Memoirs – Chapter One Hundred and Eleven

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At that moment I just wanted to slither away into nothingness. I was so embarrassed for him, the girl on his arm, myself and yes for Ezile. What do you say to your child after she sees you cheating with someone her age? The security guards were upon us and asked us to leave. Imagine kicked out of pick n pay. Thank heavens it was early morning and there not really that many people. I managed to negotiate with one of the guard and I paid for my things. Ezile was nowhere to be seen. She had marched out of the shop angrily. Zimasa had gone with her. I took my shopping to the parking lot. Whatever happens today at the braai shit was going to hit the fan. What Ezile had said would surely provoke an attack from this fool. In front of everyone. Imagine. I tried calling Zimasa but her phone was off. I figured that because we had come here so unexpectedly she had left it at home. Even He was nowhere to be seen. People were staring at me but I acted as though nothing had happened and calmly went to my car even though inside me everything in me was saying I should run.

When I got home my wife asked her where the girls were. I told her the whole story including the part where Ezile said she had fucked me. My wife totally dismissed it because she did not even blink twice. To her Ezile had said that to spite her father. My wife went on an on about these disloyal men and how the poor child must have felt. It was so hilarious. Note I had not mentioned who the man in the shop was. She called him an unsavoury dog who must be hanged by his promiscuous dick. Lol. Yah neh. When a woman is not the victim or the perpetrator she has so many words to insult someone else who is cheating. She was actually quite offended on behalf of Ezile. She said we must go look for the girls and I said no because the walk home will help them clear their mind and besides Ezile was with Zimasa so they will be fine. Again I say this, I don’t think my wife really knew who Ezile was because after I finished the story I asked my wife if she wanted to know who the man was. At first she said no because she did not want to know such dogs in her life but as with most women, curiosity hit her hard. By the end of the conversation she was begging to know. I picked up a bag of charcoal and started to walk out when I turned and said,

“It was your Boss boyfriend. Ezile is his daughter you know that right!”

I said then stopped to see her reaction. My wife looked confused. All that insulting swagger was totally wiped off her face. She had turned ash then red at the same time. If she could speak I am sure she would be saying,

“What the fuck!”

But the words did not come out. When someone likes someone you can tell! My wife was so hurt but I thing because of me she would not allow the tears to come out! I was not going to walk out because allowing her to cry for him would be too nice of me. I looked her straight in the eye as if daring her to cry. I think my wife had thought she was his ‘main side dish’. Guys have so many sides nowadays there is a main and the rest. It’s humbling to be second to a kid I guess. What I don’t get is this, if you are a side dish, why do you cry over the guy cheating on you because he is already cheating on his main? Women are twisted really.

“Is something wrong Asthandile?”

I asked her trying to hide the sarcasm dripping off those words like thick animal fat after a braai at the after tears of a politician’s funeral. She tried to speak but the words just wouldn’t hit her. I am sure at this point she wanted to tell me I was lying but how could she because that would be defending him in my face. That she could not do as she knew there would be consequences. I had hurt her. That much I had no doubt. It hurt for me to because this was my wife hurting over another man.

“If you want to go cry go because I can see that you are dying too! You honestly thought you were the only one!”

I said cruelly to drive in the dagger and started whistling as I walked out. I was actually quite angry myself but let her suffer for now then I will have my wrath later. I was ready for whatever came that day. I didn’t have long to wait.

Thirty minutes later an enraged man was at my gate. He hooted and I could hear him shouting from the door,
“Where is your husband? Where is that shit? He fucked my daughter! I am going to kill him?”

I was at the back cleaning the braai stand. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Whose daughter was on his arm earlier and how many times had he fucked her! Funny enough I was not even scared. This man clearly was dumb. Not only had he been busted by his daughter, pushed by her, possibly dumped by that kid now he was coming to be beat up by me. He should never have gotten out of bed this morning. I could hear my wife screaming,

“How many other girls are they?!”

