Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Fifteen

Often we are told that if you love your man you must fight for him. In fact most girls believe that but how do you fight against someone who is showing you all the signs that they want out. It’s not like he was hiding it. Another thing is ever noticed that when a guy is up to something he always lies about going to some random place that you will never actually consider going yourself. Nelspruit really? That’s like someone saying they are going to Bhisho! i dont know if it’s the pregnancy that was making me overly emotional but at this moment in my life I was at my lowest. One phonecall from a long forgotten ex had caused all this. Really. I had to study though. That’s another schlep of being pregnant as a student. The world does not wait for you. I had to get this degree because now I knew I needed this job more than ever. I took out my books, wiped my tears away so I could see clearly and got down to business. I could barely concentrate and after an hour I stopped. This was not working. I closed the books, stood up and went to have a glass of water. In spite of all the tears I had shed I was fully awake. I thought crying made you sleepy. I was carless and pregnant meaning even if I wished it I had nowhere to go. I was stuck in my own misery. I did not want to call Mudenda because of the way he left. I wanted to but already we were on a slippery slope.

I sat down and logged on to Instagram. I did not have many followers and immediately Aurelia popped out. It was a post of two hours ago and it had said O.R Tambo. She was living the life this girl. Where was she going this time? Why could I not just get a man who could spoil me the way the way they spoiled her? In all her pictures she was always alone in these exotic places meaning no one could ever judge who she was with. It was amazing. I had never ever seen a guy in her pictures but the truth is who goes on holiday alone. It was when I was going her instagram that my phone rang. It was my mother. I made the mistake of picking up.

“Have you spoken to him yet so we can start arranging?”

She asked coldly but optimistic by the sound her tone betrayed. I told her he was not there as I had to talk to him face to face about this. It was not something I could do over the phone. She said I should get it done and hung up. Immediately after an unknown number came in. I picked up. It was Meladi! Finally. This girl really had disappearing tendencies. My friends at university like I said at the beginning were Meladi, Aurelia and Zama. Since all this started I had not spoken to Meladi because I could never find her.

“How are you mchana!”
She said so casually. She was the ghetto one in the group. She used words like chomi and mchana etc in her lingo which annoyed Aurelia to no end as she was the classy one. Personally I think she did it to irritate the latter though. I told her I was not ok because my life was falling apart. I then went on to tell her everything that had happened and she listened quietly. She did not make a single sound until at the very end she said,

“You are kidding right? Zama? Come on! That girl loves you to death!”

She said. I thought so too at some point but clearly I was wrong. She said she was in Polokwane but she was back in two days. She said I should revenge on Zama somehow because can’t allow her to get away with it but that thought had never crossed my mind. Meladi I did say was a bit ghetto. In second year she beat up a girl because the girl kept texting her man when she had told her to back off. We spoke for two hours. Eventually somehow I slept.

I woke up late around 11 because someone was knocking at my door. I wish I had died in my sleep. When I went to open the door I got the shock of my life.

There in the flesh stood Tidimalo, my ex boyfriend.

He had ruined my life and there he stood at my door. How did he know where I stayed? I swear I had the oddest feeling inside me. It’s weird really. You know when you meet an ex and things are going perfectly in your life it’s almost like you want to show off and say look at me now. You want to gloat so that they know you are doing better without them. It’s not like they did something wrong. Even if it was you who caused that break up you still want to show that you landed on your feet with LB red bottoms on. That’s why most girls don’t want to bump into their exes when they are not looking their best. It’s just embarrassing. Now in my situation had this been two weeks ago I would have been ecstatic but now here I was barefoot and pregnant without even a ring on. I felt like such a fuck up. My hair was unkempt and because I had been crying for a few days now my face was puffy. In short I was not looking my best.

“What do you want Tidimalo?”

I asked him angrily. I swear this guy was getting onto my last nerve already even though I was seeing him for the first time in two or three years.

“I didn’t come here to fight. I came to make peace because even though the message I sent was not meant for you it was totally inappropriate!”

He was right about that! What kind of person sends such messages? Fuck I needed to pee! I hate being pregnant. I had to make him come in now because of that.

“Come in! I need the bathroom but don’t make yourself comfortable!”

I said coldly. The place was a mess! Why was I feeling self conscious though. When I came back out he was sitting at the very edge of the couch as though he was about to run away. Good! I did not want him here.

“That message was never meant for you and I am sorry. I have stayed out of your life ever since you cheated on me and moved on. I am not bitter. It’s life!”

