Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty One

I need to recap. Friendships are important. They allow you enjoy the finer things in life such as love, loyalty, respect, care, trust basically all the important things. Zama and I had been close no doubt but she had betrayed me but I never stopped caring for as a friend. She came, she apologized, we fought about it until in her own special way we fixed things. Meladi also had been friend and she too betrayed me. Her I could not forgive because she did the whole Shakespeare thing of love turned to hate and I had no regrets now at this point. Then there was Aurelia, she was the one friend who had done nothing wrong to me and if truth be told had more than just stood up for me. She took care of me during difficult times and now had just gotten me a job. She had never ever asked me for anything of any significance and now here I was betraying that trust and mutual respect. Money is the root of all for a reason but I needed help. I might have to discuss this with my mother because this was important to me.

I know I am supposed to have run after her like they do in the movies but run after her and say what? Firstly she had lied to me. She had said on the phone after the interview that he had beaten her up because of sex then she changed her story now and was saying it was because of her. The guy played golf in the middle of the week for crying out loud why would he beat you up for hair. I don’t understand really. Had she gotten embarrassed to tell me the truth or something because that’s that’s the only other excuse I could think of. Nothing else really! So much was going on too fast and I had to compose myself. I did not want to lose my friend so I resolved that I will allow her to cool off then I will try talking to her tomorrow. I really needed this job though. Nowadays getting a job is next to impossible, it’s like calling Heaven and asking Jesus to come back! You apply for all these posts on faith and out of every 50 you apply to, two or three even bother replying and chances of getting that job are even slimmer! Aurelia didn’t get this and this is what I needed to explain.

In the house it was just me and Amo. Normally either my mother or sister is here to share the burden. I had to cook for everyone and take care of him at the same time. It’s a lot of work to be honest. Single mothers, you are heroes because I don’t think I can last longer like that. My mother called at least to check up on me. She said she had been trying to call Judith but was struggling to get her because her phone was off. My sister can disappear for a week if she wants to so my mother actually had cause to worry. She was too old for this though because with the way girls were going missing these days it was important to check in. Her colleagues were fine, one had broken her arm though in the accident that was it. She also asked me when last I spoke to Mudenda because she had spoken to all the uncles that matter and arrangements were afoot. We were no longer doing it at my house but my uncle’s place in the township. He was a policeman and very strict which is why I think she chose that. Yes a woman you can be single and independent as my mother was but at times you need male support as other males try to take advantage. My mother always said to us that,
“You can make his bed, wash his clothes and still be a strong powerful independent woman!”

She would say this when my sister questioned why at times she let our uncles get away with murder.m she had her own way of dealing with things. I was therefore not that surprised we would do it at his house. Is that wise though because all the money will go to his house? Ah I did not like this.

When my mother hung up the next call I was from Tidimalo. He called to ask me for advice about a girl. There was a girl he said he was vibing with and he asked what he should do to get her.

“I can’t believe you can ask me that Tidimalo that’s not right!”

I found myself saying without thinking. I was falling in love with this guy and here he was asking me for help.

“What’s wrong? I just need advice!”

He asked surprised by my reaction.

“I am your ex so you can’t ask me about other girls. How do you think I feel about that?”

I said. I couldn’t stop myself to be honest. I know we were now good friends but him asking me that was like a slap in the face. Any girl in her right mind would not help hook up an ex she might still have feelings for to another girl. How so? I might appear selfish but would I want to punish myself like that.

“First it was Aurelia now her? Really Faith. It’s like you don’t want me to get a girlfriend.”

He laughed about it and am not sure why. I told him I had to cook and that he had to come and see me because we needed to talk about something more serious. He immediately said that if it’s about Mudenda he is going to be very annoyed because,
“…that guy is a dick, you should not be talking to him!”

Well obviously it was about Mudenda partially and the other part I could not tell him. I just wanted to see him. A girl is allowed right but I could not say it out loud. He said he had to go which was a good thing too because Amo decided now was the time to cry as his nappy needed changing. I also had to cook.

A few hours later there was a knock at my door. For goodness sake it was almost 8pm in the evening. What kind of people come this late especially when you are eating. From now onwards when I eat I should put a board at the gate written,
Because this was so not on. What’s worse I was so hungry because Amo had had his fill. I was cranky, tired and hungry so this better be good otherwise I was not going to be responsible for my actions. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

I went to the door and hesitated to open the door hoping the person will go away. Please go! However they knocked again, this time more urgent. Maybe it’s the police I thought.

