Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Eight

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Whose loyalty is more important, your friends or your mother’s? I ask this because I know for a fact, without reasonable doubt that if I told my mother I got the job she will most certainly tell me that screw Aurelia. Whilst parents my respect our friendships, our friends are not theirs and I would totally understand where my mother was coming from. I ignored the call because I was not sure what to tell her. I really needed this job. People don’t get it. Loyalty will not put food on the table and my baby needed to eat. I love Aurelia with all my heart, believe me I do but I also love my child. In growing up we are often told that you will learn to make hard choices and sacrifices especially when you become a mother. Usually it’s the bad friends you get rid off and a lot of girls can never figure out why some friends left them on the wayside because they are blinded by pride but usually it’s because she considered you a bad friend. Emphasis however on the bad friend part. What was I thinking? Goodness I cannot even think I had even thought of that, losing Aurelia was a no no in any books. By the time I got to the car I was dizzy thanks to the confusion.

“How did it go?”

My sister asked me as soon as I entered.

“I have no idea. I will only know in two weeks. We were so many!”

I lied. Think back. Growing up when you failed at anything you always consoled yourself by the fact that, like you, so many others also failed the same thing. It was not only you. In this case if I did not get the job they would know that the queue in line for that job was just impossibly long so it was not my fault.

“Ok cool then! We have to go home though because mom has been calling. Your mother acts as though she does not know where we are!”

She said rather annoyed. At that stage my thoughts were so far away. What was I going to do about this? Eish Aurelia! That’s the problem with these socialites, friend or not! They go through so much to look that good, go shopping and all those trips. The lifestyle they lead most of them pay for it by sucking dick and begging their so called men. When did Aurelia become this person though? Most people tend to ignore what they have to do and pass fake comments on how good they look on social media. Ask yourself this, how do they get so many comments on Instagram and so many different expensive outfits when we all know they are unemployed? That tells the story right there! Had I been a fake friend then to the one person that had had my back? When does one intervene especially considering I knew nothing about the lifestyle. If it were me I am certain at some point she would have sat me down but I had done the opposite and let her do her thing. Should I confront her? I was too scared to lose her though!

By the time we got home my mother had called twice more. She had not been going to work that day but they had called her in. Two of the senior nurses on staff had been involved in an accident on the way to work so she had to come cover for them. Nothing serious. She asked me how the interview went and I told her that it went ok considering it was my first ever interview. She said she will pray it went well enough to get me the job because we needed the money. I doubt she had even reached the end of the drive way though before Aurelia called and said she would come see me to explain what was up. I could hear in her voice she was not ok. This only made it worse.

I sat down after putting Amo and myself’s laundry into the wash. My sister had just left and said she was going to see her man at work. She wanted to surprise him she said. Good on her I guess. I know my sister though she takes a long time to leave the house when she is going somewhere. She has no sense of urgency whatsoever and today was no different. Amo was restless and started crying. He is like that at times. Putting him down therefore proved to be such a mission. I tried breastfeeding him but he would hear none of it. I have Gripe Water and it seemed to calm him down. My sister was still in the house. Eventually he slept and the chaos and commotion died down. My sister left but said I must not include her in supper because she was not planning on coming back tonight. People don’t understand when I say Judith was a problem! Oh well.

My mother called saying that one of my uncles would be coming that evening to discuss what needed to happen for the weekend’s ceremony. I hate growing up. Now I had to sit in such a meeting about me. I bet its different if they were coming to discuss lobola negotiations but something about the word “damages” just made it so embarrassing. I did not enjoy this at all. She insisted that I must cook by six because they could be early so they must find food ready. Now it was ‘they’? Come on now! It was not two minutes, no maybe three minutes later when the doorbell rang. I cursed my sister because I was so tired and she had her own keys. Why on earth would she do that knowing it would wake up Amo? That was so uncalled for! Judith had a tendency of leaving things when she left the house so she would come back always.

I went to open for her and guess what, it was not even her,

It was Mudenda!

“What the fuck do you want here?”

I was so angry seeing him there, with a smug look on his face and by the looks of the bags in his hands, carrying groceries!

“I meant what I said and I am here to apologise in person!”

What an arse I thought but inward I was fighting to stop myself from smiling!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am 20 and a university student in Pretoria. My girlfriend and I are quite sexual (safe sex) and we like to experiment. Recently we had a threesome with a girl from her res. We were drunk but it’s something we had fantasized about together so when we got the opportunity we took it. It was the most incredible experience I won’t lie but therein lies the problem. The girl was not my girls friend but now since then there are as thick as thieves. We had agreed that if ever we lived thee fantasy it would be a once off thing and with a person distant from us. I know most people believe that men are bad but I love my girl unashamedly hence I do not want to lose her. Now when we go on dates she insists on bringing her new friend along and it’s awkward. I am becoming a spectator in my own relationship. I have told my girlfriend this and to her it’s a joke. She says she finds it sexy and cute that am jealous of a girl. She also says she only wants a friendship with this girl nothing more.

(now that I have written this down I feel even more ridiculous!)

Thank you for your time


47 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Eight

  1. I hate guys like Mudenda who acts like they love you when they want something from you.
    Letter no comment but really?

  2. Thank you Mike. Mara Mudenda? I wonder if this change of heart is really genuine.
    Happy birthday Nana and Miss T.

    John: As we await Jackzorro and his advise.

  3. two things… either Mudenda will try and seduce Faith(and sell her dreams so that he doesnt pay damages) or a beat down!!! SHUT THE DOOR n wait for Aurelia

  4. Thanx Mike
    Mudeda is up to something watch your back Faith u have been fooled before.
    HAPPY B/DAY NANA and MISS T may u guys have many more.