Oh, I forget I am the one who cheated and left the bugger. A felt a bit guilty as he said those words but that was long ago and it didn’t kill him right. Cold comfort. I turned to see my phone was flashing. I had had a missed call. It was Mudenda.

“Hey baby!”

I said in a sweet voice. This was not meant for Mudenda to be honest bbut for Tidimalo to know that I am in a good place with my man even though that was far from the truth.

“Eish love I could not go to Nelspruit. I wanted to but I felt it was more important we fix things because I am fucking up and I don’t want to lose you!”

He said. Those were exactly the words I want to hear. There was hope. I am sure even the baby kicked in my tummy!

“Where are you now?”

I asked him so I could get rid of this fool on my couch!

“I am in the parking lot but there is no parking. Some fool parked a CLA in your parking! Fuck I love that car!”

He said. Mudenda was in love with a mercedes benz CLA and everywhere we went he spoke about it. He worshipped it and often said one day is one day. That’s when it hit me, Tidimalo was in my flat Mudenda was outside!
“Ok I am coming babe!”

I said immediately hanging up the phone!

“Where did you park or did you come by taxi?”

I asked I think with a bit of sarcasm in my tone. My man was here wanting to park his car and my ex was about to go flag down a taxi! I hope it rained!

“The security said I should park in Bay 38. I bought a new car. Remember I got that paper supply tender at the municipality for five years. It pays well.”

He said calmly. I don’t think he was bragging it just came out. Eish, my man’s dream car was being driven by my ex. Deep.

“Well go take your car and leave! My boyfriend is outside and if he sees you here I am dead. Please you have to go!”

I said panicking. He stood up because I think he understood and said ok he was leaving.

I rushed to the door and when I opened it there stood Mudenda.

“I parked on the curb just…”

He said as soon as I opened. That’s when he noticed the guy behind me…

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hey thank you very much for allowing the opportunity to address our problems.

I am a 26 yr old lady nd am a single mother. My problem is dat i am pregnant now with a guy hu passed away jst a few months thru my pregnancy. This has been da most difficult time in my life and I cry my self to bed everyday and am worried dis will affect my angel growing inside me. Nw my mother who was my support system chased me away from hme bcos she says am bringin too much baggage in her house as my bf is no more so she feels my bby will b ha problem as i am nt workin. I am a graduate nd ive been struggling to find a job. At ds moment im living wth my friend in Jhb nd i cn c dat i am a burden to ha as well.
I am willing to do any kind of job so i cn b able to put a shelter under my bby as i am da only one in ha life at dis moment.
Thnk u in advance any help would b appreciated


If thrs any responses plz send em via my email. Thank u very much and God bless u 4 being such great help to those inneed.


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  1. Wow! Explosive insert! I can see the break did wonders even memoirs yesterday was exciting. Keep up the great work mike. I’m your biggest fan!!!!

  2. Please don’t tell me Mudenda is going to jump the gun again,couldn’t she just let Tidimalo stay so he could clear the air with Mudenda as well ahhhh Rumblings

  3. Iyoweee… I have a feeling Mudenda is going to question if he is really the baby daddy… Iyaaa Drama ne!

  4. She was suppose to tell the ex, wait and apologies to my man…bcs now the guy is going to think that bcs he was going far, that’s why the ex is there.

  5. Yeses y do guys like doing that mara just pitching up un announced yeses my ex did that and that time I’ll be out with my friends partying or ect I so hate some1 who just calls saying I’m outside open up

  6. Funny how Mr Ma shows up when Faith is at her worst. Guys I need advice, I’m staying with baby daddy and its my place 2 and a half years ago when we started our relationship he had a girlfriend and eventually they broke up and we where fine, so the gal keeps resurfacing, they keep contact his even slept with her 3 months ago when we had a blow out and he hit me, and he said to me it was mistake, just sunday I found out they are still in contact and it was the lasdt straw I had told him that I’d rather lose him than lose my mind now he doesn’t want to leave I want out I know I deserve much better than this.

  7. iyo why do i get a feeling Mudenda is going to act like a baby and overeact damn man at times… How come they stress us so bad yet we want them in our lives

  8. Yoh! Us guys & our egos. This will either not go down well 4 her or Mudende will realise that there are much better guys out there & this beautiful girl chose him over the guy who drives his dream car. That should put him in his place.

  9. Oh wow, thanks Mikey.
    Why do ex’s not know their place? Surely there is a reason they are ex’s and not currents. They should back off, I mean he didn’t even have to show up. He could have just called. Iyho sorry Faith

  10. Dear Lonely,
    You are a graduate, if you are asking for professional help please write like a graduate. This ‘windows/apple’ English may not win you any favours.

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