Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Seven

I know people will think I am stupid but when a man you loved so much for so long comes to you and say ‘baby I made a mistake’ it is so hard to ignore! I don’t know how else to describe it. Yes there is the anger but then also enters the relief, the relief that you were not the one that fucked up, you were not the one that walked out on a beautiful thing. Girls know deep down that 90% of the time we were not the ones who were wrong and led to the break up in the relationship yet we take the blame and blame ourselves for allowing things to fall apart this much. I am a girl after all. I am not superman. I want to be loved and to love someone I truly care for. Mudenda was my longest relationship and of course I cared for him more than anything no matter how angry I was. Only a woman understands what it means to keep going back to a man who does not deserve her even when she knows it. Sigh! I looked at Amo and his beautiful little hands and I could not help but wonder what it would be like if all three of us where together. I had a job to do though, an interview. Much as I was so confused by that sms I was also so happy that it came. I had peace of mind but my interview came first.

My sister was already waiting in the car and she shouted at me for taking so long. She was not really mad though. I could see on her face she was excited about something. I know my sister. I did not ask her though as I need to focus on the task at hand. Interviews! That’s another schlep altogether. Those who have been to one will understand where I am coming from. The people in front of you look like gods and they act it too. They have the power to make or break you. If you are a pretty girl and you interviewed by other women you can rest assured that the job is not yours. If you are a pretty girl and there is a fat guy on the panel, again be rest assured that you will not get that job. They are just as bitchy as women. Funny enough this advice we were given by a white career guidance speaker at school. Yellowbone or beautiful only works if you have a young male panel or a very old woman. Remove all the expensive weaves if you really want the job because for some reason guys love thinking, “she doesn’t even know she is beautiful,” so that means she is humble! Stupid men! We know what we look like and just because I rock up with short hair does not mean I am not beautiful. That’s not how it works but if it’s good for you then it’s good for me. The career guidance lady also said wear a long pencil skirt if you have a good body because it tells two stories, to the guys it says what a sexy body and to the females it says smart and conservatives. Come to think of it that lady never addressed us again, maybe she was fired.

When I got there I was five minutes late, oh the shame! I ran in half expecting the interview to have been cancelled. The lady who was at reception assured me however that I was on time as he had another meeting. I asked if I was the only one being interviewed and she said yes then laughed shaking her head. It was like she knew something I did not know.

I was directed into the boardroom. Enter a man who was wearing shorts and and flops. I kid you not, a black man at that! There was so many things wrong with that. In black people culture unless you are wearing a suit then you cannot be taken seriously. I thought I was in the wrong room and he could see my confusion. He was probably in his mid 30s towards the 40s so indeed this was inappropriate. Should I take offense?

“I see you are concerned about my look but don’t worry, it’s golf day today so I have to prepare for that after this meeting. You are Aurelia’s sister correct?”

He said casually opening what I think was my CV. My mouth opened and for a moment there I thought nothing was coming out.

“Yes I am sir,”

“Don’t be scared talk! Why should I hire you?”

He asked me very seriously? Dwee, because either you or a friend of yours is fucking my friend, I thought but I did not say that out loud obviously!

“Because I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it work!”

He looked me over quickly as though he was checking me out and said curtly,

“You will do. See you on Monday!”

He stood up and walked out. Just like that. I had a job. My feet refused to move. I wanted to thank God there and then and maybe pour holy water but I stood up in a dignified manner. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I tried.


The girl at reception said as I walked past. How did she know? I thanked and walked out. I wanted to jump out with joy. I did not even know how much the job paid but that thought of being employed meant more thank anything else at that moment. I finally had a means to feed my child and if anything the man I hated the most had just declared he loved me. I was still not sure what to think? It’s not rocket science that whenever him and I where good things always seemed to go well. Look how just now I had gotten a job. Fine it was through Aurelia but I was back on my feet already. Crap, I must call Aurelia.

“Hey babe!”

I said screaming on the phone. I was literally jumping up and down. Her response though was rather underwhelming.

“Oh hi!”

