Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Ninety

When a man threatens to kill you what do you do?  Well if you are anything like Lesedi you kill that bastard before he kills you, I kid, I kid, I can’t going around killing everyone who says they will kill me especially not my husband but at that moment I knew I was in deep elephant shit, and there was no way out of this one, I knew he had probably read all my messages between me and my friend he knew what we were up to and there was no way I could lie about that so the safe option out of this was to tell the truth.  I got dressed went downstairs and found my husband looking very angry, this was not a good day at all I had managed to piss of soo many people, how and when did I become this person.  I’m an all-round sweet person that everyone loves, okay I used to be lately all I have been managing to do is piss people off and then kill some, I was honestly going to change this was not the way to live.

I got downstairs Mthobisi said “are you ready to tell me why you took my gun and where the hell you have been all day?”  I looked at him and said “I took your gun because I wanted to use it to threaten someone” Mthobisi came close to me and put his finger in my head and said “hey wena, hey wena, do I look like an idiot? That gun was used, I’m asking you for the last time Lesedi, what the fuck did you do with my gun?” I blurted out, “I shot Mfundo, he was threatening me” Mthobisi dropped on the couch and said “you did what?”  I repeated my statement, he put his hand on his face and covered it and whispered “shit, shit, shit.  Did you kill him?” I couldn’t even look at him I just nodded and Mthobisi said “why didn’t you come to me Lesedi? Why?”  I told him I was scared and didn’t know what to do, I know it’s wrong to lie about the dead but this situation called for throwing Mfundo even further down the ground, the man was already six feet under so what damage could a few small lies about him do?  I told him that Mfundo had a crush on me and had made advances on me and when I had turned him down he threatened to get me fired and from there on things just spiralled out of control, I told him he wanted to destroy me because I wouldn’t sleep him, I was so convincing I even had tears streaming down my face, this was not planned those tears were from fear.  Mthobisi listened to me and didn’t say a word, eventually when I was done talking he said “What did you do with his body?” I explained that I got my friends involved and we buried him, I told him where we had buried the body he told me he needed some time to think things through, he’s going out to get some fresh air and something at the back of my mind told me he was going to the grave.  He left I sat there trying to think what to do next when my phone suddenly rang; it was She Rocks she told me “We’ve been calling you and couldn’t reach you we then called your husband.  Mthobisi told us about the termination of the baby, why didn’t you say something Lee?  How can you keep something so big from us?”  I told her I didn’t want us loosing focus, I wanted us to finish what we were dealing with first and deal with the rest later.  She said she understood but they’ve been talking and Cleo thinks that I need cleansing, she said Cleo thinks that I have too much bad luck in my life and need to see a Sangoma we both laughed and said how crazy Cleo is with her traditional beliefs, if I told anyone that I had been pissed off with this girl earlier on they would not believe because now the friendship was back on like nothing happened.

A few days went by with my husband and I both acting like everything was fine but there was definitely as strain in the marriage and neither one of us wanted to address the issue, there was just a huge elephant there and no one dared to speak about it, every day I would go to work come back cook dinner we would eat go to bed, no action in the bedroom, sleep wake up and start the process all over again, Mfundo had been reported missing at work but this time his wife told the police that before he disappeared he told her that he was leaving her for another woman who was pregnant with his child thank goodness he had not said my name so there was no missing person investigation everyone just simple thought he was a man in-stupid that’s what they call man who thinks he’s in-love.   So his Boss was the one handling our account and he was a nice guy unlike Mfundo.  Cindy kept saying she can’t believe Mfundo left his wife for another woman and how many woman was he sleeping with and how men like Mfundo make woman stop believing in love, I couldn’t be bothered so to keep peace I would just agree to everything that she said I didn’t want to go against her and for her to start raising suspension on me.  The December holidays were approaching so since we had cancelled our girls holiday earlier in the year, we decided to go to Durban, Jessica’s parent’s (my white friend) had a beach house and she and her boyfriend were going to be there and a couple of friends and we planned to spend the 31st of December at their place they were going to have this big party, Jessica knows how to party so we all knew it was going to be one crazy party.  She Rocks also wanted to see her grandparents who stay in Bergville which is a few hours away from Durban, so the plan was to pass there stay for a day or 2 then drive down to Durban.  Mthobisi agreed to everything he was going to come with us but two days before the trip he changed his mind and said he’s been asked to be one of the skeleton staff members and he kind of didn’t have a choice I was disappointed but there wasn’t much I could do about it, he gave me his blessings and told me to go with my friends and enjoy myself.

We spend Christmas at my mother’s house my sister and her husband were also there and our kids, my mom cooked up a storm as usually, we ate ourselves silly and couldn’t even walk after lunch.  I told my husband we should go and see his mother, so around 3 we drove to Daveyton, his mom was alone, it was a truly sad and depressing sight, and we brought her food from my mother’s house.  I sat with her and apologised for everything that I had done against her, Christmas is after all time for family and forgiveness so what better day to make peace than on Christmas day.  She also apologised to me but didn’t name her sins against me I figured if she did name them one by one she would only finish apologising by year 2027, I told her I forgave her and gave her and Mthobisi some time to speak and went outside.  I wondered if I should go and apologize to the lady I had beat up thinking she was Katlego and decided against it.  I wanted to ask about Katlego and her child but didn’t want to spoil the day so I let it go.

