Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Six

I am one of those people that believe that never go back to an ex. I don’t know where I get that from but I guess once beaten twice shy. It’s funny how many girls will tell you the same thing yet for some reason they are still sleeping with an ex or have done that. If you do it they will call you dumb and a sucker for punishment but if they do it it’s like they are allowed to make mistakes. Mistake being the operative word though as it not considered a good thing. Tidimalo as a boyfriend sucked. He cheated once or twice, drank a lot and partied too much. When we broke up he did not even fight for me but in all honesty would have said no because I was with Mudenda already. How then had he changed so much in that time to become this perfect gentleman. His transformation was therefore nothing short of miraculous. When we dated he was young and so was I so I was not even sure at this stage if I should hold the grudge. He was so good with Amo and I cannot say he had disappointed me yet. Maybe he found mothers sexy because honestly at this stage in my life I felt fat and ugly. After you give birth it takes you a while to feel attractive let alone be ready to date especially after the way I was dumped. Eish there is that word. Most girls pride themselves about never having been dumped in their lives. They do the dumping but with life things change. Tidimalo was probably just trying to protect me from this guy so I probably should not see much into it. I stood up to think. With me for some reason I feel like when I am lying down I can’t think properly. It scrambles my brain like that signal jammer in parliament. Did I really want him as my boyfriend though? So far he had not even made a romantic move towards me. He had actually become more like my gay best friend! What if he had friendzoned me? That made sense! Explained a lot!

I needed to drink water at that thought. It’s not a nice thing to be friendzoned! That’s a matter of being so close and yet so far. I entered the living room but I don’t think my sister heard me as I did. She was on the phone and I can only assume it was with that guy. Crap I can’t even remember his name. It was not my fault though because my sister never kept these guys for long. She changed boyfriends like they were nappies so why bother remembering it. I was not paying attention to her conversation until she said to him,

“I want to get pregnant. I love babies so much and I don’t want to wait longer than necessary!”

She said. I don’t know what he said on the other side but I believe it was job related. She responded,

“Don’t worry about it, my mother will take care of the baby financially like she does with my sisters baby. It will all work out!”

I was stunned. I knew my sister competed with me and she was a bit stupid but this took the cake.Having babies is not a competition ladies!

I decided not to disturb and just walked past to pick up Amo. He was always hungry at night for some reason. Someone told me that intelligent healthy kids are those that breastfeed the longest but eish, this breastfeeding business I was not a fan of. I got an sms from Aurelia saying that she had given whoever my CV and tomorrow I should expect an answer! In her world things worked that fast. I know so many girls who have been looking for jobs, some for years even but there is no greater CV in this corrupt world than sex. Aurelia had just proven that. I know I should feel guilty about but getting a job is more important to me right now when I have a baby than moral values that will never pay my bills. Eish, the thought of what I had just thought made my stomach turn. Oh well, it’s not me that had slept with him. I went to bed with a clear conscience.

In the morning around 10am I got a call saying I should come in for an interview and since Aurelia had told him I was in North Riding and their company was in Randburg I should come in today. Just like that. I told my mother was not going to work and she was excited. She asked me when I had applied and I said had done this yesterday!

“I don’t want sugardaddies in my house!”

She said casually. She did not even snap. See, everyone knows how it works but obviously we never actually say it. Think about all those girls you know whom are less academically qualified than you yet by some miracle they earn twice as you! It’s not because God loves them more than you so stop going to church and hoping for a miracle. I assured her that I had not even met the owner of the company but rather a friend had taken my CV. I lied and said they were looking for a PA so for now I would take it if I got it. She did not agree though.

“You have such a strong degree why on earth would you want to be a secretary!”

She asked me. I could feel her temper rising,

“I paid so much for University of Pretoria and you think I will smile at you being a secretary? Really Faith! Mxm!”

She left and went to her bedroom. Eish, I had to go. I was not about to nurse egos. I went to my sister and told her what had happened. At least she was not making babies yet. She agreed to take me there but had to ask my mother to take care of Amo. I left that to her as I went to bath. It was so awkward though.

When I came out of the bath I had an sms on my phone. It was from Mudenda.

“May I please see you today. It’s very important.”

It read.

I think he had gotten the maintenance papers. That’s the only thing that made sense. I sat down to lotion myself. Today I could not take time though I was a bit late for this interview. When I was putting on my bra another sms came in, Mudenda again…

“Seeing you again the last couple of days made me realize what a fool I was. I still love you and I know I fucked up royally!”

That took me by surprise as I sat down on the bed, bra still in hand.

