Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seven

Husband and wives keep things from each other, one of Mthobisi’ s guy friend’s once told us that his father had told him to never tell his wife or girlfriend everything that he does, his dad had told him that women whether wife or girlfriend should never be told everything especially things that can get you in trouble, women are sensitive being and when they angry their emotions cloud their judgement.  He said his dad used to work at a car factory and would steal car parts and sell them so he always had money because people are always looking for cheap car parts and his one mistake was telling his wife that he steals car parts at work, one day him and the wife had a fight, the wife was so angry that she went to the husband’s work and told the boss that her husband steals car parts and sells them, she did this in front of the husband and his colleagues, imagine the embarrassment, needless to say the guy never went back to work, and they lived miserably poor ever after.  So when Mthobisi didn’t tell me everything I did not take it personal I knew  where he was coming from but curiosity was killing me, I wanted to know what the hell was going on with that plant but that had to wait, our son was sick and needed us.

Mthobisi came rushing down and all I could do was point at Neo, he picked him up and said my mom had told him we should just wake him up when he does that, he usually does it after he had played too much, I must have over-reacted because I just thought of Mthobi’s daughter who had a similar sickness and thought our son was going through the same thing.  In a few minutes Neo was up and wanted to go play with the other kids, I was soo relived I hugged him and kissed him which just made him laugh, he’s so adorable.  Mthobisi said he would play with him and the kids just to make sure he was okay.

I sat with She Rocks and we chatted about her visit to the doctor and she said the doctor said she was healing nicely and if she continued that way she might not need the skin grafting.  I told her about running into Ngwako and how she threatened me with lightening, she laughed and told me she wouldn’t put it past her because at varsity she used to tell guys that if their girlfriends were giving them problems and didn’t want to sleep with them she knew of a prophet who would strike their panties with lightening to make the job easy for them, we were both laughing so hard reminiscing on varsity days and how crazy we all were.  Mthobisi joined us and said Neo was fine and was having fun with the other kids, we all chatted and laughed about good old day and how we’ve all grown up.

The following morning, I again used She Rocks car and went to work, the entire week was just the same routine, work, home, bath the kids, sleep then again same thing, to be honest it felt good to have normal life again with no drama, we had not heard from the police nor had I had any contact from Ngwako, 2015 felt so good and normal I was loving it, Mthobisi and I were in a good space, we were happy no stress, no drama, and I hoped and prayed that things would stay that way.  On the weekend we decided to visit Cleo, Mthobisi and the kids came with us, my sister had sort of dumped her kids with us, she was having the time of her life, calling everyday but just not saying when she would pick up the kids not that I was complaining having the house filled with kids was such a blessing, the house felt like a home. Cleo  was very happy to see us, she told us how hard it’s been for her been in a wheelchair at times she would forget that she can’t walk and would want to do something and try standing up and would just end up with her face on the floor, trust Cleo to make fun of any situation, she said her kids were now more naughtier than before because they knew she couldn’t chase after them and she’s told them numerous times that the day she starts walking they are all getting a hiding for all their sins, we all laughed, Andiswa arrived with her “promise ring” boyfriend, we all hugged and She Rocks and I were being offish towards her we were still annoyed by the ring situation, Cleo asked what was going on and we had not told her about a body being found, so telling her now about the ring would just freak her out and might even mess with her recovery we were no doctors but the last thing we wanted was a set-back, Cleo was determined to walk and any stress or pressure could just take her back to step one, she was at the physiotherapy almost every day.   She Rocks was still in crutches and she had now mastered walking with them, Andiswa’s arm was also recovering well, so the gang was looking much better than when they were in hospital, I just wanted to see Cleo walk again that was my daily prayer.  We warmed up to Andiswa it was not her fault that her stupid boyfriend had bought her a promise ring and it’s not her fault that the ring fell of her finger I don’t blame her in that digging that we were doing and the sweating I wouldn’t have felt mine fall of either.  The guys decided to go and buy meat and braai while we chilled with wine and kids playing all over the place.  It was a nice relaxed weekend, we had a nice braai, ate, drank and just had good clean fun.   On Sunday my sister called and said she was coming to collect the kids, I told her to bring Lwazi and they can stay over for lunch.  She Rocks and I cooked lunch while having wine, while Mthobisi swam with the kids outside.  My sister and her husband arrived, we had lunch, they told us about their holiday, my sister was glowing, she was really happy and she and Lwazi were both going through counselling, the man had really changed, I still didn’t trust him though, he had landed her in hospital who’s to say he won’t do it again, but I was the last person who should be judging, I lived in a glass house, and you know what they say about people who stay in glass houses, they should never throw stones.  We had a pleasant conversation with them, no fighting with her husband, Mthobisi again invited Lwazi to play golf with him and She Rokcs jokingly said “but you not allowed to win or else you get a beat-down.” Only after she had said that did she realise the awkwardness that happened in the room,I drank my glass of water while my sister acted like she was doing something on her phone, Mthobisi laughed and said “damn straight” which actually broke the ice and we all laughed.  She Rocks breathed a sigh of relief.  After lunch my sister packed the kids clothes and told me I should get a maid because the kid’s clothes were unwashed and She Rocks and Mthobisi had just bought them extra clothes when they ran out of clean clothes.  She was right I needed help the house was too big and I was at work most of the times so I was not getting around to doing everything and Mthobisi was adamant on having Neo staying with us and I had realised that was one battle I was slowly loosing so I had just given in but at the moment She Rocks was still around and helping out with Neo so the pressure of looking for a helper was not that much even though we had never really discussed when she will be moving out I knew the day would come when she would leave so I had to make plans to get help.