We went home and I finished my packing as we were leaving the next morning with my friends.  Mthobisi looked better like a weight had been lifted of his shoulders, that talk with his mother did him good, forgiveness is a powerful thing.  That night my husband slept peaceful ever since I had told him about the shooting he had not been sleeping well he would toss and turn and wake up in the middle of the night but we never spoke about the thing ever again but I knew it was eating him up.

The next morning we had planned to leave at 6 am but as usual my friends were late and so was I, in fact 6 am was the time I woke up which was the time we were supposed to be leaving for KZN, we were all meeting at She Rocks house I still don’t know why because it was just out of the way we would still have to drive to the N3 go pass Alberton, the clever option would have been to meet at one of our homes in Alberton  but we are woman we don’t think about such things, so we were going to use my husband’s Q3 as it had lots of boot space and 4 women travelling alone really needed boot space.  I drove to She Rocks house at 7 and she had been long ready and waiting, she’s so annoying always keeping time and never makes us forget about how we don’t keep time and always tell us we would probably be late for our own funerals.  She had full 2 suitcases that could not even close, I helped her carry them to the car they were so heavy I screamed “did you pack brick in these suitcases?” she laughed and said “maybe”.  Cleo arrived with her husband who was just dropping her off we greeted him and made small talk I told them I had carried She Rocks heavy suitcases I was not doing that again so Cleo’s husband got the suitcase out and put it in my husband’s car and said his goodbyes and left, I was soo surprised she only had one suitcase Cleo usually travels with twenty million things, her luggage always goes missing at the airport which is why she hates flying and she always gets charged for carrying way to many things.  I asked her if she forgot some of her clothes she said we going to Durban we going to be half naked most of the times I popped my eyes out at her and she gave me the naughty look “we going to have such a crazy time, you know what they say about Zulu guys?”  I laughed and said “no Cleo what do they say about Zulu guys?” She Rocks jumped in and said “Cleo pleas behave you are married, we don’t want another Lee situation in our hands.” And walked inside the house, Cleo turned to me and said “she needs to get over herself, who said married woman can’t have fun, I’m tired of having chicken every day, I need some beef and maybe some mutton once in a while” we both laughed.  Andiswa arrived an hour later looking miserable, the whole Mfundo thing had not been sitting well with her, she had been having nightmares and was grumpy and moody especially towards me, we hadn’t chatted much since the entire thing went down.  I greeted her and hugged her she didn’t even bother hugging me back she just stood there, she  also came with one suitcase when I offered to put it in my car she snapped at me and said it’s fine she will do her own dirty work, “wow” I said and walked inside to go get the cooler bags with our water and energy drinks. Finally at 11:15 we were all ready to hit the road this was supposed to have happened at 6am but hey we were going on holiday time didn’t matter.

Cleo said she will drive the first hour of the trip since we were starting in Bergville and that’s 3 hours away from Johannesburg, Cleo drove there was soo much traffic and by the time we reached the Total Garage leaving Joburg on the N3 an hour had already passed and Cleo said it’s time to change drivers her hour had lapsed we all protested that we were still in joburg but Cleo being Cleo got out of the driver’s seat and went to the back seat and sat with me and She Rocks, Andiswa had no choice but to jump to the driver’s seat since she was already in front, I went and sat in the front seat next to her, she was driving soo fast and so bad it was as if she’s doing it on purpose just to torture me and being in front meant I got  to experience everything, she would cut in front of cars missing them by inches, hit the brakes for no apparent reason, my hand balanced on the windscreen more than 5 times, Cleo and She Rocks were sleeping in the backseat, I was soo annoyed, each time I tried making a conversation Cleo would hit the brakes to a point where I’m almost thrown out of the car, I eventually put on my seatbelt because the bitch had lost her mind, and kept my mouth shut.

When we go to the off-ramp to Bergville I woke Cleo and She Rock up and Cleo was like “ohhh we here already, damn Andiswa you were flying” if she only knew how she almost killed us she wouldn’t be smiling I thought.  When we got to Bergville there were a lot of portholes so Andiswa couldn’t drive fast and eventually we arrived at the grandparent’s house safe and sound.  We were welcomed by the grandparents who were very happy to see their granddaughter She Rocks and her friends.  We settled in, Andiswa said she was going to one of the houses with gogo while the rest of us freshened up.  A few hours later they came back with a Sangoma, we were all confused until Andiswa said “I told Gogo about your problems and she suggested this woman so she can cleanse you, you have too much bad luck and you need cleansing.”

I wasn’t sure who Andiswa was talking to but seeing everyone staring at me I knew it had to be me “Mrs Bad Luck” I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her outside, I was ready to beat the hell out of her, how dare she?

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  1. Iam not sure if its my phone , but the bonus chapter(91 m assuming) that was posted last week seems to be missing.

  2. good people hello .. Mike may we kindly have chapter 91.. i ddn read d bonus chapter last week coz I read d blog d normal way no sms premiums. please tu! regards

  3. Yho things have gotten stale in Lee’s relationship, what hasn’t Mthobisi said anything about Mfundo being his brother?

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