Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Six

In this modern world, when you date a girl for so long you eventually meet the parents. They don’t chase you out with a dog and shot gun when he brings you to attend family events such as funerals and weddings. At times you help with the peeling and so on because as a girlfriend you support him openly. It’s no longer about paying lobola first to meet parents but about being modern. With that said I had met his father a few times. Yes he did not say a lot to me but he knew me. When Mudenda’s sister got married I had slept over, not in Mudenda’s room of course and had helped with everything there. More importantly when I got pregnant he knew about it and had been angry at Mudenda for not marrying me first. It’s weird then that after he dumped me, not once had anyone from that family called me considerring they knew I was pregnant. Did he think I was dead? He chased after me leaving the Moses basket in the foyer. It was actually kind of hilarious in a pathetic way. I know people all tell you that babies are the most amazing things but they forget to tell you that this is only if they are wanted. Only a mother can say that. This man wanted nothing to do with his grandchild, his blood and hit first born grandson.

“I will not stand for this! What happened was between you and my son so do not get me involved in your rubbish. I was against this from day one so take your child and go!”

I stopped and turned around. This man was a leader in his community and a church leader too. I kid you not. At Kodane’s wedding his church had helped with most of the work because he was highly respected. He was those men that wore uniform and that’s saying a lot for these losers.

“Who is supposed to take care of him? My mother? So you allow your son not to be responsible because you expect the mothers of the girls he makes pregnant to take care of them?”

I stood up to him defiantly. He looked stupid for a moment but I was not done,

“There is no one who does not know me in your family. I have slept in your house. Your brothers and their kids know me and know that your son made me pregnant! So now you want to say your family is not responsible? Are you serious right now? Man of God!”

I think that irked him when I said that because he found his voice.

“He told us that the child was not his and that you were cheating on him. We have no reason to doubt our son because we know how much he loved you!”

This man was putting up a good fight pity his son had bullshitted him but that was between them. I had given them a grandchild meaning the rest was up to them. We stood there and glared at each other. There is a reason why I had not chosen to go to his mother’s work place. You see, women fight back and probably will win. Men do not know how to handle a girl. If I wanted to stop this all I could do was start crying out loud but that would be a mission for another day. Cry like a Nigerian woman in a Nigerian movie type of cry! That would get his attention!

“Go look at that child and tell me that he does not look like Mudenda. I have never ever cheated on your son. He is the one who cheated. Remember Zama, my friend I came with and you said you knew her father, he slept with her. Now your new daughter in law, Meladi, you also know her because I also came with her to Kodane’s wedding and she helped cook! My two best friends he slept with them!”

He looked dumbfounded and he unwittingly whispered out loud,

“I knew I knew her! I told his mother and she did not believe me but again that’s not my problem. Mudenda works so it’s his job not mine. Take your child home!”

He said. People were starting to stare. I had to stand my ground. It must be so annoying for a man when he is denying his child but his child looks exactly like him. You can’t run away from that and you just look stupid doing it. Mudenda looked like his father too so poor family was cursed. Nowhere to run. If he wasn’t carefull this old man I would start shouting the baby was his. Just kidding.

“My mother does not have the money. My family has no respect for me. I am not taking him home. My family needs your family to come pay damages for me. You can call the police or whatever you want to do but that child is staying here!”

I walked out and went to the car. My sister asked me where my baby was and I told her to drive. She said over her dead body because there was no way she was leaving Amo behind. I should have told her the plan before we came but I knew she would fight me. I explained to her that this was Mudenda’s office and I needed him to do the right thing. I told her to drive but not to worry. She was uneasy but she listened. Thank heavens. I had not reached the first turn even when my phone rang. It was Mudenda!

“You stupid bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

That was the first thing he said. I hate being called bitch. I don’t even call my female friends my bitches. It’s totally disrespectful and crude. It disrespects women and there is totally nothing cool about. A bitch is a whore or slut from last I checked so why the hell would I condone being looked down upon like that, hell no! I hung up! He called back and I picked up.

“Why the hell are you hanging up?”

He yelled! I hung up. I waited ten seconds and he called again.

“If you hang up I am going fuck shit up!”

I hung up. He dialled again I hung it up. This happened ten times until my sister asked me to stop this game. I put my phone on silent. Ten missed calls later is when when he stopped.

