Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty Three

On another day I would have found the Kelly Khumalo part as very funny and a well placed joke but not today. Eish, she really was becoming the Chuck Norris of South Africa but today was not the day. I had police at my house about to arrest me so it was no laughing matter. My sister stood there stunned. She could not even speak to defend herself. I could see she was trying to recount her steps and think if at any point she had touched Meladi. Clearly she had not. Why on earth then was she being arrested when she is the one who stopped the fight? I wanted to shake Judith and ask her to do something because even I was stuck. What were we going to do now? I had to call my mom but doing so again had so many consequences. O how I hated this girl now. She had set me up real good. Meladi was trying to exact her revenge. My sister was just quiet because she knew what I knew! Meladi knew that my sister had a witness but for the next couple of hours at least we would sleep in the cells before Kagiso could even come tell the truth. That’s all she wanted. Very well played. Unlike my sister though I was seething. This girl was crossing another line and I am one of those people who will do anything to defend my family. At that moment I was snapped out of my thoughts by Amo crying. This baby had timing wow!

“Is there a baby in the house?”

The female officer asked. I said yes and immediately said how old the baby was. She said I should go bring the baby. I invited them in of which they accepted. It was a bit chilly outside to be fair and black people are angrier in the cold and probably more so when wet, white people on the other hand find when themselves in such weather they build snowmen and swim!

I walked into my room to pick my precious child whose mother was about to become a convict! How embarrassing! When I walked into the lounge carrying Amo the female officer was looking at some family pictures on the wall. What the hell? That was rude and intrusive. She zoomed in on one picture in particular to the point of lifting it up which made me want to tell her she was crossing a line but we were in enough trouble as is. My baby was not going to sleep in jail! I had to think of someone I could call to come baby sit and the only person that came to mind was Aurelia but we were not even talking. Goodness I needed more friends.

“Wait, is this Mme Magongwa, she was at Bara a few years ago?”

The female officer asked. I nodded in the affirmative and the officer’s tone changed.

“Oh my God,”

Yes she actually said that,

“Mhlongo, remember I told you that after I had the C Section there was a nurse who did all she could to make sure I was fine but she left Bara before I could thank her properly. I even went to look for her but no one would give me her number! This is her!”

She said quite excited. I could not believe that my usually evil mother was actually nice at work. I had always assumed she was those nurses everyone hates, the mean and cruel ones who have no empathy at all. I love her but I did say growing up under my mother was not an easy thing. She was hell bent on being strict. For the officer to say that I won’t lie it was a proper shock. I really did not know my mother as well as I thought I did.

“Ok girls I am going to give you a chance to tell me your story!”

She said sitting down on the edge of the sofa. I did not offer her a seat but who cares. I told her everything that had happened from me getting Mudenda arrested and her showing up at my door. I told of the insults and how I was guilty of her hitting her. I also told her that my sister was innocent and that there were witnesses that she stopped the fight without even throwing a punch. It was such an open conversation.

“Mhlongo go turn off the lights I am sure the neighbors are starting to peep through their windows by now!”

She said to her partner. O yes the blue lights were still on. This was embarrassing to be honest!

“I am not going to arrest you. There is no one to stay with the baby. Faith tomorrow morning first thing, I will be there until 8am I want you to come open a protection order from that girl. Don’t worry we have ways so you you will be fine!”

She said. The mood had changed now and she was at ease. When Mhlongo came back she told him that they had to go because there was no case here. I didn’t argue at all and infact thanked my mother in my head. She had really saved us from the shame. My sister who was still quiet escorted them out with me then immediately went to her room afterwards. She was clearly angry. I decided to let her breathe.

It took me hours to put Amo to bed meaning by the time I went to bed I was exhausted.

“I have called some old friends! I am going to get that girl sorted out. She won’t even know it’s me!”l

She said. I could hear she was still angry.

“I need her address please they want to go sort her out!”

I looked at her in awe! I told you my sister was not normal! I knew exactly who she had called up!

Her Coloured friends from Eldorado Park. Those girl only understood violence. She could sense my hesitation though so she went on to say,

“Dude stop being a wimp! It will totally not come back to us and they promise they won’t harm the baby!”

