Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Sixteen

I told the girls that I think I’m addicted to whatever drugs they had given me because I had been twitching all morning and feeling anxious I just didn’t know why.  Cleo suggested that I should drink water and not think about it because the more I think about it the more I will want something.  It was such a strange feeling, I was craving something and not a normal simple craving that can be dissolved by water but a craving that was soo strong that it was now starting to make me shake and I was sweating, the girls were now looking at me with concern in their eyes, I griped She Rocks hand very tight and told her “pray” Cleo let out a laugh I don’t think anyone had expected that to come out of my mouth she then said “when did you become religious?”  I didn’t bother responding but at that moment it felt like prayer was the only thing that would help me all I said was “Cleo come around my bed and hold my hand, Zandile start praying.”  With that said we all held hands and She Rocks started with her prayer which must have lasted for 15 minutes she included tongues in there and everything and when she was done the cravings were still there but the calmness in She Rocks voice when she prayed had actually calmed me down.  Andiswa asked if they should get me a nurse or something I said no I was okay, I told them I was feeling much better after that prayer even though I had that craving it was now a bit down after a few minutes of chatting a guy popped his head in my room and asked “is everything okay ladies?”  Cleo almost fainted from being shocked she shouted “who the hell are you and what do you want from us?”  I told her to calm down it was Mthobisi’s friend he was just watching me making sure I’m safe, I told him to come in, I had seen his face before but I couldn’t remember the name as he came in I remembered him “Champagne, oh my word is that you?”  Cleo burst out laughing, he smiled and said “that’s my slave name, you can’t be calling me by that in front of such beautiful ladies, the name is Sipho ladies.”  I nodded and said “okay Sipho, it’s nice to see you again.”  He nodded back and said “I’m glad we found you in time”. Was he also in my search party, I wondered.  He then left and said he will go and wait outside.  Andiswa asked “Lee what did he me by that last statement?”  I smiled and said “he’s probably high, ignore him”.  We all laughed but She Rocks was laughing the loudest as if she’s trying to cover something up then she quickly changed the topic.  She asked me “did you see Cleo is now walking?”  I had no idea why She Rocks would tell me Cleo is now walking, I smiled and asked “when did she not walk?”  The girls filled me in, the blanks about Durban were filled, everything I could not remember about our holiday I was reminded, She Rocks even had pictures in her tablet, she had pictures of everyone and everything they kept showing me people and asking if I remembered the people, I remembered most people only a few that we had meet in Durban I didn’t really remember.

After sometime of being filled in about my life and the past month’s events that I could not remember Andiswa suggested that we Facebook stalk Mfundo’s brother, only one problem, none of us knew his name, so She Rocks suggested we find Ngwako on Facebook and he will probably be in some of her pictures.  We used She Rocks tablet and found Ngwako on Facebook her profile picture had her and Mfundo, we all rolled our eyes, I suggested we look at her pictures, luckily she had no privacy settings so we could go through her profile with no problems, she even had her wedding pictures posted on Facebook, mara some people can make stalking so easy, we went through her wedding pictures, and there behind them as one of the grooms was an identical twin to Mfundo, they looked exactly the same.  I showed the girls and as we went through the rest of the pictures there were some pictures where Mfundo and his brother were standing together.  “Ohh my goodness this is why I kept thinking it was Mfundo, these people look the same.”  In some of the pictures he was tagged so we discovered that his name is Fundani Mabandla.  Soo the bastard who had me hooked on drugs had a name, Fundani Mabandla well the face I was all too familiar with.  The question that bothered me was “why? Why did they kidnap me and try and get me hooked on drugs, if I can just remember” I said smacking my head.  She Rocks said “hey calm down, I think we all know why, they know about Mfundo and they coming after us Lee.  Did you say anything about what we did to them?” I shook my head and said “No, I don’t know Rocks, I don’t even remember the shit they did to me, how do you expect me to know what I said to them?”  Andiswa responded “Lee, we understand that you can’t remember but you need to try harder girl please, our lives are at stake here, I am freaking out, I can’t sleep, I’m struggling to eat, this is really bad guys.”  Cleo side-eyed her and said “says the girl who almost sent us to prison, Lee while you were missing Miss Thing over here wanted us to go to the police and confess, imagine how stupid we would have looked, you would have cops at your door now waiting for you to recover so you could join us in prison.” We all laughed except for Andiswa who was visible annoyed “everything to you Cleo is a joke, I wish we would have died in that accident, I’m so tired of leaving in fear”.  We all turned and looked at her I was the first one to speak, “Geez Andz, I didn’t realise things were that bad for you, I had said from the beginning you should not get involved in this, I’m sorry we dragged you in my  mess and the last thing I would want is for you to die, I love you too much.  I love all of you girls, we will all be fine, no one is going to die, look at me I survived three weeks of hell”.  That put a bit of smiles on their faces , Cleo said “I want to be like Lee when I grow up, a die-hard, now that you’ve returned can we call you Lesedi The Legacy?” We all laughed and told her she was stupid.  Cleo was the one person who had the ability to turn the most serious situation into a joke.  Mthobisi found us all laughing and stood by the door and just watched us I asked him to come join us he simply replied “I’m just taking in this moment in, seeing you laugh like this makes my heart so happy Honey, have I told you how beautiful your laugh is?” Cleo replied “Errrrrrr,  nooo, your wife laughs like a hyena, no need to lie to her just because she’s in hospital.”  Again we all burst out laughing.

