Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

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I am not a bad guy. I am not looking to find more evidence that my wife was evil but all this stuff was literally falling on my lap. I doubt very much though that she had expected that to come out but in her desperation those words had slipped out. Now that it was out in the open she realized it and tried to act cool about it. How though? What would you do if you know your wife was so bad already and worse was out there. I froze. This person was not the woman I thought I had married. Much as I was curious to know a huge part of me said walk away from this. She would just lie anyway. It’s like we both paused at the same time because she too stopped everything she was doing. I think she thought I would hit her because she moved backwards. I was not sure what to do or say because I was not even sure what had just happened.

“Asthandile what am I going to find out that you don’t want me to know?”

I asked her when I finally got my words. She said it was nothing I can call her if I like since I was hell bent on making her look guilty. That’s what I expected. When you confront someone and they know they will lose they argue that yoou already have the answer in your head.

“Asthandile I am not going to beg you to tell me but if I find out myself I will divorce you on the spot. That much I will guarantee you!”

I think it was my tone that made her realize that I was not bluffing. She immediately jumped up and came to me and said,

“Mxolisi please, I beg you! Let this go. It’s not worth it. We have enough problems of our own to add to them would be courting disaster!”

I can assure you most people will assume that this will only make me want to know more what was going on but she had a point. This would be a disaster. It’s one thing to think you want a divorce but to actually go through it is quite another. Getting a divorce is emotionally exhausting and many don’t know this, very expensive. It was time to walk away. I needed a new apartment where I could just run away to. I will leave her in the house alone for a month or two so that she could see what she was losing. This evening I was going to just walk out of my marriage, drive out and never come back. The next time she will see me would be in court. I had already moved the rest of our finances around. In my plan in a week she would be penniless and she was going to need me. That’s what she forgot. It was not just about the love I had given her but also the financial support. Women take it for granted that just because I earn more than you does not mean I did not work for it. Yes in marriage the money is meant to benefit us both but at the end of the day, when SARS comes to tax someone, it’s me the legal and true owner of it. It’s as simple as ABC.

“I am not going to call her. I don’t want to know.”

I said calmly leaving the room. This surprised her and she came to me and said she was sorry. She just did not want to fight anymore. I just looked at her and shook my head. She had no idea what was about to come next.

“I know I have wronged you in so many ways. I am willing to overlook what happened with Lindiwe. I don’t mind. I will do whatever you want. We can go for therapy. I can go to my parents even if you want space. Please all I am asking for is that we stick together and work through it!”

She cried. She actually went on her knees and was crying,

“Remember that through thick and thin we were told in our vows. This is the thin. Please Mxolisi you know you mean everything. I will never leave the house again. You can take my phone and keep it even. I will just be your wife. I can send Zimasa back home for it to be just us. I can do that. Just don’t leave me please!”

She begged. We were standing outside the main bedroom door by the stairs leading to the lounge. I was not sure where this sudden burst of emotion had come from. My mind was made up. I told her to let go of me and I left.

When I got downstairs my phone was ringing. Asthandile had actually followed me downstairs. I don’t know what more she expected me to say to her because I was done with this conversation. I took my phone. It was Dalu. I rejected his first call, his second and only when he called the third time in a row did I pick up. When someone rejects your call twice it means they are busy. I know what he wanted. He wanted to see if I had not killed my wife and vice versa. I know he was concerned but really he must chill I will tell him when I am ready.

“Dalu I am still a bit busy right now!”

I said coldly. Dalu was the type to start talking as soon as you picked up but this time he did not. After five seconds he said,

“I take it you have not heard…”

sounding a bit sombre. What now? I had too much to deal with right now.

“Lindiwe had an accident on the way back from the braai!”

He said. My first thought was, my baby! Had she lost my baby! I asked Dallu that.

“Yes Mxolisi she lost the baby!”

He said. It felt as though someone had sucked the air out of my stomach! I really was cursed by these so called ancestors! I couldn’t even scream out.

“There is more Mxolisi…”

Dalu said almost in a whisper. I was listening,

“She is dead Mxolisi. Lindiwe is dead!”

