Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty One

It’s weird really, your parents can absolutely despise you for giving birth like I had but 99% of the time your baby is loved as though it is their own. They will take him to church, shopping, the works but you are treated as though you are an infectious disease. My mother still barely spoke to me but my baby was spoilt rotten. Some of the things he had were quite unnecessary and he was too young for. She had bought books on parenting and so on all of which were for her to read not me. I did not complain though because as long as I kept her happy she would not shout at me. On the days she was off the baby slept with her and it was not even a question. Ironically she faced stiff competition for the babies attention with Judith. My sister bare went out anymore, had even gained a bit of weight just to emphasise how much of a change Amo had brought. When we drove into our driveway my mothers car was already home. I could feel my heart sink even before Judith told me to brace myself. I knew what was about to happen next. As soon as I came out of the car my mother came outside! Needless to say my mother was so angry at me!

“What is wrong with you? Did it strike you for one moment that they could take Amo away fromm you? Do you think we would have had the money to fight them in court?”

She shouted. She actually had genuine tears in her eyes. I won’t lie the though did not cross my mind at all. She had a point too. In a country where justice is bought I could lose a case just like that.

“Mum I can explain…”

I started to protest but I know my mother. Once she starts there is no stopping her. What’s worse was we were outside meaning anyone could hear. She told me it was because of irresponsible behavior like this that made me a mother when I only had a matric certificate in my life. That hit home! Judith had to calm her down by reminding her that Amogelang was back with us so there was nothing to be angry about. She walked past her with the Moses Basket of which my mother followed her immediately already playing with her grandson. I actually sat down on the driveway leaning on the car. I felt like I was such a loser. My mother was right and I know in future I will tell myself that I would have not had it any other way but for now, at this moment, I had let myself down by having a baby. It’s not easy. I am not a fighting person but look at me now. Mudenda was in jail because of me, I had blood stains on me and my mother had not even noticed that.

I walked into the house and my mother just looked at me. I think she was expecting an explanation on the blood but Judith came to my rescue.
“Come I clean that up,”

She said calmly. I followed her to the bathroom where she washed the wound and closed it. I took off my clothes and but them in the washer. I was also only then I realized that I also had a bruise on my elbow. Mudenda! I sighed. God will remember this day.

My mother was tired though meaning she went to bed early. I was left with Amogelang and Judith. We watched tv and took turns holding him. My phone was on silent but am certain I had a few missed calls on it. I did not want to check them because I knew it would just frustrate me even more. Around eleven Judith said her boyfriend was coming! I just rolled my eyes in my head and said here we go again! Judith was an expert at one thing, getting all the bad guys she could find from the beaters to the ex cons. She attracted them like no other woman I know. It always ended up bad and the problem was no one could tell her what to do. The moment you did she would disappear. We lived in an estate so it was easy for her to slip out with my mother not noticing. When he was outside, ok fine, by the neighbours gate she told me we must both come out because she wanted me to meet him. Previously I would have said no but with the amount of help she had given me with my baby I could not refuse her. Amo was sleeping now, peacefully too meaning when I came back I will catch a few hours sleep before he had to nurse. I went outside and there was a car parked I could not identify. I am not that good with cars but I can safely say it was white. A guy and girl came out of the car! What now? Was she being confronted for dating someone else’s man? I would not put it past her.

“Hey baby!”

He said with a smile on his face. I breathed a sigh of relief. They hugged and kissed (baby kiss) and he looked at me,

“You must be Faith! Pleasure to finally meet you!”

Please this guy spoke in proper “twang” English and was was wearing a cardigan around his shoulders. I greeted him back.

“Babe this is my little sister Onikho”

He said turning to the girl. I guess I had been to quick to panic. He sounded very decent as we both greeted her. I could not stay though. Amo started crying and I excused myself and went in. As soon as I picked him up he fell asleep. I picked my phone to check my messages and I only had one.

“You know I extended you an olive branch and you rejected it by that stunt you pulled at the police. Now you must suffer! How can you say you ever loved him if you do that now look they beat him up in jail? Fuck off!”

That was from Meladi. I paused for a second.

