Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight

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Women need to get over themselves because they are not the only ones that get scorned. They make such a loud noise as to how much we abuse them as though they don’t abuse us? I sympathize, I won’t deny it, at what women go through but why is there no one who ever questions what they do to us? I was not sorry when I heard that Asthandile had been hurt, even if she had died I don’t think I would have been affected much and with that said I will also not apologise for my callousness. I was gatvol! When you get married many men will tell you that what your wife falls from being an angel to a devil. I know of so many men who will tell you how after work they don’t want to get home early just to lessen the time they spend with their wives. Ladies, when your man is taking too much overtime, sometimes it’s not that he is having an affair, it’s because he does not want to be home with you. I know some will say that why not just divorce her then if you are that miserable but divorce is simply to expensive! Imagine the cruelty though, you can’t even afford to dump a person. Life really has too many ironies. Meeting Asthandile’s bosses wife had made me the happiest man alive homeless as she. Had done what I could not do. I thought of not calling her parents to tell them what happened but that would be too cruel. I phoned three times and I got voicemail. I called Zimasa and she too did not pick up. Where was every one? I decided to call Khanyi to ask her why she had told his wife. I just wanted some kind of clarity I guess.

“Mxolisi what is it? I asked you never to call me again!”

She said with annoyance in her voice as soon as she picked up her phone! She sounded like a woman with a bone to chew even though I had done absolutely nothing to her. She is the one who hit on me lest she forgets so she must get off her high horse.

“I wouldn’t have called but why did you tell on Asthandile to his wife? Now your bosses wife poured acid on her and it’s bad!”

For a moment she went quiet. I even thought she had hung up before she then said,

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I explained what had happened and she listened attentively which was weird because she was behind this.

“Mxolisi, listen here, when I said stay away from me I also meant that I am staying away from you, your wife and your drama!”

She shouted on the phone,

“I am not done! I got raped because of you, lost my house because of you, lost my dignity because of your wife and I put in notice at work to get away from my boss because of your wife and him so when I say I am done I mean it wholeheartedly that I want a clean slate!”

She preached!

“I didn’t ask you all that, you are just trying to confuse me!”

I reprimanded her! She was trying to confuse me with her stories. Imagine just a few days ago we were living together.

“I had nothing to do with what happened to wife! I did not speak to his wife! I don’t have time for childishness! Please leave me alone or I am going to get a protection order!”

She said and hung up. This woman thought she was clever. She had broken up my marriage and thought she could just walk away and go create a new life for herself just like that. Isn’t it how it always works though?

My phone was ringing and it was Zimasa. After that conversation with Khanyi I debated on picking up because I knew that it would be some kind of drama as usual. I did not want this. I had actually forgotten that I had tried to call her earlier. My heart would not let me though. I really was a sucker for punishment.

“I need your help!”

She said in tears. Why couldn’t this family just not leave me alone? I was suffering from Khanyi syndrome too!

“I have nowhere to sleep, please book me a bus to go back home!”

Stupidly I asked her,

“Why can’t you sleep at Eziles’s place?”

I asked her. Fine that was a bit presumptuous of me but considering that her mother was in jail it made sense.

“Because I beat her up. She is the one who told her mother that Asthandile was there now look what has happened!”

I was very confused. Khanyi had been telling the truth but had Asthandile really gone there when the girls were there? Had she no ounce of self respect left in her!

“Ok fine where are you?”

I asked her and she said she was walking on Main Road. She was at the not too far from Newlands stadium so I asked her to wait by the brewery. I picked her up from there and the child just broke down into tears.

“I don’t want to ever get married. If this is what people do to each other it’s really not worth it!”

She said. Now here was a realist finally. Dreaming about big weddings for what? I did try to reassure her that 10 percent actually worked and she could be that 10percent so she must not give up. That’s the truth they don’t tell you. I booked her a bus and it was leaving in the evening. She could not go get her things though because Ezile was not picking up. It was odd though, why was my wife’s boss more concerned about my wife and not trying to get his wife out of jail. My thoughts were disturbed by a phonecall from none other than Dalu!

“I think we need to talk! There is too much bad blood between us lately and that needs to be addressed!”

He said calmly.

“Can I come to the house so we can discuss this?”

He said.

“No you cannot. Your friend took all the furniture the house is empty. I am staying in a BnB so we will talk at the office?”

He asked if he could come visit aand I said no. I told him that I will pass, let’s rather do it at the office and he agreed. I was just trying to get rid of him. It was going to be a long day though. I took Zimasa to my BnB so she could freshen then I went to buy food. I was not taking her out. I was going to buy McDonald’s.

On my way back I got a phone call from an unknown number.

“Is this Advocate Sibani?”l

The person on the other side asked.

“Yes sir it is!”

No one actually ever calls me that.

“I have some bad news, your client Mrs Nokwanda Ngwenya has had a bad accident. An ambulance has just taken her to the hospital!”