***** The End*****

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Dear Mike and the DOAZG family

Hope this letter finds you well. I am 26 years old woman dating 2 guys let’s call them THOBS and THUTHS. I love Thobs so much but he lacks skills in the bedroom which pushed me to finding him a helper who does what he can’t do and that’s Thuths.He (thuths) is so amazing, skilled he knows how to eat my cake, I cum on every round we have. Whenever I am with Thobs I imagine myself with Thuths hoping that maybe I could cum with him eating the cake n Thuths on my mind. We only do one round and he sleeps through out the night sometimes I don’t even get the MORNING GLORY. I now come up with excuses when he asks me to visit him. How can I talk to Thobs to improve his game without hurting his feelings and coming across as a miss know it all?
Thank u in advance.

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  1. eish yabona nje!!! she must go to the interview and not be distructed like TF is this guy doing?!!

    Q&A You can not have you bread buttered both sides sweetie pick a struggle

  2. Thanks Mike tho twas short. .wondering wats Mudenda playing @… QnA… sisi stop cheating.. its not fair on ur two lovers. If thobs dusnt satisfy u den let him go n go to ur thuts cz u’r clearly ol about sex… men dont nid helpers”’as in oda men to assist dem in bed.. but nid helpers a.k.a wives. Stop ur beeshey ways n b loyal to either guy u choose. U cant have both!

  3. Mudenda knows faith weakness n his trying to use it to his advantage…. Don’t be fooled faith pls use your head instead of your heart

  4. Haai Mudenda!! Faith forget about this boy and go get yourself that job.
    QnA…Haowa anonymous. Maybe if you stop your whoring ways then you would be able to appreciate a good man. With you it’s all about sex and maybe it’s better you leave Thobs so he can find someone who really loves him rather than want to make him a sex slave. Let me shut my mouth and let Jackzorro dish it up wisely for you. Jackzorro, I am still waiting for an answer. Will you marry me?

    1. Kayvee though lol 🙂 is that a proposal or do you want me to propose? Does that answer your question?! *winks*

  5. Faith dnt b fooled by dat mudenda guy yho he doesnt luv u gee he only wants 2 use u 2 get wat he wants QnA eish i feel u my sista kubi impela no M.G phela dats da cherry on top ayi me personally i wud tlk 2 hm n tel hm dat kuyashoda embhedeni n wudnt beat around da bush

  6. Thanks Mikeesto,daily dose.

    Truth is, you are ‘miss know it all’ and you pretending not to be is selfishly mischievous and you are deceiving poor Thobs. Its 2015, women do things to men that are unimaginable, that good girl act is out the window, we know what you capable of. So be yourself dammit and tell him how you want it. Tell him that stekie round nyana that he gives aint fulfilling. Infact next time you there, hire some xrated movies and tell him to bang you like they do in the movie coz that’s what you want, you wanna be banged like the ***** that you are…get it!!

    As far as Thubs go… If your communication skills were as good as your longing for sexual satisfaction is, maybe you wouldn’t be having two partners. So who the alien are you fooling by claiming you love Thobs? And yet you sit there while with him, fantasising about another man, a gawd-damn sidekick. A relationship with a kak sex dilemma is heading to the rocks, figure out what you really want, who you really want, but please do that with your brain and not your public entity between your legs.


  7. Dear Anonymous

    Nothing disturbs me like a cheating person and worse that person tries to justify those selfish actions.

    there are two guys here who I believe they love you and you are tossing with their emotions like is nothing. if there issue is sexual satisfaction, you could have had civil talk with you guy and told him how you like and how he must do you but you are selfish and run to the next available guy who could service you better.

    And as women we are quick to label men as “dogs”‘, tell me how must we label you?

  8. QnA there is nothing worse on this planet then a grown man who cant hit it right. Why you have to baby him through it is beyond me. Every woman deserves to be satisfied. That loser deserves to get dumped.

  9. Thanx Mikey Faith this guy is playing with your mind ungamlaleli he did it once n he’ll do it again… QnA cc u can’t kill 2 birds with 1 stone wht if they found out u cheating.

  10. Mike please do not write it,dont say Faith will forgive Mudenda. Please. OR is it because Meladi’s father refused to let her girl marry that looser?

  11. Confused: where between slapping the living daylights out of faith n calling her a b@#ch n all other insults did he realise his love/&mistake?
    Where between proposing to her bff n impregnating her did this sudden realisation come? n cheating with d other friend?

    one has to b very sober when dealing with a man like this.

