Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Six

I started coughing uncontrollable; I was not doing any justice to myself because I looked as guilty as hell.  Ngwako just stood there and watched me,  coughing my lungs out, I don’t even know why I coughed that bad, but I couldn’t stop it didn’t matter how hard I tried.  A coloured lady who had been inside one of the toilet cubicles came out and asked if I was okay, I shook my head, she grabbed me by the arm and took me to the kitchen to give me some water.  Ngwako was right behind us telling the lady to let me die because I deserve it, after I had drank some water the coughing was became less and I could at least pull myself towards myself.  I thanked the lady and she left and I was once again left with the crazy woman, I swear if we were not in a work environment I would have punched her in the face and given her a proper beat down.  She continued “now that you are done faking, whatever it is that you were doing, tell that bastard to come sign those papers.” She said this waving her hands on my face.  I had reached boiling point now, I grabbed the hand that she was waving all over my face and twisted it hard and pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “If you ever wave your dirty hand in my face, I swear I will snap it off your arm faster than you can say bring back my husband.  If you can’t keep your man at home don’t make it everybody else’s problem.  I worked with your husband that’s all, I don’t know what this shit about an affair is about and frankly I don’t care” She shouted that I was hurting her arm, I twisted it harder one last time just to drill the point in her thick head then let it go and walked away, I didn’t even turn back to see if she was coming after me or not all I heard was “nxa, stupid bitch, I hope you get struck by lightning” I wanted to laugh but then I remembered in tertiary before Ngwako and I became frienemies (that’s a word for friends who have turned to enemies) she once told us in Polokwane in her neighbourhood there was a beautiful lady who was dating this very ugly, ugly guy, guy whom we shall refer to as ugly.com, he was so ugly that when he walked past babies would start crying, but he was very rich so the lady who we shall refer to as lady McStingy because she liked McDonalds, just liked him for his money and there was nothing the guy wouldn’t do for the lady, it didn’t make what he did the lady McStingy would not sleep with him she kept saying she was not ready, but she was not a virgin in fact had slept with a few guys from the same neighbourhood but just didn’t want to sleep with mubi.com ( mubi means ugly) so mubi.com became very frustrated by this and decided to take the matter to higher powers.  One day while lady McStingy  was sitting with her family eating a bucket of KFC that Mubi.com had bought for her, in broad day light with the sun shining and no clouds anywhere there was a huge thunder next thing  lightning struck and the only person who got hit in the house with about 7 people inside was lady McStingy and this is where is gets interesting, Ngwako said the lightening hit the girl and threw her outside and by the time she had rolled outside her panties were off and were on fire and that’s the only thing that was off her dress was still on and she was not hurt and had no scratches anywhere, and that was the last time she ever said no sex to Mubi.com after that she gave it to him all day every day and anywhere he wanted it.  I decided I was going to ask She Rocks to pray for me, the last thing I wanted was my panties on fire but in my case she would probably make my panties stick on me forever and never get off, Ngwako was a weirdo I wouldn’t put that past her.   I walked back to the boardroom all smiles like I had not just had a fight and continued with small talks like all was good in the world.  One thing I have learnt about being a woman is that when they are in public they will put up the bravest, strongest face and walk with their head held up high even though their lives are falling into pieces.  How many times have you been shown a beautiful woman who looks super confident and looks like she has no worries in the world and you get told that her man is cheating and she’s getting divorced and fighting him for custody of their kids, and you look at her and think nothing says she’s going through hell, her make-up is impeccable, the way she talks and smiles you would never say she is fighting world war 5 all by herself, women know how to hide pain.  You want to see a strong and powerful being look at a woman.

