Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Four

There is something about rainy days that make the world seem so gloomy and Pretoria had been having a lot of rain lately. Even today when I left my exam it was drizzling and a bit chilly something which just made my mood tense. I wanted to get to my room and seek the warmth of it. As soon as Mudenda said that I dropped his phone and I immediately called home. He had made me panic. See why I said my sister gave me sleepless nights because I knew how irresponsible she was. I did not trust her with my baby but at the same time she was the only option I had to take care of him. I was so scared. She did not pick up the first time and after I called a second time she took her sweet time to pick up my calll!

“What have you done with Amo?”

I asked in such panic as welll as fury for her having taken so long.

“What are you talking about?”

She asked confused but also annoyed at my tone!

“You did not answer me Judith where is my baby?”

I asked her again.

“He is sleeping! Do you want me to wake him up so I can give him the phone?”

I could hear the sarcasm in her tone and that is what made me realize that everything was fine. I had misinterpreted what Mudenda had said. I apologized to Judith who still did not understand what was going but I promised I will tell her later and hung. Mudenda! That turd, he was messing with the wrong girl. He had not spoken to me in almost four month to be honest and the first thing he says to me is,

“Is my baby still alive!”

Was he serious! Was he for real! I did not even get to call him back when he called me back,

“Why did you hang up on me?”

He asked me clearly very annoyed by it! The nerve of this guy? Was he serious.

“What do you want Mudenda?”

I asked him coldly. He laughed sarcastically and said,

“I miss that feistiness, road warrior neh!”

I think he was also attempting to make me laugh but I was not in the mood for his bullshit and when I did not say anything he realized he had to continue speaking.

“I want to see my baby!”

He said so casually and with so much assurance it felt as though he did not even know what psychological damage he had done to not only me but the baby as well. People who don’t know a situation are often quick to argue that no matter what your differences are you must always allow a child to see their father! It’s cruelly unfair to you the primary caregiver, emotional support and security of that child to allow a person who does not even give a shit about his childd such access.

“What child? You mean my child? When last did you see him? When last did you send that child money for food, clothes and medicines? When last did you do all those things Mudenda? Where were you huh?”

I was so angry! This self entitled prick had never ever met his so called child and the first thing he had asked was if the child was alive. What kind of question was that?

“Did you say HE?”

He asked me. Wow he did not even know the sex of his own child. Six weeks old and no one had told him. It means that he had never asked anyone then and I am certain it was because that big pride of his had gotten in the way.

“You really are a piece of work! You didn’t know it was a boy did you? Do you want to know what he looks like? Do you even have any idea how much he weighed when he was born? Do you know what his mother ate during the last three months of he pregnancy to make him weigh that?”

I asked him! Only a woman who has been left pregnant knows the pain I was going through. I was not asking these questions because I had a list written somewhere but these were things I had cried about over and over again in the last three months. A man, sigh, only God knows!

“I want to see my son and you can stop me! I saw you walking a few minutes ealrie from campus and you did not see me. I figured you would be hostile!”

Wait a minute, I did say it was raining right? So this guy saw me walking in the rain, drove past me, parked somewhere and decided to call me and say all this shit! Wadlala! I hung up the phone. I was not in the mood for him. I switched off my phone, battery was almost flat anyway.

I had been hungry ealier on but now I had lost my appetite. I was so angry I wanted to cry but even though I was alone, I was not going to give this guy the satisfaction.

I took out my Ipad and logged into instagram. This guy was haunting me. The first picture I saw was of Meladi. It was so ironic because we hardly spoke anymore since her clubbing incident. I was hating this. One of the followers commented on her picture and it read,

“Congratulations to you my two friends. @Mudenda you are an amazing man for not only giving my best friend a baby OMG am going to be an aunt but also doing the right thing as soon as you got the news. I love her ring am so jealous! Wow wow wow my besties are getting married!”

Jaw drop, temperature rose!

I saw red!