Mthobisi switched on to his serious face and said “I’m glad I found you all in one room, I need to talk to all of you.”  I was not ready for more bad news.  I quickly said “if it’s bad news please get me some morphine first I don’t think I can take any more stress, I need something to calm me down, I’m craving drugs Honey badly, you know how you feel when you are hungry and you just know the only thing that will satisfy you is food or when you are thirsty and the only thing that will quench that thirst is water that’s how I feel. Please baby get me something just to get the edge off”  She Rocks said “No Lee, you need to fight it, you can do it my friend you are stronger than this, just keep telling yourself that, if you take something now, you will constantly need to take something and it will become an everyday thing.”  I knew she was right but my body was not agreeing with her.  Andiswa said “maybe we should pray again.”  I smiled and said there was no need I would be fine.  Mthobisi was now fuming “I swear that bastard is going to regretting doing this”.  I was now twitching worse than before the craving was so bad I even felt like pulling my hair out.  Andiswa said she will get a nurse, she did I was checked and was told I could not get any drugs.  I decided to try what the therapist had said I should try when I’m upset I counted from 1-20 I know it sounds silly but it clears your mind you don’t think about anything except for numbers, the room was silent everyone waiting for me finish when I was done Mthobisi said “I need you girls to take a little holiday to Hermanus for a few days.”  I protested and said “we’ve just come back from holiday” in my mind even though I have been told numerous times that Durban happened two months ago, we had just come back from Durban.  Cleo looked at me and said “that’s outside Cape Town right, Cape Town is always fun and we can go see Andiswa’s mom while we there, I’m in, I say let’s pack and go” She Rocks said they have a Cape Town branch so she can work from there so it shouldn’t be a problem, Andiswa is a free agent she can work from anywhere I reminded them that I was still in hospital and couldn’t just leave.  Mthobisi said he had arranged for me to be transferred to a hospital that side, “you all leave tonight, Cleo you can take your kids with.”  Cleo shook her head and said her mom had been complaining about not seeing her grandkids enough so she will dump the kids with her.  Everyone seemed excited about this idea except for me but I had to go with the flow so not to worry my friends.  They all left to go home and pack when they were gone I asked Mthobisi “what is going on here, you can’t just send us to the outskirts of Cape Town, you are up to something I know you.”  He looked at me and said “what I’m about to tell you remains between the two of us.  While you were missing I used all my resources to find you, everyone I knew people deep under that I only contact when it’s a matter of life and death and that’s how you were found.  One of the things that I discovered was that ohh shit, I don’t know how to tell you this, without breaking you any further, can it wait until you are fully recovered Honey? “  he asked “No, I want to hear everything now, this could help me recover the missing parts in my memory please Mthobisi tell me.”

He continued “my father had an affair with Mfundo’s mother and that’s how Mfundo and Fundani were conceived, my mother found out and all hell broke loose, she vowed to make that woman’s life and her children’s life a living hell and she has kept to her promise.  We all grew up hating them knowing them as the family that tried to steal our father from us. My mother is a very vengeful woman, she….” He stopped mid-sentence.  “What did your mother do?”

“My mother stole Fundani’s baby, our son is Fundani’s son and that is part of the reason why they took you.”

“Wait… Your mother? Oh my God, that woman is sick!! Does she know and understand what she’s put me through.  Does she even care?  Why would she give me Fundani’s son?  Oh God Mthobis, how is she your mother?  She is pure evil.  They thought I knew, that’s why they kept saying I will pay for this.”

Mthobisi continued “this is why I need you out of town for a few days, I need you where no one can reach you, in Hermanus you will be safe.”  “And what are you going to do while I’m gone”, I asked.  He slowly replied “I’m going to do what my mother should have done a long time ago, and what I was supposed to do last night but got a call  to tell me you woke up and I couldn’t leave you, I’m going to kill that entire family”

I nodded slowly and said “I want in, I want to be there when Fundani takes his last breath, I want to watch him die a slow painful death” the shock in Mthobisi’s face after I had said that, I must say I surprised myself too but after what they did to me, they deserved to die and I had to be there to see it…

Mthobisi pulled out a gun and handed it to me and said “we start today, are you ready???”

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  9. Yho…Mike and T great work as always. This is torture though, Saturday is far.

    How did the law suite go and when will the book and movie be released?

    Love love and love this book

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