Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Nine

I act tough and have a big mouth but point me with a knife and I will still talk to you like you are nothing, but point a gun in my face and you will just see dust behind me, I don’t mess with those things my fiancé was killed by a gun, Mfundo was killed by a gun in front of my eyes by my best friend, guns are no jokes, once you are dead there is no reverse button there is not coming back. So there I was with a gun pointed to my face, Mthobisi was a zombie who had not slept for days I knew one mistake and I would be dead, I screamed “it’s me She Rocks please, please don’t shoot.”

He looked at me confused and looked around and asked what’s going on I told him that he had told me to come home quickly so I had rushed to find out what the problem was he pointed me to the house and said I should go see for myself. I walked in the house to find Nomzamo the nanny walking around the house naked as the day she was born, at first I wasn’t sure if I was seeing right I had to wipe my eyes not once but twice just to be sure that I was really seeing what I was seeing, I walked inside the house and angrily asked “what the hell are you doing?” she smiled at me and said “Hello, you back already?” I cleared my troth and said “yes I’m back and so is the man of this house, he’s been trying to get inside his house but couldn’t with you naked all over the house.”

She looked at me surprised and said “oh my goodness I didn’t realise he was back, I had just taken a bath and it was too hot so I decided I would dress later. I didn’t realise it was this late already. I’m soo embarrassed.” With that she ran upstairs, embarrassed my ass, she knew exactly what she was doing the witch was trying to seduce my friend’s husband, if Lee knew this she would kill her literally, she should thank her lucky star, some woman have no shame, how do you do that to a man who has lost his wife, by lost I don’t mean dead, I prayed every single night that wherever Lesedi was she would be alive, I had been on this road before and it is not a pretty one to walk in and the last thing Mthobisi needed was a tjatjarag nanny throwing herself on him, I was soo pissed off that I wanted to fire her, but she wasn’t my helper and I was just a visitor in the house I had to know my place. I went out and told Mthobisi it was all clear he was actually embarrassed by the whole situation which I found to be a bit funny. I decided to prepare us diner, I know Lee doesn’t want me cooking for her husband but we were hungry and the nanny had locked herself up in her bedroom after her failed mission.

Mthobisi opened up a bottle of wine, we drank and didn’t talk much he was really depressed about the situation and sometimes when a person is going through hell the best possible thing for you to do is to shut the f up and let the person drown in their own sorrows I’ve never really believed that talking about problems help but we not the same, what works for you might not necessarily work for me. I went to go check up on Neo he was fast asleep, thank goodness I was off those stupid crutches they had really limited my movement, now I could walk freely even though I was still limping, I was just grateful that my wound was healing nicely and would not have to do the skin grafting rubbish. I served us dinner, I tried not to cook too well, I didn’t want Mthobisi leaving his wife for me for my cooking like Lee said, I missed her crazy ass friend so much that everything in the house was just a reminder of her.

We sat I called Nomzamo to come join us but she said she had eaten earlier and was not really hungry. Mthobisi hardly touched the food and a few minutes later he thanked me for the lovely food and said he was going up to his study to work. Dammit man, the man was really hurting. A few minutes later I heard Neo crying so I had to rush upstairs to go check on him since it seemed like neither Nomzamo nor Mthobisi were doing it, I went to his room picked him up and held him until he fell asleep again then I put him back on his bed and walked downstairs as I was walking pass Mthobisi’ s study I heard sobs, shit he was crying, I stood there and listened for a few seconds, I didn’t know if I should walk in or walk-away, I chose the latter, I walked away and pretended to have heard nothing. What was I supposed to walk in there and do, hug him and tell him everything is going to be okay? That is for white people, he will survive, besides he needed to cry it all out. I walked downstairs and watched a bit of tv, then decided to call Cleo and share the drama from the nanny, Cleo said I had every right to fire her she was out to get our friends husband and needed to be stopped, I now regretted telling Cleo because the way she was going on I was worried she would say “let’s kill her” but that goodness she didn’t say such. I was done with killings, I was now starting to be paranoid and I felt like we were all paying for our sins and who knew who would be next to disappear, another reason of me not going back to my place was deep down I was terrified, and I couldn’t help but wonder if were those people who took Lee were not looking for me and took Lee by mistake, I mean she was driving my car after all, that thought haunted me every night, even the police had asked if I had any enemies or anyone who would want to hurt me since that was my car and I had said no.
The following morning I went to work again with the “slow motion car” that I was using while pretending to be working, hacking into my Lesedi’s mails to see if there could be any clues of where she might be, because I didn’t have much work to do, I sometimes think I’ve been put there to be the black face not that I mind, the money I earn is more than enough to shut me up and not say anything about being a black face. I do what needs to be done and most of the times have fake meetings while I go out with friends having lunches all over. Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful for the job I have but the industry I work in is so white dominated that you can literally count all the black faces in one hand in our office and there is over 700 people working there. While busy goofing around Mthobisi’ s mom called and said she would be coming over for diner that evening, why the hell was she calling me was she expecting me to cook for her, Lee hated that woman’s guts, an enemy of my friend is my enemy. Shem she was going to be baptized with take-aways la kimi, I will buy her a pizza futhi just to make sure the picture is very clear that we are not friends and I’m not going to be nice to her just because I was staying her son’s house.

I decided to do some real work since I was not getting anything useful on Lee’s private mails. By 16:00 I was tired and ready to go home and sleep, I was so not in the mood for Mthobisi’ s evil mother. I drove home well not home but you know what I mean and traffic was not as bad as the previous day, when I got there I was super annoyed to find Nomzamo had cooked I asked her why she was surprised at my question and said it was her job and she wanted to make up for yesterday’s misunderstanding, well at least the girl was dressed this time. Mthobisi was not yet back and I was worried that his mom would arrive before he got there, I wouldn’t even know what to say to that crazy woman. Nomzamo had gone all out she cooked seven colours and more, the food was enough to feed an entire village.
I showered then played with Neo and Nomzamo decided that waiting for Mthobisi and his mom was a long story so she stuffed her face she had seconds and thirds and then decided that she was going to sleep, she was so full she could hardly walk, I just looked at her and burst out laughing. When I was about to give up on Mthobisi and his mom they walked in together, his mom was so happy to see me she even gave me a hug. I dished up while she played with Neo and we had a pleasant dinner I was trying very hard to be nice to her until she dropped a bomb on me “to be honest I don’t think Lesedi is ever coming back, in fact I think she staged the whole thing, I’m sorry to say this my son but I think she ran away from you, maybe moved in with her lover.”
I stood up ready to punch the old bitch in the face but stopped on my feet when she said “Zandile my child I think you would make a perfect wife for my son. Look at how good you are with him and his child, your cooking could do with a bit of improvement but we can work on that.”
Before I could even respond Mthobisi stood up and…..

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  1. Yhoooooo!!!!! Mthobisi’s mom needs a proper-beat down, I hope She Rocks goes ghetto on her ass.
    You guys are the A-Team I swear. Thank you for a brilliant read
    I want to be friends with She Rocks.lol
    Thanks Thoziesto and Mike

  2. Monster in law has Lee guys, the bitch hated Lee from the start. To think I had thought it was Mtho’s ex, hai her mother takes the trophy straight.

    Mtho should kick her out mxm

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