Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Seven

As we were leaning against the car with our hands lifted I heard a thump from inside the car, I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it or if it really happened my eyes automatically looked into Andiswa direction who was standing next to me who also must have heard that sound coming from inside because her eyes were popped out like they about to fall out of her eye socket.  I knew we were in shit now; we were definitely going to jail.  Andiswa mimed “faint” I wasn’t sure if I was reading her lips correctly I lifted my eyebrows to show her I was not sure what she was saying she moved her lips slowly without a sound coming from her mouth and this time I understood perfectly what she was saying, I dropped on the ground and Andiswa was on her knees next to me immediately shouting at the cops “that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you, our friend here is pregnant, we not from around here and don’t know the area too well, we were taking her to the hospital she’s been having some strange cramps”  Cleo and She Rocks had now also come to join the shouting, everyone was now talking at the same time explaining how sick I am and how it was critical that I get to the hospital as soon as possible, Cleo was even threatening on suing the police should anything happen to me or the baby, once women start shouting there is no shutting them up, well in our case the loud talking and shouting was to cover the noise coming from the back of our car, it was not that loud but we were all worried that at it might get louder, the female cop threw bottled water on my face, which ticked me off but I couldn’t get upset I had to act like the water woke me from my fainting, faking is hard I don’t know how some people do it, I got up and asked what was going on and where I was, I wanted to laugh but I had to act sick, damn acting is hard, no wonder the old Generations crew demanded more money, that shit is not easy, imagine having to be someone else for 8 hours damn.

The cops were now apologizing and told my friends since they don’t know the way to the hospital they will escort us to Bara hospital, we all went silent for a few seconds, did they just say escort us?  With that they rushed into their car and we had no choice but to get into the bakkie and drive behind the cops who had put their sirens on, showing that this is an emergency, on any given day this would have been nice and amazing, but the hospital was the last place we wanted to find ourselves in.  Mfundo’s tapping were become more aggressive now, the bastard was alive and kicking, this man had more lives than a cat.  I turned around and look at the backseat at She Rocks and Cleo and asked “whose idea was it to use Insulin again? Why the hell couldn’t you have just bought poison, you had to go all fancy and shit didn’t you?”  Cleo answered “Lee this was all last minite.com things so where the hell were we suppose to get poison from on a Sunday?  Insulin is as good as poison anyway, give it time, he’s going to die” she said filling her nails like we were talking about shopping or something casual.  I won’t lie I was freaking out, the girls seemed chilled about the whole situation, She Rocks said “how many people in their lives can say they got a police escort, how cool is this?  I feel like I should call someone and tell them about this amazing thing that is happening right now, in fact I need to take a pic of this.”  I irritable said “you are unbelievable” she started snapping away taking pictures and selfies, I realised this is one of those arguments that you cannot win, it’s like arguing with a crazy person, no winning that fight.

We arrived in Bara, the cops took us to the entrance of  deliveries, we went through security gates and went inside the premises, the cops left to our relief and we all waved goodbye, then got out of the car.  Mfundo’s tapping had now calmed down.  I said “we need to inject him with more insulin we can steal some more here in the hospital, or the shit they inject when people are having an operation, he needs to die today.” I wanted to tell them about Mfundo being my husband’s brother but shit had become so complicated, I would reveal those details after we had buried him now I needed everyone to focus on having his ass killed, that and only that.  Andiswa said she had more insulin so there was no need to raid the hospital cabinets.  The problem now was how are we going to inject him since we were not the only people around, there was a  few people who would pass mostly the cleaners who were throwing the sheets and hospital gowns in some bin that I figured was probably a washing basket and those clothes were probably going to go get washed.  We looked around to check if there were no cameras the last thing we wanted was to appear on the e news dragging a body out of a bakkie, imagine the embarrassment of everyone who knew seeing us on TV, I shook my head trying to get those crazy thoughts out of my head.  She Rocks said she would jump inside the bakkie and inject Mfundo and then we can drive to Retvlei Farm as previously planned and go burry him there, she jumped in and within a few seconds she was back out and the syringe was empty, we all got back inside the van, Andiswa drove, when we got to the security gates and were waiting for the car in front of us to go Andiswa turned and looked at me and said “shit, these security guards search the boots of cars, I’m turning back, with that she put the car on reverse as she was reversing Cleo shouted “there is a car behind you” luckily she missed it by inches, some women and driving though, how do you reverse without checking what the hell is going on behind you?  The car in front of us left it was now our turn, security guy came and told us he needed to check the back of the bakkie, She Rocks jumped out of the car and went and spoke to the security guard we couldn’t hear what they were saying, eventually she came back and shook her head and said “no luck, the bastard wants to search the car, turn back Ands, I told him we forgot something inside” with that Andiswa made a u-turn we went back to where we had parked and  we all just sat in the car speechless, silent, no word from either one of us.

We all jumped from the fright we got when Mfundo’s knocking sounds started.  Andiswa said “there is no way in hell he could be up already, unless if he’s diabetic or…. Oh shit, what did we do with the picnic basket with all the food in it?”  Cleo said she threw it in the back with Mfundo and asked Andiswa why she was asking, Andiswa replied, “because he’s probably eating the bloody chocolate which is why the insulin is not working, sweet shit cancels out the insulin” we all rushed out of the car and lifted the bakkie cover to find a weak looking Mfundo munching on a chocolate, he was surprised to see us, his eyes stared into mine, I quickly turned away from his sharp piercing eyes , the girls grabbed the chocolate away from him and pulled him out.  Cleo said the only way to get Mfundo out of the hospital was if he sat with them at the back, they put him in the back seat with them, his limbs were weak he couldn’t really do much, his drool was running down his face, Cleo and She Rocks put him in the middle and Andiswa and I sat in the front seat and we went back to the gate, this time there were 2 cars in front of us, we patiently waited, Mfundo said “wa—ttter” he was struggling to speak, Cleo replied by saying “shut-up” it was eventually our turn for our car to be searched and security came none of us came out this time, he searched where Mfundo was and came back looked at the back seat and that’s when Mfundo saw the gap and with everything that is in him screamed out loud “help, help me”

I wanted to die.

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