The following Monday at work I decided to follow up with the insurance so we could go identify the car they had been giving me the run-around like I was trying to take the car for myself while I wanted them to get the car so we can get this car episode over and done with.  I was told that an assessor would meet me at Aeroton where the car was being kept by the police.  I also called Aus Maria to beg her to come work for me she said she would never abandon Jessica besides there were too many benefits working for her all she did was sit and watch Nigerian movies on TV all day who would not want to get paid for that, I got her point looking after a child is not easy, she said her niece was back and she would love to come and work for us.  She said she will tell her to catch a taxi the following day and bring her clothes with her and I can fetch her from the taxi rank.  Aus Maria was not wasting anytime; I honestly needed that I appreciated that.  I called Jessica and she was all happy she said her boyfriend had proposed and she’d been wanting to tell me but she’s just been hectic, she said he proposed on the news’s eve party that I missed and then went on about the wedding and the wedding dresses and this and that, I congratulated her and she told me they will be having an engagement party soon she will let me know of the details. We spoke for 45 minutes and it was all wedding this, wedding that, I was happy for her but yhooo that call was just draining.  Cindy said I should take lots of pictures at Jessica’s engagement party and wedding, she could do with some tips for her wedding, I rolled my eyes and said I will. She Rocks called and asked if she should cook dinner I told her under no circumstances was she to cook, my husband would divorce me and marry her if she did, she laughed and said that would be incest because Mthobisi is like a brother to her and she said this is why she loved staying at my house because she got to sit and do absolutely nothing.  She Rocks and I were very good friends but I believed that if you let your man eat another woman’s food he will start praising her cooking and starts missing her cooking next thing you know he wants more than her cooking and She Rocks food is a chef in the kitchen it’s okay if she helps me cook but not cook alone that’s where I put my foot down.

The following morning I went straight to Aeroton and meet up with the guy from the insurance, we saw the car it was definitely my car they asked if I wanted it back I said no it had too many bad memories, if I wanted it back the insurance company would sell it to me for almost half the price of what I had bought it for, I didn’t care that car was cursed they could throw it away for all I cared for.  That took less than an hour I then drove to work and got there around 9 which was not too bad, Cindy and I got down to business and worked.  At about 16:15 I got a call from Nomzamo Dlamini, Aus Maria’s niece she said she was going to catch a taxi to Midrand could I meet her at Shell Garage in New Road, I agreed as that was on the way home so it would make things easy for me.  I told her I will only leave work once she gets close to Midrand.  At 17:00 Cindy left I called Mthobisi and asked him to get take-aways as I was waiting for Aus Maria’s niece, I did some work while I was still waiting for the call and at about 19:30 I called and her phone was off, stupid girl I thought, I called Aus Maria and her phone just rang with no answer, I was proper annoyed I packed up and decided to leave.  I drove home so angry and as I got to the highway the car just started swaying out of control but I managed to stop it and pull it on the side of the road, I got out to go see what the problem was and realised that both the front tyres had burst, this was very strange I thought, they were at the point where I was driving with on rims, I wondered when did I get a puncher as I had not driven on any potholes which is mainly the cause of tyre bursts, I grabbed the phone from inside the car to call my husband to tell him, and She Rocks was on AA so they would come and tow me, “Hey Honey” Mthobisi answered I said “you won’t believe this but I’m stuck on the…”  before I could even finish the sentence I was struck on the head by what felt like a cricket bat and I fell on the floor face down and my phone just scattered all over the road, I was still conscious, as I was still trying to get my head around what was happening I was then picked up and thrown into the boot of She Rocks car, I started screaming and shouting but nothing, I felt the car go up and down and realised the bastards were changing the tyres, I had been so focused on the call with Mthobisi that I did not even noticed that a car had stopped behind me, but when I was being dragged into the boot, the car looked familiar, I just couldn’t remember where I had seen it.  I continued screaming hoping someone would hear me and stop even though the chances of that happening were very slim because every car that passed was on high speed.   Within a few minutes the car was moving, shit they had changed the tyres so quickly that I knew that they must have been the ones who burst my tyres because they didn’t even bother coming to get the spare wheel in the boot or the jack.  Then I realised this was planned it was no coincidence at that thought that’s when I screamed the loudest and started kicking the boot door, the car stopped and I prayed that they would let me go, a few seconds later the boot opened and before I could even look at the person’s face I was punched on the face and blacked out.

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  1. Oh my word, could that be mfundo’s wife or people still after Mthobisi?…..they better kill Lee cause if she survives, Mthobisi will chop off their limbs one by one. Riveting stuff Mike & Thoz. Owanini unext week sat kodwa.

  2. Thanks Thoz, your writing is extremely mind blowing and your imagination, dammmmnnnnn you are too brilliant for words. I can not wait for next week.

  3. Could it be Ngwako? Poor Lee I hope Mthobisi got the commotion and is working up a plan.

    Sorry Lee, poor Neo

    Thanks Team Mike

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