Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Two

In all my years alive, 2014 has to have been the most dangerous, dramatic year of my life I could not wait for the damn year to end, I had had enough. I thought maybe bad things happened to me in Joburg but now I was realising in Durban too. I carried this dark, terrible, horrific cloud everywhere I went and since the sangoma didn’t do a good job in removing the bad luck maybe I needed a wooden cross and to be sprinkled with holy water, this was no way to live for anyone. Okay, okay, it wasn’t bad luck on its own; the fact that we were likers of things and suffered from FOMO also played a major role in our string of unlucky fortunes.

So Merced guy driver was standing next to our car with a gun pointed at us, telling us to get out of the car, the first thing that came to my mind was this bastard and his friend will lock us in their fancy house that was probably not even theirs maybe they were house sitting for someone else since it was December holidays and would make us their sex slaves until the owners came back. I imagined being locked up in some room and not been given any food or water for days and crying myself to sleep every single night I put the car on drive and hit the accelerator and drove off, I heard the guy shout “fucken coconut bitchess” and saw him on the review mirror running to his car and within few seconds they were behind us, to say I was scared would be an understatement I was shitting myself, She Rocks kept saying “drive faster Lee they catching up” I didn’t do advance driving like she did I couldn’t cut corners and ish like her, the worst part about this whole situation we had made so many turns going to the stupid house that I didn’t even know where the hell we were, I don’t think my friends knew either or maybe they were still in shock because not once did anyone say we taking the wrong way, I just drove and every turn I made, those fools were behind me, suddenly Cleo said “I think we driving around in circles, we just went past this street a few minutes ago.” I shouted, “I don’t know the way out, does anyone remember?” Of course nobody remembered there was a sharp curve and instead of curving with the road I went straight without realising that I was supposed to curve with the road the next thing I heard was the girls screaming “Stoooooooop” I hit the brakes hard and that’s when I realised I had actually driven into someone’s yard and had I not stopped when I did the car would have plummeted into the pool, I was an inch away from driving the car inside the pool, Andiswa said “switch off the lights” I did and we all sat in silence and heard the Mercedes driving pass, thank goodness they didn’t see us we sat in the car in silent for about 5 minutes then got out and went to the front of the house, the lights in the house were off and it there was no fencing around the yard, we looked around and figured they would be coming back we went back to the car, my knees were shaking I asked She Rocks to drive besides she did advanced driving so she would be able to cut corners better than me. She reversed the car out and I put on the navigator on and set it for our hotel, on the way we kept looking behind us and every white car that we passed we hoped and prayed that it would not be a Mercedes Benz we arrived in our hotel and went up to our rooms, we each had our own rooms but that night no one wanted to be alone so we all went to Cleo’s room, we were now completely sober, fear will sober you up by force.

We sat there and discussed what just happened, it was our first day in Durban and already we were being chased by gun man for what? Cleo said those guys were going to rape us there is no two way about it. Andiswa said maybe this was a sign that we should go back home we all turned and looked at her like she was crazy, Cleo told her there was no way in hell we were going back to Joburg just because some loosers tried to scare us and we were all with Cleo on this, we were on holiday here and it would take a tsunami to get us back in Joburg, no way we were leaving until we were content with our holiday, we had planned and postponed this trip for months, those Mercedes guys can go to hell for all we cared, besides Durban is too big we were probably never going to see them again, we convinced Andiswa and eventually she gave in. she Rocks went to her room and came back with a bottle of Ciroc and Cranberry juice we called reception and asked for ice, they brought us a bucket filled with ice and we decided to have our indoor party which was safer anyway just to avoid drama. We called the guys we had meet at the beach and apologized for not showing up at the club and told them we would see them the following day, we drank and talked until the early hours of the morning. When we got drunk Cleo said “let’s go find those bustards tsa Merc and show them who they messing with” we all laughed and told her she was drunk and we were not going anywhere and Durban cops don’t play they arrest drunk drivers, you can’t even bribe them, it was especially bad for us because we had GP number plates so they assume that you are going to come with a “Joburg attitude” whatever that is, but in all our travels we had learnt that if you in another province the police don’t take kindly to GP number plates, so we decided to sleep. I slept in Andiswa’ s room and She Rocks and Cleo slept in Cleo’s room.