I opened the door cautiously but before I could even the open it fully the person pushed it roughly. For a moment I thought I was being robbed. I was wrong it was worse!

“Bitch you thought I wouldn’t find out where you stay?

You have got to be kidding me! At my door there stood Meladi!

What the fuck?

This was not a free clinic in Katlehong! This girl was clearly disrespecting me by coming to my house and like her boyfriend she had just called me BITCH!

Pregnant or not I was going to moer her!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the great reads, I never miss any of your chapters, they are my daily dose.

My story is going to be quite a long one please bare with me, I need to be specific on the details to get advised. I’m a 25 year old woman, 2 years ago I met this guy I got along with and we hung out together almost everyday and I enjoyed his company, later on we decided to start dating and that’s when things just went south, we just weren’t on the same page and he lacked trust, we both are a little emotionally detached so it was hard expressing the way we felt about each other and I wasn’t having sex with him cos I was a virgin, that made matters worse and my life just became so busy, we barely saw each other, we decided to end it but we kept in touch cos it wasn’t at all a bad breakup. We kept in touch until last year after my 24th birthday I decided I was going to lose my virginity to him and it was done. He asked me what the deal was, if I wanna start dating again or what, I just told him he just needs to make himself available whenever I need sex and that was it, we still kept in touch nothing has changed. On the other hand, I met this guy a month back at an event, the guy invited my friend and told her to bring a friend. We clicked from the word go, we connect at a level even I myself don’t understand. He is an amazing guy, caring, sweet and he knows what he wants and cares a great deal about me and always tells me to express myself seeing that I have a problem communicating how I feel. He is one of those guys that will hold your hand the entire time they driving and I am not used to that, I have minimal experience in the boys department, I dated one guy in high school when I was 18 and it stopped there. The problem lies here though as much as he is everything, he lacks attention and time. He can send a text at 1pm, I respond immediately it’ll take him 3 hours to respond back. A few times plans to see each other have been cancelled but whenever we together I don’t have even a single ounce of doubt that he likes me and wants to be with me. My ex on the other hand who is the same as me is always there, we talk whenever we can after work and stuff, he comes to my place and go to his as well, it’s just that we not in a relationship I doubt it will ever go there as we both really don’t voice out how we feel. I like my ex and he is the only guy I have ever had sex with and I was honest about the situation of how it happened to the second guy and he understood he just doesn’t know we still keep in touch. Right now its just a matter of I’m getting different things from different guys. I have a guy who I know for a fact that he likes me and wants to be with me and shows that and communicates it but lacks attention when he is not there and takes ages to see me and another guy who is so emotionally detached I have only hugged him once when we first met has never asked me how I feel but knows I exist when he isn’t around, would use his last cent to get to me and lets me know if plans aren’t working out either, maybe it the sex without a relationship that’s making him eager. I know a lot of people have bigger problems out there. I’m not a girl that entertains several guys at once, I need to zoom in on one guy and focus, it’s really not me, hence I am asking for help cos I feel I need it

Thank you in advance

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  1. Thanks Mikey n team.. family its my birthday today.. happy besday to me <3 <3 #pisces. Lol..imma enjoy

    1. happy bday Nolucci .have a blessed day.

      Faith moer that gal jst be careful you dnt get arrested,please try getting back to Tidimolo.

  2. Great read once again Mr Maphoto….as for Q&A….I guess it all boils down to what you really want….that’s if you know what that is…though it comes across as that you just wanna be in a relationship regardless of whether it fulfills your inner desires… yourself and you will find the answers….will be better to take a step back so that you can get a clearer perspective….good luck all the same

  3. Thanks Mike for the daily dose but the chapter was short

    at Q&A They say sometimes you need to be brave enough to walk away from what you think you need in order to get what you deserve .

  4. Dear Scattered

    I think you need to really just swallow whatever you need to swallow and ask both guys about the issues you have. Ask the first guy what he wants, ask over and over again till you get your answer. And ask the second guy whats up with the lack of attention, you need to keep contact with him even when he isnt around. let him know how you feel and that you expect to see a change. Then you can make your decision about which guy to be with. Goodluck and I hope which ever guy you pick makes you happy.

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, Faith bout to go Smack Down on poor Meladi lol.