  5. Thanks Bra Mike for an awesome read… Mudenda is up to something, Faith better be careful

    John I think your girlfriend really enjoyed the 3 some now she wants a permanent threesome relationship lol

  6. Happy birthday Nana)))))))

    Do not trust him Faith……Mudenda always has an ace up his sleeve.

    For once, I have no words for todays letter, hayi kabi maybe someone who can relate can advise..

  7. Happy born date Nana,o gole o gole.Faith,mudenda is a hyena in a sheep skin,plz dnt fell for his trap,the hell he puts u throu for all dis months?and nw he rock up ka “I’m sorry!”sorry his ass shm!
    John ur girl nhe!#big sigh.

  8. Q&A Well i was in the same situation and realised that i cant keep both him and her so i remained friends with the gal and lost my BF, it will never be the same again unless 1 is out of the picture

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nana n Miss T…. i so hate mudenda hope tidimalo is next 2 knock on dat door n find mudenda der n beat da crap out of hm he deserves it….
    QnA eyi nami dnt have an ansa mayb ur gf is biosexual n is dating both u n da gal lol jst saying n is getting da best of both worlds wif u 2

  10. Thanks Mikeesto, daily dose.

    Happy birthday Nana and Miss T, hope you ladies have a blast of a day 🙂

    Dear John, I don’t quite get it, were you just telling us your true story fantasy or you needed advice? I didn’t see the question though. Its obvious that you are bored, even though you seem to have experimental tendencies. Find a hobby Lil bro, go swimming or skydiving or something to kill this boredom you on. Your gf probably enjoyed the lesbo action more than your usual male on female… So how is your ego after all this? A girl did your girl better than you, is that what you wanted us to tell you…. #Sigh


  11. Nice one Mike
    Johnny boy, hahaha you reap what sow mfana wam hahaha
    You remind me of a mate in varsity who decided to swap while shagging in one room, boy did he come out second best. hahahaha
    its like introducing a dildo into your sex life, then you end up intimidated by its size.
    Don’t be a party pooper boy

  12. OMGucci!!!!!!@John u gonna loose ur GF,she liked d 3some so much that she wants it 2 b permanent,Faith,Faith!!!!!!!this beef-burger is up2 something,pls dnt entertain him,vele he’s suppose 2 bring stuff 4 his child,dat shud’nt b seen as a token of love…

  13. Maya Angelou once wrote: “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I reckon Faith should heed those words and keep moving forward. Let Mudenda be a part of Amo’s life, if that is his sincere intention, but there is nothing she left there that she needs to go back for.

  14. Thnx Mikey for todays read. I think Mudenda wants to soften Faith up to get his thesis back. And to avoid paying damages. He doesn’t care about her or the baby….mxm coward, i tell you!!!!

    @John……These girls aint loyal neh….lol shem

  15. @John I did not want 2 comment but I myt as well warn u… U suck a woman’s nipple or honeypot then u r hooked… The chances are she is hooked and she is getting more behind ur bacK… So she must decide…

  16. Thanks Mike 🙂 another good one.

    Lol. John this is not a Q&A. More like a story nyana.

    Dude, seriously? I just think your afraid that this chick will invite your girl to a three sum (without YOU) lol.

    Here’s what. You love her? Let her be. If she loves you she won’t but looks like she enjoyed the experience so I don’t think you should hold your breath on that one.

    Stop being insecure. I see insecurity written all over la!

    Jackzorro is right find a hobby to do alone. With out her

  17. John tell her to choose…its either U or her new girlfriend cos u can’t do that anymore…and try to stay away frm her until she dicides to choose u…if she doesn’t understand walk away!

  18. Thanks Mike,Mudenda can go to the nearest hell.

    Dear John I’m sorry but I think relationships are meant for two people only . I hope this will be a lesson to you, three is a crowd.

  19. Happy Birthday Nana nd Miss T :)… Great read as always Mike nd Team.

    Q&A Well Jackzorro I usually find myself nodding to your advise,not today,I’m sorry guys. Poor guy is basically telling us an experience he went through as part of his fantasies. Excuse him for not giving a proper q but then again english is not our mother tongue. He is in this situation nd needs advise as to how to deal with it. He Definately isn’t asking for a hobby,he did mention that he has been experimenting nd I guess this was also another experiment that just went wrong. Yho! Guys cut him some slack…Boy my 2cents worth of advise is address it with her or continue walking…

  20. Faith is going to fall for Mudenda’s silly game! He’s definately up to something!

    Q&A shem askies bhuti they are definately having an affair!

  21. Mudenda is crazy xem, i wonder if he would have apologized if Faith ddn’t put her on maintainance. Q&A sorry about your experience John, sometimes it helps to check the consequences of our actions bt yhat is not something that we always do. hope you find the solution to your problem

  22. Thanks Team.
    A to Q: you experimented and she enjoyed it more. Mmmh, just leave, the relationship has reached the end. You just wanted to have fun, yet your girlfriend wants this new girl as part of your relationship… Shiya phansi, and this should be a lesson to others: THREESOMES DON’T END WELL.

  23. Thanks Mike

    Quality Laitie ur young,just go with the flow.Maybe ur woman is lesbi,tell then to kiss n play together n c.

    Guys m a 31yrs working n divorced looking for friends with benefits around Pta hala ladies. 0760223658″

    1. Kwaaaa Bare kopa otla fiwa. Good luck Lenyora. and if I may ask Lenyora what is friends with benefits?

  24. Q&A why is everyone telling John to walk away? Gf has not cheated or anythin so why? Nxe yaz nina mara! Yuks! Anyways John dnt worry ur pretty head bout it. Ur gf had fun nd is enjoyin da friendship duznt mean she duznt lov u nomore so chill nd enjoy

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