Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six

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There is this misconception perpetuated in society that a baby mama is the scariest thing that can haunt a man after a relationship gone south. I beg to differ, an ex wife is scarier because she does that whole ‘last kick of a dying horse’ thing. A baby mama fights out of desperation and usually the case she still loves you and hopes you will see the light and stop your nonsense. This is why most men in spite of all she may do, still get the occasional shag out of her and this is even when she knows you are with someone else. To a baby mama what causes the drama is that she feels as though you tricked her into leaving her with a baby that’s why she knows what drama really is. She actually fights for you and the child you share. An ex wife on the other hand hates you, pure and simple. You will have embarrassed her in front of her family and friends by leaving her and that my friends is an unforgivable sin. In her head she failed after crossing the finishing line. That’s like having a heart attack the day you won the lotto. Imagine!

She caught me on the arm. Fortunately because of the tight space we were in she didn’t have enough swing room to cause too much damage but it hurt nonetheless. I immediately jumped on her and held her. She fought me trying to wiggle herself out of my grip. In the process the bat fell. She started screaming that I should let go of her. I knew if I held her longer it will cause the neighbors to come and we could end up having an Oscar situation where people start claiming to hear things that never happened. I shouted at her to calm down and talk as opposed to shouting without purpose. That angered her even more! She told me she had more than just a purpose. I made the mistake of letting her gone and a half a dozen of punches landed on me. She was stronger than I thought. Eventually I managed to secure her again but this time the anger in her I think overwhelmed her and she broke down into tears. I let her go. Look, I know I was divorcing this woman but the way she was crying now just made my heart sore. It is not weakness it is human. I gathered my soon to be ex wife in my arms and this time I held her and allowed her to cry in my arms.

“What has possessed you?”
I asked her. I told her that this was not her because this violence would land her in jail. I warned her that there would be no coming back from this because she seemed hell bent on destroying herself.

“I told you once that I do not think I want to live without you but you thought I was joking. You don’t take me seriously. You think I am dumb and cannot think for myself. How do you think I feel right now with all this?”

She asked me.

“I am not having an affair with Khanyi. I never did and never will!”

I said when I managed to get her to calm down. She looked confused because she had been so convinced at that end.

“I came and I asked her for a place to sleep for a couple of days. I can show you the papers from the rental agencies. I can’t move in now!”

I explained.

“Then how do you think I feel knowing that my husband, the man that I loved, left my house and moved in with my best friend, the very woman who could have led us here?”

She asked me. Tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! Remember you chose not to tell me the whole truth about Khanyi and you so that’s not my problem!”

She looked at me and tensed up. It was as though she wanted to say something but she really was stuck.

“I want to tell you, really I do but if do this you will never forgive me even in your sleep…”

She said and walked to the door,

“Please let this go, please I beg you!”

I did not follow her. The curiosity was killing me because much as I wanted to ignore it, what really had they been up to. My arm was sore though where she had hit me. It was starting to swell. I went and put some ice on it. She was really angry when she had hit me. It’s true though, what would you do if your man dumps you then moves in with your bestfriend? It’s easy to say she had lost it all on her own when truth be told I had cornered her into desperation.

As I sat down to lick my wounds my phone rang. Goodness what is this thing with phones almost always being the bearer of bad news. I had noticed that almost everyday my phone was the source of my misery and this time it was my father. Yes I have one of those and he is as scary to me today as he was when I was growing up. Thank heavens he rarely called.

“Ndandiyobona uTat’ Matshaya wathi ukuba unyana wam wayezokwenza eyona mpazamo yakhe yankulu ebomini bakhe.. Ushiya umfazi wakhe.. Isgiqbo sakhe sasizo hlukanisa, sixabanise usapho lwakhe lonke”

Really! Sorry in English he had just said that he went to see Mr Matshaya and had been warned that me divorcing my wife would bring havoc and destruction to my entire family.

Mr. Matshaya was a sangoma and very respected in my father’s world!

Not my world!


He shouted when I did not respond. I hung up!


*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
Thank u for reading my story
I’m a huge fan of Memoirs.
Nd iv been reading stories frm other readers which mostly come of as being sad.