I then sent him an sms,

“Is that any way to speak to the mother of your first born? Call me when you learn manners!”

I switched off my phone.

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

This a bit complicated as It happened a long time ago.
I am 25years old and I was sexually abused by my cousin at the age of 10. It all started when there would be no food at home and I went to his house looking for his parents and they were not around. I would ask him for bread or something and after giving me he would lock the door and start fingering me, I was scared to protest because I didn’t know what he was doing and why he was doing it, then one day he forced penetration. It was so painful and he told that if I told anyone our family would hate me. I was scared to say anything.
Now we have grown and it still eats me up. I think about it every day and I am still scared to tell anyone coz it was a long time ago and I don’t think they will believe me. He now works as a cop and has a family, I try so hard to pretend I am fine around his girlfriend but I sometimes look at his son and feel like hurting him just to hurt his father :(. Will I ever be okay? How do I forget? Does the pain ever go away?

51 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Six

  1. I love how the events have turned. Interesting read indeed. Monday come already please.

    AnQ I feel your pain and I know exactly where you coming from. I on the other hand was also sexually abused by my female cousin sister when I was at the ages of 7/8 I was young and clueless and it had no meaning to me right then. But now I am a grown man with my own daughter, I have become so protective of her and don’t even trust anyone with her. I still live with my cousin at home and the two of us get along the only problem is I can’t sit next to her, i cnt talk for a long time to her and I cant even look at her for a long time. She now has a daughter whom I used to look after, but not even once have I thot of hurting her instead I love her as if she were my own.

    I think counselling would do you well sisi and the talking will heal your wounds. I am organising it for myself currently and I will never let what happened to me turn me into a monster, its just not who I am.
    Goodluck. And please don’t hurt the litlle child coz that way, u may turn him into a future bitter being who might grow to hurt your own children and the cycle will forever continue.

    1. Hey Ayaz, I was the “victim” of the same “ordeal”, I was about 8 years then but I have a clear memory-vision of what happened. It was my female cousin sister as well and that was more than 20 years ago. U know, the way it happened I didn’t quite understand why she was doing it but I didn’t enjoy it a bit – for some reason it scared me. I recently met her (my cousin sister) this past December (for the first time after that “shenanigan”) and maybe I am sick for saying this, but I wished she can try that move on me right now, dzeng I looked at her and wished it was now that she tries that move I was going to go with her straight away :)…by the way she is way older than me…

  2. Typical of a boys family, when their son breks up with you, its because you did something wrong and it can never be their son who puts a foot wrong. Wenze kahle faith by telling his father about all his sheninigans….nxaa mudenda ke sphinya

  3. #Claps Once. I like Faith. This is about to get interesting! Woman should take note, how to deal with arrogant men who refuse to take responsibility.

  4. i lyk a woman who stand her ground eish my sister u shud seek profesional help i thnk talking abt wil help u must tel ur family abt diz regardles of wht thy’l thnk if her lady is woman enaf she’l woman up n support u in diz man’s world

  5. I still ask myself why its rumblings, because to me it sounds like someone who complains without any reasons?! Poor Faith was dealt an unfair blow by this stupid hoe named Mudenda and her selfish friends. You going to be just fine Faithy, one day this hoe will come back with his dick between his legs, begging you to take him back. Trust me I know,talking from experience.

  6. hlala Faith its about time u teach Mudenda a lesson hill never forget, nice chapter Mike and Thozama. QnA I understand how your feeling sisi, I was raped when I was young I never told anyone about it and I hated the guy because he was my class mate. I grew anger inside me when I saw him or would pretend being free and happy when his around as you say, until one day God told me that I must forgive him and also forgive myself. this guy has hurt you Yes but he must not steal your freedom and happiness moving forward because what happened is in the past yes I know that it has left a scar for life, but you must find closure sisi and move on. as I did that I started living my life and im free and happy.

  7. You go girl yes u serve him right he must have manners,wish I culd do that to my baby father but the way I hate him I dnt even consider him alive to me he is dead..

  8. Faith is a mad black woman lol love her. QnA I think you must go for counselling. What your cousin did to you is shocking and disgusting. I think you should tell the family what he did as talking about it is the first step to your recovery.

