Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

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When something like this happens a lot of things don’t look like they really are. Everything you see becomes suspicious. You honestly feel like you constantly have to be on the look out and that is not a nice feeling at all. The question was obvious? Could Khanyi have been the one who did it? I did say before that my wife was clueless about cars. How would she have known how to isolate or rather find the fuel line. It just does not make sense to me. With that said at the braai much as I did not remember my wife’s every move I don’t remember seeing grease on her. She could not have done it. Khanyi had arrived a bit later than others and because we were all at the back we would not have seen her nor who she came with. What if she came with this guy and whilst she walked in and we all saw her this guy was the one who did it and walked away. We would not have seen anything that’s most certain. Now there was the fight? Was it staged? It was very weird for these two to fight considering how tight they were. A lot of things simply did not make sense. I stood there in front of them but I was not sure what to say. She looked up when she saw me and she smiled.

“I was not expecting you back here so soon!”

She said cheerfully. Had Asthandile not told her that I had left her? She came to me and said she was neither going to hug me nor shake my hand because she was too greasy. Fair enough.

“What’s wrong with your car it was fine just earlier?”

I asked as soon as she stopped talking. When other men are fixing a car as a man you have act interested as though you too know what you are doing.

“It was making a funny sound and with people dying in accidents I wanted to make sure I had nothing to worry about.”

She was scared too clearly and she too suspected Asthandile. Why else would she be checking? It made sense! Even I had checked my car meaning she was not doing anything out of the ordinary. I breathed a sigh of nervous relief. Why did she have all that grease though? The guy came out from underneath the car and he gave me a cold hello. he was bigger than the last time I saw him or maybe it was just the grease. I greeted him back and he said he was out. The last time I had seen him was in my house all dressed up for dinner but seeing him now in daylight with all that grease he looked very thuggish. Was it just my mind playing tricks with me? When Khanyi was raped I had insisted that something was wrong and one of the guys, the big one had disappeared. I was thinking this too hard. No one lies about being raped and beats them self up right? The guy told her he was finished and he left. Clothes really do change a person hey. I could swear he was not the same man. She invited me in and told me to make myself at home.

“I asked Asthandile for a divorce today!”

I told her. She froze were she stood and made absolutely no facial expression.

“Why would you do a stupid thing like that? That woman loves you!”

She said. I told her I was not in a mood to discuss it but I thought she must know that the divorce papers will be drawn up tomorrow. She sounded genuinely concerned which confused me but I did not let it show. I am not sure what I was expecting from her but this was not it.

I did not even ask her for a place to sleep. She told me she was going to make supper but I told her I had no appetite. This was such a big decision for me I will probably throw up because of nerves. She said she understood but will make enough food just in case. I went to the room and lay down. I could not sleep. It was early but the last thing I wanted to do was think about all this. I took a pillow and put my face into it. I cried. Even men have emotions and this was not weakness. It was the tears I think that exhausted me enough to sleep till 4am in the morning when I woke up. It was strange not waking up next to my wife and knowing I might never do it again.

When I got to work everyone was genuinely sombre. The news of her passing was still filtering through. At some point the bosses sent a memo saying we were going to have a half day. To lose a colleague is not always the easiest thing. As I was packing a few things away Joseph walked in. Joseph Rakgatla one of our associates. We hardly spoke because he was usually away as his department was the one that actively sort clients. It was actually a surprise when he walked in and at that moment I was holding Asthandile picture frame.

“Why would you put such a beautiful picture in a box?”

He said seeing me put my wife’s picture away. He looked very confused and I answered him,

“I am divorcing her!”

I was very calm as I said this but it still felt awkward saying this out loud.
“How do you divorce such a woman, she looks like Pearl Thusi if not better!”
He said. Who the hell is Pearl Thusi I asked him? The name was vaguely familiar though, was she a former client or maybe one of those radio presenters I listened to in the morning. Joseph insisted on showing me. He took out his phone and googled this woman and that’s when I vaguely recognised her. I could see why he said they resembled but oh well, I did not care anymore.
“No mate, work things out with her otherwise you will regret this but it’s non of my business!”

Looks matter to guys! Asthandile made other men envy or want to be me just by looking at her. She was thick in all the right places and when she smiled she had a slight quiver on her bottom lip. You had to pay attention to see it.

Snap out of it!

I told myself the moment I found myself day dreaming yet again about her. This was never going to be hard. I asked him which divorce attorneys I could use and he gave me a few. I chose the one on top. I wanted to get this over and done with.