“I got the job! I got the job!”

I screamed. I was so excited.

“He beat me up yesterday because I wouldn’t have sex with him?”

I was confused now!


“Who beat you up?”

I was not sure what on earth she was talking about and with good reason, how could I?

“Your new boss Faith, your new boss! You can’t take that job!”

She said.

I wanted to say something but at that moment nothing came up!

I needed this job!

*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Dear Mike

Let me begin by saying thank u so much for the wonderful read. I enjoy all your blogs, they are so good, enjoyable and most importantly they’re eye opening.

I am a 34 year old married woman. I have a brother, last born in the family who paid lobola for his fiance this past December, we were all happy for him and really loved the girl (sister in law to be). I however recently found out that this girl has child that she hid from my brother all the 3 years they were dating and only told him about the child 4 days before the lobola negotiations date, and claimed she was gang raped and fell pregnant. My brother being the good man that he is, he still continued with the negotiations. When my brother went digging from her family to find out more about the rape he actually found out she was never raped, the child was fathered by one of her ex’s, he went to confront her about it and she confessed she was scared of losing him hence she lied to him.

Mike I find it so hard to forgive her, I feel betrayed by her and I what makes me even mad is that my brother went on behind our backs and married her, this is after he had found out about this whole thing. I now find it so hard to even look at her, let alone having a relationship with with her. My brother expects us (the family) to put this behind us, love her and play one big happy family, but I find it so hard I often wonder if she really does love him. I can see its going to take my brother a while to actually accept it himself, to now be a father to a child that was hidden from him for 3 years. I do not know how to help in this situation, maybe getting other people’s opinions might help me help my brother.

Guys English isn’t my mother tongue so please ease up on me.

Concerned sister

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  1. Confused sister… this battle is not your, its your brothers if he doesn’t have a problem with the child then

  2. ThankQ Mikey eish Faith your frnds bazokufaka enkingeni am sure after a month your new boss is gonna ask u 4 sex as well,,,QnA talk 2 her woman 2 woman tell her hw u fell,,,

  3. Haike u Faith sekawu magkosha by default.

    QnA sweety u need to mind ur onw business. I dnt get how u cn be angrier by this than ur brother is. He married the woman knowing very well dat she lied so wena udliwa yini?

    Or ur in love with ur brother? Coz 4 a minute thr u sounded very jealous.

  4. Thanks Mike. Shame Faith, Concerned sister Please mind your own business cause your brother has made his decision so now be a good sister and support your brother. Sister in laws are always waiting for something to hate the girl for please don’t be typical cause u will have ur own in laws one day and put ur self in your brother’s position. if u found out that ur Bf lied about having a kid days before his family came to pay lobola would u turn him away? I strongly doubt that. This is why couples shouldn’t involve family in their issues cause its easy for lovers to forgive each other but not so easy for other family members.

    1. Thank you hey, that’s what I tell my partner when we fight please don’t involve my family and I won’t involve yours too, ‘we fight we both run off to the family’ tomorrow we fine then boom the sister or brother of the other doesn’t look at you with the some eye ai family.

  5. Thank you Mike for yet another beautiful piece. QnA: Sisi, first problem I see is you making this about you. Yes, you love your brother but please, respect his choice. I know it’s hard but if he’s happy with his wife then let them be, he married her knowingly. Your only role as his sister is to respect and support him whatever happens, don’t judge, you’re not expected to like her either, just respect their marriage qha

  6. eish just when things were looking up for Faith madoda ,ayi Mike never liked Faith lmao.

    thank u Mike.