She did not even ask about his daughter and I. She was Moore concerned at being just another number. I was on my way to the house when I heard him shout at her,

“Stop acting important. You were just another bitch I fucked and it wasn’t even good in any case! Ima kill that…”

I heard something break, then a thud on to the floor! Oh fuck, what had she done! I ran!

When I got into the house there was a broken vase and next to it, his body lay bleeding and from where I stood,


*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Your blogs are an inspiration. I applaud you for a job well done.

My problem. I am 34 and married. We have two kids. My husband is a doctor and I am a personal assistant. My husband continuously belittles me and my job. He makes these odd deragotory remarks about the nature of my work and how I contribute nothing to the world. Often he does it when his friends are there and even they have reprimanded him. I don’t know what to do because I am so in love with my man. I tell him it’s wrong and he says sorry then goes on and does it again. We have been married for eight years now. When he walks in and I am watching something like Generations he will tell me how ignorant I am that’s why I know nothing.

How do I get him to stop? I am already doing UNISA not because I want it but because I want to prove him wrong.


Mbali R.

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  1. Morning all and have a blessed day… mike thanx for the lovely chapters and everythng u do, may the good Lord bless more…

  2. Mike Mike, Too short.

    Thanks a lot , I can’t wait for the next chapter . This book is too addictive . Can I have the whole book?

  3. Great read!!

    Sad indeed hey, there’s nothing as painful as being belittled in front of people, especially by the person who’s supposed to respect you the most… Dear, its nice that you’ve enrolled at Unisa but if it’s not in your heart it’ll only frustrate you more coz soon he’ll be mocking the very same course you are studying…

    A lot of things fail because purpose isn’t known. Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable… The proud will be humbled one day, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to it, kill him with kindness and his foolishness will put him to his kneees in the fullness of time!!

  4. Morning all, I’ve been a silent reader for sometime now and I must say I’ve vowed that this year I’m gonna comment a whole lot. First and foremost thanks Mike for being an inspiration to us all and just giving us something we can look forward to everyday, you truly are one of a kind with that said I hope God blesses you in all areas of your life and that you succeed at whatever you do. Great chapter as always you never disappoint your writing skills are always on point. Danky papa

  5. Hawu Mike, too short hhe bana lol, Astha went mdantsane on his ass tjo! Dankie Mikeesto, friday cometh!!

    Mbali dear, your husband is the one that’s ignorant, PA’s practically run ish, it takes massive skills to be juggling other peoples ish and make them productive and profitable, he needs to get his thumb out of his ass. I don’t know how you allowed him to continue this behaviour for 8years. And you sound so inlove with him still, this man aint loyal bathong.

    Reprimand his sorry ass, mncishe ikhekhe until he starts appreciating you. Its not like you are a domestic, or a housewife, and even those are priceless in the value they add in this world. I’d say buy glasses at specsavers, let your hair loose and start reading and looking like a nerd(sexy by the way) but that would just give him ammunition to try and diss something else in future.

    Only way to punish a man is to deny him the cookie, he better start acting right, and you do you sister, if the personal assistant thang is your passion then keep running those affairs.

    Unless that man of yours be on some Patrice Motsepe level, he ought to shut the hell up and find a chill.


  6. Wow….great chapter weeeeeee…Revenge is really attractive from far….i really like the sounds of it..

    @Mbali its not abt books he is just arrogant

    We all have some weakness,so if he hits you with hurtful things ,find his weakness and hit him.back…am sure there is something weak abt him,find it out and use it with confidence with no fear,he will stop

  7. Q-a. There’s nothing more sad and frustrating in life then being belittled by that one person who’s suppose to be your night and shining armor, that one person who’s suppose to look out for you at all times. What I would tell you though is that registering at Unisa won’t change his mind about you being ignorant and all that, instead do it for yourself cause you want to grow not because you want to impress him

