Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ten

We all knew how much Lesedi’s mother in-law hated her but for her to be pimping her daughter-in-laws friends to her husband was another level of low. I looked at Mthobisi who had now also stood up and was telling his mother to get out of his house, she had no right disrespecting his wife like that. She still sat there and told her he should watch his tone because she was still his mother and he shouldn’t speak to her like he was going down a cliff. Mthobisi’ s mom had guts shame I have to give that to her, the way she was so calm, cool and collected about the whole situation you would swear she had not just suggested incest.

I could not deal with anymore of that drama so I excused myself and went to my guestroom, I wondered how Lesedi survived all the drama with that woman, Mthobisi’ s mom needed more thank holy water she needed to be exorcised she was possessed by heavy demons, I was beyond pissed off and annoyed. I was soo angry that I couldn’t even fall asleep I needed to punch something no not something I needed to punch Mthobisi’s mom. After hours of tossing and turning I finally fell asleep I had a hectic dream, we had found Lee and she was dead, Mthobisi’s mom was celebrating and I was wearing a wedding gown we were having Lee’s funeral and my wedding at the same damn time, I woke up all sweating, I decided that this was it, I was packing my shit and leaving this house, things were getting out of control, that woman had planted a seed and now things between Mthobisi and I were going to get weird, awkward and uncomfortable and that’s the last thing I needed in my life, hell I didn’t even see Mthobisi that way but now that his mom had said all those things it might seem to him like I was interested in him, thank goodness we had that crazy nanny in the house, I just had to make sure she was always around whenever Mthobisi and I were together.