*****The End*****




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hey ladies and Gents

I need your help. What is the worst thing you think you have ever done to your baby daddy (your ex of course) to embarrass or humiliate him, revenge or punish him? Gents don’t be shy, what has your baby mama ever done to you that caught you off guard and makes you hate her even more and justify why you say she is crazy? Girls who are dating or have dated guys with crazy baby mamas what are things she does or used to do that either scare you shitless or also acknowledge that she is crazy. Please share your experience to or whatsapp me on 0835905147 so we can make our story richer as the drama is about to start. You can remain anonymous if you want.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto


Dear Mike and Readers

I am grateful for you reading this. I have been dating the same guy for seven years. I went through university dating him and all was good. After university about 3 years ago he decided that he was a business man. Note he has an Engineering Degree from Wits. He has a new idea every few weeks but what’s so frustrating is that everything he touches fails. He is bad at business and that has cost us so much money. When things fail he goes into a depression and this means that every few months I am dealing with the mood swings that come with that. As a boyfriend he is brilliant but as a business man its like he is in grade one. He does not take criticism no matter how constructive it is because he has an I know it all personality. He has fought already with his parents because their son has a degree yet has never looked for a job. He is a basic hustler and another thing is that now it costs me money because now I am the one in debt to make his dreams work. We have a child together.

Thank You



67 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Four

  1. Now let me see if I got all that correctly. Mudenda left Faith pregnant, got Meladi pregnant and proposed to her? WTF!! Ya neh. Thanks Mikeesto,ish is going down up in here.

    No babymama issues yet, we still kicking it together :).

    Ntombi, so your guy has grade one skills on business lol, more like grade R hey. Its unfortunate that this guy doesn’t have proper listening skills, cause he needs a mouthful of words to make him realise he is useless at business. Refer him to the blog today, tell him to just read it as it might help his business (white lie). It will help if he takes the advice coming from bloggers today.

    Mine is as follows: Not everyone is Patrice Motsepe, not everyone can take a hundred rand madiba note and build a multi million rand empire out of it. We not cut from the same cloth, we sure as hell don’t have the same brains, our fates are totally different. Just cause you think you would be good at something doesn’t mean that you won’t totally suck at it. Your man needs to realise he is costing you money, frustrating you and his parents and is delaying you a better and fruitful life while busy stuck on a stupid business adventure that may never work. It could be 30years before this dude wakes to realise this ish aint working. You can’t allow that to happen, this man needs to grow a sack and get a damn job in his field of expertise, he needs to take care of you and his folks. He needs to let loose of this Grade R or 1 tendencies of thinking his a businessman, he sucks at it finish and klaar.


  2. @Mudenda – speechless

    So he has impregnanted faith’s friend and engaged her as well- m so hate

    @Ntombifuthi- i understnd u supporting the dude but u hv to stop sponsering his stupid ideas mayb if he looks for a job and uses his own cash to strt hs business he wl eventually see tht thse ideas are costing him

  3. 🙁 poor Faith!! Mudenda is a real prick though. As 4 Meladi yena neh. Banyana ba Limpopo aba raloke moes.

  4. Omg faith doesn’t have friends xa benjena..I hate this mudenda guy already but ezizinto zenzeka manyani..oh faith I’m feelin sori for u gal#sigh#

  5. wow faith, I may not have my own child at moment, mara I have responsibility for my younger siblings.. Mudenda go to hell.. and leave faith alone!!! Im loving this blog!!!

  6. Poor lil Faith, I feel for her. This Mudenda guy is cruel, can’t he be involved in some car accident and die once?????? m pissed now.

    Baby mama drama, I always make sure that I stay as far away as possible from it.

  7. WTF?!? I usually just read the chapters and peoples comments and never say anything myself BUT today khona Mike!!! Aw ngeke phela! Mudenda is such douche wow, kodwa if there is one thing I trust in life its Lady Karma’s timing, he will get whats coming to him shem. #NgikwateKabi-kabi

  8. Well I am not really surprised by what Mudende has done. It happens a lot these days. That’s just how MEAN, CRUEL and SILLY some guys are. That is why you shouldn’t let your friends be too close to your bf.

  9. no Mike now I have to wait until Tuesday to see what happens next can’t deal .Anyways loving the blog best storyline after Zulu girl goes to jhb. as for Mudenda
    he should go hang himself I will even supply the rope for free.

  10. Call me crazy or weird don care kodwa I’m getting myself a sperm from Argentina in 2yrs time. Don ever wanna deal wth these SA “circumcised” boys who c themselves as men. Arggg… Faith’s baby daddy is jus down ryt cruel!!!