    QnA the day u become truthful to yourself is the day u will get answers. Here’s my version of the truth:
    You don’t love Thobs as much as u say u do.
    Cheating is just an excuse.
    You are not looking for a relationship,because there’s more to relationships than just sex.
    As for Truths, does he know he’s ur side dish?
    If u are already fantasising abt him it’s too late to talk to Thobs, it won’t stop.
    I say stop looking for a f##k buddy n calling it a relationship.
    If it’s sex u want keep it that way if it’s a relationship u want maintain it.
    We always complain abt men as women bt we screw them over ourselves.
    The day u r honest with yourself you’ll know what to do.

  12. DON’T FALL FOR IT FAITH…….its a TRAP…..son of the DEVIL is using you, so that he can get his thesis back den dump you again like a toilet paper used to wipe ass#mxm what a phatetic loser, i hate mudenda with a passion

  13. Dankie Mike…

    Hi Jackzorro…sicela uphendule omnye umtwana and please sithumele ifoto yakho… we want to see!!

    I nominate myself to be the flower girl/best man..hehehehe

    1. Q&A wena nje u need Grey…ngempela coz u sound like all 50 shades of Kinky F***ery

      Awu bantu uThobs weNkosi u-sure ukuthi uyayenza into kanti wena busy thinking about Thuts.

      Speak to the Thobs and ask him not to hold back, let him know how you want to be touched and where. Like Jackzorro said, Ladies these days know what they want and are capable.

  14. Guys, Jackzorro is playing hard to get. Maybe he wants me to be like “anonymous” here and go be with Mike and have him on the side. Mina I want you Jackzorro, whether I propose or you propose, it’s not an issue. I am making my mark like you advised anonymous. And you can keep your mrengerenge. I just want that mental stimulation baba 🙂

  15. Thanks Mike. Faith sna out of it, Mudenda isnot worth your thoughts let alone getting late for an interview for.
    QnA I take it you’ve been banged for a while by this two guys and suddenly u growing a conscience its sad that innocent people have to dragged thru people’s slutty tendency. U r sick NJE, let the good guy go and continue whoring

  16. Eh bana Cc Q&A Mina I’m 24 yrs and wen I started dating my bf I used to compare him with my EX (Sex-wise) but wen I realised that I don’t wanna go back there. I love my bf so I said to myself if he doesn’t do me the way I want why the hell don’t I do him the way I want it and ever since then he’s perfect in other words Cc u don’t need to cheat to get sertisfied sexually nawe u can also take control lead him all the way and I tell u ngeke uzisole plus-ke once indoda wayigcwalisela nayo iyabaseleka then ifune ukukugcwalisela nayo so no need to keep them both really u have to choose who u want and take control akusona isono nje to ride your man make him moarn kancane looool #Just_Saying

  17. Anonymous, continue sleeping with both bastards and keep crossing your fingers. Yes, its what men do. Its high time we also eat the Albany best of both. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

  18. I know 4rm experience once d suppoena is served baby daddy sings different tune just 2 make sure that u stop maintenance claim so Faith I trust u will go 2 d interview

  19. You guys are hilarious!! 🙂 harmless fun right… Kayvee crazy though, that mrengerenge comment got me in stiches LMAO. Talk about mental stimulation #clapsonce 🙂

  20. Faith don’t even respond to Mudenda he is lying. Don’t buy the story he is selling you bullshit! Focus on the job and the baby.

    A-Q well its rather a question, are you proud of cheating? now thats something i don’t read about everyday!

    Thanks Team Mike

  21. Faith go to the interview pls
    QA communication girl,speak to your man.Dont be shy lol.Give him some blow nyana.

  22. Thankx for the read Mike
    i hope faith dont go back to Mudende gosh

    QnA PLEASE please sisi dont be another Asthandile from memoirs ,,,just sit down with your man and tell him how you like hom to eat your cake
    men are trained if you dont train yours on how to make you happy then clearly you dont love him enough
    communication is key and if he doesnt want to change after telling him then you can leave him,,finish n klaar

  23. Dear Annonymous,

    Haibo sisi, kudos to you for getting your own but where’s the fairness in all this? I’m not going to say i understand your situation cause i don’t. In your defense against some of the crucifixion you’ve been getting in the comments, i’d say it does happen that you love 2 different people in 2 different ways, the heart wants what it wants, or in your case, the heart wants Thobs and the pussy wants Thuths.

    Because we are all different in our own right, different things will be important to us specific to our own relationships. For some it’s money, others like yourself is sex, others loyalty, others humour etc. and with that said there is no right and wrong for the collective but for individuals.

    If you truly love Thobs, have a talk with him and voice out your frustrations, this whole abetting his efforts with Thuths has to come to an end, assuming you want to see your relationship with Thobs prosper. Just imagine how you would feel if his family jewels were being lent elsewhere in efforts to seek satisfaction.