I was tempted Mmmmm, I really was!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

β€ŽDear readers,
I hope you will be able to assist me……

I am 23 years old with a 4 year old daughter well I have two questions really…..
The first one: my baby daddy and I broke up I think when I was still pregnant, I was 18 then. He never really participated in her upbringing and would pop up and help then when needed disappear……so I decided to cut ties with him completely just greet when I meet him and pretend to be in a hurry….so now that I am working I am thinking of getting sole custody so I never have to see him again till the child can visit him on her own,,,am I wrong or right or selfish?
The second one: it was during my gap year after matric when I fell pregnant and gave birth on the same year…..following year my mom took me to varsity and I graduated this year. I found a boyfriend late in my first year and ddnt think anything about it then. The bf does not have a child and does not look like he wants one. I never told him I have a child as I was in varsity and the child at home. At first I told myself there is no need because we would probably break up soon anyway… years have passed and I haven’t been honest. what worries me more is what if I tell him and he forgives me? How will I stay in the relationship knowing I’ve been so untrustworthy?β€Ž Dumping me seems like the better option but he is such a good man I swear at times I don’t think there are still guys like him…..never cheated very supportive he is just good… do I do this people? Khanindincede

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  1. She crossed the line so she deserves everything bad coming to her but the un born child has done nuting rong hmmm indeed Faith! Thnx Mikey happy wetnesday yall!!

  2. Wow! Wow! Great chapter. So good it felt kinda short πŸ™


    Dear Nosipho

    Firstly I feel no child should be deprived of a father/mother figure. I think it’s only fair that your child knows her biological dad BUT a father who does not support his child is NO father. Get where I’m going? Yes my dear. If he doesn’t support her than to hell with him until she’s old enough to decide for herself if she wants him a part of her life.

    As for your boyfie lol darling. Woman to woman. Men are not forgiving like we are, however it’s only fairs he knows the truth. Be honest. Tell him what you just told us in the letter. If he loves you, he will accept her and your apology but I doubt it’ll be easy for him to trust you again in the near future.

    Now I’ve sugar coated the answer πŸ™‚ uphi uJackzorro ezokutshela the male side of it? Lol

    Best of luck!

  3. Bathathe Mike! You are my favourite person today, and such a good read at that! I must say I am with Judith on this one! Let be beatdown of a pregnant woman begin… Hehehe

    One question, wasn’t Judith’s man white?

  4. Nosipho, you will not be able to get full custody of the child without the father being involved so rather let it be as it seems he is not asking to see the child anyways!!! As for you lying to ur boyfriend, well maybe he would have accepted the child as his own and might have been a good father figure for the child! But now the issue is no longer you having a child as much as it is you lying to someone you are very close to for years! Tell him and face the consequences dear! There is no way around it!

  5. Iyo such a short chapter,the chapters are getting shorter everyday Mike…thanks anyway

    Sisi I know how you feel regarding the u baby daddy but there’s no need of wanting to get sole custody.Myeke Anjalo nje ,the child will decide for themselves when they have grown whether they want dad to be on their live.As for ukufihla umntwana hai u worse shame,I just don’t get why you did that,uncenga uthando na?Tell boyfie the truth

  6. Thank goodness for Faith’s mom. Meladi ena should get a beat down. Pregnant girls have a tendency of taking advantage of the situation and behave like morons. Thank you Mikey!!

    @MissLolly, you want to start another marathon ka Jackzorro. Kwaaaaaaa!!!! La mpolaya waitse. Love you boo…

    @Nosi honey, yes we all get that your baby daddy is actually behaving like a sperm donor but keeping him away from the child will only come back to bite you in the arse. As much arseholes as our baby daddies can be, I believe no child should be deprived of having to grow up not knowing his/her father. When he decides to be a part of her life, let him, if not, so be it. You don’t want to find yourself in a position when tomorrow she will be hating you and accusing you of keeping her away from her dad. Let her grow up and decide for herself if she still wants that loser in her life without you enforcing the distance.
    I hope I don’t get crucified for this part. lol! I really do not get why you wouldn’t tell your boyfriend about your kid. To me as a woman I cannot defend a woman who hides her child for all these years. I can understand you not introducing him to the child but not mentioning her at all, haai sisi, it just says to me you are ashamed of that baby. Yes I said ashamed of that baby because you think people will judge you for having a baby at that young age. People will always talk whether you do good or bad. You should be proud of being a mom. That is God’s gift. You have already done too much damage by not saying anything so do not drag this any longer. Sit down with your boyfriend and tell him everything. Of course he is going to ask why you didn’t say anything all these years and he might be forgiving. It’s not like you had the baby when you guys were dating. Well, if he is not forgiving and wants to end things, then let him go because it was just not meant to be.

