Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Eight

Bad things happen in to good people they say, I’m a good person most of the times, I know what we were doing really didn’t say “good people” but deep down I’m a nice person who makes mistakes and sometimes I make mistakes with the wrong people who decided to want to screw me over just like the fool named Mfundo, how the hell do you do that? How could he do that? Scream for help like a small child, I wanted to smack him but I was a bit far from him. This was a total shock for all of us, we had not been expecting this, Security Guard asked “kanti kwenzak’alani lana bo sisi?” meaning what’s happening here ladies, She Rocks jumped out of the car pushed the security guard soo hard that he trampled over and fell and ran to the boom and opened it and shouted to Andiswa to drive, Andiswa speed off, security guard stood up and chased after She Rocks who jumped inside the car, Cleo was finished with laughter, I asked She Rocks what the hell had gotten into her, she said it’s not like he could have done anything to her he doesn’t even have a gun. She turned to Mfundo and said “you’ve been a very, bad, bad boy, what are we going to do with you?” good question, it was already dark and we couldn’t exactly take him to Retvlei Farm as by then they were already close. Damn this mission was becoming harder and harder. She Rocks said since she stays alone we could take him to her house and we will continue with the mission the next day since we had failed dismally to kill Mfundo and maybe we will come up with fresh ideas. We went to the garage and bought some rope and the thick grey salotape, when we got back in the car Cleo stick in Mfundo’s mouth who had now been quiet for some time, maybe the insulin was working after all even though it was taking it’s time. We drove back to my mom’s place, Andiswa parked the car at the corner of the street the last thing we wanted was my mother asking a lot of questions about the man sitting at the back seat and we couldn’t exactly put him at the back now since we were in public. Cleo and I went and got the cars, my mom and Victor were not there to our relief, we left She Rocks car at my mom’s house and told the Neo’s nanny we will come and get it the following day. I thanked the girls and told them I will see them tomorrow.
I went home and found my husband in the couch watching tv, he gave me one look and said I needed to get in the shower before I even kiss him, I don’t blame him I was full of sand, I laughed and jumped on top of him and he passionately kissed me and told me how much he missed me and I should never leave him for so long because his stupid brother and wife never showed up so he should have gone with me. I smiled knowingly and said “sorry”. I went upstairs took a shower and I was bushed I just wanted to get in bed and pass out. I went downstairs to go tell Mthobisi I was going to bed, he said “Honey, I have these voicemails from Mfundo he says he wants to speak to me urgently, so I tried calling him back and his phone is off” my jaw was on the floor, I asked my husband when the voicemail was left on his phone and he said yesterday, thank goodness I had actually thought he had wrestled She Rocks and got free, Jesus what the hell would I do if he did that, he would go straight to the cops, we needed to get him killed as soon as possible and Mfundo was stronger than us so we needed help, I knew it the girls knew it they were just not ready to admit it. I couldn’t exactly ask my husband to help me kill his brother because I had slept with him who now believes that I was carrying his child, Mthobisi would first kill me then kill Mfundo. I told him that if it was as serious as the voicemail said it was then he would definitely call him back, I of course knew that call was never going to come. I wanted to ask about him and Mfundo being brothers but it would bring up a lot of questions from my husband so I decided I would wait until he told me which might never happen but I didn’t care, all that occupied and bothered my mind was getting rid of Mfundo’s body.

We went to bed and I slept well for the first few hours and then had a nightmare about Mfundo screaming for help in his grave and Mthobisi hearing him and digging him out and him pointing at me and saying “that witch killed me” I screamed and I must have screamed out loud because Mthobisi got up and pulled something under the mattress then asked me what wrong, it was dark I couldn’t see what it was but I was sure it was a gun, I told him I had a bad dream he put it back under the mattress and switched on the lights, I was soaking wet from sweating, he brought me a towel I actually had to change my night dress because it was too wet and was making me cold, I tried going back to sleep and just couldn’t sleep, each time I closed my eyes I kept seeing Mfundo’s body twitching, my husband had his arm over me covering me and every few minutes he would ask if had I fallen asleep after the 5th time I decided to not respond which made him think I was asleep he then feel asleep, as soon as I felt he had fallen asleep I moved his hand over to his body and tried to sneak out of the room as soon as I touched the door handle to open it to get out he asked “Honey where you going?” I told him I needed fresh air and was going to sit outside by the pool, “it’s 2 am Lee, try and get some sleep.” I calmly said “I can’t”, he sat up and asked “are you worried about tomorrow’s procedure? I am too Honey, please don’t stress about it, everything will be fine.” I almost asked what procedure until I remembered that I was having my baby terminated the following day, soo many killings in my life, haai no this was just too much, the worst part I had forgotten about that. My sweet husband got up and said he would come and sit with me outside, he was being so sweet and supportive, I could not allow Mfundo to ruin things between me and this man, where on earth was I going to find another man like him. He was not perfect had his flaws but neither was I and one thing about men is they don’t easily forgive infidelity that is the hardest thing to forgive and I was not about to have him doubt and question everything I do because I cheated once okay not once but who is counting. We sat outside on the pool chairs and while sitting there I realised that I have everything that any woman could ever want, what the hell was I doing with Mfundo?