    Do you and stay happy. Pent up frustrations always lead to unhappy relationships. Look out for number 1 but not to the detriment of you partner.

    Good luck, Wish you and the partner you chose happy coitus

    I am Zama

  24. Anon, how do you know that maybe you are not doing it for him either? Maybe he feels the deed between you is not stimulating. These days women are sexually liberated, we don’t have to hide our expectations and we don’t have to settle for less, but never make the mistake of assuming that the problem is with the other person when they could be feeling the same about you. Until the 2 of you talk about it, you’ll just keep assuming without knowing what exactly is the issue.

    Maybe you can try introduce something different in your sex life. Go to the Pure Romance site and see how you can add enhancements to your intimacy. You see me, I buy enhancements like you will never believe, make sure I invest in them. I didn’t even suggest it to him, I just brought it out and started using it. And I don’t even have to use them often, just once in a while when I feel like adding some-some extra. Point is I don’t believe in complaining about something while doing nothing about it. Not guaranteeing that it will work for you, but at least it is making some effort instead of just sitting by and making excuses not to give guy the nookie.

    By the way, you don’t have to go looking for another partner to satisfy your sexual needs, do it yourself. Kanti people these days ga le tshabe malwetsi naa? Not only referring to HIV but there are things like genital herpes and other sti’s that you can get from pure skin contact. Rather invest in a special toy and take yourself to heaven without fear of diseases and guilt and juggling different partners.

  25. Thanks Mike! Yo kids r naughty, Jackzorro Hhe Hhe Hhe the Lady just proposed. Nna wld lv if kungaphuma couple la kwaDoagz naughty thoughts thou

  26. lmao Kayvee am ur best cc as long as you marryng Jackzarro am nt settling for being one of the briede’s maid kwaaa

  27. Faith ungalinge ube isilima!!! Mudenda doesn’t give a shit about you or Amo for that matter. He has realised that his thesis is missing and he probably put two and two together and figured out that you have it. Now, he will say and do anything he thinks will get him on your good side…be smart sisi!

  28. Hayi I smell a rat here guys…I think it’s Meladi,texting Faith, pretending to be Mudenda. @Jackzorro & Kayvee…thanx guys u just made my afternoon. kwaaahaaaaa!

  29. I think Jackzorro should go to Big Brother because now he has many admirers and followers. Most people will vote for him for his intelligence and his tell it like it is attitude. # just saying Lol.

  30. Mara anonymous truth is u straight ho@ing. A relationship is a total package u take or leave the whole package. Don’t justify your ways by blaming him.

  31. Let just say you haven’t found love for the fact that you are cheating it means u never loved thobs so do not make sex and excuse. Wen you are deeply inlove with someone you will never find anything wrong about them until your angry at them. Do your thing and wait for love to find you dear then you will see that love is not about sex is more like connection caring understanding each other. Sometimes we do not love people but the idea of who they are

  32. Jackzorro pls post ur pic man. R u ashamed of urself kanti? We wanna c if u r as charming and witty in the looks deptnt too.

  33. Jackzorro ayeye babah izingane zabantu zikufuna phansi phezulu lols submit….but seriously u promised us ur pic but u never sent it…!

    As for the cheating sistaz lady it doesn’t help to keep quite if u not satisfied. Mina I once dated a guy but the 1st time we did the deed ay shame I was crying for my time wasted he’s really bad in bed n I told him straight that ay what I experienced with him was really bad coz I really can’t bit around the bush n his response was like I’m the the 1st gal to tell him that he’s boring in bed I was sorry brother that means ur previous gfs were not honest with u but ke mina I can’t lie u need to up ur game. Pretending for what, for who n for rthe why really?!? And that was the last day he saw me I can’t teach an old man how to do it….I almost lost my lips loya muntu wayelwa nami kahle kahle kwaaaaaa…

  34. He is playing with ur mind dear, every men know that baby mama’s want their kids to grow with their fathers. He knows that you still love he and he is hoping that you will give him a second chance and you’re foolish enough you would drop the maintainance…boom back to square

  35. I can just tell that it’s the other pregnant chick. She’s up to something. Thanks for a lovely chapter Mike 🙂 kinda short though but at least there’s a bonus premium on MOAYW <3


    Hahahahaha!! Ever heard of sex talk? It's a session of sexting(textibg about sex) that's where we girls secretly drop hints of how we like to be handled if he doesn't know already and also compliment what he does best.

    Do it after every visit when you get home. I usually start it by… "I wish you were here because then you'd be doing that thing I like ;-)" then keep its sexy and tell him how you like him. he'll also school you my dear


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