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

‎Hey Mike

Thanks for such a wonderful blog. Which I can’t live without. Ok I need help here I dated this guy while was still in tertiary. The guy didn’t work and was not educated but I loved him, as time went by I realized that there was no future for us Bcz I earned more than him and he was not able to provide in any way. Ok we separated and I meet my Fiance were engaged but the love I had for the ex never surpassed. We ‎never had contact until recently he moved close to my parents house and we mainten contact. I tried so hard to keep this guy out of my mind and heart but it seems impossible but I never cheated with him on my fiance. I’ve been loyal to him. Recently I found out that my fiancee is cheating on me with his baby mama, and we have a 9months old son. I decided to break up the engagement. Now he has moved out of the house to the baby mama. And im hurting but if that’s what he want I cannot fight him. I also went back to my parents house where I see my ex often. Now my dilemma is the guy has moved on, has a girlfriend but want us to give it a try again. As much as I love this guy it doesn’t sit well with me that he has a girlfriend and he will be cheating on her with me. Pls help Jackzorro and the family


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  1. Oh hell no, Meladi is asking for it big time. Thanks Mikeesto, nice one.

    Lu, you made your bed sisi, ulele kuyo kengok. Similar to that born again high roller wanting to dump the poor unsuspecting dude lacking ambition.

    What is it with you people that think you deserve better all because you earn better? So the lady working at Pick n Pay deserves a security guard and you, because you earn 20K+ you feel you deserve a professor… That’s nonsense.

    Let’s weigh this up quickly. You dumped your varsity bf, Varsity in capital letters neh, showing the ambition and determination to succeed from the guy. You left him for a Mudenda kinder dude, he showed potential, even went down on one knee, but he had a moerse load of baggage, a babymama. So you got preggies and became a babymama for a dude that you proly didn’t love like your ex, that was dumb. He cheated on you with his babymama, that was karma. Now you back on that Ex level you called uneducated, and he must pick up the pieces… Sad.

    I hope your ex, is a forgive and forget type of dude, I hope he will accept your 9month old child and that you guys can be happy. His current chick will be a sacrificial lamb unfortunately, but she will get over it. You can’t afford to be ingcinzo to this guy, coz that would just be low of you.

    I couldve been stern with this but you mentioned me, and that kinder hit home. If it feels harsh, know that I wrote it with your best interest at heart. Goodluck Lama, stay strong.


    1. I totally agree…if there was no future then, what has changed? The problem with most of us women is that we always choose to see the world through other peoples eyes. I can bet you now that had Lulama motivated the guy to be a better person, he would have because very few men want to be failures when it comes to providing and any man in love would not want to fail the one they love. One thing I found to be true though is that for every heart you break, yours will get broken at least 7 times for, so brace yourself Lulama…this might be 1 down 6 to go for you. Lots of lessons to be learnt ahead. That being said, now that you know what your mistake was, look ahead and do not repeat it. Looking at people materialistically will take you nowhere. Remember, money does not make ides but ideas make money

  2. Ok so a slight error where Varsity dude is concerned, I took that line wrongly, pardon that error. 🙂


  3. Mudenda got what he deserves maybe next time he will think before hitting any other woman and as for Meladi she can go to the nearest hell and come back half fried!!!!

  4. I agree with Jack, dont think its your birthright to have it good or a wealthy man just because you earn more. you mentioned that you left him for what seems to me as material reasons, then Karma showed u flames, now he might not accept you and your child anymore because he may want a family of his own with his current gf.

    so that will just leave you as another statistic as a single mother, i know life happens and all. but remember to treat people the way you also want to be treated.

  5. Meladi can go hang herself for all we care

    The problem with us ladies is that re batla di ready made. My man is currently not working but I know that that situation can change tomorrow. So what happens if Mr big earner loses his job? I hope your ex can take you with your baby coz what you did to him was unfair.

  6. Thanx Mikeesto.
    Lulama i’m very sorry for the fiancé, clearly the guynnever loved you as he did the bby mama. Now the ex issue, u need to ask urself questions her; is the guy the same as you last left him? Has he progressed in any way? Does he still earn less than you? Is he happy with his current girlfriend? If u answered yes to all these Qz then going bck to him would be a waste of time. I mean the same factors you left him for are still there only difference is now he has find his equal. That is an indicator that you need to move on and forget abt this guy. Stay and raise ur child and enjoy parent hood. You’ll meet ur soul mate in time.