Each time Andiswa would hear a sound of a car speeding outside she would wake up all jumpy and wake me up and tell me the Merc guys are here, she did it more than 5 times to a point where I wanted to run to my room but I didn’t want to be a bad friend, we had introduced Andiswa to a lot of hectic stuff, the other two girls and I had gone through a lot of horrible thing since high school and we found a way to cope with things but to Andiswa this was all new, I so wished that we had no involved her in Mfundo’s drama she was becoming paranoid and that scared me a bit, what if one day she said something to a wrong person, I had to stay close to her, just to make sure that she didn’t run her mouth, but one thing I notice even when she was drunk she never mentioned Mfundo and I prayed that it stayed that way some people when drunk their mouths become and open tap.
By 08:30 I was up I woke Andiswa up and told her I was going to my room to shower I didn’t want her freaking out thinking I was taken by the Merc guys, silly girl. I went past Cleo room, knocked and knocked eventually She Rocks opened and said “where’s the fire” I told her the fire was up her ass they need to get up we need to get breakfast before the hotel restaurant closes for breakfast. She looked at me and told me she’ll tell Cleo but she’s not doing breakfast she needs to sleep. I went to my room showered and wore Billabong shorts and a Billabong bikini top and a blue transparent top over it, I kept my weave loose and put on silver sandals and Gucci sunglasses, I looked too damn hot even if I say so myself. I grabbed my cellphone and went to knock in Cleo’s room they were still sleeping, I went to Andiswa she said she wasn’t feeling too good, I figured she was just lazy to go down for breakfast I decided screw these girls I’m hungry and we paid for this damn breakfast I’m going to go eat, I took the lift and went downstairs to the restaurant, I decided to sit outside it felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in a restaurant all by myself while most people were with their families or partners, the sun was shining so brightly which was not doing any good for the hang over I decided to order some energy drinks to clear the babalaaz and added lots of chilli on my food. So there I was sitting on the couches outside soaking up the sun when some random guy came up to me and asked “would you mind if I joined you?” without even looking at him I coldly replied “yes I would terrible mind if you joined me.”

I thought he would get the hint and go but guy went on “Why would you mind? I saw you having breakfast alone and…” before he could finish I took off my sunglasess and continued the sentence for him “and you thought I needed company?” he nodded and I shook my head “you couldn’t have been more wrong, I need peace and I don’t feel like making small talk so thanks but no thanks” I put my shades back on and closed my eyes, when I opened them a few minutes later the guy was sitting there I shrug my shoulders and asked “and then?” and he calmly replied “all the other tables are full, don’t worry I won’t say a word” I decided to just ignore him. I called the girls but none of them were answering, they were starting to annoy me, we didn’t come all the way to Durban to just sleep all day, I seriously wanted to go to the beach but there was no way in hell I was going alone. My phone rang it was my sister she asked how Durban was I told her it was boring because the girls were hung over and didn’t want to get up and I wanted to go to the beach but didn’t want to look stupid walking by myself, she was surprised that I got up after a night of drinking and told me I should make friends and let the girls sleep, she was right. I asked her how she and Lwazi were doing she said things were good, he had really changed if she only knew my husband converted him but I wasn’t going to brag about that I thanked her for the call and told her to give her kids a big hug and a kiss for me, talking to my sister made me miss home. I called Mthobisi, he was happy to hear from me told me how he was tired of living on take-aways and had been speaking to Cleo’s husband and they will be joining us on the 31st for the news eve party, I was happy to hear that I told him how much I missed him. I wanted to tell him about the Merc guys but couldn’t do it without making myself look guilty I let it go God will deal with them I consoled myself with that.
When I was done talking to my husband the guy sitting across from me said “I wouldn’t mind taking you to the beach since your friends are still sleeping.” I lifted my eyebrows and said “sorry?” he replied “I heard when you talking on the phone about going to the beach but too embarrassed to go alone, well I wouldn’t mind accompanying you and don’t worry I won’t say a word I know how much you don’t like talking which is extremely strange for a woman”
Sitting there getting fried by the sun was not going to do me any good, I had nothing to lose I would take my own car I knew where the beach was and it was daylight unlike the previous night, and all this guy would be is my body guard, I agreed.

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  1. Yoh! Lee these guy could be one of merc car as for mothobisi is gonna be furious with her again if anything happens to her.nice one guys(mike and thozama) I hope this is fiction cos no one can live with such bad luck in a short period of time.

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