I just want to let the whole world that I’m in love with my man Mzimkhulu Maduna,he still takes me to cloud nine.We have been together fr 5 yrs now and have a baby boy who is a month old.Our journey together hs been both bumpy nd smooth making our relationship where it is today.
No man in this world has ever showed me so much love like he showed me,we have been through a lot ..He’s one of those guys titled as being “a keeper”, we planning to get married as soon as we are settled as we are both new graduates.
Reading this blog has given me more reasons to appreciate my man..its a cruel world out there…
I’m so in love,we’ll we so in love even the sex,I still feel like its our first time everytime we do it,he still kisses me passionately and holds me in all the right places ,its so good he leaves me
wanting me to thank him after we done.

People I’m not bragging I’m just in love and want to tel u that true love still exists and I thank God daily for blessing me with such an amazing man and a beautiful son. Nd I pray that God continues to bless our relationship.In this month of love to me its just another month bcz we never stopped showing each other how much we love each other.

I love my man!! My lover,my babys father


Thank U

In love

42 thoughts on “Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six

  1. QnA uyajabula ntombi.. sikufisela okuhle kodwa in ur love life. Bt nje usishiye nesikhala se disappointment cz lapha emhlabeni izinto zyenzeka.. best wishes though <3

  2. The devil in me is itching and screaming to bust Inlove’s bubble… But I have to practice restraint. I can’t always be the bearer of bad news like cellphones. Imagine causing the poor woman a heart attack on her glowing love letter day…. Tjo!! Mike would not forgive me LOL!
    Inlove, enjoy it sisi, I hope it lasts, I envy that craze… Its rare. 🙂 Goodluck.

    Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one, I love the relevance and how the commentary just mixes with the other stories. Daily dose :).


    1. I wonder uba wawuthathwa phi? : ). Good though that you can still practice restraint, I’m exactly in the same shoes of inlove but that does not mean there’s been no challenges as what matters is how you handle those. Just love me some Jackzorro .

  3. Thanks Mike again. Though curiosity killed the cat but he will want to know what Astha and Khanyi did, so do I and I think as women normally do, she will confess later thinking that she will be forgiven. Because of the father’s call, he better find out what Astha and Khanyi were upto and will make a decision if he can bare the consequences or he will face unprecedented doom.

    As a man, I also feel Memoirs than most books though the story develops strong. The other nice story from male perspective are rare. I am reminded of the story that inspired Mike to write the Diary i.e. Unemployed Side Nigga.
    When reading your story, it gives courage that the are people still enjoying love after some years unlike always hearing about the breakup. So keep it up. Also dont shift your love for your man to the baby; yes the baby needs lots of your love but must not take one from your man. Keep the fire burning always and continue to enjoy yourself.

  4. @Inlove, thank u so much for posting that beautiful story. It goes to show that there are good stories out there!
    Wishing u only happiness and may u and ur adorable little families future shine BRIGHT!!
    @Mike, thanks for a very entertaining Blog! I say again, u are beyond talented!!! Keep it up!
    All the best u guys!!!

  5. Nice read indeed. Thanks Mikesto

    Inlove it is always refreshing to read something that positive. Your man must teach us how to be like him.

  6. Siyabonga Mike once again……

    To in love, thank you girl for writing your beautiful story, its good to hear that there are people who are making it work out there…..And i understand why you wrote it…. to make people see that love does exist out there inspite of all the gloom and doom that is happening in the world.

    And no matter what happens in your relationship in the future….. you will know that love once lived there.

  7. Dear Mike, I would like to applaud you for your good writing.

    What I love the most is the way you incorporate our current affairs in your books, and I define that as genius.

    Thank you so much for your good work.

    God bless you, Sir!

  8. Thank you Mike, Team, we enjoy your work always

    @ inlove, Wow, what a public announcement, we are happy for you, keep it tight like that, we know you are not bragging, yes true love exists we also feel like that sometimes 🙂 it might not be every time like you, but we do. We feel you.

  9. Parents sometimes just don’t understand……….

    @In love, thank you for that sisi, its so nice to read such beautiful story for a change. Its heart warming to know that relationships are not always full of problems…I love a good love story…..Don’t let anyone burst your bubble, enjoy the moment.

  10. Mxo should divorce that calculative evil slut! With her in his life, he is bound to worse destruction, she is capable of killing him in his sleep….you can’t walk straight into fire and expect not to be burnt PERIOD!