When we got back to the office Andile our boss came to see us and congratulated us on the excellent presentation, they had already called her to give her an update, well who needs Mfundo when you have brains, we were definitely going to be staying in that office and best of all I didn’t have to sleep with anyone to stay, not that I would sleep with Andile, eeeeuuuuwww that woman thought too highly of herself she would probably make me do all the work in bed, I must have laughed out loud at the crazy thoughts I was having about my female boss because both Andile and Cindy turned and looked at me, I awkwardly smiled and said I was thinking about something my son had said, they wanted to know how he was doing and if he was traumatised by the shooting incident that happened the previous year, I had even forgotten about that, last year was hell all around, I told them he had probably forgotten about it and was now all good and I showed them pictures of him and videos, I can sometimes be one of those moms that just go on about their kids, I showed them pictures upon pictures, pictures of him smiling, laughing, sleeping, playing and videos of the same things as the pictures, Andile got bored and said “cute” and left Cindy on the other hand was lapping it all up.  We eventually got back to working, while I was focusing on work my husband called to say he’s taking She Rocks to the doctor for her appointment, he said Neo’s car seat was in She Rocks car which I was using and they will come by to pick it up, “Is it really necessary?  Just put him at the back seat with the other kids and fasten his seatbelt.”  I honestly didn’t see the point of them driving to my work just for a car seat, Mthobisi said “you are obviously in a bad mood so don’t worry I won’t come to you but I will not put our son’s life at risk, I will just go and buy him a new one.”  He said calmly, I had just had it, I said “okay so now I’m a bad mother by saying put him on the back seat, you know what Mthobisi, do whatever makes you happy.” And I hung up the phone.  I did not mean to fight with him but all that was happening was eating me up and I was taking it out on the wrong person, this was a small, silly and unnecessary fight but it had a potential of escalating out of control.  I needed to control my temper I was always on the edge and snappy and this was not good for any man.  No man wants to be shouted at by his wife especially in front of other people that is disrespecting him in the worst possible way.  Cindy who always pretends not to be listening to my phone conversations said “was that necessary, shouting at him like that?  Do you know how many women out there would give their kidneys just to have the father of the baby ask “how is the baby doing?”  your man wants to keep your child safe and you throw him with pap and salads.  You need to be more appreciative of what you have before someone else comes and starts appreciating him.” Damn this girl was making sense, I was being mean unnecessarily, I decided to take an hour to let him cool off then called him before I could even apologise, he told me he had already gone to the shops and bought a car seat and for Neo and they were now on the way to the doctor with She Rocks and the kids and hung up before I could speak any further.  I sent a whatsap message to She Rocks and ask if everything was okay, she replied and said Mthobisi was pissed off they were now at the doctor and she will update me on how she went when she comes out.

After work I drove straight home, the house was empty, I decided to cook while I waited for them to come home, this would be my way of apologising. Two hours later, they arrived, Neo was fast asleep Sihle and Buhle were running around all happy and I just knew that they had sugar and this was going to be a long night, Mthobisi came in with two boxes of Pizza, after all my hard work sweating over the stove he saw the annoyance in my face and apologized and said he thought I would be working late and not make it home in time for dinner, I wanted to scream, “why the hell didn’t you call to ask?” but She Rocks was giving me the “don’t” look so I just smiled and said “it’s okay”.  I asked what the kids had and he said they wanted milkshake then ice-cream, I looked at him and said “soo much sugar, you do know that they not going to sleep tonight.” I looked at She Rocks and said “why didn’t you stop him?”  she said she was at the doctor when all that happened.  I decided to let it go.  The kids ran upstairs and a few minutes later I heard a sound of things falling I looked at Mthobisi and he lifted his hands and said “okay, okay, I will go and check.”  He ran upstairs when he got there all I heard him say was “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk!!!” I ran upstairs to see what was going on.  The kids were standing outside Mthobisi’ s study I asked them “what did you do?”  they were both pointing at each other.  I tried opening the door to get in but it was locked.  I shouted from outside “what did they do?”  he yelled back annoyed “they dropped the plant, I’m just putting it back together, go back downstairs  with the kids I will get you there.”

Errrrrrrr, why lock the door then? And why send me downstairs instead of asking me to help?

When I got downstairs She Rocks said something is happening to Neo, we had laid him on the couch because I knew if I put him in his bed he would get up.  I looked at him and it looked like he was having fits, I screamed for Mthobisi to come downstairs right immediately.

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  1. The plant falls, Neo gets sick, dis plant though, and I like the fact that you included the plant part on dis chapter because one reader asked last weekend. O loyal 🙂 thanks.

  2. Ok I know this may sound a bit weird ,but could the plant falling have anything to do with Neo’s fits ?

  3. The plant falls and Neo gets sick? Mike what’s going on? eish this family has too many secrets

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