Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Seventeen

We heard voices coming from outside my room Mthobisi quickly put the gun away, two gentlemen entered and introduced themselves they were police officers.  They said the nurse had called them to tell them that I had woken up, they wanted to ask me a few questions to which my husband protested saying I was not in a good space, he told them to speak to my doctor and he will explain to them, but the police wouldn’t hear none of that, they asked me questions about where I was and who took me and how I ended up outside our complex all I kept telling them I didn’t know and I didn’t remember.  Eventually they said if I remember something I should give them a call.  They gave me their numbers as they were walking out I asked “is it okay if I go to Cape Town for a few days?”  The police officers looked at each other in disbelief.  WTF, did I say something wrong I wondered.  The one looked at me and asked “did someone die, are you going to a funeral?”  I gave him a blank stare, he continued “is someone in Cape Town on death bed and are demanding to see you to pass on some message before they die?” No was my answer, stupid man continued “then I suggest you stay here in Johannesburg where we will be able to get hold of you in case we catch the people who did this to you.” he said pointing at me, and then they walked out.  Deep down I was happy I didn’t really feel like travelling again, but I couldn’t show that to my husband so I had to pretend to be upset and disappointed about the whole situation, he smiled and said “that’s what you wanted, you didn’t want this holiday did you?” I looked at him opened my mouth and put my hand on my mouth and said “how could you say that about your wife?”  he laughed and said “if you were not on a hospital bed I would be on top of you right now” we both laughed.  I told him to borrow me his phone so I can break the bad news to the girls who were already looking forward to the trip, I conferenced called all of them I didn’t want to break the news to one person at a time and the repeating myself over and over was not going to work, they understood that I had to stay for the police investigation even though we all knew the police were going to come up with nothing.  She Rocks said she will pop by later to see me, I thanked them for being such good friends and for not giving up hope that I will be found someday, Cleo quickly said “I’m not going to lie friend, I thought you were going to come in a body bag, we should really do a ceremony to thank the ancestors.” She Rocks argued saying why can’t we do a ceremony to thank God, this was one argument I was not going to get involved in, I told them we can do both, thank God and the ancestors in one party as soon as I was fully recovered.  When I was done with the call Mthobisi said “Mrs. Busy body, organising parties while in hospital bed, this is what I love about you, nothing gets you down.”  I smiled and handed him his phone, he jokingly asked “aren’t you going to go through my phone and check messages to see who I’ve been talking to while you were gone?” I laughed and said “No thanks, I wouldn’t want to do that to myself, I will have strokes and heart attacks all at once after seeing the nudes on your phone” we both laughed.  The doctor came in and said it’s good to see me happy, he examined me and said he was happy with my recovery, in a day or 2 I should be able to go home.  Mthobisi said “yes, please her stay here is costing me 5 cows, I should go to her parents and ask for some of my lobola money back.” The doctor laughed and said he’s the perfect man to help me recover with all his crazy jokes. Mthobisi got a call and left me with the doctor who was still busy checking me, the doctor wrote a few notes on my file and left.  A few minutes later Mthobisi came back and said, “Fundani is expecting me to make a move so we going to put our plans on ice and besides you still need to recover.”  I nodded in agreement, he said he needed to go but didn’t want to leave me alone I asked where Champagne was he said he was going with him, “if you going with Champagne it means something is going down, what’s going on Mthobisi?” he looked at me and said “nothing is going on, we just need to go sort out a few things we will be back in no time but I will wait till one of your friends or your mom to arrives  before I leave.”  I just looked at him and didn’t respond, we were getting along so well and then he goes again and becomes he’s old secretive self, I could never get anything out of him before and earlier he had opened up to me and that felt good and now he was being defensive again.  I picked up a magazine that one of the girls had brought for me, when I checked the dates we were already in March I exclaimed “shit, I missed Valentines?” Mthobisi laughed and said not to worry cause he got me a valentines gift, I was not upset because I was worried about the gift I had missed, I was irritated because now I wouldn’t be able to buy him those corny valentines gift, the heart shaped chocolates in a heart container and a white teddy bear with a red heart, I bought him those kind of corny gifts every valentines because I knew how much he didn’t like Valentines and over the years he had warmed up to the valentines idea.  He laughed at me and said I can give him the gift I gave him the same teddy bear I gave him last year he still has it, he will smile and pretend to be happy, I ignored him and read my magazine, after a few minutes of reading I feel asleep, it must have been that boring article I was reading about re-incarnation not that I believed in that but I just thought they would have something interesting.

I dreamnt that She Rocks and Mthobisi had gotten married while I was gone and had 3 kids, 3 cats and 3 dogs, and they stayed in house number 3 and they didn’t remember who I was it was like I had just been wiped out of their memories, the more I tried explaining who I was the more confused they got, I was so angry at both of them and for some reason I had no one else to go to and they were rejecting me.    I woke up sweating and angry and there was She Rocks and some lady standing next to my bed “what’s going on?”  She Rocks smiled and said “this is Layla, she’s here to do your nails, I saw how horrible they looked and didn’t want to say anything to hurt your feelings since you in hospital and all so I got you her to do your nails here.”  I smiled and sarcastically said that is very thoughtful of her because obviously when people come to see me in hospital the first thing they check is my nails to see if they are manicured or not.  She Rocks angrily said “Well then grumpy, I will just take my nails lady and leave if that’s how you want to be.”


I angrily stared at her and said “yes by all means take her, both of you go, disturbing my sleep for shit”

She Rocks said “You really are ungrateful Lee you know that, all I was trying to do was do something nice for you and you give me this.”

I replied “Are you being nice because you feel guilty? Coz maybe you fucked my husband      while I was gone”

The nails lady had been silent until I threw that line at She Rocks, she then said “I’m sorry but I have other clients I have to tend to, can I come back when you two have resolved your problems.

Both She Rocks and I said at the same time “sit down” then She Rocks turned and walked towards my bed her face was written danger, if I didn’t have those drips hooked on me I would have stood up and ran, her face had turned into the a monster’s face and she slapped me so hard I swear saw I saw Jesus when he was still a baby that’s how hot that clap was it sent me back in time.

10 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Seventeen

  1. Well done Mike. it was a pleasant read there, you and Thozama very much deserve a round of applaud. that must have been a twist there, for a second , I envisage lesedi and mthobisi going on a rampage against Funani. I like the fact that every chapter is never predicted, well not to everyone of course, but to most of us like me.

  2. mike u always your way of making crack like stress is my worse enemy…specially when Lee saw Baby Jesus. nice one once again Mikey

  3. Hahaha!!! I die
    Lee wa hlanya SheRock has been nothing but an angel throughout all ths mess that lee created. She derseved that clap, maybe she wl get back her senses!

    thank u team!

  4. lol seeing Jesus when He was a baby, Team Mike you guys have a way with words that is just amazing.

    Thanks Team

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