    Concerned sister ur new sister inlaw is a devil not just for decieving your family and brother but for hiding a child,htf do u hide a child for 3 years wonke,she is gona pay for her sins a child is a gift from god how dare she be ashamed of her gift nxa.back to advising u sisi u need to let it be u cant tell ur brother to break with her coz that will make u look bad coz his obviously inlove and ders ntg u will say or do ezoshitsha umqondo wakhe .its so hard seeing a family member idlala omunye umuntu i knw but u just gota let them be ,shes bound to show her true colours once a devil always a devil uzozibonela ubuti wakho what his dealing with and when he does plz dont say i told u so just be there for him,okwamanje just get along with devil.

    hope i made sense

      1. am not perfect but i will never pretend i am ,which is what she did .how do u hide a child ,what kind of mother does dat ngempela and to lie abt being gang raped dat makes her double devil ,rape is a serious issue and to just lie like just because u wana cover up ur lie plzzz shes a devil i dont care what u say

        1. I completely agree with you Cindo, she is a double devil, you don’t go around lying about rape sis man, anyway @Concerned sister, mind your own business but you don’t have to like her or pretend just let them be

  7. Thanks Mike.

    Concerned sister, please mind your own business. I mean this is your brothers relationship not yours, if your brother can deal with it so can u.

  8. For people to say mind your own business is puzzling considering that when you marry a person you marry their whole family… I understand where QnA is coming from and as an older sister you never want to see your sibling being deceived or hurt my advice is that as a family you sit down and talk to her if not this will cause friction like any other relationship communication needs to happen to resolve this issue

  9. Thanks Team.
    A to Q: concerned sister – we all love our baby brothers, no matter how big they have grown or how much they have messed up in life. We always see them as our baby brothers that need taking care of. I understand your anger and frustration; but let it go. It’s not your place and you are certainly not helping anybody. Let him live his own life, and make his own mistakes- you can’t live his life for him. As for the sister in law – just ignore her, keep the distance between the two of you, in that way you avoid the negative feelings and the anger.

  10. Q&A I think it’s better to let your brother be. If all is good besides that lie then your brother will be a happy man.
    Try to accept the situation since your brother can live with it…

  11. Thanks for the daily dose mike.

    Concerned sister, I will say one thing to you my dear,bheki’ ndaba zakho sisi. I mean she is not even your partner for crying out loud. she is your brothers ‘fiance. If there’s one person who should be asking advise here, is your brother not you.

    what am saying is if your brother accepted the baby ,I dont see why cant the rest of the family do the same, including you my dear.

  12. Thanks Mikey 🙂 🙂

    Concerned sister, we understand your frustration because he is your brother, but sisi, he accepted the baby and continued to marry the lady. If he had a problem with it then he wouldn’t have gone ahead and marry the woman. Let your brother live his life and if marrying this lady is a mistake, then let it be his mistake to make. As a married woman you should be having a lot on your plate rather than going around baby-sitting your brother. Concentrate on your own family. This woman clearly makes your brother happy and that is what is most important that they love each other and make each other happy. Who are you to judge anyway? Wa boraro ke mpheyane ausi tlogela ditaba tsa baratani.

  13. Eish tough 1 faith.A2Q yoo I just don’t knw wht to say dade bt hey nami I’d be mad at sure ya merried n happy so I’d sugest u make yo hubby happy n dnt du wht yo sista in law did to ya bru tht way ngeke uynake lendaba ka brada wakho.

  14. A2Q

    Concerned sister PLEASE stay out of ur brothers business…he loves her what do u want him 2 do?? Marry you??…comeon now this sisters hating on makoti thing is overatted… Forgive and move on!!

  15. I think Mudenda is trying to be on Faith’s good books so she can give back his thesis…….Regarding the Aurelia situation clearly faith will be doing more than pushing paper expecially since your friend is no longer his chick.

    @Concerned…I understand 100% what you are feeling. My sister-in-law to be is also very deceitful and everytime she fights with my brother, she takes it out on us. She is liar just like yours and to me and my sister she is just a non-factor. We decided that we are not going to bother ourselves with her anymore and keep our distance. The sad part is that we don’t get to see our adorable niece because of the conflict which is unfair but there is nothing we can do, if he loves her, he loves her, one day he will open his eyes and see her for who she really is and until that happens dear, phuma kubo and let them be.

