Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fourteen

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in a strange and unfamiliar place with pipes and machines all around you.  Not knowing how you got there, or when you got there just feeling lost and confused.  I had heard She Rocks screaming at me not to die but now she was nowhere to be seen all I was seeing were two nurses faffing over me.  When finally the pipe in my mouth was removed my throat was extremely dry, first thing I asked for was water, the nurses held a glass to my mouth and there was a straw I drank from the straw when I was done I asked where had my friend had gone to they told me she was outside waiting for me, one of the nurses went to go get her then came back and said she can’t find her but she had asked reception to call my husband and tell him I was awake.  I asked her what happened to me and they both looked at each other and asked “don’t you remember?” If I knew why I was in hospital I wouldn’t be asking, how silly of these nurses, they said they didn’t know much but police were involved because they had to give statements to police etc.  Wow I thought I must have been in an accident.  Mthobisi came rushing in, the look on his face when he saw me talking to the nurses.  My husband hardly ever gets emotional but on that particular day tears just started rolling down his face, he came next to my bed looked at me and shook his head, words wouldn’t even come out of his mouth, it was like he was seeing me for the first time, the nurses stood there watching this with tears in their eyes, they knew they should leave but I guess this was just too interesting to watch.  Mthobisi still staring at me with tears choking him whispered “I thought I had lost you forever.  Thank you God.” Then he hugged me, longest hug of my life, I had drips and things all over me and damn the man was pulling and those were hurting me but I couldn’t burst his bubble, I let him hug me as long as he wanted when he finally let go of me he still couldn’t stop staring at me.  I asked him “what’s wrong?” he smiled through his tears and said “nothing Honey, you just look so beautiful I can’t keep my eyes off you, everything else is perfect.”  Okay so many compliments something had to be up.  I looked at the nurses who were still standing there and asked “how long was I out for?”  one of them mumbled “we not sure.”  I looked at Mthobisi and asked “which ward is Cleo and Andiswa sleeping in?”  The nurse asked “whose Cleo and Andiswa.”  I quickly replied “they are my friends we were all in the same accident.”  Mthobisi shook his head “no Honey you were not in an ….” One of the nurses told him not to overload me with too much information it was still too early and I needed to recover first.  Next thing I knew my entire family walked in my mom, Victor, Naledi and my dad.  First thing I said to them was “when did you guys get to Durban?”  They all gave me confused look and one of the nurses asked them all to go wait outside she was going to call my doctor to come and see me.  As they were walking out I heard my dad say to Mthobisi “Didn’t you say on the phone she was dying, was that supposed to be some kind of a stupid pathetic joke?” Mthobisi mumbled something which I couldn’t hear.  Dying? How bad was this situation?  A few minutes later a doctor came, he examined me and said my recovery was something short of a miracle, I didn’t know if I should say thanks or smile so I just gave him a blank stare, he asked me if I knew my name I said “yes, my name is Lesedi and I am married to Mthobisi the handsome cry baby who was just here now.” He laughed and said “at least you haven’t lost your sense of humour.”  Oh my God, what else had I lost I tried feeling my arms they were still there with drips and all, this must have been a bad accident, my legs, I couldn’t feel my legs, I shouted “My legs are gone, my legs are gone” one of the nurses pinched me on the legs and I screamed “ouch” and everybody laughed and I said ‘”okay false alarm, what did I loose in the accident, can I have a mirror I need to see if my face is still the same.”  The nurse said she will get me a mirror when the doctor was done with me.  The doctor kept asking me to tell him about the accident, I told him I couldn’t remember much all I know is me and my friends were involved in a car accident.  He told me to tell him the last thing I remembered, I tried remembering and all I could remember was Mthobisi in our hotel in Durban, the beach, the swimming, then crying I remembered being in a hotel crying I don’t know why I was crying I tried wrecking my brains but I couldn’t remember.  Doctor said I had been through a rough time and should take my time things will come back little by little.  I had no idea what he meant by rough time but I was not interested in knowing he told the nurse to bring me the mirror, he left to go speak to my family and She Rocks walked in, I looked at her confused she was just too happy to see me, she hugged me tight, what is with people and tight hugs while I’m tied up in drips, while she was hugging me I had a flashback I had hugged her the same way and she told me I was squeezing her too tight and she was in a hospital bed I asked her “where is your drip? I know how much these nurses love drips.” She laughed and said “you’ve only been back for less than an hour and you already cracking jokes, I have missed you soo much Lee.”  Okay, she was being weird we’ve been together the whole time, same hospital and everything and now she’s telling me about missing me. I asked her which ward were Andiswa and Cleo in, and then she had a concerned look in her face and said “Lesedi…” Before she could continue Mthobisi walked in and said “Rock Star don’t” then pulled her to the side and whispered something to her.  What is up with all the secrecy though?  While they were still talking a nurse came with a mirror gave it to me and left, I looked at myself and screamed “Oh my Gosh” both Mthobisi and She Rocks turned and looked at me and asked “what’s the matter.”  I shouted “I look terrible, I look like I’ve been hit by lightning.”    As soon as I said the word lighting Ngwako’s face came to my head and I whispered “Ngwako, that bitch tried to kill me.” Now everybody’s attention was on me.  She Rocks exclaimed “I knew it, I knew it was her.  Tell us more Lee, was she with Mfundo’s brother?”

I shouted “Mfundo is alive, I saw him he’s alive or maybe he’s haunting me, maybe it’s his ghost but I saw Mfundo”

She Rocks came close to me and said “Lee, stop it, stop talking about this, I’m sure you need some rest.”  I screamed “No Zandile I don’t need to rest, what we need to do is to get the hell out of here, we are not safe, and none of us is safe.”

She Rocks looked at me and said “you never call me by that name only when you are very serious.  Goddamn Lee, you are scaring me.”

Mthobisi who had been quiet this whole time said “it’s not Mfundo it’s his brother, it’s he’s twin brother to be precise, my brother.”

“Mfundo had a twin?” I asked Jesus what sick game were they playing?  I clearly remembered seeing a face that looked like Mfundo’s telling me I will pay and everything else is blank…

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  1. Wish I could comment but I’m still waiting for my pin-since yesterday. Sent smsz three times already but still nothing! This is the first time something like this happens to me! I always get my pins on time,I’m upset though.

  2. I am with you there Jackz, I also thought she had amnesia . The 1st time Mthobisi admits to having a brother

    Thanks Team Mike

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