Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps -Chapter One Hundred & Fifteen

She Rocks exclaimed “Wait, what?  Mfundo is your what?  Okay I don’t even know why I’m surprised this family is just full of secrets.  When did this happen?  I mean how long have you known that you have a brother I mean that Mfundo is your ohhhh God, I can’t, I just cannot believe it.  After what we’ve done, oh Lord, nooo, this is not happening” while She Rocks was having what seemed like a panic attack my family walked in, my dad looked at Mthobisi and asked what has he done to She Rocks and why she looked so pale, he told him to stop abusing her, the poor child had just fainted all because of him.  I looked at She Rocks and asked “You fainted? What’s wrong Doll?”  she looked at Mthobisi then said her blood sugar was low but I could tell she was lying she was definitely hiding something from me I was in no hurry I was going to find out sooner or later, that girl can’t hide anything.  My mom came and sat next to me “My angel, the doctor says that you have anterograde amnesia but it’s temporally, he says you went through a traumatic experience and your brain can not deal with what you went through so it’s blocking it out, you might start having flashback but you do not need to rush or pressurise yourself into remembering because it will all come back when you are ready.”  I told her I was starting to remember a few things.  My mom continued “my child you were kidnaped and taken away from us for almost 3 weeks, we don’t know what you did or where you were for the last 3 weeks, then this past Thursday your kidnapers threw you outside your complex.  Do you remember any of that?” I shook my head I could not believe that I had been missing for 3 weeks, kidnaped? “Soo we not in Durban?”  Mthobis responded “No Honey it’s been almost two months since we’ve been back from Durban, your friends were in an accident you were with me when it happened you were not with them.”  I again had another flashback, I screamed “I remember, I remember, I was standing on the side of the road calling you my tyre had burst.” Everybody was now silent waiting for me to go on then tears just started flowing out “I remember screaming for help after being thrown in a boot of a car, oh my God, was I raped?”  This is South Africa that’s the first thing that comes to mind after hearing that you went missing for three weeks  is you were raped and used as a sex slave.  Naledi shook her head and said “the doctors ran tests and examined you and it doesn’t seem like you had had any forced entry in your you know what, they also did HIV and STI tests and they all come out negative, well Mthobisi here had to sign a consent form for all that and more.”  Okay, so that bitch Ngwako had kidnapped me for three weeks with her brother in law, this was all just too overwhelming for one night.  I told everybody that I was tired and needed to rest, I wasn’t tired I had been sleeping for only God knows how long the last thing on my mind was sleep, I wanted to think, fuck running I was not going to run I was going to make sure I remember every single thing they did to me in that 3 weeks and do it back to them 7 times more.  My mom cried and hugged me and insisted that Victor stay in the hospital and look after me, Mthobisi told them not to worry he was not going anywhere he would be sleeping in hospital with me.  I was told it was around 2 am in the morning, so everybody left, except for Mthobisi, the nurse told me I needed to rest I asked her to give me something to make me sleep because I could not fall asleep, she told me I am not allowed to have any drugs, I looked at her and decided to let it go, my mind was overloaded with all the information that I was learning and I needed to rest my mind a bit.  As soon as the nurse left Mthobisi got in bed with me and held me in his arms, it felt soo good to be in his arms again, he said he will talk until I fall asleep, I’m usually the one who talks the most, I would even talk until he falls asleep and only realise after maybe 10 minutes of talking to myself that the man is sleeping and when he had problems falling asleep, he would ask me one question “how was your day today Honey?” and I would tell him everything that happened from the moment I left the house and drove to work to walking into the reception area and greeting people and by the time I would be done telling him everything that happened he would be fast asleep and I would be up counting invisible sheep.  He has never offered to talk me to sleep; this was too good to be true.  I smiled and said “I should make hospital visits more often if this is the treatment I’m going to get.”  He laughed and said “don’t you dare, you almost drove me to killing…” then he stopped himself before continuing any further.  I laughed and said “who were you going to kill?  Mfundo’s brother?”  he told me we should stop talking about this, we need to talk about positive things I asked him about Neo, he said he misses me and I need to get better and go home soon because Neo is not allowed in hospital and he needs to see me to know that I’m okay, I told him to call me when he gets home so I could speak to him.  I looked at him and asked “where’s my phone?”  He replied “you didn’t have anything with you when we got you in that house.” I told him he was now confusing me even more, what house was he talking about now?  “Wasn’t I thrown off a moving car and left to die outside our complex?”  I asked, he laughed and said “if anyone threw you off a moving car, that person and his stupid car would be found at a bottom of a lake” we both life but deep down I knew he meant that.  I told him to tell me about what he got up to while I was missing.  He imitated my ways of telling him about my day and told me how he would leave home and get stuck in traffic for an hour and would end up reading a newspaper in traffic unlike me who did my make up while sitting in traffic, we were both laughing and having a good catching up session but I couldn’t laugh hard because each time I laughed my ribs and stomach hurt, I didn’t want to tell Mthobisi and worry him.  After a few minutes of him softly talking about his days I feel asleep.  I was woken up by Mthobisi moving his arms off me, I whispered “where you going?”  he told me he was going to take a shower and change and I shouldn’t worry one of his friends was outside to make sure no one came to my ward and She Rocks was on her way.  He kissed me and left. I stayed there with nothing to do but think, I wrecked my brains trying to remember what the hell happened in the 3 weeks and just bits and pieces were coming to my mind but Mfundo’s twin brother’s face was always there, I don’t know what he did to me but each time I had a memory about him I would start shivering.

She Rocks finally arrived looking like death, worse than me, she said she couldn’t sleep when she got home all she did was think about was my ordeal and how we are going to get out of this mess.  I told her not to stress Mthobisi would take care of “his brother” she looked at me and said “you say it like it’s no big deal, yesterday you were freaking out that we not safe today you all cool, calm and collected.”  I told her after the shit I had been through I deserved some calmness in my life and the last thing I needed was to panic and stress.

Too late for that Andiswa and Cleo arrived, I could see the fear and panic in their faces, we hugged and they told me how relieved they were to see me but wanted to know what we are going to do about the “Mfundo brother situation” I gave She Rocks a quizzical look and said “you told them?”  she said “well, I told you I couldn’t sleep, it was eating me up, Jesus Lee, how many people is that man working with? It must have taken a lot of planning for them to burst your tyres, follow you, kidnap you and drug you for weeks. We are not dealing with an ordinary person here.” I jumped and sat up “what did you say?  I was drugged? Ohh Gosh, that’s why the nurse wouldn’t give me sleeping tablets, oh my God, what kind of drugs?”  Jesus Christ this is why I had been twitching the whole time I was craving a fix.

Shit, that bastard got me hooked on drugs…

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  1. Shame Lee has true friends, but it seems she is just as gangster as her husband. Poor Lee drugs ain’t good at all.

    Thanks Team Mike

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