  16. Thanks Mikeesto

    The problem is not the sister inlaw keeping a secret or lying to cover it up. Its the principle of honesty before a lifetime commitment. Many of you are telling this sister to mind her own, but wouldn’t you be concerned of what else this sister inlaw might be capable of?

    sister, your reservations about this woman are justified, and I would suggest you monitor her very carefully. She might even fall pregnant and pin it on her new husband(your brother). This woman has devilish tendencies, who hides they have a kid in this day and age coz 90% of people born 1992 and down to the 80’s are parents already. We woke to the sad news of an ex school mate and girlfriend of Flabba, stabbing him to death. These hoes aint loyal, you are right to be concerned bout your brother.


    1. Concerned sister should just mind her own thats a fact, doesnt she have a man concerning herself about an adult who knows what he wants. hhaybo jackzorro get your head out of the sand, “she might fall pregnant and pin it on her new husband, really pin it how, she can only pin it to the husband if it aint his dwiiiiiii such dumbness

      1. You answered your own question, such cleverness huh!! Who’s to say she won’t cheat on him with the ex, fall pregnant and pin it on her husband, that’s the point, wena uyangena nje makin corrections..Mxm

  17. this is exactly what samson from the bible went through with that woman who kept deceiving him until she got him killed , u have every right to be worried and u are allowed to coz that is your brother….that girl has more skeletons in the closet and if i were u Il sleep with one eye open. sh might pull a stunt that will affect the family bad…keep an eye on her

  18. Are u that bored in your marriage that now u meddling eyndabeni zika brother wakho. He accepted nd forgave her so wena Uze uphatheke kabi nje uncinzwa yini ndabazabantu.

  19. Jackzoro! Did u just say “hoes”? Don’t u think that’s just a bit too harsh?? “Hoes” as in every woman is a hoer??

    1. Thank you Mike…

      A&Q, for me as a sister and a wife to be, I am conflicted. Maybe you should find out from your sister-in-law her reasons for hiding the baby, some men get turned off once they learn the woman has a baby, so it must have weighed up on her as well not being able to tell her man about her child, more especially if you did not do it at the start.

      Common sense is not always so common, so people try and understand. BantubeNkosi masingadunjelwa zintloko kaloku and end up overstepping the boundaries, respect is only respect when it is mutual.

    2. Surely you know better than what you are insinuating Osego, but I take that back. Apologies for using the word. Senseless of me.

  20. Concerned Sister
    You’ve got a nerve mind you own life, dont you have a personal life or issues with your man to sort out. Your brother has the final say if it seems its stupid to you, hes an adult he can make his own choice. Sister in law are known to meddle in their brother”s love life, get over yourself. your brother and his wife will sort their issues out, Butt out

  21. QnA well girl u did very well by telling ur brother abt the child and he proved well that he is grown up by not just letting it slide as another rape issue. He found out the truth and as we always say “Luv conquers it all” so he moved on and married her without u knowing it. He is still ur lil broer after all and yes this gal will take ur surname hence she’ll be family 2. @ this moment I’d advise u 2 be a big sis 2 yo brother and be there for him always and let him know that as well.

  22. Tjo Faith you can’t take that job, Aurelia has been nothing but loyal to you if that man hit her what makes you think you will be any different and why are you so excited, that was not even an interview. It sounded more like a business transaction, “because i will do anything to make it work” have you any idea what anything is mxm foolish girl!

    Concerned, you have every right to be concerned shem, there are more skeletons this new in law is hiding. This is no time to mind your own business, be very concerned, ask the right questions , something ain’t right with this picture.

    Thanks Team Mike

  23. thanx mike for a good read. Conserned sister, ngbona ngath uyazfaka nje ezindabeni zaka bhuti wakho, ngyacabanga if yena engenankinga nalomunt amshadayo enze lokho, nawe mamukele enjalo ngoba vele aksiye owakho. Naka ezakho mah.

