Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Two

Of all the people in the world whom I did not want to hear this, my mother had to be it. Firstly I had disappointed her in getting pregnant without a husband but I do feel it was unfair. A single mom should know of the likelihood that her child too could be a single mother. They do such good jobs raising us but have unrealistic expectations where they failed. Yes her excuse would be that she did not want us to make the same mistakes she did but the reality is these men are dogs and almost always they leave you to fend for yourself. That is the reality! It’s not something however you can tell a black mother in an argument that you failed just like her. That would be tantamount to suicide which is why I would never dare bring it up even though I was thinking it. No one is immune, old or young a man can betray you.

She looked at me as I hung up the phone and already I was crying. Was she going too hit me? I don’t know why that thought came to mind but hit me for what? Oh yes, because I hadd lied to her and my sister when they came. I had obviously embarrassed her in front of my uncles whom were sitting there expecting lobola. I am sure when they hear what had happened they would be saying like mother like daughter. She sat down and casually said,

“Would you like to tell me what happened?”

She said sitting down on the dressing table stool. I was at a loss for words. It was not easy opening up to someone who you knew deep down was saying I told you so. She might have been my mother but talking to her was not easy and growing up had been just like that. My mother was more of a reserved person and because as a nurse she had seen so much at work she did not have much empathy anymore. Maybe it’s the job I don’t know but growing up our mom was both a mother and father of which she played the father role more.

I opened my mouth to speak and at first my words got stuck in my mouth. I wanted these tears to end, this pain, I wanted Mudenda to come back and say this was all one big joke.

‘He left me mom. We were fine one moment and the next he was gone. We dated for three years and just like that he did not even look back! I thought we have everything covered. He comes from a good family, with money and now has a good job to match. He said he would marry me but that didn’t happen! Getting pregnant was a mistake but aborting was not an option. That was what he told me when he said we were in this together!”

I told her. I had considered abortion that’s true. He had sat me down and told me that abortion should only be for those with no prospects nor a choice. He had told me that we had a choice and that choice was to keep our baby alive because he would be working soon and I will also be graduating.

“Firstly, you can fall in love with someone rich just as easily as you can fall in love with someone born poor.”

She had heard me wrong. I think she thought I had fallen for him because he has money which is far from it.

“No mom I did not mean it…”

She cut me off!

“Listen my child, you will not be the first woman to be betrayed by a man nor will you be the last. That is the reality which as a parent we all try to make you aware of. Most of you don’t listen. You think when you grow breasts you are women and can understand a man. We have all been there and we know what it is out there. I am sorry it happened to you my child I really am. If you have a daughter please please make sure you tell her this, you will fall in love so many times before you find the right love so don’t think every man you think you love can give you a baby!”

She stood up to leave but already I was in tears. I had failed myself. I was meant more to be so much than just being a mother yet he I was. I was far from ready.

Tidimalo was at my do. He was now becoming too much of a constant. My mother knew him vaguely from my past and she let him in.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked him angrily. With all that was going on this was not what I wanted nor needed. My mother must really think the worst of me.

“Relax Faith, I came to see how you are holding up.”

He said,

“After the way we parted that day I was always going to come!”

This guy was just an idiot!

“Who told you I was home in any case?”

I asked him.

“Your sister of course!”

He said casually. My mother entered the room and they started talking like old friends. It was so weird seeing my mother trying to be nice to him. He held his own, cracking jokes and the works. He stayed for about two hours in which time he helped my mother fix the iron, a broken latch as well as fix two leaking taps. When he left my mother came to me and said,

“You left this guy,”

Pointing outside in the direction he had driven,

“For this!”

Pointing at my stomach! She laughed and shook her head.

*****The End******


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
Hi Mike hope this finds you well…I’m a lady in my early thirties. Now here is my problem, I was dating a guy for over a year and then things didn’t work out. We broke up and I was pregnant but didn’t know I was, then I hooked up with a guy friend we did the dance.4months later I found out in expecting and I’m thinking its the friend that impregnated me. Now as my kid grows older he looks so much like my ex, truth be told he is his kid. I need to tell my folks that I made a mistake and dont know how. My ex acknowledges that the kid is his,and he’s just waiting for me to break the news to my parents.I’d appreciate the advice on how to break the news at home.


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  2. Guys
    Those who were interested on my comment on the last Friday matter, I have written a page and half comment on that. You can look at it and comment on it if you agree/disagree it is also a fun read.

    I have a busy day again and will comment on today’s QnA later on the day.

    Just FYI

  3. Thanks Mike,I cannot wait to read what’s going to happen next(three months later),as a baby mama myself I’m learning a lot from this blog.

