Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Eighteen

The nail lady quickly jumped up her sit and pulled She Rocks and said “you can’t beat up a sick woman, what is wrong with you?”  She Rocks shouted “She has lost her mind, hopefully that slap will bring it back.”  My ears were still ringing from that, I decide to shut my mouth because she had all the powers, she was healthy I wasn’t and I could never be able to take her on, not in my condition.  I knew if I said another word this time I would get a proper panel beating from her.  She continued “I am not like you Lee, I do not sleep with people for the sake of just riding a dick and expect no consequences afterwards, I respect myself, your husband and for some stupid reason I respect you too which is why I would not be caught dead in bed with another woman’s husband, I know the same can’t be said about you. Let’s go Layla” Layla asked “didn’t her husband say we must stay until he gets back?”  She Rocks replied “he did but I’m not staying another second with her, she can go fuck herself for all I care.”  With that they were out of the room, I was left all by my lonesome self.  Now that I had time to think I regretted accusing She Rocks of sleeping with Mthobisi she would never do that but I had to ask just to be sure even if it cost me a few seconds of deafness, with women you can never be too careful.  I had no phone so I couldn’t call her to apologize, oh well, and besides maybe I had reasons to worry.  Why attack me like that if she was innocent, this whole situation was confusing.  I decided to not think too much because that was now driving me up the wall, I read the magazine, got bored of that watched some tv, there was nothing interesting, nurses kept coming to check on me but I was bored out of my mind, hospitals are sad, lonely and depressing, now I really missed She Rocks.  After what felt like eternity of boredom my sister Naledi arrived, I was soo happy to see her at that stage any person’s visit would have been extremly appreciated.  She teased me about how much I hated hospitals when I was growing up and how I would get panic attacks each time I visited a person in hospital we both laughed and I told her “that was a hectic phobia I went through”  and I teased her about how she could not stand germs and how she would wash her hands all the time and clean everything with bleach and would always have windows in the house opened to get rid of gems.  She laughed and said “that used to annoy the shit out of you” I then told her about the dream I had about Mthobisi and She Rocks and how I snapped at her earlier, I didn’t mention the part about being slapped senseless.  She was silent for a moment and said “She Rocks has been friends with you since your teenage years, that girl loves you and treats you like you are her family, she would never do something like that, I read somewhere that one of the side-effects of drugs is paranoia” trust my sister to bring something that has nothing do with the current situation, I wanted to kick her out but remembered how bored I was before she came.  I decided to change the topic and ask about her husband and how he was treating her, she said “I know what you did.”  I looked at her all confused “what did I do now, is there anything that you don’t blame me for, for crying out loud Naledi I’m in hospital have some sympathy.”  I said trying to remember all the wrong things I have done against her and which one would make her mad she told me that I have pulled the sympathy card way too many times it no longer worked on her “I know that you and Mthobisi threatened to kill Lwazi, he told me everything.” Ohhh, that’s what she was referring too, I took a sigh of relief and said  “what did he tell you?” she said  “he told me that you guys threw him in a boot and took him to the middle of nowhere, made him dig his own grave and told him to run for his life and started shooting at him.”  I couldn’t help it but laugh she looked at me and joined in on the laughing I told her something had to be done to stop him and since she wouldn’t leave him scaring him was the best option I was not ready to lose a sister, to my surprise she hugged me and thanked me and told me she is very grateful for what we did because ever since then he has never lifted a finger on her, she told me how worried he was when I had gone missing, I told her it was probably because he thought Mthobisi would go after him to release his stress.  She then put on a serious face “but on the real sis your husband should not play with guns what if he had accidentally shot Lwazi when he was scaring him?” I shook my head and said “my husband doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to shooting, I think he went to shooting school or something, I have this weird memory flash back of Mthobisi and some strange people shooting at each other and me being dragged out of some house but I’m not sure if it’s real or not.” My sister again said “it’s probably the drugs, Mthobisi only saw you when you got to the hospital.” I was soo over her and blaming everything to the drugs we chatted about the kids and other silly things.  A while later my mom arrived with home cooked food, trust mom’s to feed you, she said I looked to skin and needed more than hospital food, she forced me to eat, yes forced  me she said if she leaves the food there then I won’t eat, but I’m sure she was more worried about leaving her Tupperware another obsession woman have that I just don’t understand, my cupboards are filled with Tupperware from my mother’s house, sister’s house, my friend’s houses, you know how when you go to a braai people will insist on you taking some food home and they put it in their Tupperware, well I’m the kind of person that never returns things, I had some much in my house it didn’t know whose is whose each time my mom came to my place she would take hers it’s funny how she knew exactly which one was hers because to me they all looked the same.  I ate her food and it was very good, I don’t know when last did I eat such delicious food.  We all chatted a bit about things that happened while I was gone. A few hours later they all had to leave, I borrowed my sister’s phone and called Mthobisi he said he was on his way back and within minutes he arrived and my sister and mom left.

