Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Sixteen

When you panic you tend to make the wrong decisions. I don’t know why I wanted to get rid of him but somehow it made sense. If Mudenda was really trying to break up with me for a text message I got from an ex what more of. he saw the ex in my flat on a weekend he knew I thought I would be away. I am not stupid and no matter how innocent of the situation I was he would never see it like that. It will be like I waited for him to leave town to bring my ex home. There then is men and their ego. It often gets in the way of reason yet were the situations reversed he would expert you to understand and be very surprised if you do not accept his explanation. That car parked in my parking lot I knew his ego would never handle! Men! Stupid and childish at the same time! I explained to Tidimalo the situation as quickly as I can and thank God he understood. He said he would try again some other time. He listened to my instructions and took the other stairs. I went downstairs and told Mudenda to park in the visitors parking bay which he hated because they were not covered and were under trees so he often argued that the birds shit on his car. As soon as he parked I hugged him as he got out of the car. From where we were we had an obscured view of my parking bay but I think I saw Tidimalo’s car pull out.

Mudenda was no longer concerned about that. He seemed very happy to see me. We went upstairs holding hands even something we rarely ever did anymore. He said that he realized that I was not happy yesterday and the way he left had been quite hostile. He apologized and said own taking his shoes. I asked if the trip was cancelled and he said just for him. His colleagues had left without him because he would rather be here. I got a phone call and it rang so loudly. I had left it on the counter as we entered. I stood up to go answer it and the number was private. As soon as I picked up the person left,

“Sorry I left my keys at your place. I think on the couch where I was sitting.”

I would know that voice even in a crowd. It was Tidimalo. What the hell was he talking about? I looked at the couch in question and that’s exactly where Mudenda was sitting. He was not paying attention to me but I know he was listening in. A lot of guys do that. You can’t touch his phone by they go all out to try find out who is calling you. I said bravely and loudly,

“Here in my building? Who are you visiting?”

I asked. I knew what the answer was but I had to make it seem like he had just arrived.

“Ok fine. You must come meet my fiance because you have some explaining to do!”

I said. Mudenda turned to look at me and gestures with his hands to ask whom it was. I hung up the phone.

“It’s my ex the one who sent that text. I want you to ask him for yourself why he sent it and ask him when last I spoke to him and the works.”

I told him. I could see the annoyance on his face immediately. Men don’t want to be made to confront other men. It makes them look weak and insecure!

“Ag is that necessary! I dont want to meet him. He is a loser so why should I entertain him!”

He asked me.

“No please don’t Mudenda. He is already here and I told him he should come. Am not cancelling. I am tired of you looking at me like I am some evil person because I am not.”

He was cornered. He stood up and came to the kitchen where I was.

“You said you are the one who wanted to fix things so this is it.”

I said moving away to go to the couch. The keys had fallen behind the cushion and I picked them up discreetly and put them in my pocket. Mudenda was super uncomfortable but I tried my best to put him at ease by talking about other things. I even tried to sound happy as I spoke.

Ten minutes later Tidimalo knocked. The moment of truth. I went to open the door for him and he entered. The shook hands and I offered him a sit. I shook his hand as opposed to hugging him. When he sat down Mudenda surprised us all by saying,

“Sorry mate, which one is your car because the parking lot is packed?”

Before I could even react Tidimalo answered as any guy would,

“The white mercedes with no plates…”

Mudenda then continues,

“So what I would like to know is that, was it a coincidence that you parked in her parking lot? Secondly how did you know where she stays let alone her flat number because she tells me you guys do not communicate at all yet you seem to clearly know your way around?”

He had set us up!

I was out of words at that moment but Tidimalo spoke and said,

“Her mother told me where she stayed. I have always known so it is not like it was that much of a secret. You can call her to ask. Listen my man, I have no interest in your girl. I have not seen her in ages. She told me that my message to her caused problems and what not. I can show you that it was not meant for her at all and n fact the person it was meant for laughed about it when I told her what had happened.”

I think Tidimalo knew that he would never ask my mother. She was a fearsome woman like I said at the beginning. Secondly, most guys are so used to calling the shots in the relationship so when confronted by another man in front of their woman it because awkward. Mudenda walked to the door and said,

“I am not stupid. Faith you can have him!”

And he walked out.

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

How are you and your readers?