  11. Dear Mike

    Why is it always assumed that it’s the ‘baby mamas’ that cause drama. You can make your story by showing the true drama these ‘baby daddies’ cause. They are the worst when it comes to drama.

    I have a child with a guy who does nothing for that child. Yet he has the audacity to call me on my phone that I pay for and demand to talk to the child he does nothing for. If I dare miss his call, due to my being a busy working single mother, he will turn it into a fight and accuse me of keeping the child away from him.

    He does nothing for this child yet he steals pictures I put up of the child off my Whatsapp and boasts on his social media profile about this child, never mind where the food and clothing she has comes from.

    I do everything for my child and I NEVER call him for anything.


    Proud Single Mother with Baby Daddy drama

  12. Ahh but Meladi! Wasn’t she the one who encouraged Faith about Mudenda? Women friends are just not loyal. Mudenda is a butt though, clearly he was seeing Meladi this whole time when Faith was suspecting he was cheating, on top of that he had a one night stand with Zama yohh! Sad part is men like Mudenda get away with doing such and go on to live the African dream with a woman who adores the ground they walk on. They lack for nothing. This life is just not fair

  13. Mudenda is an Ass klarr! Poor Faith, ur big break will come girl hold on.

    QnA: you must stop spoiling that man. He must jus get off his high horse get a job while at it work on his buisness ideas as well. A lot of people have 9 to 5 jobs and business on the side, and when the buisness is up and running then they give it their all.
    How much time n money has he wasted already? And with hs degree how many salaries passed hm by that could have helped him go thru proper channels n buisness seminars to help him.
    Put ur foot down woman!!!!!

  14. I do feel know how Faith is feeling, your whole world closes in darkness because of being betrayed, but coz if the Love of God and your family all will be good, One day he will come asking for apology, I myself don’t think I will forgive, Even God knows .

  15. Guy’s please reread…..
    This stupid baby daddy is going to propose to faith n the so called friend is congratulating the two friends as if nothing happened between them……

    It’s not really about the friends we choose ngoba this also happens with siblings too.

    Kodwa that’s my two cents comment

  16. Ntombi- ur man is dragging u down emotionally. He must pull he weight 2 show that he is a man… He must realize that as some ppl are meant 2 be enterpreneur he myt possibly be meant to be a consumer 100%. Also you must stop playing his game. You will be left peniless if you feed him with your money!!!

  17. Thanks Mike for a good read n instilling a reading habits 2 our society @ large. This Mudenda charecter make my blood boil when thinkng of him. Mike in yo story can Mudenda leave Meladi as well,n see 2 Baby Mamma’s @ each other throat. Nxa Meladi must b dumped as well/cheated, so as 2 feel “what goes around comes back around”. This Zama now acts as if she regrets sleeping wit Mudenda whilst she wz being cheated by Meladi. Eiy this story is not far from the truth (paining neh)

  18. Thanks Mike. That was a big development. I see that the drama is getting high everyday.
    Dolly once said “Now a man will take a good girl And he’ll ruin her reputation But when he wants to marry He’ll just walk off and leave her To do the best she can While he looks for an angel To wear his wedding band”
    Though it is horrible and evil on its design but is an unfair fact of life. Mudenda

    Your man is those idealistic guys who believes that after completing a degree you are fit to open your practice. Even doctors has got to spend a few years of in-service training in order to perfect their art.
    I have friends who are successful businessman in the engineering field. Most of them make a lot of money as they are dealing with big money projects; but like any business the face a lot of dry time. I once asked another one who is fully employed why doesn’t he go private and he indicated that he needs family security, if his wife can sustain them for few months when it is dry then he can start. So my point is that there is lot of money to be made in that industry (though I don’t know which engineering he did ie electrical, civil, mechanical, etc.). Of course I also know at least four guys who are fulltime workers but are qualified engineers with more than 10yrs each in the field. All of those in business started by working for companies for atleast five years each.
    Tell him to join a company and establish contacts and experience. It is not easy to get multimillion rand contracts without contacts (cheque the stadium building fraud). After some few contacts then he can go into business. If he insist on going for next big project, work with him to save for drier times.