Who the hell was Mrs Nokwanda Ngwenya?

“We could not find her husband so she asked us to call you?”

My confusion was short lived though! I figured out who it was.

It was my wife’s bosses pregnant wife!

“Prepare yourself boss, it’s really bad!”

He concluded!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

‎Dear Mike

‎Thank you for this amazing blog, my sincere apologies for the long letter.

I am 23 years old and I’ve completed my studies the problem is finding employment is so difficult. My father passed away in 1994 and so me and my 3 siblings were left with my unemployed mother who managed to feed us with money from the backyard rooms that we have. I’m the last born in my family, my older brother’s life is all over the place he smokes weed and lives in the backyard room with his girlfriend and 3 children on top of that he is always verbally abusing my mother by the way he is turning 40 this month. My sister has a good job however she lives with her boyfriend and doesn’t help us at home‎. My other brother is great he has always been supportive he went and did a security course and worked to help with my schooling but has been unable to get work for 2 years now.

Eventually I matriculated in 2009 and managed to get into university with hope that my chances of getting a proper job will increase so that could cause my mother. However the money from the student loan finished and I had to leave school l did some promotional work and got enough money for registration. I went back and by God’s grace I’ve finished however I can’t get a job I’ve got bills and both me and my brother are unemployed living off the little backyard money and my mom’s pension which is not enough. I’m just stressed out ‎and I’m trying very hard to get a job and I feel useless I just don’t know what to do. Please help me anyone.

Thank you

27 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight

  1. Thank you Mike, still think the man is riding on too high a horse considering he aint no saint but hey!

    Now waits for Rumblings 🙂

  2. Thanks Mike again.

    N, I regret to say your letter is empty. It could be summarised as follows: “I am 23yr girl from a poor family and have a university qualification in need of a job”. You forgot to mention qualification, area and field of work among others. I know you want any job now.

    Using info provided. Try that promotions again as they were good to help you with some registrations where you will meet more people (maybe in your field) and market your self.
    The other is to do other staff recommended by readers in previous posts of people looking for jobs.

  3. Hey Mike, you son of a gun. We have missed you. Okay! I have missed you I don’t know about other people. Welcome back bro 😉 You are really something else you know. That “…and with that said I will not apologise for my callousness”, you killed me. Just love you to bits
    Mara Mxo wena bad luck just follows you around, shame mann! O nkutlwisa botlhoko serious.
    @N, eish ntwana, I wish I could perform a miracle and get you a job. All I can say is that sisi, don’t give up yet. The situation might look bad right now but trust me, it will pass. As for your older siblings who are not being responsible, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about that. It pains me that we go to school and after that we have to sit at home trying to find jobs and we don’t. I pray and hope you are also not choosy with jobs because in todays economy, you cannot afford to do that. Keep trying dear and have faith in the Big Dude upstairs. He never disappoints.

  4. QnA. look into getting an internship. find out from your school if they have vacancy’s that you can fill. the varsity i went to use to employ graduates to help them out until they get a job or kept their CVs in their database so that when company call in looking for graduates they will be able to submit you CV.take your CV to the labor department. don’t give up.

    I was in the same situation as you and I stormed into our local Municipality and threw a tantrum. its really not fair that you make so many sacrifices to get an education and at the end of the day you cant find work.

    register with every site. pnet, careers 24. you need to job hunt as if job hunting is your job. I fully understand your frustration but try every avenue you can get. just don’t give up.

    I wish you all the best.

  5. Thanks Mike. Apology accepted. A good read without much errors is much appreciated.

    Dear N.
    What did you study? What are your qualifications? If you need specific help you need to provide specific information. Do you have access to Internet? Are you looking for any type of work? Please help us help you.

  6. Thanx bra Mike

    @Kayvee lol you have finished me….as I am a corpse fetched by Dove hearse right now “Mike you son of a gun” lolling…wooowi

    Great day to you

  7. Who would have thought, the little daughter told on her dad, I don’t blame her though, if i was in her shoes, id have probably done the same.

    Apology accepted buti Mike

    Thanks Team

  8. thanks Mikesto I thought my internet had a problem hahaha indeed it was a great read as always, poor bosses wife shame bathung pls safe the poor baby and I hope he/she wont be infected with the virus

  9. I started reading this blog a few weeks before I was about to walk down the Isle and believe me I almost chickened out.
    Why is he acting like Asthandile is the only one who cheated?

  10. yhooo chap u have a way of writing nhe…just when u thot the story will go a certain way, it just turns 180 degrees…lol..thanx to the team..luv the stories

    QnA not much info indeed concerning qualifications…one of the other companies that I know offer internships an learnerships is Imperial logistics, but depending on ur qualifications….try their website… and click on careers and register with them cc….an all the best in ur job search….it takes time but it will happen.

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