Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Two

Andiswa and I both looked down and put our hands I put my hand on the forehead trying to hide from the embarrassment. She Rocks smiled and said “I was joking, doesn’t Khaya take jokes.” Then she started laughing, “I swear she’s losing her mind” I said. Mthobisi looked at us and shook his head and said “I wonder what crazy scheme are you ladies hatching now?” We all laughed and said we not planning anything it was She Rocks going crazy. We chatted for a while about nothing serious then decided to go see Cleo, Mthobisi said he was going to make a few calls and we should leave without him, I got a wheelchair for She Rocks which she didn’t want to use but the nurses insisted that she use it and not put pressure on her leg and Andiswa could walk on her own it was her arm that was broken. We found Vusi sitting next to Cleo he was sitting on a chair next to her bed and his head was on the bed when we got close we realise he was fast asleep, Cleo was on the bed going through his phone.

She Rocks said “geez C, did you talk him to sleep so you could check his phone for any signs of infedility?” the she started laughing, all Cleo said was “mxim” we were all a bit nervous and didn’t know what to say, Cloe asked why She Rocks was in a wheelchair, She Rocks said “because I can’t walk” then realised that Cleo was staring at her then quickly corrected her statement “I mean I can’t put too much pressure on my leg until the operation is done. How you feeling C?” She ignored She Rocks and looked at me and said “Lee, can I ask you for a favour?” I responded without even thinking about it “anything babe” she whispered “can you sneak me in a bottle of Hennesy and some Red Bulls.” We all burst out laughing, and she looked at us and said “that’s how I know my friends, I don’t want these serious looking people looking like they came to a funeral, by the way Lee, why in God’s name are you wearing that long dress like you going to a night vigil, I’m not dead I’m still alive, stop looking so miserable and get those pity looks of your face all of you.” that made us ease up then Cleo said “I’m serious about the Hennessy though.” I sent a message to Mthobisi asking him to bring some and paper cups. He replied and asked “Cleo wants this? Your friend is an alcoholic even in death bed she wants booze” I replied with a laughing smiley face, and told the girls my husband would bring some. Andiswa asked “Did you find any nudes or dirty messages in poor Vusi’s phone?” Cleo laughed and said “not yet” Cleo is the type of wife that goes through her husband’s phone 20 times a week, just to check if there has been an irregular activities, if he gets a call from the same number more than 3 times poor man has to explain who that is and why they calling him so many times and let him say he doesn’t remember who the call was from he will get a lecture from her she will even threaten to call his family to report him. Cleo told us that she was getting discharged the following day and would be flying down back home she missed her kids. She Rocks and Cleo were also getting discharged the following day, She Rocks had asked that her operation be done in Johannesburg and the doctors had agreed, so the following day we would be all flying back home. Mthobisi came back with our Hennessy, he told us that the insurance company had called and they say apparently someone had poured oil on the road to make it slippery this is why the car rolled soo many times, the police suspect that it could be the towing guys as there has been a lot of reports of them doing that so that they can make money by towing the car. Imagine people dying because some idiot decides that he wants to tow cars and make money, some people are just selfish and evil, we were all so annoyed by these news. He poured for all of us in a in those paper cups so that it looked like we were drinking water when he was about to give a glass to She Rokcs we all shouted “Noooo” she was already crazy with just the pills imagine her with the pills and alcohol she would climb on roofs, she looked at us and shouted “Nurse, nurse” I moved close to her and put my hand on her mouth, we were all laughing at her craziness I told her if she shut up I would give her a sip, I let her go and she laughed and said “if you guys don’t give me some, I’m going to tell the nurse that you are drinking, especially the two of you” she said pointing at Cleo and Andiswa we all laughed and I gave her a sip. Vusi was woken up by all the noise and laughing that we were doing. He looked around and saw all of us standing there and said “sorry guys I must have fallen asleep, I didn’t sleep a wink last night.” We told him we understood, he joined the drinking. We were now becoming too loud as the drinks kept coming, it got to a point where the nurses told us to leave because we were too noisy, we decided to take the party to Andiswa and She Rocks ward, we had a couple of drinks and got kicked out of there too. So we had no choice but to leave. We went back to the hotel, I went to all the girls rooms and packed up their clothes as we decided that we would leave straight from the hospital to the airport, we were not on the same flights as most flights were fully booked, Cleo, Vusi, Andiswa and Muzi were in one flight and She Rokcs, myself and my husband were on the next flight which was 2 hours later. Luckly Muzi had hired a car so they were going to use his car.
The following day we headed to the hospital, I was soo happy that my friends were leaving that place and we were heading home, it felt like this nightmare was finally over. We went to the airport checked in, She Rocks and Andiswa were both in wheelchairs so we got special treatment, we didn’t have to stand in long lines. We arrived in Joburg and Mthobisi had left his car at the airport parking which She Rocks calls “the holy ground” because of it’s expensive parking. I told She Rocks that she should stay with us until she is back on her feet, and she agreed because staying on her own was a definatly no-no so we drove to our place, freshened up and Mthobisi said he had a couple of things to take care of so he will see us later and left. She Rocks and I stayed behind and did what girls do best we gossiped about everything. My phone rang it was security, they said “sorry madam to interrupt but there is police here at the gate looking for you.” I swallowed hard and said “sorry who?” with all the excitement of going back home we had completely put the police incident at the back of our minds, the cops were supposed to be questioning She Rocks and not me and as far as I was concerned no one in that park had my details, I never signed up for any volunteering work so why were they at my gate? No one knew She Rocks was staying with us, she hadn’t even told her brothers yet, so I asked the security “who exactly did they say they are looking for?” he responded “Lesedi Jumbe.” My heart was in my throat my voice would not even come out I whispered “Let them in” Security guarded shouted “sorry ma’am what did you say?” I said “Let them in.” I turned to She Rocks and said “the police are here.” She Rocks replied “oh my God, where are those meds when I need them? Shit, let me call my lawyer and my pastor.” I looked at her and shook my head and said “they not here for you they here for me. Did you maybe write my details as your next of keen on your forms at the zoo?” She replied “No” Then there was a knock at the door and we both knew our lives were about to be turned upside down and it was now survival of the fittest.

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