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike
thank you so much for this blog..we really do learn a lot here.

I’m a 24 year old unemployed graduate with Diploma In Food And Beverage Management. I chose this career because of the love and passion I have for it but ke unfortunately I am unable to find a job even when I do meet the requirements now the problem is the pressure I’m getting at home my mom is not supportive at all don’t get me wrong I’m not bad mouthing her but she will always tell me dat if I did teaching or social work like she told me to, I wouldn’t be sitting at home like this it hurts me so much coz I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed those courses because I did not like them and now to make matters worse iv got a younger sister who is working and now my mother actually worships her because she brings in something at home and this hurts me so much because I’m treated like an outsider.

Please help me fellow brothers and sisters with anything that you might hear I’m from Durban and really don’t mind relocating,I need a breakthrough in my life I’m always Hoping that each year will be different please help me guys.

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  1. QnA try workawayinternational. They will start recruiting in April. Their website is or it’s a gap year programme that will take you overseas to gain experience in the hospitality industry. Also search for them on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck.

  2. And the plot thickens… Maybe Khanyi has something to do with Lindiwe’s death.

    Mike, could you please provide me with the email that I can use to send my problems to QnA

  3. I have a feeling that these two witches have something to do with Lindiwe’s death. May her perfect soul R.I.P. she didn’t deserve to die. I think Asthandile said she is willing to overlook what happened with Lindiwe (pregnancy) because she knows that Lindy will be no more soon. I hate Asthandile with my life and soul.

  4. An early dose 2day,sad indeed that Lindiwe is dead poor Mxo maybe that was his only chance at getting his own child as I think Asthandile is carrying her boss’s child.

  5. aish no man i though Mxolisi was gonna leave this marriage and be with Lindiwe look now Astha youve taken away the only change Mxolisi had to have a kid that he was sure was his and maybe the only person who could give him a real family ilokuqina kwakho yazi wavele wangidina kakhulu lo Asthandile wakho with a loose panty # sad for days

  6. I was expecting Lindiwe to be a prominent part of the story; Mike decided to bring a twist to the saga since I said he must not kill the boss. So Mike will have to introduce a new character to date Mxo and will have to consider the crime that happened in JHB dead or Mxo in a limbo to defend it. Eish it will be interesting how it turns out.

    Again Mxo will be faced with bitter anger as the evidence of Lindiwe’s child is gone; so the clause on divorce may be up for dispute. It may be interesting how it turns out

    I have no comment much as I know the industry is full. Other “low” alternative is trying on the deli of supermarket until something comes up, I know you have thought of that if not tried it.

    Sorry I dont have any help I can think for now.

  7. Asithandile must now suffer, bcs she is the course of all this happening, you can’t let her get away with death of your unborn child mxilosi.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, RIP Lindiwe, waze wakude u-Monday.

    Rose my sweetheart, I feel for you, what you are going through at home, no child should ever. Your Mom, though it seems devious, has a point, a logical one infact. What kids fail to understand is the degree of intelligence and wealth of experience our parents have. Point 1: There is a shortage of teachers, especially in Maths and Science, that wouldve guranteed you a job. Point 2: No one wants to do social work nomore, so the demand for them is on the rise. So the point is, at 24, you would be working, earning a reasonable salary, that would enable you to further study for Food and Beverages and you would be able to look for a job in that field with proper back up. But I guess you didn’t think that far.

    I hope your story helps another youngin out there waiting to do some mine exract what-what like another Q&A few months ago, do research for this stuff, if there is a gap, do it, don’t just jump into something kanti the whole country is doing it.

    Solution: This is the start, go to careers 24, apply anywhere and everywhere for your expertise and also try contact centres just to get the cash flow, its easier to get in there and they always looking for people. Don’t pay much attention to what’s happening at home, just tell your mom she was right, dust yourself up and move on, something will eventually give.

    All the best

  9. Mike mina I want to know what else Asa is hiding!! Ngifuna ukwazi I want to know!!

    Jackzorro Love the advise, I wish someone told me that 10yrs ago.