I am a 23 year old guy and am still a student. My girlfriend is two years older than me and started working last year when she left university (we met in my first year). She bought a car and moved into a new flat and through all that I supported her. Obviously I am not financially stable to help with her bills but we discussed this because of our age difference. The problem is she started going out with colleagues for drinks and stuff. She does not answer her phone when she goes out and at times I don’t hear from her entire weekends. She has become secretive and snappish on the phone. The other day I told her that if she does not want me in her life she must tell me and she got angry saying that I am trying to abandon her now that I am about to graduate myself. She says she was there to support me all through last year when she was working and I was not. I pointed out all her changes and she said I am being paranoid.

We haven’t had sex in three months and even then the last few times it was terrible. She was tired and uninterested. Should we just break up?

Thank You


44 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Sixteen

  1. @Sbu, I think your woman is no longer interested in you. She just likes the idea of you. The sooner you move on the better, talking from experience. The signs are just too obvious to ignore and age has nothing to do with it…

  2. Dankie Mr Maphoto

    A2Q Ekse Sbuda mfowethu shiya phansi mfowethu before uzilengise ngentambo. Its so obvious that your girl got better and you are not that better that she wants. She wants you to be the one to do the break up coz akafuni kungcolisa izandla zakhe. Man the signs are there! Awusadingeki ndawo la.

    Sometimes you just have to read between the lines bt to save your energy and time read the lines coz they are crystal clear. Baleka ngenyawo zombini Sbuda before you jump infront of a special silver train


  3. Mamela chap ulahliwe wena 3months ago, you just in deniel. Your girl found exciting guys at work it happens, so move on while its still early, You will be hurt but you better off single,cos you are my guy

  4. wait a second… Mike, chapter 15 Mudenda is at the door and says he parked at the curb and pauses, noticing Tidimalo. How did they get to the parking lot? I’m super confused. Dankie Mikeesto

    Sbuda, if you love this chick, it shouldn’t be as casual as that bra. Ya’ll met first year(for you) you are about to graduate, so its been a couple of years right? There must be love involved right?

    If its easy for you to let her go, then good for you coz it won’t emotionally draining to separate, but if you love this chickita, ya’ll better sort things out, and soon. Things change once one is in a work environment, you will learn that soon enough, but priorities shouldn’t be in conflict. It sounds like at some point, your chikita took care of you, financially even. Its gonna look really selfish just breaking up without proper effort madala.

    As far as the sex goes, if you don’t communicate with her your concerns, including her lack of interest, or just how much it sucked, its going to cause even harder tensions. I think you know what to do player.


    1. Confused as well Jack I actually read it twice to make sure I did not miss something. Anyway Great read as always Mike 🙂

      Oh and as for your advise on point as always. You becoming my Jackhero now!!!

    2. Hey all,

      That’s true Jack its confusing coz Mudenda was at the door and Tidimalo was behind Faith when she opened for Mudenda. Now its confusing for sure…

    3. Hai noh, I’m also confused, Mike kante what happened? They met at the door and then went out to the parking lot?

      Great read non the less.

    4. I thought I was actually mistaken and re read yesterdays post… Ae mike osale ko di chresemoseng!

  5. Lol.. Interesting.. Mudenda is probably more pissed off at the fact that T.. is driving a Merc… ai..
    QnA I think she’s found someone new.. Varsity relationships don’t always make it after varsity.I think you should let her go, if she fails to see reason, and blames it on paranoia hai.. cut your ties Bhuti wam’

  6. One moment mudeda is at the door while Tidimalo is inside.the next tidimalo gets out without being seen? Maybe a rewrite of this chapter…?

  7. Mikey I’m kind confused here, i thought in the previous chapter Mudenda saw Tidimalo. Anywho great read as always baie dankie. As for Mudenda yena he really irritates me, he should finally make up his mind about Faith like really now….

  8. a bit of confusion here, Mudenda sees Tidi from behind , now he takes the stairs down.
    anyway Mudenda ke coward
    when is Nelisa / confessions coming back since matric results are out buti Mike?
    big love family.
    Jackzorro dont u wanna come to Botswana?*hiding*

  9. Mikey r U still on festive mood?? Aniwho thnxxx,,,
    QnA,,Sbuda the writin is on the wall wit bold letters U jst hav 2 read Bra

  10. Thanks bra Mike. A2Q: Problem with such situations is that one party is always giving more then what they receive, if she’s been ignoring you and all these kind of things it simply means she has been playing you people don’t just change,and you not paranoid I see where you coming from and what your worries are. I can say dump her but then again that’s just me listen to your heart its has all the right answers for you

  11. she has someone else! Smart people don’t breakup with you, they act in ways that clearly shows that they are not interested…the signs are always there but mostly we choose to ignore them…move on dear.

