. The guy is plain out huge headed. Mike!!! Pls!!!! Today’s fix pls!! The addiction is killing me. Kare ebile ke feditse 2 packets tsa di sweets. Been checking this since this morning!! Ke tlabe ka wa ka pelo

  58. QNA: i gues it was hate jackzorro’s day.waitsi its amazing how people can turn their back on you in just a blink of an eye,i dont normally comment bt i do read comments,im not a fan of jackzorro’s ,i do read each and every comment, all the time when someone ask for advice people would be “il wait for jackzorro to comment”some will always say “i agree wit jackzorro…”nw that yesterday someone was against Jack all of a sudden everyone doesnt like Jack he is rude bla bla bla,kante what happend to people that have backbones,some people are two-faced,Jack this people aint loyal.

    futhermore Jack always speaks what is on his mind,if he dsnt want to be sympathetic its his choice,kante some of you do you write letters to hear our honest opinion or do you want our sympathy,le lena yall should be clear from the start of your letter that i am looking for sympathy,i want some people,i want advice,i want honest advice.

    so now get over yourself not everyone will be by your side,tlogelang Jack hope from now on people will start to think for themselves,as for wena Jack continue with your comment sympathy or not.

  59. Aw bhut mike waze wasenza kabuhlungu today been checking the whole day at work kept dodging going to the toilet even lied n said i have a running stomach bt still nothing from you aw please bhut mike hw am i gonna sleep without my Woonga hle

  60. Lmao peeps are really addicted. Jackzorro my man the people complaining don’t pay your bills, unlike like the QnA you didn’t ask for their opinion so let them think they grilling you, they just warming you up for the next round. #stay real #Jackzorro


  61. The reason singatholi post 2dae is bcoz u guyz r busy grilling jackzorro 4 no reason ngabe ni focus on 2dae’s letter n 4get abt fridae. N I thnk if jackzorro has been offended any1 m sho Mr Mike would hav said sumthing or warned jackzorro abt all of his comments not just fridae 1.

  62. @mama Ka Sisekelo, u Mike ubhali chapters zakhe. I doubt that he has got time to call Jackzoro in to order, let alone block him. He’s an adult at the end of the day, he doesn’t have to be blocked. Let’s learn to respect and love one another folks, it doesn’t have to come to this extent.

    @anonymous thanx a lot 4 your letter. Its a motivation to everybody (infected and affected) to accept the virus and to educate each other to stop associating HIV with that stigma and to stop labelling and judging the victims.

    @Mike I have learnt a lot from DOAZG(the blog, letters/comments). Thanx a million times. Keep up the good work.

  63. At Bida, wen ppl write in, trust me, they have a full analysis of the situation at hand. Chance I don’t think they want to be shunt or scrutinized, one can’t be adding problems to solve a situations. All the y ask is, what should I do now that…
    Yes u can give hush n honest advice not hush judgements. Its not our place in any case….

    Moving right along, can we all make peace n make love…. Lol
    Mike, if we don’t get the chapters now we on you…

  64. Tja ne , i wish i hv read Jackzoro opinion , but life goes on anonymous, They discriminate us,
    Judge us ,but it does not mean we need their sympathy. Life goes on , do not worry abt what people think or say abt you because they don’t know who you are.

  65. I rly wish I had read Jackzorros comment on fday to figure out what the hype is all abt.. But from what I could gather from the emotionally intelligent bunch Jackzorro was not being mean, disrespectful n out of line but true to himself and answering as per content of the letter n not generalizing! But then haters will always hate… Jackzorro not everyone will love u n that’s ok too… Ppl will always have opinions abt others whether good or bad n u know what its ok too… Its called LIFE. Farrah u were so on point… It all goes back to emotional intelligence…

  66. Oh yea went back to Fridays post cos I was that curious!n yes comment was sharp but true Jackzorro style.. Did any1 catch the comment from coco?? Yea I know m sure half of yall jumped it… It must b the name ‘Jackzorro’ tsk, tsk, tsk..

  67. Shall W say Anony vs Jckzor, “out-of-line” or “in-line” out-of-order” “in-order” WR all entitled 2our opinions, wrong or right they might b. Criticizing or judgmental might b yo view & UR also entitled 2 that I. D onus is on an intelligent mind2 pick d gud advise & use it. I “personally” miss d part where Annoy says “I regret trusting my bf” Aftr holding herself 4solong I wud hv thot she wud b mo cautious. Msg 2all youth is never trust2 much. U wana do it 1st tym wth ANY new partner/bf without CONDOM then CHECK/TEST 1st. Stay SAFE. PapaG

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