  7. Meladi u cnt intimidate Faith.who r u to teach her abt love wn both of u betrayed her so w ur own problems she z dealing w hr own

  8. Thanks bra Mike for the good read as always .

    @ Lulama the Ex has a gf and a baby don’t think he will leave them for you ,meaning you will be a side dish no my sister Zithande n Zihloniphe take a breather from relationship concentrate on yourself n the baby

  9. Meladi is tasting my nerves yazi ,mara BOSSO ke Faith.
    Clap once for faith’s sister!

    Q&A sisi just take time,introspect yourself before you take any decision with this guy.

  10. Q: FACT is a man should be the provider, sometimes is not a good thing to stay with some1 who doesn’t have an ambition. Maybe you did the right thing by leaving him then and you had every right to want a good future for yourself.

    Take into account all the questions Ayaz asked you, if he hasn’t changed move, on as fast as you can because you will be setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes we turn to live in a “what if” moment and miss all the new opportunities in front of us.

    Get yourself a new life, that’s if there is really no future for the two of you. And please don’t forget men are not as forgiving as us ladies. If you hurt him once it will take a life time to forgive you, maybe he just wants to shag up with you and has no good intentions for the two of you. And babes you cant move from being number one to a “nyatsi” that would be low.

    1. Nicely said KG……She cant change what happened but she can definetly control whats goind to happen….. and if the EX is still in the same position he was when she dumped him…..they will break up for the same reason again….. you will be a nyatsi to your Ex nje cc, Value yourself move on…….

  11. Lulama relax sisi b single date urself hle no need to jump into another relationship jst nje becos.

    And I dont biliv for once u love dat uneducated guy u jst like the fact of having him as a boyfriend when u have no one better dan him

    loneliness is a horrible disease.

    No need to lower your standards just bcos u single at de moment its not de end of the world sisi sum1 ur league will cum eventually it myt not b today or tomorrow or in 6 months time but it will happen eventually, so wuld u rather b a side chick 2 dis nigger dan to wait for your turn? yhoh u strong shem. dat means ur bby daddy can cum back and make u a side chick as well mos only bcos u scared of being on ur own zahlala ungumakhwapheni ke

    stop selling urself cheap hle, ladies ake nizithande bo!!

  12. Oh the comments,,u guys are killing it ure telling it like it is,,Jackzorro u deserve a Bells,,Thanx Mike,,cant get enough of Rumblings makes me want to read more!!

  13. Thanks Team. ‘Ngiyabonga mina’ clap twice at this Meladi chick!
    A to Q: cc take a step back and just accept that both these r/ships didn’t work out. Take a break from r/ ships pliz, and don’t even consider going back to your Ex (the poor one) – b’coz for all you know he could have become a babbydaddy whilst you were apart. And as for the ‘stable income one’ – it was just never meant to be. Lick your wounds, get up and just concerntrate on yourself, your child, career and life. Maningi kabi amadoda emnyango, the right one will come when the time is right!

  14. Thanks Mike for the wonderful read…

    @jackzorro, my man you hit the spot brada and no doubt it home on many professional women out there… Good advice.

  15. I agree with jack,my sista take time n raise your baby n who knows mayb u wil meet your knight in shinning armour,as things stands I dnt think its wise going back 2 your ex,remember u left him,n most most dnt 4give n 4get that easily,chances are if u go back 2 him,his goin 2 use u,so 4 now I think its best u take a back seat n raise your son.thanx

  16. Tjo uMeladi uzicelela induku nje kuFaith!

    A2Q akeniyeke ukusidina wif yo gold digger tendencies!!!! Yo fiance didn’t love u as much as u loved him, heck maybe he realised u didn’t love him as he thought u did. A lot of baby mamas leave the come back door open.

    Leave yo ex alone he moved on from you! Hlala wedwa ukhulise ingane & learn 2 love yoself again

  17. Thanks Mike for yet another great read!!! I love your work.

    Lu, sisi when you are reading here you must have a sieve to sift good advice from bad advice. First of all we all know that the bible says a man must be a provider, with that said we also know that opportunities for women have been made better therefore we see more and more women holding the highest positions in the corporate world.

    Now my advice to you is for you to sit down and start writing. What does Lulama want:
    1. A man who will provide or a man who is going to support, love and appreciate her.
    2. A man who is going to be “your league” financially or a man who will always be there for you no matter what.
    3. A man who will give you a high profile identity in society or a man who make you smile through your tears, one who will hold you tight during cold nights, make time to play with you and the kids in the park.

