Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

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Andre was our in house investigator at the firm. With law you deal with a lot of unscrupulous people and Andre was that buffer between them and us. He was really good at his job and I am certain when the bosses sent him it was for a good cause. Another thing people forget easily, lawyers are exposed to the scum of South Africa and at times this scum can come after you. It made perfect sense then for this move and seemingly it had been justified and vindicated. I stopped my car immediately. Thank God there was a garage close by but regardless I needed to check my own brakes. What if she had cut mine too? My car stopped immediately without a hustle and I breathed a sigh of relief. I did not know much about cars so I drove my car literally at 20km an hour to the garage about 7km away and that took a while. I figured if the brakes fail at least I can jump out and live. At the garage I asked the guy to check my brakes and he brake fluid. He said everything was. I turned back for Cape Town. Imagine! I had not even gone that far and already I was heading back with my tail in between my legs. This was beyond disturbing. Dalu was right, if I had to the Eastern I most certainly would have been seen as probably suspect number one. She was pregnant with my child, dies from cut brakes coming from my house and to the outside world I was happily married to my wife. As the Americans would put it, I had the motive and opportunity. My motive would be that I did not want my wife whom I loved very much to find out hence I had to get rid of her. This was brilliantly set up against me.

I have always believed that when you love someone you protect them. I loved Asthandile so much once and now that love had turned to hate. However, and most importantly is the irony of the fact that she was probably going to need a lawyer…soon! what the hell had she been thinking? Another thing that bugged me was who had taught her how to do that? The most I know about cars is changing a tyre and possibly the battery if I had to. That’s it. How would she be able to know what the brakeline was? It’s impossible to imagine. She was in trouble if this was ever figured and killing a lawyer means no sane lawyer would come to her aid.

I got into town as it started to rain. It rained so much I even had to park the car on the side of the road. Thirty minutes later I called Dalu as during the rain the network had been disrupted. I asked him to see me and he said he was already at Grand West with Andre. Brilliant. I will get to see the two people I wanted to see most. From where I was it was not too far. When I got there they were in one of the restaurants. Dalu stood up and shook my hangs then hugged me,

“I am sorry for your loss!”

He said. I wanted to correct him and say she was not mine in the first place but figured out he was talking about the baby. That thought was weighing me down. Because of me both the baby andd her had lost their lives. Andre shook my hand and got down to business,

“I have no doubt that there was foul play here. Her fuel line was severed and if we can find where the car was parked before she drove it then we will able to see where it was leaking.”

He said in a concerned voice. That was going to be impossible though because that rain would certainly have washed away anything that is evidence. It was both a good and bad thing. The good thing was it would never be traced back to as having had happened at my house but the bad thing would be we would never know if Asthandile did it.

“Another thing is, when I went to see the vehicle it was still outside in the open so I don’t know if they covered it yet with all this rain. Any fingerprints could have been washed off!”

He said a bit annoyed with himself because he should have demanded it be covered. Unfortunately because he had been allowed to see the car as a favour he had no grounds to ask that. I hate stories with too many variables. Even judges hate that because it’s cause for speculation.

When Andre left Dalu and I sat in silence. I don’t know what came over me I broke down in tears, right there in the restaurant. Thank heavens they had chosen a corner booth. I needed to get it out and I am not even sure what I was mourning for, my dead baby mama or my marriage. I had lost faith in this world. Dalu gave me a moment and asked me if I thought I was doing the right thing leaving Asthandile and I said yes. He said we seemed like a perfect couple so was there no way we could fix this of which my answer was no and justifiable so. Everyone from the outside has an opinion of your relationship which is usually wrong. Most couple just keep up appearances that’s why people see perfection in flaws.

It was then it hit me that I had no place to stay and indeed it was a Sunday. It had to be Khanyi’s then. I will find a place to stay tomorrow. The thing with Cape Town or anywhere else for that matter is that if you have money finding accommodation is not an issue. I did not want hotels because I had decided to do investigations of my own. This time I did not call ahead. She had said I can come back anytime right.

When I got to her place her car was in the driveway and someone was fixing it. It was the guy she had once brought to my house for dinner and he punched. Khanyi was standing over him asking a lot of questions. She was a bit greasy herself. Maybe they had sex whilst at it who knows.

Then it hit me, well not really, but it kind of made sense did it not?

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Guys I was sent by my friend Slie to write this letter(3310 issues guys she can’t reach)but I do hope she will get good feedback.

Hi family.

he is a friend of my friend so on this particular day she wasn’t around and her phone rang I took it told him my friend isn’t around but he started making a conversation on just general staff as he said he was just calling to greet her as usual which annoys my friend because she said hs boring etc etc. I told her when she was back but didn’t care as it’s one of those calls that annoy her. The guy asked her for my numb and she gave him. We started talking from whatsapp to 2 – 3 calls a day, I never called him . I find him smart, focused, very very good I don’t know why he was a bore to my friend but who cares. After months of this communication I gained trust ok il use comfortable about meeting him, we arranged and we met he stays in another province as he works there. We met in a hotel(kisses only) when I saw him he was ok I didn’t mind problem iheight but guess what the vest he was wearing I would’ve bite him if he said it was white, it was brown cream colour with 2 holes I min I saw 2 that could be 6 I don’t know I was irritated to look. The armpits my goodness Hmmmm what a perfume even if you on your 4th dream about white people it will just end ryt there that’s how strong it was #liyaqwashisa etc etc problem is he is very short I can’t do short guys but I find him interesting he talks about marriage etc that’s positive isn’t some can’t even pronounce the word so hs 75/100 of what I want well that’s good for a black guy hey, can’t compare other races they don’t even look at me. I think he likes me but his height is the biggest turn double off for me, I don’t think I can even marry him please advice me ,I know this can’t be changed. Why did they say heels are for women only bathong look at how am suffering now. But I love him

Damn you height!

