Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred

We were silent for a couple of minutes each thinking of a way out of this situation at least that’s what I was thinking I don’t know what was going on in She Rocks drugged up head. I stood up and started walking up and down She Rocks was staring at her leg which was all bandaged up, after a few minutes of silence She Rocks just burst out laughing, I looked at her with annoyance and said “you are unbelievable, what the hell is so funny” she was laughing so hard she even had tears in her eyes I told her I was leaving, she said she’s doesn’t know why she’s laughing she thinks it’s the medication they gave her, it’s calming her and making her happy for some reason, she said she knows we in shit but can’t help but laugh, I was seriously annoyed, I told her to sleep the medication off and we’ll talk about the matter at hand later and left her there laughing, she was seriously losing her mind and maybe she cold plead insanity when we go to court she would definitely fitted the part. I went to Andiswa’s ward and found her asleep which was good for me I was in no mood to talk and telling her that the cops wanted to question She Rocks would definitely push her over the edge, one crazy friend was enough I could not deal with another one, I took my phone and left her a note saying I took it. I couldn’t bring myself to going to see Cleo, guilt was eating me up, poor girl was paralyzed and on top of that she could be going to prison in a wheelchair, this was the most terrible news for anyone to get and I just didn’t know how I would face her. So I went to Mthobisi who was in the waiting room and busy on his phone on a call, in all this my husband had been cool calm and collected and handling his business on the side, I told him to take me to the hotel, it was after 1pm I was starving and tired I had not eaten all day, I asked Mthobisi if we could grab something to eat on the way to the hotel, he agreed, we got some take-away and drove to the hotel, as we were driving my phone rang it was She Rocks, I quickly picked it up fearing something might have happened “what’s wrong?” I asked she calmly responded, “I think I might have found a way out of our problems, I will fake my own death, it will be easier with the accident, we can blackmail Doctor Khaya into making me a death certificate and you guys can say I didn’t survive in the accident, then we all get fake passport and move to Mozambique or Lagos and start a new life from there.” I listened to this crazy idea and waited for her to finish when she was done I said “eish, robala tu” and dropped the phone. Mthobisi looked at me and said “I’m so glad the girls are okay, well not okay but, you know what I mean honey.” I held his hand that was on the gear and told him I completely understand what he meant and I’m glad too that they are safe. He looked at me and said “I don’t know what I would have done if you were in that car when that accident happen, this is why I always need to know where you are all the time, it is not because I am trying to control you but for your own safety and protection.” I looked at him and nodded in agreement, this thing of just disappearing without telling anyone is not safe, a lot of things happen on the road and not because you were driving recklessly but you need to remember there are other people on the road who could be drunk or high on drugs and end up hitting your car or you might say I don’t drive, you will get hit by a drunk driver while walking on the pavement minding your own business, I had learnt my lesson, from that day going forward I was going to be responsible, you only have one life after all. We got to the hotel Mthobisi dropped me off and said he was going to pick up Vusi (Cleo’s husband) from the airport. I got in our room put the food down took a shower and went straight to bed afterwards without even touching the food, I was beyond exhausted, I didn’t want to think I just wanted to pass out and forget about all my problems. At 08:37 in the evening I was woken up by my phone ringing I didn’t realise I had slept for that long, it was Jessica, I answered “Hello”, she responded in shock, “Jesus Lee, are you sleeping? We are about to turn up and you in bed sleeping, did you forget what day today is, it’s new’s eve babe, wake the f up, take a nice cold shower and come to Balito.” I tried explaining that my friends were in a car accident, she told me she knows She Rocks and Andiswa called her and told her to make sure that I go to the party. I laughed and said I will speak to my husband and get back to her. I got up, and found a note from Mthobisi saying he’s at the bar across from the hotel with Vusi. I called him and said “why didn’t you wake me up?” he said after the hectic night I had he decided to let me rest for some time because he knew how tired I was. I asked how Vusi is doing and he told me to hold on he’s going outside I figured he didn’t want to speak about Vusi infront of him which I understood. When he was outside he said “Honey, Vusi is not okay hey, he’s been crying ever since we got back from the hospital, I’m doing my best to console him and I think the beers are doing the trick we going to be here for some time.” And what the hell was I supposed to do by my lonesome self in the hotel? I said it’s fine I understand. I decided to try going back to sleep but because I had slept so much during the day I just couldn’t fall asleep, it was soo hot I had the aircon on full blast. I got up, watched a bit of tv and there was nothing interesting, I was bored out of my mind I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I decided to call my mom and check up on my son, she said Mthobisi had called her and told her that the girls were fine, she told me prayer works and she will keep praying for them, I spoke to Neo for a bit he wasn’t making much sense with his baby talk, I missed him so much and just wanted to go back home, I had had enough of this holiday from hell. You know when you miss home you will even miss your irritating siblings that you don’t get along with, I called my irritating sibling, she sounded happy and upbeat, I asked about her kids whom I missed so much she said they had been asking about me, I told her I want them for a weekend when I get back and she readily agreed, I asked about Lwazi not because I cared but because I was trying to be nice, I was hoping she would say he got hit by a truck and died but unfortunately for me the bastard was sitting next to her and I heard him tell her to greet me, I mumbled tell him to go jump off a cliff, she didn’t hear me. I hanged up and scrolled through my phone book I had no one else to call, boredom had hit me hard. I started thinking about how life will be if we go to jail, just the thoughts of prison made me want a drink, shit there will be no drinks in jail, maybe She Rocks idea of faking her own death was not so bad after all, without She Rocks the police would not know us, the only reason I figured they had called her is because she volunteer’s at the place, now the rest of us are not known there, so the police were probably interviewing everyone that volunteered at that park. One thing I knew I wasn’t going to do was move to Mozambique or Lagos for that matter, starting a new life in a foreign country is no child’s play, I was not about that life. All this thinking had me feeling very anxious. When I turned and looked at the dressing table the car keys were lying there, the devil told me to grab the keys and drive to Ballitos and go and have fun and forget all my problem, why sit in a hotel room alone on the 31st of December of all days? Turn down for what? For Who?

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