    Nguwe ozaziyo uba ufuna ntoni!!!
    We are living in a very sad world where women have unrealistic expections from their counterparts!!! #JustSaying

  18. Meladi wa go tlwayela straight,yena he said he loved u,cheated with yo 2bestfriends,left u pregnant&is now gonna marry one of them who is preggies,she can go jump of the nearest mount gaa….wena don’t stop teaching mudenda a lesson he won’t forget

  19. Loving rumblings QnA pls somebody explain to me wat is love.. M kinda of lost way labo Cc talk way bafudze ngakhona blah blah…and shame bazohlala bepuma bengena if they don’t change their thinking

  20. its funny how people like to refer to the bible when it suits them, bare in mind that no human alive will live according to the bible in its fullest.

  21. Sies on Meladi, Faith can you pls give me her address so I can sort her out for you?! She is provoking you so you can beat her up, in order for her to get you arrested as a revenge for her stupid man. This two hos deserve each other, don’t entertain her. Tell her that your mom raised a lady, who is not gonna get involved in catfights for a stupid dick ass nigga.
    Can we get a like options for both Jackzorro and Evogue?!

  22. Q&A
    I’ve been with my man for 4years now, when I got with him he wasn’t working at all although he had IT qualifications, I stuck with him throughout the piece-jobs he would get every now and then, even when he was a transport driver for school kids, but now he’s got a proper stable job at an IT company and I’m the woman that stuck through with him and supported him because I loved him and I still do. You need to have patience with a man, you can never find him the way you want him.

  23. Lulama dear udlala i loniless, i suggest take time off kuma relationship, i know some believe that iva likhishwa ngelinye iva, he is an X for a reason and i think its time you remind yourself why you left him in the first place, just relax akukho mgodi onganukwa yinja, uzomuthola omunye umuntu and nawe ozomuthanda, just spend time with ur baby and is patient

  24. @ Q & A karma will serve you your best meal and the universe has truly given you a humble pie so chow on it even if it chokes you heheheheheheh , LIFE meant for 2 people should never have a label on it meaning you chose to let go of the Ex since he didnt fit into your “succesful black dream” now your knight in shining armour turned out to be a huge bellied frog now you want the ex??? then he tells you to settle for being a roll on and i bet you hoping he will leave the lady in his life for you???

    well you need to grow and realize that dude has moved on and you should do the same darling don’t waste your time with the past , focus your energy on that baby and start afresh and let your ex move on with his life , old feelings will always be rekindled as long as you still in contact and that does’nt mean you should always act on them as it is clear and certain that you will be the other woman

    God says MOVE ….and I SECOND HIM ….MOVE !!!

  25. I have a question for women who dump men because they lack ambition or they earn less than what you earn…

    What if that guy starts making money, or his dreams become a reality when you guys are together?

    And for the Christian ladies.

    What if God has bound your success to your partner? and isn’t Love more important than money?

    I will not go to the standards issue because women have unrealistic standards.

    Lol every time I read Q&A’s about dating, who earns more and positions I laugh because I am young, educated, I’m a deputy CEO and a born again. Manje ngizo shadwa njani if tittles are so important?! Lady’s come on now.

    1. i agree with you Khanyi, why is it that women have such unrealistic expecations, i know i will be a great success in life and i am on my way to making that happen, but im not trying to entertain a girl who expects me to be earning unrealistic numbers at my age. our women are really blinded by what they see on instagram and american tv. and its true some womans success can at times be bound to that of her man. they cant expect ready made men who are in their 20’s or mid 30’s.

  26. Thanx abuti mike, nice read. Lama thank u for writing that letter, and Fam thanx for the comments cos I think lama is not the only one that needs them but most of us women. Jackzorro and Evoque ur comments really helped me to make my decision, we all want security, “comfortability” as my friends always say and stability in our lives but I think as long as some1 makes u happy and u can both support ur family then stick there,cos U’l find worse.