  19. no Mike now I have to wait until Tuesday to see what happens next can’t deal .Anyways loving the blog best story line after Zulu girl goes to Jhb.As for Mudenda he can go hang himself I will even supply the rope For free.

  20. I’m speechless….Mudenda..Like wtf…this guy wa tella maan..Lenyatso le…Like seriously now…Im seing red right now…Bra Mike, Do these guys really exist Mara, HeLL No…Im in serious physical pain..This is just too heartbreaking for Faith and Madnening aswell…Hell hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned… Bra Mike can Faith please deal with him well she has too make him pay…

  21. Tjo this Mudenda guy is so arrogant. I’m so annoyed he must just go and jump. Faith must just focus on her studies and just forget about this loser. I know it’s easier said than done but it will become easier with time and she will get her confidence back.

  22. I don’t have a baby but I relate to this story. It just cuts me so deep. Men can be so cruel. I got pregnant at 18 and my ex was so evil to me from the day I told him. He would hide when I passed him on the street.A couple weeks later I got an abortion. I just want to hug faith bathong. It’s like they pull stunts coz they know you are stuck and can’t do anything about it.

  23. Huh….. YhOooooo ai men will amaze you sometimes O_o. Thanx Abuti Mike now that was an interesting chapter indeed.

    Q&A I had the same kinda problem with my ex who first studied Agricultural Sciences, then Human resource and now Town planning and still unemployed I don’t know what’s next and we have a 6yr together , the mother tries to help now and then but my baby is in school now and need a lot of stuff but he just keeps studying and doesn’t know what he really wants to do exactly in life, I don’t know what advice to give you but until you put your foot down you will be supporting your family alone.

  24. Mxm!!!! Mudende ke mpya maan!!! He deserves all the bad things that cud happen to. I hope selo se a se nyalang sa mochita. They deserve each.

  25. Q&A…Ntombi dear, I was in the same situation as u are right now….I told him to get a job and do his business part time coz I can’t be a breadwinner. We have a baby together, I got tired of hearing him complaining abt his dissapointments and how clients don’t pay him…, he got a job though it wasn’t paying well, he wanted to quit that job and I put my foot down , told him that he can’t quit without a promise of another better job. This monday he started a well paying job, car allowance, phone allowance and salary that’s good….. He thanked me for pushing him hard. Le wena u need to push him…otherwise u gonna mother him until I don’t know when

  26. QnA it wouldn’t be a bad idea for your man to take a short course in Business Management, it doesn’t have to be from a high rated university. I understand his desire to be self employed, but as his girlfriend try do some research on this and help him understand the importance of studying business courses before starting a business, a little knowledge will make a lot of difference and he’ll be smarter with money. All the best.

  27. wow i hate Mudenda with all tht is within me, and he wants to see what? Iyo hell wuld hv to freeze over 1st if nne ke le Faith

  28. If same sex relationships were spiritually acceptable I wouldn’t hesitate, some men are really cunts.. and he still walks around happily aware of the shit he’s done. Another reason why I’m sceptical about letting my friends have close relationships with my boyfriends is because of people like meladi.

  29. Yho mrn r really dogs shame. I got pregnant while engaged and lobola negotiation dates where already set when my x fiance suddenly realised that he cannot afford me and dissapeared. He moved to another province and married a girl from his church. I told him the baby didnt make it due to hunger and stress…my baby is now 4yrs and his daddy found out about her only last yr and I told him its not his I got preggies by another man but the only problem is she looks a lot like him. Dog called me a which for denying him rights to his blood… I told him he hasnt seen a thing m still coming for him I hope his church wife can really pray coz m about to graduate the top level ebugqwirheni….bastad he never bothered me again I guess he is scared nxxx akalazi negama lomntwana lanja

  30. Mike u r d best….Gosh I dnt believe d nerve of this idiot,he’s lucky he’s not doing this shit 2 me…..Cos hell was gonna break loose,he needs his pubic hairs pulled out 1by1 with tweezers or candle wax dripped on his penis…

  31. The reality in all this breaks my heart!…….
    I am utterly shaken, I could literally have Mudenda’s head cut off and feel pure satisfaction afterwards!