  4. QnA:its hard for me to give you advice as you didn’t tell us if the person you thought was the father of your child paid damages or is he even aware that the child is not his. I think he is the first person to talk to before you tell your parents…or else ask the elders of the real father to come and talk to your parents,good luck.

  5. Well those are the things one has to be prepared to face when pregnant faith. 3 months jump will do me good Mike, can’t wait to see what other stunts Mudenda will have pulled.

    Anon….If the guy friend paid damages and is supporting your child then you are so wrong on so many levels. This guy will continue bonding and supporting a child that is not his and that is not fair on him or the child. If you are 100% sure about this, you need to come clean and asap. Pray this guy doesn’t sue you for your dishonesty.

  6. I hope in all of this you current man ( former guy friend ) is aware of your realization and what is going on – once he has accepted it , it will be easier to tell everybody else as he is the MOST (not only) affected and may probably feel hard done by, but since you say he was a friend he may understand because he was aware of the situation- That’s the first step. it will be easier to deal with everybody else. Tell one of your aunts to tell your mom. However if current guy is understanding and ex is willing to step up , it may be easier on your family.

  7. Nice work Mike
    Don’t mean to judge
    But condoms comrades condoms bathu bamodimo
    Break up with Guy A, already hitting Skins with Guy B.
    Guy B is probably blonde, or wasn’t good at maths, he hits the coockie 5months later he is a proud father (unless im missing something or blonde).

  8. Yoh, I’m sorry but faith’s mom is a bitch. I’m sure faith has already realised her mistake and learning from it, all she needs right now is some support considering that most of her “friends” have betrayed her. Her sister on the other hand is a dead beat yet the mother runs to support her, if I were faith I’d tell the mother off even if it means getting kicked out I wouldn’t care.

  9. Faith maybe ur mother and my mother are sisters, strange thing is even though she is what she is towards me I still love her and hoping we will have that mother-daughter kinda relationship someday…..oh and she also a nurse.

    1. @Lee, It is an honour that I have a fan. Most stuff I do is very pathetic, like responding to you now and I enjoy it.
      I just had to promote myself to those who were interested in what I had to say on that matter (why waste my thesis {as it is called} which I promised to write. So I apologise that I will keep on promoting myself when I feel like as I thought we are guests of Mike and only his opinion matter. So, take a hike!

  10. sorry Faith , ur mother is a monster, instead of supporting she criticize all the time..

    Q&A please my friend condomise , HIV kills and its real

  11. QnA
    I dont hear you mentioning Guy 2 in your dilema. When and how are you planning to tell him that he was a convenient idiot to support you and your baby at those crucial times? I do think you knew who is the father of the kid unless you were doing them both around the same time. I think when you learned of the term of the baby you wondered if it was really him and convinced yourself that it is him. My concern is that at birth you would have looked for confirmation if it was his baby or not and you got the answer sooner but enjoyed the supporting idiot unlike that one who dumped you.

    About telling them, do the same thing you did with pregnancy, leave something (like a note) that will make them (esp your mom) ask a question or tell a close aunt to do that for you. Please write to Mike again or here to tell us how did the new guy took it. I know your family will shout at you but they will then accept your guy 1 as father and what happened to the guy 2.

  12. Faith pls get back with Tidimalo n let mudenda die of jelousy…n get a good job n look very nice n never look back I need to see mudenda suffer.

    Jackzorro o kae bathong!I hope he’s well

  13. Guys pls correct me if I’m wrong bt kante weren’t faith n mudenda staying together cz nw she mentions her flat, I remember when the story started she said they moved in together???

  14. Now we’ll get to know why Faith is rumbling:) A2Q sisi it’s now or never, there’s no right way of breaking the news and also seek counseling for ur child, I mean it’s confusing to know someone as ur father and jikijiki he aren’t your paps. @Bhejane relax dude this blog is ALL about Mike so find your platform somewhere like he did.

  15. Thanks Mike
    Shame Faith uzoba strong gal.
    Anon – i’d suggest you go for DNA first just to be 99.9% sure that this is your ex’s child, then break the news first to the “guy friend” then family.

  16. Thank Mike, ready for the present!!
    Q&A I am confused, how could you not know he wasn’t the father? I have never been pregs however I know you carry for 9 months or max 10! If you did the dance 4 months later wouldn’t that mean when you found out you were pregs the doctors would have told you how far you are??? Tell your parents the truth or don’t tell them as is your story does not make sense!

  17. Anonymous u have no self respect,sleeping with every Tom,Dick and Harry without using protection sies u r a disgrace to us women

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