Greed and lust are not things that you should easily give into, next time there is temptation I will ask myself is this person worth me losing everything I have and everything I have worked so hard for and if the answer is no I am going to turn the other way and walk away and keep walking each time I see that person that was a promise I made to myself. Mthobisi brought me a fleece blanket and told me it’s cold we should go back inside, I told him he could go in I will sit outside for a few minutes, he kissed me on the forehead and told me he loved me then went inside and came back in a few minutes with warm tea, I had a few sips then decided to go inside we watched TV until 5am then hubby ran me a bath and I had a nice long bath by 06:45 we were both ready and neither of us could eat. I called She Rocks and told her that Mthobisi and I were going to see the doctor and I would see her later, I asked how she slept she said “like a baby” she was obviously stronger than me.
We drove to the doctor’s office, my husband had made the appointment and it was for 08:00 we filled some forms, I was a bit nervous, we saw the doctor who explained that the procedure would be very simple I will be given a pill which would make me have a miscarriage and they will then remove the foetus she made it sound so simple but to me it was thee most hardest thing that I had ever had to do. I took the pill and in less than an hour I was having hectic pains, Mthobisi was there with me all the way holding my hand telling me everything will be okay, I started bleeding the nurse came and took me to another room and where the removal would be done, my husband could not come with me when this procedure was being done, the doctor and nurse removed the foetus I was not allowed to see it, when they were done I was whisked to another room where I had to rest and recover. I laid in that bed crying for the baby that I never got to see, a baby I would never get to hold his tiny hand, a baby I would never get to name, a baby I would never get to kiss and tell him how much I loved him and most of all a baby that I never protected. I cried so hard the nurse came and asked if I was okay, I told her to bring my husband. Mthobisi was by my side in a few minutes and he held me and cried with me for our baby. We cried for a good hour. Eventually we had to leave, the nurse told me that I will be sow for a couple of day and I should take it easy and no carrying of heavy things etc, I nodded.

We left and my husband decided to take me to lunch, while we were waiting for our food Mthobisi went to the bathroom I decided to switch on my phone and check my messages, I had a few from work, I had forgotten to tell Cindy I wasn’t coming in, her sms read “Mfundo has gone missing again, he was using his wife’s car and it was found left on the side of the road somewhere in the East Rand, call me” and there was another message from her “Why is your phone off, I hope you not with Mfundo wherever you are.” This is what I hate about people knowing your business they keep throwing it around even if it’s not necessary, what the hell was wrong with her why even ask that. I called her and told her that I had just come out of hospital I had a miscarriage and had not seen Mfundo since last week and hung up, she called back I’m sure she wanted to give me her stupid condolences but I was not in the mood I switched off my phone. Lunch came we ate and left when we got home I told Mthobisi that I wanted to go check on She Rocks he said she should come to me I’m in no condition to drive, I couldn’t argue with that because if I insisted on going it would raise questions. He received a call from work and told me that he needs to pop in at work and will be back soon, he kissed me good bye and told me to call him if I needed anything, I agreed and thanked him for being so supportive.
As soon as I heard the car drive off I called She Rocks she said she was at Retvlei Farm doing her volunteering work and I should join her, I said I was on my way. I was in pains after the procedure but I didn’t care, I slowly went upstairs walking was ten times slower now I couldn’t walk fast I went to our bedroom lifted the mattress on my husband’s side of the bed and found the gun took it and put it in my bag and drove to Retvlei. I phone She Rocks and she directed me to where she was she was deep inside the farm I doubt if anyone ever goes there, Cleo and Andiswa were there and they had already dug the hole, I asked where Mfundo was and they said they think he’s becoming immune to the insuline they had overdosed him and he still wasn’t dying, they were even thinking of burying him alive, I said good idea let’s bury him alive, they all said no he might wake up and scream and someone would hear him and we would all be in deep shit. Cleo dragged him out and put him on the ground and said “maybe burying alive is not such a bad idea, if the insulin doesn’t kill him the sand he will swallow, the heat and dehydration will definetly kill him” I couldn’t take the chance of him coming out of that hole, I took out the gun pointed to Mfundo’s head and pulled the trigger.
The sound was soo loud it was deafening, there was blood everywhere. Then out of nowhere we started hearing voices, and they were coming closer to where we were and someone shouted “Helloo, is everything okay?”

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  1. Thanks Thoziesto, OMG, is this the finale for this year?? My gaaawd. Can’t wait for the next post, Missteps is absolutely crazy.

  2. Mike I think its time these stories are converted into either a series or drama for SABC 1. They would help a lot since well what I’m seeing now days isn’t satisfactory. Think about it. Nice one. Mzanzi Stories.

  3. Oh My Word! Lee! I am shocked she really did that. damn this woman’s life keeps getting more complicated by the minute.
    Thanx Mike. Great read .

  4. Gals as much as I love n adore u guys, bt u hv go 2 jail bulala muntu kabuhlungu kanje u Lee yena life sentence…thanks Thozie really interesting

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