  24. Q&A:Why are you angry? This has nothing to do with you. Focus on your own life. I really don’t get how any of this affects you. Support your brother and be proud that he is able to accept a child that is not his biologically. It takes an amazing man to do that. Single mothers are always judged give your sister in law a brk. You don’t know what she’s been through

  25. Q&A do you know what witchcraft is?

    its a woman who hides her child from a man she claims she loves, this is a matter of PRINCIPLE in all honesty this woman failed to be honest what else is she hiding , yes sister in law you can mind your own business but what has your brother himself into is your concern since you still family #blood# who has to look out for him?

    Geez the nerve of that woman and the lies are just too much to handle to even claim gang rape? does she even know the TRAUMA that us rape victims go through just to make through the night …

    I would advice dont get involved but keep an eye on her make her aware atleast you wont be pretending

  26. A2Q on second thot,hell noo.just because ma brother is old doesnt mean I got to let him be a domat.tht mind yo own business coments sounds a lil bit stupid to me really.ungathula kanjan knowing yo brother is been taken for a fool?she’s concerned bout her brother n maybe they look out for each other u dnt knw tht.hlampe ubhuti wakho usedle utamatisi sisi coz really there’s few men who’d merry a woman they dnt knw that well clearly ubhuti wakho akamazi losisi kahle.mubheke lowo sistaz uzogila ingane yakini nje hlampe uylobole nangeynkomo ezazize kuwena nje nxa

  27. Nice one Mike
    Ain’t nothing wrong in what you doing my sister.
    This is not a molehill its a mountain. and must at least be brought to light with fam. Lots of issues are brought into marriages, of which at the time they are not issues, and result to failed marriages.
    I can bet you his boys are just as concerned but are maybe quiet because he is pussy whipped aka Mxolisi.
    You talk of a white lies, which we all do(telling our kids 24hr MacD’s is closed because we are lazy to drive). But this is deap. This women might love your brother, your question is it healthy love, or obsessive love. Such compulsive lieing will always end bad. The integrity of the women is no more in question, its utterly appalling.
    90% of Mirriages are in a bad state, because of people living a double life or bringing baggage in deciept. Nothing wrong with baggage as long as it is honest.
    Don’t let your Bro be a Mxolisi, Or have a wife like Lee

  28. Thank Mike
    Faith tell Mudenda to go to hell don’t get all excited here he’s just trying to stop you from the maintenance issue

    Concerned sis
    Problem here is there are some things that families should never know and as big as this seemed your family shouldn’t have been dragged in all this….. When in a relationship you forgive your partner easier cos u understand them better however involving family in fights is never a good idea.
    You need to let it go esp if your brother chose to continue marry her even after she lied.

  29. Oh yah.
    in the quest for stability, many have settled for k@k.
    Reading these blogs sometimes highlights The Social Moral Decay of our Society#sigh

  30. Heeeeee hayi kunzima, a woman lies about a child and when caught on the lie she cries rape and the least these wonderful community builders can come up with is telling the sister to mind her damn business. wow! When she married her own husband her family did not die including her brother. she has every right to be concerned, a woman who can cry rape is capable of so much more. yes she cant stop ubhuti wakhe but she can surely care and look out for him, esilungu senu siyadika sometimes.

    No wonder Senzo’s killers are still out there while killed in the presence of 7 people……….I guess they are minding their business as well.

  31. Nice read Mike as always, thumbs up

    Q&A Judging from peoples comments here, I think it says a lot about your relationships with your own families. The sister has every right to mind her brothers business, because it’s her brother, one day this fool will hurt him, and only his family will be there for him. She is a fool indeed for keeping her child a secret, hope she won’t expect this man to have a relationship with the child one day.

  32. Dear Concerned Sista

    Plz let your brother marry his makoti, the woman that makes him happy. We’ve all done things we not proud of. I bet you also have some skeletons in ur closet…what if your hubby were to start digging? Stop hating the poor woman, your brother loves her. He has forgiven her. Because of your hatred the poor guy had to marry the woman of his dreams behind your backs.