When I got to their offices, I was immediately seen because I was a fellow lawyer so we help each other out. I even got a discount on the r5000 consultation fee. I had everything I needed inclusive of the prenuptial agreement I had made her sign long ago. As there was so much to take down he called in an intern to come take the notes.

Guess who walked in,

It was Yolanda Cele, the pastors wife’s sister I had met just yesterday morning.

I was so embarrassed I wanted to leave!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this. I live in Namibia and even here your blogs are loved.

I am 26 and I am having problems getting over my ex. We dated for six years and last year in June he just called it quits. We had no fight prior to that and all he told me was that he was tired. I have tried everything under the sun to get him back but he will not take me back. I did not cheat or lie about anything so I know am not guilty. As far as I know he was not cheating nor did he make someone pregnant. Our mutual friends tell me he is still single. I even slept with two other guys hoping to get rid of his thought and even then I found myself comparing them to him. I am in trouble guys and I need your help. I am so in love with him I do not know what to do.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, daily dose.

    Rumbi goodluck sisi, its sad to still be inlove with someone that may be long out of love with you. hang in there.

  2. Good read as always! Thanks Mike

    Rumbi my sister just hang in there, I know it is hard, especially when you have all this unanswered questions! Everything will work out for the best in the end! Be stron gmy sister!

  3. Thanx for the nice read mike, it’s becoming more and more interesting.
    Rumbi my sister i’m sincerely sory to hear your story. I can only imagine what you are going through coz 6 years really aint no child’s play. This might sound difficult to do but if i were u i’d walk away with a smile knowing that ur conscious is clear and innocent. If he’s not willingbto give you answers then walk away. Gradually with time your wounds will heal.
    Wish you all the best. Stay strong

  4. Mxo likes drama. Even after he saw the thug like of a guy, he continued to sleep! He did not remember to check his brakes in the morning! I have to admit, I didn’t see Yolanda coming! Though the people who raped Khanyi were on tape but why couldn’t he say that thug guy looks like one of them. What if it was one of them and the whole thing was fabricated, I can’t guess next episodes. I cant imagine Yolanda during divorce proceedings, there is going to be a huge drama considering her association with Khanyi. But she can want to get Mxo for herself, who knows.
    I remember that IPID drama was left hanging.

    Ladies can help on this one.

      It has come to my attention that it is wrong of me to anticipate future chapters nor comment on the interesting parts of the story (yesterday’s comments). I will therefore stop commenting for a while, unless there is something really take my attention. After all, it is important to respect Mike and his books which I really love.


      1. I went through most of my previous comments (3 months) checking what is the problem. I noted nothing different from what other people are posting except one when I wrote a long comment that is where the drama started. After looking at the accusations of trying to be like Jackzorro or trying to takeover from Mike or trying to make the story about me; I realised that I am dealing with a classic case of PLAYGROUND BULLY GIRLS. So I will continue to comment as I want. So can all bullies stop their poo slingshots as I will ignore them hence forth.

        So any phd comment I will reply by saying “Bully”

  5. I smell something fishy, if Yolanda is involved than i bet Yolanda’s Sis and Kanyi prolly put her up to it…its a web of games to this women…I’m sure there is something nasty instore for you Mxo, dont trust those bitches…RUN!

  6. Thanks Team – this makes for such good reading. The suspence, drama, …everything and everyone is connected here; one way or the other… Hha, kanti what do consultation fees cost bakithi?? R5000 – wuuuh ngingafa, … Hlala phansi wendoda, cook your own food, and just share the house – divorce is too expensive!!!
    A to Q: shame Rumbi, 6 yrs is too long to just break up like that, no explanation, nothing nje!! Sorry gal, feel your pain. Sometimes it hurts to love… but uzoba right, eventually, but it won’t be easy. Cry, curse, vent – do what ever but at the end know that ‘You can’t make a person love you, if they don’t.’ Get busy with your life, enroll for some foreign language course, dancing or something; where you’ll get to meet new ppl and start thinking less and less of him. You’ll get through this and over him.

  7. Thanx Mike for the great chapter as usual.
    The isn’t much I can advise u on, leave the guy alone and in time u will heal, guys don’t need a reason to hurt us women.

  8. that girl just conveniently happened to be an intern at your company? eh I smell a rat and I’m not the one who killed it.

    Rumbi what people don’t get about relationships is that, you can’t force someone to stay. When they say its over, they mean it.
    Walk away with your head held high and avoid being taken back because he will do it out of pity. There is no love there, he will just be using you.
    Its hard to love yes, just as is hard to let go but as a woman. Dust yourself off and start over! Its not easy but trust me it will be worth it. If he dumped you for no reason then its his loss not yours don’t beg.

    Thanks Team.