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  1. It makes sense Lebogang, but then again you can’t rule out foulplay from those two witches. Tjo!! We wait and see… Wednesday cometh!!!

    Thanks Mikeesto, great start to a burden of a week. Mourning the loss of two relatives that perished on Saturday.

    I honestly didn’t understand the letter, I tried, I just couldn’t make sense of it.


  2. Khanyi is really playing them.she is the master mind in all of this bt her “frnd” is just a full to have fallen to her tricks

  3. Khanyi is really playing them.she is the master mind in all of this bt her “frnd” is just a fool to have fallen to her tricks

  4. QnA…uhmm you just met the guy and you’re already talking marriage? nah chick take a chill pill and get to know the guy a bit more at least. But then again what type of a guy meets a girl he likes in his hotel room? why didn’t he take you out for drinks or lunch nyana? ai

  5. khanyi and Asthandile are responsible for Lindiwe’s death! they are witches! whe and how did Asthandile change though?


    wtf??? was the letter written by a 9 year old?

  6. Hmmmm that letter neh!!! No idea what’s going on in it!

    Mike, I don’t think u understand the anxiety u put me through waiting for a post!!!(okay I’m exaggerating) but I really live

  7. Hmmmm that letter neh!!! No idea what’s going on in it!

    Mike, I don’t think u understand the anxiety u put me through waiting for a post!!!(okay I’m exaggerating) but I really love your blogs 🙂

  8. Thanks Mike. Both these women are evil – angisazi manje!!!! And why does Mxolisi keep going to Khanyi for help, what type of a stupid fool is he kanti? From one snake to another?! Really, he seriously has a death – retarded lawyer!! Mmnx.
    A to Q: am not sure if I understood your letter correctly… You met this guy, through a friend that did not want him. He has smelly armpits, wears worn out clothes and is shorter than you? Right?!? You can deal with the body hygiene and the ragged clothes – just needs grooming and some shopping. As for the height – eish, you can’t change that one. Just take him as he is if you trully love him.

  9. Khanyi oh mai, foul play rite there

    Q & A
    Whats your question exactly i couldn’t understand your letter honey please re-write it.

  10. I feel like Wednesday is to far. This is getting interesting. Thank you Mike

    I’m sorry but what are you on about?? Felt like I was reading five stories at the same time.

  11. thanks Mike, Q&A – Ay bandla please re write your letter, i even tried to read it again cause i was thinking maybe ngihlulwa isilungu but ay khona. you are not making sense at all…

  12. Q/A……..yoh that letter. haaibo. you love him but height ke problem. may I ask, what advise would you give to your friend if she came to you with the same challenge?

    askies Jackzorro, o be sharp nhe….. (((HUG)))

  13. Mmmmm m not sure about Khanyi yazi i trust neither of them. Thnx Mikey great read made this Monday meaningful.

    Jackzorro sorry about your loss.

  14. I said before, Khanyi is the mastermind behind this or a trainer. I understand Mike didn’t want to introduce too many characters to the story so we will stick with Khanyi for now until we have a new fling. Of course Mxo could have gone to Dalu.

    Now you know why your friend didn’t like him. I think your guy has been single for too long (maybe forever). I am amazed if he talks marriage after that first meeting and kiss;you should wonder … If you see a potential on him, you can decide if you like him and prepared to ignore the height. I am wondering how short is that height.

    Dont you know that most guys are so good because there was a woman who took care of that. It could have been a sister, mother (ok most of us rebel) or previous girlfriend. So, the story of armpits and brown shirt could have been a cover or something you can change.

    Based on your describing of him, I believe he is sincere when talking marriage but I also think you will be in for a big roller coaster as I dont think he has experienced many things in life.

  15. What’s with today’s letter? I very sure gore I’m sober…Khanyi killed Lindiwe because she wants to be the main side chick… Biatch

  16. Khanyi le Asa ke mamenemene shem!wena mxolisi nkane o dlalla kgakala le bone,nd stop trusting Khanyi ka bophelo ba gago ne.
    Q&A try to write in ur mother tongue,mayb re tla go utlwa nxt tym ne.
    Tnx team
    Jackzorro may their Soul RIP.

  17. Smelly armpits.torn vest.cream white vest”of which was suppose to b white..mmmmmmm lol let’s get dis right neh!den he books a hotel?o sure maar?wasn’t it a backroom or something?

  18. QnA, the armphits r smelly or too much perfume????
    so basically my sister u inlove wth a short, untidy, unhieginic guy ryt? Sikusize ngani thina?

  19. Woah, now it makes sense, Khanyi is playing it cool while the desperation of getting the man she has fallen for is boiling inside her, this woman mara… Anyway manje what happened to the money that Asthandile took from their bank account? Cause I don’t remember her returning it. I’m on #TeamAsthandile cause she is just trying to keep her man by any means necessary.

  20. I bet when Mxo starts his investigations the messages in Astha and Khanyi’s phones will ‘ve deleted.

    QnA Lmao, hihi “Turn double off”? Why do you think your friend was quick to pass the blunt?

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