The following morning was so hard I had to sneak around the house to make sure I don’t bump into Mthobisi, luckily I didn’t, I found Nomzamo and asked her to pack my things while I’m at work I will be moving back home, she didn’t even ask why her eyes lit-up like she had been waiting for months to hear me say those words. I didn’t care what she did to Mthobisi he was not my responsibility and one thing I was not going to be doing was taking my friend’s second, no thank you, besides Mthobisi had a dark side to him that scared me senseless. I drove to work, a few hours after doing some work Mthobisi called to ask why did I tell Nomzamo that I was moving out, he gave me the whole speech about it not being safe for me to stay on my own not until we found Lesedi, he told me those people could have been after me and could probably be still looking for me, he said at his place at least he could protect me, when I was on my own I was vulnerable, he told me to ignore what his mom had said she just runs her mouth. He made a lot of sense so I agreed to staying, even though my mind was telling me otherwise.
Later that evening Mthobisi did his usual home-late arrival thing I was kind of glad that I didn’t have to sit and have dinner with him so I sat and chatted to Nomzamo who had all sorts of crazy stories to tell she even told me about a woman who was pregnant for 12 months only to give birth to a frog, I was dying from laughter I told her she watched too many Nigerian movies and was beginning to believe the nonsense she watched that got her a bit upset and she threatened to stop telling me her stories since I didn’t believe her, I was done besides her stories were going to give me nightmares for years to come. She took Neo to bed and I also decided to retire to bed, a few hours later I heard Mthobisi arriving, thank goodness I had missed him there was still that awkwardness and I didn’t know if I should tell the girls about what Mthobisi’s mom had said or just keep it to myself I decided to keep it to myself we all had more than enough to deal with.
The following morning I had a fake meeting and would be having breakfast with the girls in Pretoria, I had to go and pick up Cleo who was now in crutches she was recovering so well, Lesedi would have been really proud of the hard work she was putting in to make sure she walks again. Andiswa was already at the restaurant we ordered coffee and breakfast and did our usual catching up, it was not the same without Lee around, we were all trying very hard to stay positive but it had already been 3 weeks and as much as neither one of us wanted to say it chances of her being alive were very slim, I mean look at us with Mfundo, we got rid of him within 48 hours, who would keep a person alive for 3 weeks, a woman nogal, woman talk too much they can never shut up, whoever had Lesedi had his hands full, my friend can talk a person’s ear off. We had all drawn up a list of suspects of whom we thought might have taken our friend, first on the list was that psycho woman Ngwako, Mfundo’s wife, second this was on Andiswa’s list which we did not entirely agree with Mfundo’s people, she believed that Mfundo had a big mouth and must have told someone that he was leaving his wife for Lesedi and maybe now those people were after her and third on the list was the people that killed Siyabonga, maybe they were now after me, fourth on the list were Mthobisi’s enemies whom when we asked him he said he had none, and lastly it could have been a random hijacking that went wrong. There were endless ideas and thoughts of what could have happened to Lee. We still were nowhere near finding Lee and we were all beginning to loose hope. After breakfast we said our goodbyes and Andiswa would drop Cleo back home. I went to work slow motion was extra slow on that day, I don’t know why maybe because I was just anxious.
Later that evening Mthobisi and I arrived home at the same time, he drove behind me from the gate. He sat in the car while I walked inside the house he probably wanted me to make sure that the nanny was fully dressed, I dropped my bag and went out to tell him the coast was clear he laughed and said he was not sitting in the car because of that, “yeah right” I said and laughed, at least things were not soo uncomfortable between us. I went inside and he said he would be right in. Nomzamo had cooked but not her usual huge meal fit for an army, I was relieved because I was seriously not in the mood for a big meal. Mthobisi walked in and said to me “I need you to drive me somewhere, I can’t take my car because it’s known so we will need to use yours if you don’t mind.” This was strange but I agreed and told him it was slow and he said I drive too fast anyway.
We left without even eating super, Mthobisi said we will be picking up some people in Bedfordview, damn this was going to be a long drive and I was not really in the mood but I agreed, he directed me we arrived in Bedford and picked up two guys who looked like they were going to world war seven, one white and one black, I gave Mthobisi a questioning look but he wouldn’t even look at me, I drove and the white guy spoke on his phone with a deep Russian accent, and was saying “wait for us to get there and don’t do anything until we arrive” this was getting creepier by the second. Mthobisi kept directing until me we arrived in some house that looked deserted he told me to switch off the car lights and stay in the car, and all three got out and ran so fast I didn’t even see where they had disappeared to, a few minutes later there was loud bangs, I jumped up my seat and looked around and locked all the car doors, after the first bang more bangs continued, shit these were gun shots, I swear I almost wet my pants I had never been soo petrified in my life, I started worrying about Mthobisi and his friends, what if they were the ones getting shot, I didn’t know if I should go look for them or stay in the car, or drive away and leave them behind, the only thing I could think of was saving my ass, I decided to start the car and leave them, they are grown ass man, one thing my grandmother thought me was if a person had an id they are old enough to take care of themselves and those three had more than id’s they had passports so they could double take-care of themselves, as I put the gear on one but then realised that Mthobisi would not leave me behind, how would they get home, I switched the car off and opened my door, the gun sounds had now silenced down, I don’t know what got over me or where this bravery had come from, I had said earlier I do not mess with guns, I know how dangerous those things are so ask me why the hell was I going to where the gun sounds had come from instead of running the opposite direction?

The good book says the Lord can never give you something that you cannot handle, this was a test of faith, I recited a Bible verse Psalms 23 “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil” I must have said this 10 times as I walked closer to the darkness, it was soo dark I couldn’t even see my fingers. As I got closer the shooting begin again, from the bullets going back and forth there was a bit of light fear and shock had me wet my pants, I was shaking harder than a leaf. I started screaming, “stop, stop” I don’t even know what the hell I was stopping, out of nowhere Mthobisi grabbed me and shouted “why the fuck didn’t you stay in the car? Do you want to get killed?” I shook my head and he told me to shut up and dragged me back to the car, he opened the front passenger door and threw me inside, a few seconds later the white man with the strong Russian accent jumped in at the back seat and said “I got hit” the fuck, while I was still to process that that’s when the black dude came and threw a person at the back seat then jumped in and told Mthobisi to drive. Without any questions Mthobisi raved the car I was still shaking from fear I wanted to close my eyes and open them again and realise that this was all just a bad nightmare. Mthobisi turned at me and asked if I had “first aid kit” in the car. Who carries around first aid shit, I wanted to snap but remembered the white guy said he got hit, I turned around to see how bad he got hit and there sitting in my car in the middle of the two guys was my friend Lesedi, but wait, she was not moving. I screamed “Oh God, please don’t tell me she’s dead.”

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