  33. Now Faith is in between keeping a good friend or keeping the job…. Q&A confused sister the battle is not yours cc,if your brother is fine with the situation then let him be naka indaba zowakho umshado we all have our hiden dirty loandry stay out of your brother’s issues unless he asked u to get involve

  34. Nice stuff as usual Mikey & team! Guys pls help im reading from a mobile @ seem to be missing chpter 134 of Rumblings am i only one

  35. Concerned sister bheka izindaba zakho…angisho.nawe ushadile? if your brother is willing the baby’s step father then asinkinga yakho leyo. Vele people like you piss me off.

  36. Most of the answers here r sounding very juvenile n nje lacks maturity n understanding. Before one can offer advise one needs to see different sides to every story… The lady is concerned abt the lies this woman has been telling..yes the brada has forgiven her n will probably forgive more but what does it say abtthe womans integrity??she should have been honest from the onset abt her child. Concerned sista there is nothing much u can do except to tolerate this woman for your bradas sake n hope that she changes n b a woman of high morals who won’t bring shame to your brada.

    Jackzorro no need to retract anything… Whoever missed what u were saying is their problem… Ignorance is bliss!

  37. Run Faith run,dat man aint no good at all
    Q&A,dat sista inlaw aint no gud,o na le rite ya go ba worried,who still hides children in dis era?mayb she’s even way older than the years she told u lol.I believe a man who loves u will do it ka pelo yotlhe le ha o kare o na le bana ba 5,so y dis lady a fitlha ngwana o 1?mayb they are more than 1.

  38. Concerned sister. Why are u getting involved in your brothers relationship? Whether she was a hood hoe or lied or whatever has nothing to do with u. Your brother loves her understands her and accepts and forgives her so why cant u respect that? It is sisters like u who cause in law rivalry where there shouldnt be. Do not judge the girl coz u dont know her. All u need to do is accept the situation and mind your own business!!! Try be civil with her nobody said she should be your friend but please respect her as ur brothers makoti.

  39. Ninehaba guys all of sudden the makoti is a which. Someone made refferance to the bible. AYBO KAHLENI SUCH JUDGEMENT. Fine ufihlile ingane so that means she will cheat now kungenaphi uku cheata la weJACKZORRO? Chill nje. Sista needs to trust her brothers decision and chill. Makoti is not the 1st person to lie emhlabeni so nje sisi cant be superman and save her brother. Kanti istabane noma indod yin le haawu. Sista in laws are the devils. I say wena sista in law are tryna stir up trouble kwi family. Your suspicions n hate will be the reason why your family ends up hating umakoti.

  40. Q&A, I feel for you sis, those who say you must mind your own business surely do not know the bond of a family. It really hurts when our sisters in law treat our brothers this way. You need to forgive her and support your brother in his choice. She makes him happy so just love ur brother and ignore his wife. If u don’t she will poison him against u and it will hurt more once your brothers resents u. You don’t want to miss out on your nieces and nephew’s birthdays. Pray that the lord opens his eyes.

  41. Yho ha.a no no no dear this doesn’t sound right at all…okay 2 things came to mind. 1)maybe the girl was genuinely scared that she’ll lose ur brother and didn’t intend to keep the secret for 3 years but as you know the more you keep a secret the harder it gets to tell. When she finally opened up she made up some story about being raped so that your brother won’t see her as a ridiculous mother who chooses a man over her child, that is very very low so she wanted to maintain a good image…
    point number 2)This gal is just bad news i mean who hides a child for 3 years?? and what kinda family accepts such??..and because your brother is drunk inlove, there’s really no point in talking to him. Alright seeing as though she’s already part of the family i suggest you talk to her about it and clear the air because even though she’s married to your brother but when your brother disclosed all this information to you, it automatically became your business and she’s also part of the family so u have every right to confront her about anything that doesn’t sit well with you…goodluck my sista this is hard but always remember that as long as it involves family than it is your business..

  42. @concerned, I got this from facebook “Let It Go ~ Whatever someone has done to you is going to be attracted right back to them at some point.
    You are not involved in this process, its simple law of attraction.
    Stop carrying it around and let the universe take care of it – good, bad or indifferent. Their stuff, Their lesson. Let it Go” I hope it helps.