    Happy besday Nolucci 🙂

    Scattered, you sound very interesting. I find it so fascinating that you can have a sex relation with an ex that broke your virginity and still have no emotional attachment, that’s some wicked G shit lol.

    Guy number two shows all the right signs when he is around, but then its out of sight out of mind the moment you vanish, that’s some double life typer ish. Your problem seems to be the principle or value of your situation, let’s hit the nail then. My analysis states that although you have two guys at your disposal, you only utilise one of them sexually. Therefore I cannot render your illness as the mid-20’s sfebeism. On the other hand, it can be questionable how you copulate with a person without any psychological or emotional connection, it’s either weird or kinky, whichever tinkles your fancy.

    The second dude is harmless fun, until something concrete happens, I can’t nay or yay that situation, so have a blast. You are living, it aint hurting, so live, enjoy and find your inner self in the process.


  6. Faith just don’t hit a pregnant gal, anything might happen and u don’t want a record on ur name as u r unempleyed.

  7. thanx Mike i’m a first timer as for Q&A u need to take a step back from yo ex/besty and focus on the new guy and get used to his busy schedule that is if you really want yo relatioship with him work!! good luck

  8. rumblings is the best…Eish as for Meladi ne I would hit her with words and threaten her to take her man as well…while she still fantasies abt the future,she is also afraid of Faith hence all the walk away from both guys and start afresh

  9. Scattered, I understand your situation and the frustration that comes with it. I too am in an almost similar situation.
    Really boils down to feelings and you therefore need to get out of your ’emotionally detached zone’ and allow yourself to feel, it might be scary, but that is the only way you will really know what it is that you want and deserve.
    I wish you all the best and that you will find happiness,

  10. Faith beat tht biatch with a tape u made of mudenda confessing not loving her,A2Qi hope am not rong but I dnt think there’s a guy who’d spend his last cent to umuntu angamthandi just for sex,I thnk tht guy loves ya but scared to tell u since u made it clear u want only sex frm him,for a guy its always tough to tell a lady u love her expecial if uve been friends hlampe vele ngahambi kahle n spoil things.just tell him how u feel if uyamthanda

  11. Thanks Mike n da Team. How did Meladi new that Faith is alone @ her mum’s house. Eish Faith dnt fight Meladi u wl hv a criminal record n Neva be able 2 get a job. Please Mike (dnt make Faith fight wit Meladi)poor Amo. Sum1 must pitch up

  12. Happy birthdae nolucci,enjoy ur day dear.yoh faith pls compose urself nd behave like a lady nd jst hit meladi wid ur words,shez in desperate mode now m sure she see’s herself in d same situation as u wn u we’re preg,karma is a bitch.QnA girl u nid to try and communicate wid both guys,u nid to find wt are der intentions wid u.I dnt know why u nt in a relationship wid ur ex if url ar close and hv sex anyway and he took ur virginity,bt my take is ul will end up together if nt now bt in d near future coz url ar frends as well and hv dt bond unless he finds a girl he wl fall inlv wid as u nt being straight wid him as well.if hez nt making d move to tell u how he feels dn u shuld jst take d bull by d horns wt do u hv to for d other guy,Its a no no I hate a guy whoz out of site out of mind kind,derz usually sumthn doggy abwt em.gudluck gal.

  13. Scattered you just described my ex from 8 years ago Khayalethu Mbane !!! LAMADODA KODWA (the second guy that is) that is a very sticky situation you find yourself in, having to wait for his phone calls, replies etc is frustrating, i’m guessing that is why you keep your ex around…I dont know what to tell you, you have found yourself in the most difficult position but I think you should cut all communication with your ex, tell the new guy what he’s doing wrong because its seems to me you enjoy having a safety net called your ex..

  14. Thanks for the intriguing reads Mike

    Dear Scattered

    The way I see it, guy no.2 is just out to use you. Ive come to learn that if a guy WANTS to see you, he WILL. nothing will stop him. You are an option to him, I suggest you let him go. He is forbidden fruit shem. Yummy n sweet but deadly. The ex bf situation..hmm.. you will probably never be content if you get back with him, but u need to seriously think about what you want and need from/of a man.. would u wanna be stuck with a guy that praises you all day, or one that ignores you?

    I know what id choose..

