Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Nine

I think the girls were still trying to figure out what had just happened but there was no time to for that we had to act fast, in my defence I had to kill Mfundo because none of the plans that the girls tried seemed to work no disrespect to them but time was not on our side, and you know what they say about people that are in threat they get into survival mode and I knew Mfundo would do everything in his power to make sure that he stayed alive, I mean nobody wants to die, take me for example Mfundo had threatened my life and these were the results of his threats, he had no one but himself to blame for this, lesson to be learnt here never threaten to expose a woman to her husband about an affair especially if that woman’s husband is Mthobisi Jumbe. 

She Rocks whispered “Lee, what the fuck? A gun?  Blood? Shit! Are you out of your mind?” I didn’t even get a chance to answer because she ran to where the voices where coming and said “Oh hey guys, I banged the lid of the metal bin while trying to close it hence the loud bang, sorry about that” they sounded like they believed her and we heard one of the guys thanking her for always volunteering her time to come and help with the animals and cleaning and we heard them leave a few minutes later She Rocks came back and said “let’s bury this body and get out of here”  we pushed Mfundo in the hole and threw the sand that he had laid on full of blood and buried him inside, the girls were not saying anything they were all pissed off at me for the gun stunt, I tried apologising but Cleo told me to shut up and continue covering the grave with sand, I didn’t want to piss them of any further so I continued with the covering of the hole with the shovel, it was exhausting and we did it in silence.  When we were finally done I asked the girls if they wanted to go out and grab something to drink they all refused,  tjeeer they were really pissed off at me. I got into my car then I realised something, I searched on the seats, underneath, literally everywhere in the car and couldn’t find it I screamed to everyone  as they were getting into their cars and screamed “I can’t find my phone, I think we might have buried it with Mfundo” Andiswa shouted “Say whaaaaattt? I’m not opening that hole again, that’s bullshit Lee, you can’t be this careless”  Cleo said “Buy another phone dammit, the body is probably rotting and stinking away as we speak, fuck that shit, stop being stingy and buy another phone dammit”  She Rocks angrily said “problem is if we leave that phone there and someday the body is discovered with Lee’s phone then we will all be definitely be linked to the crime so ladies as much as I am mad at Lee right now but we going to have to re-do everything”.

We got the shovels out of Andiswa’s bakkie to say they were mad would be an understatement they were spitting fire and this time there was no silence, they were all hailing all kinds of insults at me I can’t even write them down that’s how bad their insults were in all languages and at some point I think She Rocks threw in French swear words too or maybe it was tongues I don’t know all I know the language was definitely not South African I made a note to self to google that word when I got home, I didn’t protest I truly deserved it and if I were on their shoes I would do the same.  When we were half way through reaching Mfundo’s body, we heard a phone ringing, Andiswa was the first to ask “is that your phone Lee ringing?”  I nodded but realised something the sound was not coming from underneath us instead it was coming from before I could even finish that thought Cleo shouted “Fucken hell Lee, the phone is ringing in your bloody car.” I jumped out of the hole and I knew this time these girls would beat the crap out of me, I was still a bit sow but those pains would be nothing compared to being moered by these girls and I knew that I had pushed them too far and the only thing I could think of was running to the car and locking all doors and I did exactly that and just as I had thought they were running behind me with their crazy insults when they reached the car Cleo grabbed the door handle and tried opening the door and it was locked they started screaming telling me to open the door I wouldn’t hear none of that.  I opened the window slightly and told them I would only open the door if they calm the hell down but that was not the answer the girls were looking for, Cleo shouted “if you don’t come out of this car right now Lee, I swear I am going to smash this fucken window you talking to us through” she said pointing her shovel to the window and I knew she meant it, she would do it so I grinded my teeth and faked a smile and opened the door She Rocks said “step away from the car Lee, you have a lot of work to do” I  stepped out  Cleo threw a shovel at me and said “you are going to close that shit up on your own”  I looked at her and looked at each one of them I thought this was some kind of joke but the look in their faces told me that they meant it, I went back and covered the grave with the girls standing around drinking and doing absolutely nothing to help while I sweated like a pig running from it’s owner that’s about to turn it into bacon.

At least I was not starting from the bottom it was half way through, I knew I deserved it but bloody hell these friends were cruel and they say they love me, as I was busy covering the grave I was also thinking that maybe I should ditch these friends and get myself new friends, how cold could they be at that moment I was really getting angry I was sweating everywhere even in places that I didn’t know would sweat.  I was eventually done and that’s when they decided they were going to help with putting the grass on top so it doesn’t look like it’s been touched or disturbed.  They had now calmed down a bit, well I kind of took over 2 hours that’s enough time to calm anyone down.  Now they were talking normal again no more foreign insults, thank goodness for that but it was my turn to be sulking as soon as everything was done, the place looked like it was untouched, She Rocks and Andiswa even threw some leaves just to make it seem like the place was never touched, I marched into my car this time no one followed me and I drove straight home.  I saw my husband’s car parked on the driveway, shit I had taken longer than I had expected, I got inside the house and he was lying on the couch and the tv was on as I got closer I realised he was sleeping, I quickly snuck upstairs, threw my bag on the bed removed my dirty clothes threw them on the washing basket and went into the shower, the water felt soo good like it was washing away all my sins, what I did nothing could wash it away, I was stained for life. I started thinking about how messed up my life was, how I had just killed a man, a mother was without a son, a wife without a husband, sisters without a brother and it was all thanks to me and my selfishness, how did I get to this place, I had turned into someone that I didn’t like much, I didn’t want to be this person.

You know that feeling of regret you get after you have done something really bad, well take that feeling and multiply it by hundred and you will get how I felt, with all that guilt and regret that I was going through I found tears streaming down my face and I just dropped to the floor and started crying while still in the shower, I started praying “father God, I don’t want to blame the devil for what I did it was all me and I’m sorry, you must be very hurt and disappointed well, I don’t blame you, I don’t even deserve to be talking to you right now all I wanted to say was I’m sorry and I promise that I will change, I will never do anything like this ever again, no more affairs and definitely never killing ever again, I promise I will go to church every Sunday I will change, please Lord forgive me,” and I couldn’t stop crying I must have been in that shower for over an hour when I eventually managed to pull myself together I rinsed my face and wiped myself and got out of the shower and stepped into our bedroom only to find my husband on the bed holding my phone and his gun that I had used was on the bed next to him,  I wanted to say something but what the hell could I say, he smiled and stood up and said “dry yourself up, put on body lotion and get dressed you will find me downstairs and while you still getting dressed Lee make sure you think very hard about the story you are going to tell me, because I want nothing but the truth from you.  One lie Lee and I swear to God I will kill you” with that he walked out and left me with my mouth wide opened.

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  1. Can any1 help me please. I want to send an SMS to unlock the pin. Should I use capital letters or not. And is it necessary to put these—> “. Tnx

  2. Aisuka Lee is stupid how can she just place her bag on the bed knowing very well she stole Mthobisi’s gun the 1st thing she should have done after realizing that hubby was asleep was to wipe the gun and put it back then go shower stupid woman,Thanks Mike

  3. The making of a thriller…super fantastic work #teamDOAZ

    @Loreta, ask a family member to buy the pin for you and whatsApp it. M not sure if it will work but m sure its worth a try, gudluck

  4. So what was the point of killing him Lee? Coz now Mthobisi is gonna know u cheated anyway. Shit just got very ugly up in here! Thanks Zama

  5. I love this blog and I let a lot of things slide…grammar, spelling etc. But when the same mistake is repeated time and again…SOW=Sore. I know spell check may not pick it up but it seems the writer is not picking up on this.

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