First thing Mthobisi did when he got to my ward was check my nails then he went “I don’t know much about this nail business but that woman did a terrible job on you Honey.”  I couldn’t help but laugh at his silliness, I told him I didn’t do my nails and that I had a fight with She Rocks, he looked at me and asked what we fought about, I couldn’t tell him, I didn’t want to sound like the insecure wife, no woman ever wants to come off as insecure.  I nervously asked “when I was gone, I mean I was gone for a very long time Honey, 3 weeks is enough for anyone to give up hope, did you ever find yourself you know… uhhhmmm tempted to you know..?”  He gave me a confused look and asked “tempted to do what Honey? To kill?”  Is killing the only thing in this man’s mind. “No, to sleep with someone else, specifically She Rocks, I mean she was there all the time, if anything did happen between the two of you I would understand.” He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and I saw veins popping out in his head and I knew he was pissed he walked around the room for a few seconds and didn’t say a word I was now nervous I wished I could take back what I had just asked.  After a few minutes he softly spoke “do you understand what bullshit that is Lee that you have just asked me.  Do you seriously think I would sleep with anyone else but you, I’m a grown ass man, I don’t have time to play games, when I took those vows and said I promise to love you and only you I meant it, what in God’s name would I be doing sleeping with your best friend.  That is beneath low, I can’t even believe that you would think so little of me after everything I’ve done to find you.” I had no words after that speech, he completely shut me up.  I tried speaking “don’t even bother apologising Lee, here’s a phone and sim card I bought for you, I need some air.”  He threw me with an iphone 6 and left.  I felt soo stupid, horrible all the bad words you can think off.  I opened the iphone box and started syncing my contacts into the new phone.

A few minutes later I had another visitor one that I was not ready to face yet, I needed to be healthy and strong before facing her because as old as she was the bitch needed to be disciplined, the one and only my mother in-law.

She looked at me and smiled “Ohhh, thank God you are alive.” If looks could kill she would have dropped dead right there and then. I smiled and asked “Wow, you know God? Your dad Satan would be very disappointed to hear you say that” she laughed and said “you are very funny even when you at death’s door you still make jokes.”  I looked away and she came next to my bed, fixed my pillows and then pulled one underneath me and said “remember when the roles were reversed, I was in a comma and you were healthy and you had a pillow on your hands ready to suffocate me but too chicken to go through with it, well, I on the other hand have killed many in my life.” With that she lifted the pillow and brought it to my face and pressed it against my face while she held me down….

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  1. Monster in law mare!kore ha Lee a ka swa ull b the 1 o aparang roulu jst to show hw happy u are!ka leboga team

  2. Hai Lee deserved that slap in the face, how could she? Monster in law is a serial killer straight she has no shame at all.

    Karma has no menu, you will be served what you deserve!

    Thanks Team

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