  12. Enkosi Bra-Mike kaphinde,Sbu mfethu icacile ukuba ikhona into eyenzekayo bhoza,its either uthole omnye umntu or akasakufuni but ufuna ibenguwe ohlukana naye neither is good so like everyone else nam ndithi cut your ties boss n move on.

  13. Thanks Mike. Faith did not have to lie bakithi; see now what has happened. Anyway naye uMudenda is just looking for an easy way out of this r/ship.
    A to Q: Sbu you sound like a very nice person; it’s too bad that your girlfriend has changed on you. She most probably fancies someone else now but just doesn’t have the guts to tell you and is hoping that you do the dumping for her. You can choose to cut your losses early or stay and soldier on and wait for more disappointments and heartache. We (females) are usually very loving ppl, we can’t stay without talking to our lovers / hubby / shende’s for a day, we always make time. So if she can get all busy ngeweekend and not even have time to talk to you – then it means something is FISHY!!

  14. Lol @ Nongo, ja ne Mike! Results are out, we miss Nelisa.

    How does one “snoep” a guy for sex for that long and expect him to not go look for it elsewhere? Ooh, sorry but I just dont get how awful sex becomes especially when yall still young. My opinion though.

  15. Iyooo! But I always emphasize the fact that we must always be honest no matter how hard is telling the truth, if only Faith had not lied then she would not be in this situation.

    But this Tidi character reminds me of some boy I met a few years ago whose just too cute but was simply too young for me#sigh

    Sbu ketla gofa advice later kesale busynyana.

  16. There is a bit of disconnect between this chapter and the previous one. Mudenda is looking for a way out….honestly for someone who cheated, he shouldnt be acting like this. I feel for Faith but she honestly deserves better than this coward! He always run away whenever there is a problem. Khaba lenja!

    There is a huge change in your relationship….usually when women are cheating or no longer interested, they become snappy, impatiant, defensive, cheecky, etc and would always make you feel like you are being childish. If she loves you, she should entertain your concerns and not rubbish them like she is. She is done with you Sbu, Khaba lenja!

  17. I dont know what would be my reaction if I was Mudenda, but I would also believe I’m being played and has been happening for a while.

    There are rules when dating an older woman. The most important one is that you should have big balls. One reason is that she is being hit on by guys ten years older than you; yes TEN who are more settled than you financially and are just older than you. The other reason is that you will have to prove yourself to her that you are a man, not a kid until you reach your forties (sp). I think you have lost the plot here as she has learned to ignore you and you cant provide in bed enough again.

    I can tell you many reasons but they will come down to say “call it quits”. Of course like most women will decry the amount she spent on you while you were in varsity and other similar nonsense (men dont cry that they supported a girl during her varsity days, why women do). Of course after you explained to her and are satisfied that she may be willing to change, you can consider going on with her till you are convinced that it aint going anywhere.

  18. Thanks Mike however I’m very confused by the last two chapters. In chapter 15 wasn’t Mudende at the door while Tidimalo was about to leave? Or something like that…

  19. I just read the chapters again n Mikey in chptr 15 Mudeda was at the door whilst Tidimalo was about to leave. Confusing indeed!

  20. Q2a run away before its too late.and I know you will graduate and she will cry for you when God blesses you..

    As for mudenda shem you are lost why can’t you just get back with tidimalo please

  21. 2nd chapter of 2015 was great,tanx mr Maphotho
    A2Q Sbu my brother we may advise u all we like, but yet u still have to make your own decision, but I agree with mr Jackzororo, if you trully and completely love your girl try to fix things,before you can make any harsh decisions,i believe communication is the key in any relationship,so wena hlala nodali wakho phansi & try to sort your differances

  22. Mike very confusing indeed. Sbu atleast this woman has shown her true colours earliar than late. they say money makes people to show their true colours. they say change is good but i hate people who start well in the relationship n all of a suddern they changed their behaviour. i would say count your loses and move on, shame uzokukhumbula n you will be know where to be found especially because you r a man.

  23. Great chapter Mike(y) though it’s a bit of a confusion coz Mudenda saw Tidimo from behind when Faith opened the door. When is Confessions of a sugar baby continuing?? I miss Nelisa nd metric results are already out.

  24. Faith? why are you lying? You could have used that opportunity for Tidi to tell your no excuse of a boyfriend the truth about the text, however, Mike if the text was wrongfully sent why did Tidi say hi babe when Mudenda called back after the text?

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