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, I can’t recall that saying about a woman scorned.. Kushubile.

    Profound advice @Ayaz, Alone I hope you took note, good luck, God loves you.


  10. Hello Mike,
    Thank you for a lovely read, what ever happened to Nelisa? Did she pass her matric? Are we going to hear from her?

  11. Yoh thatha faith u no adults sometimes times they make us to disrespect them bt 4u girl at some point I almst did dat bt kept it in n just struggled wit my boy today da fada aknowlege him as his son bt I’m open to him he does wat he can, nice one bra mike

  12. Yoooooooo This book though i wasn’t sure when i started but now, dzang its becoming my favourite. No Mikey i will not survive tomorrow without it huh, great read indeed.

    Faith you doing it for me, and it was all Mudenda’s dumb a** who created this.He deserves this, Thanx Mike for this book its an eye opener hey, regarding baby mama’s.

  13. u go Faith bt u r playing a dangerous game dis ppl will take ur bby & claim u hv abdoned de bby, u might loose ur bbys ryts…… dis man needs 2 taugh a lesson.

  14. Q&A i was also abused(raped) when i young by my half brother and cousin and they used to threaten me, so i kept it a secret for a very long and it aet me inside everyday of my life. But one day i decided to open up to my Fiancee. i went for counselling and it helped. i learnt to forgive them not for them but for myself, that was the only way i could move forward. Don’t let what happened to you change who you are, i believe you are a Good person.I say to you my dear sister Ask God to help you to forgive him…..

  15. Kushubile manje u doing a great job bhuti Mikey n the team thankQ so much…AnQ i fell your pain cc n i think counseling will help u. Gud luck n stay strong

  16. Q&A please get prof help..most kids went thru what you went trhu.and back then it wasn’t something people spoke about..sorry neh..go the hospital they have social workers and psychologists..or social dev offices,they will assist..and while you at it,pray for healing

  17. Thnx Mike & Thozama! U go Faith but dnt thnk I will leave my baby wit dat bum! U hav bolls! QnA be strong my sister God loves u! 4give dat animal bcoz da anger will turn u in to somethng dat u not!

  18. Mike! You are a gifted writer, ever since I started reading your books(from the Zulu Girl) until to date, I am amazed at your stories and how they integrate our current affairs. I also noticed that some jealous people have been complaining at some stage and some claiming royalties from your hard work, and I ask myself “are they crazy?”

    God bless you Sir!

    On this one some of us have experienced what faith is doing but not because we failed to take responsibility but bcos the women were bitter about the break up…

    Thanks Mike, I look forward to a next read…

  19. Interesting indeed, lovely read Mr Mike. Monday is too far bethuna, cant we get some premier nyana??

    You’ve got some balls faith, but I like how you handled the situation. He must learn to respect a woman this Mudenda guy. He makes me sick.

  20. I knw bby mama do crazy sfaff,bt u faith o na le sebete o ka rwesa tau dinops lmao,,,tnx Mike 1nce again,great chapter

  21. hai faith u r so brave girl.mara who can blame u?mudenda nids to be taught a leaving ur baby behind!tjo i wont do it.what if they take ur baby?u will lose a custody.

  22. I hope the man are learning that, they should never and I mean never mess with a woman who never did you wrong.

    Faith is strong and I salute her, that must have been hard!

    Thanks Team

  23. Interesting… Mudenda is such an ass! Serves him right!

    Q&A I am sorry about what happened to you, no girl ever deserves to go through such for it is a horrible experience but you can never heal until you actually speak to someone.Be it a family member or therapist. I was repeatedly raped when I was around 8 by my cousin and my grandmother knew because she had caught my cousin raping me and still didnt report it to the police in fact she ordered me not to say a word to anyone. Eventually after some time i was courageous enough and told my mom and it was still very hard. I am in my late 20s and I have recently started therapy started latish last year and it is helping quiet alot. I Used to cry all the time when I spoke about the rape but I am getting stronger through my sessions and finding comfort through the grace of God and the support of my mom and my therapist. Its going to be a long journey however I have since learned to forgive both of them even though my scars have not healed completely but I will get there in due. Get professional help for I doubt nothing can help other than opening up to someone. Good luck.

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