  9. Thanks Mike for giving me something to look forward to every week. You really are a star. Khanyi is such a good actress and always on top of her game. Shame Mxo wa batho. Joseph kgatla, Yolanda, they are all woven in this web of deceit.

  10. Q&A: just take this time to focus on yourself, loving yourself… Without any other information perhaps just leaving it alone and focusing on you is the only thing that can help. If it helps move to a different town or province … Take that time selfish time out. You may rediscover yourself.

  11. QnA: Rumbi ders nt much we can do to help n if he doesnt love u anymre n doesnt want 2 b wif u den ders nt much u can do bt 2 jst accept n move on wif ur lyf, let go of old baggage n focus on urslf n heal ur broken heart so therefore u can b open 2 new luv in da future… its nt gona b easy 2 jst forget bt eventually it wil happen

  12. I dnt see why people r being rude to Bhejane…just skip his comments if you got issues, its his opinion after all, why “PHD” though guys really? does one need to be so dictating of other pples comments and opinion?

    lets love and respect one another genuinely…

  13. Mxo is the weakest man out there. He doesnt know how to handle situations. He keeps putting himself through the same ish. He has a weakness for women and thats where all his problems stem from. He deserves all he is going through.

    Mike thanks for keeping us entertained. I really enjoy all the books. I wish i could get the confessions book, and buy the codes for missteps. I am in Namibia.

  14. I agree wif duduzile on dat 1 sumtimes i dnt agree wif bhejane on his comments bt every1 is entitled 2 dey own opinion n jst let da guy be we r al 1 DOAZG family lets nt single any1 out

  15. Bra Mike I think you are losing the plot. In Chapter 112 Khanyi was the first one to arrive for the braai not the last one. Khanyi arrived immediately after Asithandile’s boss left. Dalu and Lindiwe came in about 3 minutes after Khanyi.
    A good short chapter though, keeps us entertained.

  16. Than I s for the great read Mike, if looks matter to guys then why are so many ugly ducklings married, engaged or in serious relationships? Just doesn’t make sense to b me. Every fine sister or there is very single

  17. Aowa bathong Bhejane really? What must happen for the now? We must cry? For what? For who? For the why? Ay man you got me speaking broken “5 skibhas” engrish! Cela ungasibhori thina wena Jackzorro wannabe!

  18. Enkosi Mike…Bhejane, ndivumelana no Duduzile nam…Phuma emntwini ungene entweni…naye uJackzorro lo athi wena ufuna ukuzifanisa naye, wayeqale kule yokugxekwa…just stand your grounds bhuti!!!

    QnA…please stop discussing him with your friends that will stop you from moving on dear…you will still be hoping that he might be back and plz don’t get any hopes of him being single you will be disappointed big time.

  19. Thanks for great chapter Mr Maphoto and the team. Lol If men care about looks why am I still single?

    Thanks Bhejane for being so understanding. You can still comment but don’t turn it into your experience or is about you. Peace my brother.

    Q&A It happens to the best of us. Each and every failing relationship you’ll miss him. Talking from experience.

    1. Loyal Supporter
      I still dont understand you. Everyone is allowed to comment about how they felt when their baby daddy jilted them at their vulnerable times or rape instances but I am not allowed to comment on the events the day’s story reminds me. Please clarify your problem with me in a peaceful manner, maybe I will understand.

  20. Its what’s on the inside that matters the most!Looks can be deceiving…Confident and happy girls are the most b.e.a.utiful…

  21. We r a big family n just like in any society there will always be those who predict the future n those who wait for things to happen n analyze the situation,so in the Bejane issue just let the guy be…let’s not attack each other I for one stand for Peace…peace bafethu!!!

  22. @Q&A

    Dear i’m going to jump the gun here a bit but you may correct me if im wrong.
    You come accross to me as those needy and clingy girlfriends who was just too in love that you became possessive without noticing it.
    Guys dont like a girl that is too clingy or too attached to him, a girl who simply you cant live or breath without your man next to you.
    It sounds like your man was suffocating from all that and he couldnt take it anymore so he left, its not that he didnt love you or
    anything just that you were too much in his face that he couldn’t have a life anymore, which is probably the reason why he is still single
    till now, he just enjoying the freedom you were so denying him not that he is interested in other women or something.
    Now how to get him back? you dont…
    Carrying on the way you are now by trying all means to get him back is totally the wrong way of doing it as it shows him that you havent changed
    you are just as clingy and needy as before so he will just keep away.
    For now just focus on yourself leave him alone completly, dont sms, call, inbox or whatever. just focus on you and get your self esteem back.
    Find you first then love will find you.

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