  10. Nooooooooooooooooo not Lindiwe, why not Khanyi or Asthandile mxm ah Mike. Shem poor Mxolisi.

    Thanks nonetheless Mikey #sad

  11. I really feel 4 Lindiwe! I’m not sure if da child was his as he doesn’t remember having sex wit her! 4 all I knw it might not hav been Mxo’s child!Wat I do knw is Lindiwe was behind da fact dat Khanyi was raped so she was not a saint either but possibilities are Khanyi cud hav had smethng 2 do wit her death!RIP

  12. Thanks Mike. Sad though about Lindiwe; as much as I did not like her pregnancy I did not wish death upon her. Mxolisi should have that accident thoroughly investigated…. I hope there is no marriage like this on earth, hhayi bo!

  13. I am really enjoying this book, thanks mike

    Rose dear, i am sorry to hear about what you are going through but God always makes a way. Though i really think that sometimes our problems is we never turn to look at other opportunities after graduating. For instance i have lot of friends who only apply for the jobs that requires their qualification which doesn’t help sometimes. My advice will be to apply for any kind of job that you come across, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start acting upon what you want and please remember that experience does count. all the best dear.

  14. Thanx Mike.

    Q&A. Hey Mbali I really feel your pain hey. I am also a Hospitality Management graduate I would suggest you to contact Chris Charlton from Awesome Travel. They have a program for graduates to work overseas to gain more experience and I’m sure he will be able to assist you. His email address is As I’m responding to you his helping me with preperations for New Zealand. And one thing you must know our industry its one of the fast growing industries. And also do try to go on the work away website,Gourmet Recruitment website. My gosh there are so many I could go on the whole day. If you need more help this is my email address

  15. Kodwa Mike uyibulalelani ingane yabantu bengiyi thanda kanje. Waze wangidida manje. Ngicela I address ka Asthandile ngikhathele nguye. Sengi funa ukizi bambela mina. Mxo bro I feel for you.

  16. Thanks for a great read Mike, tjoooo Mxolisi your wife and Khanyi killed Lindiwe that is why Asthandile is stopping you from calling Khanyi, tjoooo mosadi wa hao is the devil.

  17. So sad I loved Lindiwe mxm I hope its a mistake

    Q&Ans Damn Mbali I relate to ur story its time to pray love for a break through… work on dat God will surely save u I knw wat u ar going through

  18. Eish Lindiwe mara why did she have to die? I would have hoped that the child would be born to be the mirror image of Mxo and Asthandile’s to be the mirror image of the sugardaddy boss boyfriend or Azile (now that would have been funny in a twisted kinda way). #sad for days.
    Enkosi bhuti.

  19. Aowa hle bathong, this is so sad. Of all the ladies Lindiwe was actually the sane one, why did she have to die hle. Why could’t it be Asthandile.

  20. RIP sesi Lindiwe.. May ur death bring Asthandile all the badluck in the world,may she not knw how to deal with her problems till death rip her apart.

  21. Qna: my dear careers like teaching and social work are supposed to be a calling and not just a means to an income and that is the very reason why our education system is so poor because of abantu like ur mom. U have a passion for the hospitality industry and I say stick with it. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing something u are passionate about. Good things come to those wait. Continue applying for different types of jobs within the hospitality industry and work your way up. U are still young & and have a lot of time to achieve all your goals. If you can start your own business based on your knowledge and qualifications just do that. Our parents should allow us to make our own choices and learn from our own mistakes. Pls parents treat & love ur children equally and support them in reaching their own goals.

  22. Molo Mbali,hav a look at the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality website unda vacancies.Therz a job post 4 sum1 who has a qualification in Food And Beverage Management,its under permanent positions.All the BEST ntombi.

  23. Hawu Mike, why kill Lindiwe’s character? Nooo bhuti!! What about her little girl, Lindi had a daughter:-(. I hope Mxo is named her guardian.

  24. Astha ngathı angashayıswa ıbhanoyı nje nxa noma ıstımela! Such cruelty! Was lookıng forward to a lıl one ın thıs book! Sıcela uNelısa abuye alok Mıke plz tog

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