  27. I must say Jackzorro you always give good advices but on this one it was a disappointment considering the poor gal looked to you. I have to agree with KG and Evoque. whether you like it or not a man must be a provider in any way that’s what the bible taught us, inspite of wanting material things or not. you cant be dating a person who will always feel inferior and threatened by you. tell me how many women you know who have good jobs and date guys who earn less, this man end up killing them. its a pain in ass let me tell you. so before you start judging people I think sometimes you must give constructive advice

  28. To Lulama sisi You know the kind of man you aspire to have. theres nothing wrong with being too ambitious and planning for the future. yes it never worked out with your fiancée but that doesn’t mean you wont find love again. I think now your just hurting and you want someone whom you can cry to. as they have already said sisi make an introspection and ask God to help you move on and find love again. Goodluck sisi

  29. The Nerve of this Meladi little whore, if i was faith i would have gone all May Weather on her long ago! If you can’t respect me coz i deserve it, I will MAKE YOU RESPECT ME OUT OF FEAR!

  30. What is wrong with our society mara???? 4 God is love and love doesn’t go hand in hand with money sure thing we do need money 2 survive but when 1 loves some1 money shouldn’t be an issue u gotta except them whether they working or not rich or not let’s except ppl 4 who they are n maybe will be happier in our lives

  31. Thts reach soming frm a man snatcher, meladi has no morals I hope she suffers as well she cnt build a happy life based on another woman’s brokenheart, Faith mst fight this meladi she full of k#k. Faith mst teach her a lesson she wil never forget Mike

  32. Lu i have been in a sort of similar situation as u. i dated a guy who had done IT qualifications via colleges. i am a university gradute still starting out my life. i tried helping my ex bf to find a job. yes he wanted a job as well since i am working (but it seemed like he wanted a job because of pressure he was getting from me). i can safely say my ex man was just spoilt from home.he had dreams of starting his own compony and i supported him but he was all talk and no action. he rather he spent 2 years applying for jobs online and downlaoding the latest series all year round. momy and daddy could afford him doing nothing so there was rather no pressure for him to do odd job. i had to decide for myself to leave him. because im a go getter i rather do the lowest paying job dan to have no job at all. his pride did not allow him to work on retail shop, call centers or even restuarants. i might be having golddigging tendencies by wanting an ambitious man in my life. but hey that is what’s is gonna make me happy. so dear i chose to be single before i mistakanely concieved a baby with him. i heard now that he has decided to go back to school. which was a wake up call maybe for him to stop depending on mom and dady.

    my advice is that you leave your Ex alone and focus on your child and yourself.

  33. @ Luluma… You are a gold digger finish and klaar… Ha ore he lacks ambition what is it that you did to help him better his situation? Yes no woman wants to be with a man whom lacks ambition but it is your duty as a girlfriend to assist him in realising his capabilities and being supportive to him. If you fail to help him be the best and achieving his goals theN you certainty never deserved him. Partners should complement each other, nna I wouldt mind dating a poor man as long as he will encourage me to be the best in everything that I do, even if o poor gana niks he can drive my car but obviously tshwanetse abe le potential ya go ba a success! Good night and great evening to all.

  34. Nice story again Mike. Battle lines have been drawn, war is now on full force and Meladi will not back down. I am trying to think what should Meladi has done after witnessing that beating incident, not be like Frans by watching and going to kiss the guy. What should be her reaction knowing that her fiancé is being arrested for beating his ex may give them trouble in future? Was faith expecting a sms from Meladi saying “Chomi u did well by getting that jerk Mudenda Arrested, I wish they beat him more in those cells”; such SMS was never going to come. I wonder what will be the storyline of Judith’s boyfriend and Onikho; especially since he is “Model C”.

    QnA Lulama, there are certain unwritten rules. One of them is that you don’t go back to the ex that you dumped especially for something that he considers as your arrogance unless you want to be his relationship slave. In case you choose to go back to him, you should appreciate that you will be a side chick for the rest of your life even if he marries you he will cheat on you. On the other hand, the reason you dumped him the first time (not ambitious) has most likely not changed and you will suffer from him again. So keep on walking, unless you want to just “blow steam with him”.

    About a fiancé who cheated with the baby mama, you should have known that most baby mama’s will try their best to get back to the baby daddy (needs stable family for her kid) and most men will not refuse cake from any woman. As you knew that baby mama will be a thorn in your butt for the rest of your life you should have not allowed that to break your engagement even your marriage. Now that he is gone, you can choose to cheat with him (hoping to win him back and not guaranteed) or you can move on. I suggest you keep walking.

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