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Missteps – Chapter Ninety Eight

There are those people in your life that you have had for as long as you can remember and each time something happens whether good or bad you just cannot wait to share it with them and to hear their opinion, with She Rocks it was always her laughter that would follow an embarrassing story that you had just shared with her, and her laugh always made me feel like I had been worried over nothing, her laugh was so beautiful and contagious, once she start laughing we would all end up laughing at times it came at awkward and uncomfortable situations but all those situations would just smooth up and be easy because of her laugh.

She was technological advance and we all knew if you were stuck on how to use your tablet, laptop or even cellphone she was our go to girl. She was the first person to introduce us to power banks and we kept calling it “bag charger” since you can charge your phone in the bag without electricity, which annoyed her and said it made us sound rural, we should at least call it portable charger. She had been my friend for as long as I could remember I could not remember She Rocks and I not being friends. She was one of those friends who were not afraid to tell you when you were screwing up, fight with you with everything that they’ve got and not because she was malicious but because she truly cared and after the fights the friendship never ended, I loved her like a sister. What was I going to do without her?
Mthobisi kept asking me not to cry, but I just couldn’t stop I was crying so hard I was even shanking I told him I needed to be there I said I would take his hired Vivo and drive to wherever they were he refused and said I was in no condition to drive, I wasn’t but my friends needed me. I asked him where Cleo and Andiswa were and he said he didn’t know. He told me to make myself strong coffee he will call me as soon and update me. I slid of the bed and landed on the floor and continued crying I cursed the day we decided to go on this stupid holiday. It was now around 6 am the sun was out, I decided to call the only person in the world who never judges me, the person I can always run to no matter what, the person who would lay down her life just so I am safe, my mother. She was still sleeping as soon as she answered no words could come out, I just started crying, my mom being who she is told me to let it all out after about 10 minutes of crying like a baby I eventually managed to compose myself and tell her what happened with sobs in between, after I was done telling her the whole story she told me we should pray, she prayed for what felt like 15minutes at some point during her prayer my phone was beeping from a call coming in I checked and it was my husband calling but I couldn’t interrupt my mother, I could not wait for her to finish when she finally said amen, I quickly shouted “Amen, I will call you back just now Ma, I love you.” I immediately called my husband back he didn’t pick up, I called again and still no answer, if I had bumped my back against the wall I swear I would have spit my heart out of my mouth that’s how terrified I was. You know when you soo scared that you want to pee that was me I ran to the bathroom I don’t know how many times I had been to the bathroom it was more than 6 times my stomach was even running, while I was still in the bathroom my phone rang and I had left it on top of the bed, I quickly finished and ran back and answered without looking at the caller id “Hey Honey” the person at the other end of the line “is that what you call your friend’s husband’s, hahahaha, listen Lee I’m trying to get hold of my wife but her phone is off, can you ask her to call me back when she wakes up please.” Shit, it was Cleo’s husband, he had caught me completely off-guard, I didn’t know whether to come clean or wait for him to get to Durban or what I was speechless, I simply said “I will” then there was an awkward silence I guess he was expecting me to say something else but I couldn’t speak I closed the speaker of the phone so he couldn’t hear me cry, he continued “you do know that I’m arriving today there right? How’s Mtho he told me he wanted to surprise you, how surprised were you?” I was literally choking from trying to hold back the sound of me crying, I tried to compose myself and said “very supr – ised” that pause in between surprise just happened automatically and completely gave me away, he asked if I was okay I said “no I’m not it’s marriage problems nothing that can’t be fixed.” He said he will see me later then and hung up. I lay in bed thinking what the hell are we going to tell Cleo’s husband when he gets here, and her kids, good Lord who would look after her boys if she’s dead. Doesn’t the bible say something about God not giving you problems that you cannot handle? God was trusting me with way too much lately he needed to realise that I was not that strong, maybe he should give the problems to someone with bigger muscles I had none, I tried searching for that scripture but couldn’t find it. A few minutes later my husband called and said the girls had managed to run away from the robbers and speed off but on the way while speeding they had not realised that there was a curve and they lost control of the car, the car capsized and spit, Andiswa and Cleo out, and She Rocks had been stuck underneath the car with the car on top of her, Jesus Chris I just imagined that huge heavy car on top of my friend and started feeling like I was suffocating. He said Cleo was talking she’s the one who told them what happened and was badly bruised the paramedics were not sure of the extant of her injuries but the doctors would be able to tell them in hospital. I was too scared to even ask to speak to her I knew I would just start crying which would make her feel worse. I asked about Andiswa and he said she was injured and unconscious he told me they were following the ambulance to the hospital and would call me when they get there, I told him to let me know when they get there and I will get a cab and join them. I quickly took a shower and got dressed then waited. My mom called I told her what I knew so far, she told me she couldn’t sleep after my call and had been praying ever since, ahhh my mom bless her heart, I thanked her and told her I was on the way to the hospital and will speak to her later. A few minutes later my husband told me they were at Parklands hospital. I called reception and asked them to give me numbers for a cab, how I wish She Rocks was around with her techno stuff she would do that Uber taxi service on her phone and I wouldn’t even have to call. I called the cab and was told it would be there in 20 minutes, that felt like 20 hours.
The cab eventually arrived, I told the driver I was going to Parklands hospital he said he knew where it was and drove me there, when I arrived I called my husband who said he would come meet me and reception. He came and told me that She Rocks was being operated on, “what? She’s alive? What about the foil that she was covered in, don’t they usual cover people with foils when they are dead.” Mthobisi explained that she had lost a lot of blood and her body temperature kept dropping and the only way to retain heat was to cover her in a foil, I didn’t hear anything else that he said I was just too happy that my friends were all alive. I hugged my husband and looked up and whispered “thank you” Mthobisi told me to sit down he needed to tell me something “they might have to amputate She Rocks leg”
I put my hands on top of my head and had to stop myself from wailing like a Nigerian woman.

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  1. Oh Lord how great is your mercies!Forever you are wonderful.I found myself saying.Teary!Ae Thozama u must never mane

  2. Phuck I typed in the code on Chapter 97 twice Oh goodness I’d never know what happened to She Rocks in a foil, the suspense is killing me:(

  3. Our God is able! This story really made me sad though.I don’t want any of those girls to die, they have literally became my imaginary “family” especially that She Rocks.

  4. I must agree to She Rocks is also my favourite character and I never imagined Misstep without her. thanks bra Mike and Thozama, well written. Big Up

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