  32. Mike Wow! Sad really sad indeed, Faith pain changes people but I hope in her case it will be for the better. Mudenda is just a silly excuse of a man, I just wish Faith to be as immoral as he is based on their relationships foundation I might not be too far off.
    Can’t wait for the next read…

  33. I am sure the bby ya maledi ke hands ball.Since Maledi fucks 4 fun she’s not sure who the bby daddy is,so she pinned it on the fool medunda!

    Faith I hope u teach him a lesson he will never 4get.#Karmaisabitch

  34. One man made me to hate all the men even the boyfie I’m with I hate him too much but I’m quiet.silent killer.he won’t see it comind

  35. this is sad thou cant imagine what Faith is going through,but its time u make their lives a living hell,teach them a lesson they will never forget

  36. Yhoo shit just got real!!!harsh realities of the world we live in… Do these men rly understand the extent of damage they do to women??reading your comments n seeing a lot of hurt n angry sistas!we need men to rise up n take responsibility for their actions!

  37. Guys men don’t think at all.they only start to think when things are bad where they chose to go.
    My ex fiance got some bitch who knew axactly bout our relationship pregnant.n me at the same.I 4gave him .after 2months of my giving birth another lady was 3months pregnant 4him.I died n woke to my nightmare as he decided to stay with that woman n left me with nothing .all because the woman had a brand new car n house. While I struggled with him to even get him a job.

    But now he’s burning in hell while stil alive.they are 2wrongs n he knows I can’t take him back.he damaged me n all I was is to kill him with success coz he’s stuck now.

    And I wish faith to kill mudenda with success too n even marry tidimalo please

  38. This one brings back a whole lot of pain coz i went through something similar. My five year old daughter doesn’t know her father, a father who has never cared what his daughter ate or wore especially in winter. It just brought tears coz as a young mother, i told myself that i am okay but everytime i hear or read about something like this, i just tear up.

    It’ll be okay some day, i guess. I love my daughter regardless.

  39. OHMYGOODNESS! This is a new version of low from this Mudenda..i saw red on faith’s behalf Mike please tell me he gets hit by a bus and leaves meladi pregnant too nxa

  40. 90% women crying about men? It instill fear because growing up without a daddy, my elder sister being left with a baby, fear just take over that little faith/hope. God help us all #teary

  41. Sies de nerve of dis guy,its guys lyk this who make women turn into monsters & stalkers.Dats y a lot of women avoid men altogether after a situation lyk this.

  42. I just read this chapter and i must say wooow.Mike man you are making all these events soo relatable,the fact that thers bo diInstagram involved uhg shame i enjoy reading this book fr fr.

    Now let me say this,i am not a baby mama,nor have a child or whatever,but i have an older sister who got pregant during her matric,that guy must have been her first serious bf at that time,let me tell you something,the guy was from the same village as us,he literally denied the pregnacy,went around badmouthing my sister gore that is not his child blah blah,passing by our street all hugged up with different girls,like my sister was a laughing stock i am not gonna lie,and that pained me,even thoug she acted all tough i could see gore she was hurting,my sister gave birth to a baby girl(2001) that looked like him,complexion and everything.

    He never came to see his child,he never did nothing,he never bought his child anything le 2day.Lucky enough my sister got a very strong support from the family,IT wasnt easy though cause i remember at some point she had to register for children’s grant so it can help there and there(some women do really use this children’s grant responsibly trust me it helps sometimes).She went to college and now works for one of the biggest comopanies in SA.Doing well and put her baby girl into good schools now.

    This guy would call and promise things that does not exist,I remember one december out of the blue he lied that he was sorry and willing to start taking responsiblity and start taking care of my neice,he lied and told my sister not to buy xmas clothes for the child he’l do it,the nigro never did it,was just pure lies,

    We have now kind of accepted gore hes just a looser.My neice never had a relationship with him or whatsoever and we never denied the nigro acces to the child either,my niece instead calls my dad(her grandpa) “papa” because that is the only father that has been present since he could do anything,But i must say this whole thing has made my sister this kind of a person despite her little success,she is a little bitter though she pretends to be ok at times,

    Mike some men are pure deadbeat fathers,they do exist and its so sickening,now what i always ask myself is what is this deadbead nigro gon’ do when my neice grows older and can fully undertand that her father never wanted to do anything for her.its really sad

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