  11. Lol at jackzorro….haha u crazy.

    In love I see ur so in love but why the naming though….are u trying to send a msg to sum chick who has an eye for ubhuti to back off or……jst curious though. If it’s genuine then all the best, am sure ashanthile was like that before she met the wild khanyi lols

  12. Thank goodness for restraint..#Jackzorro…uhamba wedwa bhut’

    In love, stay in love…LOVE still does exists & problems will always be there, but the maturity practised in dealing with them is only solution.
    I can just imagine how you feel…

    1. If ngingalokotha nje ukuvula umlomo wami, kuyoze kukhuze u Baleka Mbete e parliament @Mbali LOL! So ngcono nje ngithi order Honourable member. 🙂

  13. Thnx Mike n team! I’m jst wondering is dis whole thng not affecting da pregnancy? They did smthng da 2 besties! Q&A keep dat flame burning!

  14. Thanks Team.

    A to Q: have a very uneasy feeling about this letter – ungathi ibhalelwe ukuqhatha izwe nje??? Why doesn’t inlove mention her name and only mention the babby daddy’s name? Just asking nje, hhayi kabi. If I’m being paranoid and wrong, accept my humble apologies and enjoy your relationship.

  15. Mara the sex for the first time is nt so great,it average nje cause nonke nisuke nisasabana so good for u for having average or less for 5 years….Tli Tli Tli I’m kidding boh good for u lady I hope it doesn’t end

  16. QnA How I wish I could be in love again, I really really envy you. My first “bf” the guy who broke my virginity broke my heart so badly its beyond repair (its written off nje). I don’t know how to love anymore, like being genuinely in love.
    I’m not bitter nor angry,me and the ex talk now and again and i don’t feel anything for him, his just like any other guy. He want us to get back together and I’m so not interested, his every women’s dream, his handsome, got the brains (engineer by profession) and faithful. (Broke up with me cause I was boring then and agreed to everything he says I think lol).
    Tjo my situation is so bad cause I really want to be in-love with the father of my child and not just be with him for security and stability. By the way I have been together with my baby daddy for 7 years and we have a 3 years old son.
    So QnA whatever you have with your bf cherish it and hold on to it with dear life, it takes a lot to love someone and for someone to love you back.

  17. Mxolisi won’t divorce…I remember he mentioned on the first chapter that divorce is expensive. Inlove eish how I wish I could get me a man o mo oright hle phela I’ve been single (celibate) for 5 yrs now.

  18. Kodwa Jackzorro wathathwaphi yoo, kusisi who is in love siyakubongela baby akwandele bani and I applaud you for isibindi of declaring your undying love on a social network. Mina my advise is that komele usondele kuMdali more than ever especially the day you tie the knot. Reason being the devil does not care much about relationships that are not blessed by God yet. The moment God gets involved, that is the day you will be challenged from all fronts. I am sure uye uzwe about many people around you ababa kwi relationship for years(umjolo) but divorce soon after marriage.

    Imishado that survives mostly ile abanikazi bayo ababambelele kuJehova yize kwabona abanye behluleka ngoba usathane uba strong abahlule maningi kakhulu ama temptations and the journey is very long and tiring sometimes.

  19. Nami im uneasy nge letter ya 2day ud swear she has a motive behind it ngeke bt asazi bt i jst feel we missing sumthing la bt ke if im wrng den gud 4 her sithi halala akwandele muntu

  20. a wise man (my ex) lol once told me that neva ever confess to a man that uve fucked up coz if u do he will hold it against u for the rest of ur life unlike us women who always find it in our hearts t0 f0rgive our men for their flaws….i a talking from experience n if astha knows whats gud for her she better zip that mouth coz once she says ish theres no turning back…..thanx bra mike uz trully gods masterpiece…..

  21. Heeee ayke lencwadi……,yazi mmmmh.engathi kunembangi ela kwi blog I swear,phakamisa sandla wena osokolisa ngane yabantu isemathandweni boooo

  22. IN LOVE<, hhmmmmmmmmm Nami I relate to your story sisi and I know how freak'n awesome it feels to be so in love and to get the love back in return <3 <3 <3 🙂 I am still with my high school sweetheart and he sure is a "FINE KEEPER". 🙂


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