  43. Problem here is our marriages have too many parties when I say our I mean us darkies. This couple is doomed because of concerns from third party.
    Squeeza I hope and pray that when ur turn comes ur in laws will be kind to u.

    Instead of hoes,its in laws that are not loyal.

    Hell,even if she was a virgin,ud find fault in her.

  44. Ayi abantu bamane bekhulume nje noma ikanjani, she is concerned akashongo kuthi she wants to be an evil sister inlaw uworried for her brother. @Concerned sister I understand where u coming from, there is nothing much u can do really except to support your brother coz usekhethile. It is normal to be concerned about a family member kodwake ungayingeni ngoba usemathandweni yena. Uyozibonela naye makuhamba iskhathi….well minake I do say the girl is devious, ingane akusiyo into yokufihlwa nje, n to lie kuthi u were raped is just too much…your brother must really be inlove to overlook all those lies.

  45. I’m failing to understand all of u enithi u “concerned sister” anake indaba zakhe. A woman who plans and lies like the brother’s wife is capable of much more worse thn wt she has done.lying bt a child n hw u gt him/her is not a laughing matter.supporting it wld be encouraging a kelly khumalo n flabba’s gf women filled society.
    Sistaz I do gt ur concerns bt there is nothning dt u cn do to help ur brother. He will have to learn frm his mistake.

  46. All of these rude comments frm u ladies shows hw much hostility u hv faced frm ur inlaws. Kodwa ke bakwethu let’s call a spade a spade nt a big teaspoon. Makoti aint loyal n maybe those of u condoning her behaviour are like her..

    1. exactly what am thinking as i go thru the comments yazi ,remb #TEAMKELLY iyona yonke le ecommentayo,htf u hide a child from a serious relationship for 3 years when the man finds out u still dont have the decency to own up u cry rape mxm, jackzorro is ryt she is capable of so much more

  47. What is Faith going to do now??? Just when things were starting to look up. Thanx Mikey

    Sometimes people here are so mean for no reason…Not on!

  48. The foundation of dis relationshp is built on lies n ders no relationshp ke lapho n worse Rape is a huuuge problem in dis country n 2 lie abt such a big thing shows she lack morals n is a devious person n i believe if u a mada n u hide n r ashamed of ur own blood(her own bby) eyini ke ubuthi wakho? Mina id b concernd as u, she is nt 2 b trusted

  49. She lied about rape guys come on, those who say the sister must butt out. Do you have brothers? or you just saying coz you wanna lie to your guys family too? and hoping that he doesnt have people to protect him. Asingakhohlisani bakwethu amanga amanga nje

  50. People should start listening or rather reading with an understanding and read other people’s comments before they say things that will embarrass them. Firstly, when a person marry or get married, they are not only doing it for themselves, they marry the entire family. Hence the lobola negotiations would include the uncles, aunts, brothers etc. That is not only for celebrating purposes, but for surity that family is still intact as it should be. Furthermore, for strong family support as well.

    Secondly, for a sister to be concerned, it is not that she is interfering for the sake of doing it, anyone in her shoes would have done that. I doubt if this was of any of your brothers, they could have commented negatively. When something like thisdo happen to your blood, then you will realise that blood is always thicker than blood and it is only then that you will experience the heart ache the sister is experiencing right now.

    Advise positively and do not break people because there are a number of people who do not know what to do or where to seek help, these blogs could be their only hope.

    Finally Sistas, surely your brother has made his decision and a person who is 34 years old, to me is matured enough to make the right choices. After all with age, i have learnt and want to believe that you cannot force a man to marry, they marry out of their choices but still as an elderly sister do not cease to advice and raise your concerns, that what keeps the family going. As for the Makoti, i do not think i will be the right person to judge her, as i have lots of skeletons as well in my closet and throwing a stone to her, it would be commiting suicide.

  51. Thanks Mike
    Q&A…that Ngwetsi of yours is a liar and a fool, how can someone lie about such big and sensitive issues , Batho rape and Baby……Your brother should know that marriage is SOO NOT going to change her wife

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