    Good luck lovie and in future, don’t hide that little bundle. :-* :-*

  7. Thanks Mike, I’m so glad the police did not arrest Faith, I was seething inside after that Meladi episode.

  8. Well said Kayvee…

    Nosi my angel , being ina relationship means being able to talk about those awkward things that you sometimes dread. I also dont get why you had to hid your baby form your boyfriend, yes introducing him is one thing but to not mention her at all does come across as you being ashamed of her. People will always jugde my angel . Look at me, I have a 4 month old baby at 28, me and my boyfriend are still together but people are jugding us for a kid out of wedlock…You can never ever pleas abantu sisi. Just tell your boyfriend about your lil angel and yes he will ask why you never said anythig you tread carefully when answering his questions, because sometimes its not much the deeds we do that land us in trouble but the reasons for our actions… Best of luck hey

  9. Q&A

    Dear i understand your concern, however your letter is missing some of the important information that i need to try and assist you.

    i understand that u wr not married when u had a child with this man, so he does not have full parental responsibilities and rights. in order for you to be assisted, firstly i want to know if he qualifies to have full parental responsibilities and rights or not? (look at the Children’s Act, act no 38 of 2005), look at section 21 of the said act. secondly, is he the man who will want to have those parental responsibilities and rights over your angel? thirdly, are you willing to explain to you child when she is older that you actually terminated her father’s responsibilities and rights for your own selfish reasons?

    after u have read the act and he does not qualify than there is no need for you 2 go through all that process of going to court and paying lot of money instead of using it to better the life of your baby. I would suggest that you let him be as long as he does not come to your baby and distract her life unnecessarily. your baby will grow with or without a father and she will make her own decisions and she will thank you for being the good and unselfish mom because uzobe ese understand ukuthi kwenzakani ngalendoda who is suppose to be her father.

    as 4 Q2 my dear, tell him the truth as you have told us. better he hears it from u than from other sources because it myt sound terrible.

    good luck, I hope I was able to assist u.

  10. Couldn’t agree more with kayvee.. there’s no reason to hide the baby from your boyfriend, if he can’t deal with that baggage then let him go.

  11. phew waphunyuka Faith

    lady with a problem for problem number 1 as alot of ppl have said nam ngiya adder let the child decide sweety kodwa for now coz his still small all u can do is pretend to get along with the loser dad its not that hard we all do it ,just remind urself its for my baby .

    as for the 2nd problem i dont understand how u young mothers do this yaz,how do u hide a child for years from a “serious bf” my baby boy is all over my phone,laptop,social networks i dont even need to tell u i have a child uyazibonela .i just dont get how bandla plz forgive me if i come across as judgemental but ayi……….this one needs jackzorro .

  12. Nice one Mike
    Where them stories from niggas.
    Picking up up a trend with this blog/or readers.
    and the Zackzorro epic saga, confirmed what has been evident.
    Would be a nice topic for a psychology major (Urban society thought processes) case study responses to these issues, no survey needed.
    Eita Holla

  13. Good day dearests, aowa hle Ntate Mike Rumbling is getting shorter by the day hle . Next time it wil be only 2 paragraph maybe separated by sentences. Anyway thanks but not enough

  14. tnx for d read Mike
    Q&A… woooi Nosipho, we are in d same boat here but the only difference is dat my baby stays with his dad’s family, i had evn more advantage of hiding but nah I did not. I quiet dnt get it why u ddnt tell de guy evn though u thought u were not gonna last! If u luv a person u tell nothing but the truth, worse u guys have been together for quiet sometime now!
    The only thing u can do nw is to tell the poor guy the truth and expect watever that might come ur way, cz for me to hide a baby bcz of that reasoning u gave us is not sufficient! For sole custody it not a good idea, let things be fir now till ur baby is grown n starts making decisions herself!…

    But how do u hide the human being, ur own flesh? You should have known better hey

  15. To Q&A

    Just leave your baby daddy as he is….you not alone in the situation most of us woman are facing that currently, it is the baby’s right to have both parents in their lives regardless of whatever happened ngani as partners….secondly tell your boyfriend the truth as much as you waited for this long….hopefully he forgives you doll…..