  15. @THATgirl

    I agree with you guy number two is a forbidden fruit stay away. he is maybe married or in a serious relationship

  16. Ai Meladi has gumption for days… O no thoma Faith a ti homoletse net so, the nerve…

    Scattered, Scattered, Scattered…

    I think you’re going through a phase of “Grass is greener” type of situation. Just an introspective question for you, is it possible that guy #2 “o go ja ka experience?” [an attempt in translation just dilutes the impact]. I mean 25, 1 notable boyfriend and a single adolescent companionship, what’s his history, maybe he’s dated quite a few and knows exactly which buttons to press to solicit your affections.

    From your letter, you come across as those independent and quite outspoken types and with common trends for females, myself included. Our sort, as strong as we come across to the world we’re quite fragile beings not to mention the fact common wants don’t appeal to us, good conversation, humour, loyalty and genuine connection are traits that are quite beckoning to our kind.

    Ride it out with guy #2, surely with time, you’ll get a grasp of what he’s truly about. Well with guy #1, I guess you’ve made it clear what it is that you want, mara here i’m questioning your story, o kare the man is really into you but guarded as you are you’ve built such high boundaries and made yourself emotionally unavailable that he’s just reciprocating that by assuming a detached stance.

    No man, detached as you say, would leave anything and everything, nor use last pennies to come to your side if he was not into you. Not to mention spend most of his time texting you incessantly. He might have entered the relationship in a detached state but that ship has long sailed. Guy’s probably whipped.

    Be gutsy, test the waters and ask him. You’ll probably be “pleasantly surprised” at the response.



  17. Dear scattered,

    The second guy seems to like you as a person and I believe he genuinely enjoys spending time with you. However he is not interested in dating you, men don’t mind waiting for sex if they are getting it elsewhere so don’t be flattered by the fact that the non physical aspect doesn’t bother him. If he wanted you in his life he wouldn’t leave you as an option for when he has time… Ask yourself, if he isn’t giving his undivided attention to you then who is he giving it to

  18. Wena Scattered in this situation u will be very lucky 2 make a right decision until u make time for yourself. Make “me time” and think about what u want. Leave them both 4 sometime and find urself. If u want da ex, go for him and teach him 2 express. If u want mr nyc guy then go 4 him and teach him 2 pay attention. We never get the best but we make the best out of what we get. Ke senya ke realo nna setlogolo sa Baroka…

  19. MHHHHH rumblings ne ah im addicted shem mike thanx for such a great fix

    “Ohh these gals aint loyal” lmao anyhu let me share my views on this issue first and for most Id like to say i envy you for having such a beautiful drama in ur life ah i would love a little bit of that hay, haven’t been gettin some lately lol…ok Romantic guy ai he is just something else but in most cases guys like dat are mostly in a serious relationship so if he constantly responds to ur text as soon as his tone beeps he will blow his cover but thats just my opinion, Mr emotionally detached on the other side well i wud say with him there are 2 things involved its either he enjoys shaggin u or he is seriously inlove with u, but since you guys have a shagging arrangement he is just sticking to his end of the deal…sweety nothing will ease ur confusion until you express ur feelings (Communicate)…tell Mr holding hands that this deal of him taking 20 years of democracy to respond to ur texts is getting too personal lol it irritates the crap out of u and he has to make up his mind ukuthi he wants u or what yohh**** and as for ur Cutty buddy yal just need to sit down and talk abt ur ish and its either you amend the recognition agreement or make up your minds and date if that’s what u guys want…..Good-luck in figuring out ur lovely mess

    Ur admire

  20. Faith darling compose yourself, yes Meladi is out of line but this means you getting a threat hence she is showing up at your place. Just play her the recording she will be very humbled.

    Scattered you in this predicament simply because you, yourself don’t know what it is you want. That is why you keeping both guys around, its for your own security and nothing else.
    You like your ex hence you sleeping with him.

    You need to retrospect and make a decision.

    Thanks Team Mike

  21. I hope Faith doesn’t lay her hands on that psycho girl coz she will def land herself in hot water. What if Meladi is not really pregnant or she miscarried long ago and whats to stage a fight so that she can pin it all on Faith and make it look like Faith is responsible for her miscarriage? Faith needs to be smart, PRESS THE RECORDING AGAIN and use it against Meladi at the gathering, Make people see her for what she really is. JUST OUTSMART HER, IT’S THAT SIMPLE 🙂 As for Aurelia you owe her LOYALTY…don’t do unto others what you don’t wana be done to you, Im sure you know how it feels to be betrayed, pls dont turn out to be a selfish bitch coz if you loose Aurelia than you are screwed!

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