  16. @KayVee Couldn’t have said it any better dear πŸ™‚

    As for Mr Zorro’s marathon lol lol! Eyy it seems I missed out :-* love love love is all I have for ya πŸ™‚

    1. We love you too hun. I want to start a campaign called “Bring Back Our Jackzorro” just to ruffle some people’s feathers you know.

  17. mxm, im not gonna bother reading the letters ngoba uJackzinto akasa comment.
    I don’t have time for ama comments wabanye abantu shem.

    thanks Mike:)

  18. Faith let judith deal with meladi,who dz she think she is yenamo go shapa ka stena ha a fetsa wa go tella

  19. Dankie adv Maphoto

    Hahaaaaaa I guess those UCT students who were like “Cecil Rhodes must fall” have migrated to DOAZG and are like “Jackzorro must fall”

    Qinani ladies zizinto nje zabantu ezi


  20. Dankie adv Maphoto

    Hahaaaaaa I guess those UCT students who were like “Cecil Rhodes must fall” have migrated to DOAZG and are like “Jackzorro must fall”

    Qinani ladies zizinto nje zabantu ezi zangabom


  21. Am so glad that the gals didn’t get arrested…phew!

    Nosipho this is between u & yo ex-boyfriend. U need to do everything in yo power so yo child has some relationship with the daddy. Parenting has nothing to do with money!! (Yeah I said it) When yo child is older it will be too late & u might get blamed for not ensuring there’s a father/child relationship. I’m sure u don’t want a child with father issues. However, there needs to be boundaries…he can’t make empty promises, he can’t stood up the child, he can’t lie to the child or even buy the child’s love…he needs to communicate & explain if things will not go according to a promise he made…he needs to do his best being there for the child no matter what! If not done properly (in the best interests of the child) again u’ll risk having an angry child. It’s not easy being a child & even more being a single parent. The SA law no longer does “sole custody” a child is recognised to belong to both parents but one parents primarily resides with the child. Unless there is a serious issue that the other parent has or intended to harm the child – there’ll be either no access or supervised access. I’m impressed with the fact u’re asking about this. Goodluck dear!
    Boyfriend?…come clean gal and hand it over to the universe…u can’t hide a human being. It’s best he hears from u.
    Apologies for writing a book!

  22. hhe bana!!! entlek nifunani vede vede ku Zorro… meka commenta nithi “nye nye nye nye” mese esethuli umuntu wenkosi ini futhi! hhaysuka! niyakhenya!

  23. Thanx bra mike for a lovely chapter mara it was short πŸ™‚

    1st Question If the father of ur baby doesnt partake in the upbringing of ur baby just let him be and since you can afford to take care of ur baby i think it is really not necessary for u to pursue the sole custody issue hay for he is not takin any responsibility anyways so that will be a futile exercise.

    2nd question well i have seen most women lose it because their men did not disclose that they have children from previous relationships…well in our case (women) its easy for us to forgive and let go but men on the other hand hai no shem they are not that forgiving, I mean it was really selfish of you to keep such a secret from your bf for so long, what kind of a mother are you mara yeh? judging from ur behavior ua as irre as the father of this poor child and both of you dont deserve to be called parents of this amazing soul. If you really love your men and that child ngabe kdala waphuma ne ndaba hay…anyhu all the best in dishing the news to your men and lets hope he finds it in his heart to forgive u coz really this is some deep ish nje….

  24. Thank you Mike… Basaadi meh mathata..

    theQ my lady I have kids and its been three years after the breakup with their father, he doesn’t do anything for them. Just having said that it doesn’t mean I should cut him off, you making it easy for him the kids will grow let it be him answering the questions from them, as for you, u did you best the will love you for that. DO NOT CUT HIM OFF …

    as for you to hiding your child like really, were you trying to impress him. I don’t understand. Tell him like now

  25. Q&A: Nosipo taking full custody is merely making it official since Uv been doing most of d upbringing of yo baby. It will b mice though2 allow dady visiting rights incase d guy bcums mature & wants2 play a more active roll.
    As4 current bf I think H deserves d truth. H according 2U sounds a gud guy so its 50/50 but rather do it now & explain since U cudnt’t 4C a future initially. If U leaves U den (I doubt tho) then it wasn’t meant 2b. Take it as lesson 2always b upfront irspctiv of d prospects. PapaG

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