  8. Thanks Mike, this couple is going to be murderers ke manje over and above their sick twisted marriage! You know you tell the truth as is, even if you’re a sidechick you always want to think that you’re Queen Victoria – The One and Only meanwhile you’re one of the crew members!!! People should just stop cheating nje finish and klaar!
    A to Q: Mbali your hubby is cruel shame, don’t know what to say. Emotional abuse is the worst form of abuse coz it just eats you up inside and finishes one. Ufa uhamba if you have a partner like that. Nxese gal, this is raw deal…

  9. Read this chapter twice just to enjoy it longer its very short Mike but you rocked it as usuall…..Ayeye Asthandile this Boss Boyfriend wud learn not to turn married women to side chicks again…#LMAO#

  10. Happy New year everybody……………Whoop, there it is! In your face Asithandile………..Honestly, you were cheating with a married man and thought you would be the only one!

    @Mbali, your husband has issues with himself hence he verbally abuses you. He needs to deal with his self esteem issues because any person who puts other people down has deep issue within themselves. Nobody has any right to look down on another person’s profession because if the roles were reversed, he probably wouldn’t last a day being PA. He needs to respect your job and most importantly respect you as his wife.

  11. A to Q: y did he marry you in de 1st place? if u were not so up to his league? he shuld have married other doctors mos. next tym he tries dat tell him uyisishimane nje yena ppl like him irritate me up to no end shem

  12. As Kay have said, atleast he was one up today. I am interested what will the girls say when they arrive, admit that he bonked her or deny? Actually what would be Astha’s response to that, get the divorce grounds she has been looking for or ignore them for crime she has now done. What would the little girl say when her father is in hospital because of this; I dont think Mike will kill him as he is a big part of the story.

    Firstly, I am always against working with your spouse or live-in partner. There is no one to offload work garbage at and you start to bore each other. Mbali, your story sounds like Mxo and Astha by the way both man thinks of their wives but Mxo let her work somewhere else.

    Since it will be impossible to quit working for him and work somewhere else (which I think would be better for the family), do what others say about you punishing him. Tell him that what he is doing is called EA (emotional abuse). You can start by responding “EA” always when he pass his remark especially when with people. When asked what is EA, you just say “Emotional Abuse”. No respectable man would like to be considered an abuser. Continue until it is drilled in him that what he is doing is EA.

    On the other side, embrace yourself that he may be tempted to move to the other form of abuse, but dont be caught of guard.

  13. Tjoooo, hectic I tell you. So Asthandile has stooped so low to even fight another woman’s man for cheating on her? In her husband’s house nogal… (sigh)

  14. Dankie Maphoto

    Mbali R. Khaba lenja! U must kick him in his chops. Because clearly akakuboni tuu lomuntu, maybe he just see you as his maid. I say punch the son of a gun in the face and leave a huge blue eye so that he can look himself in the mirror and remember not to ever mess with that beautiful flower you are.

    Cream on top! Do it infront of his friends if they aint dumb like him they’ll take your side.

    Cruelty said
    Siya@gugs (onyanyile)

  15. Thank you Mike, awesome chapter!

    I could never forgive Asthandile if I was Mxolisi. Seeing your wife hurt and cry over another man is just too much. I really hope more is in store for her…

  16. Jack zorro jack jack u killing me bra I whop whope alone on dat comment . Yoh I wish I cn meet u for real bra , n thanx a lot to bra mike for the killer chapter it was great I’m loving it yoooh thanx

  17. Thank you bro mike

    Ooh god you kill me with laughter ( It was your Boss boyfriend:) 🙂 , I just love this blog you guys are awesome you make my day. Jack where is your pic Bro we must see you.

    Mbali, some people don’t know when to stop until you teach them a lesson, I’m sure he’s got some weakness or something hes not comfortable with, just find a nice way to expose that just like he belittles you in front of his friends, and while you are on a lock down ( not giving him your cookie) buy yourself a toy, just to spite him, get a size bigger than him and don’t hide it and see who’s ignorant.

  18. Yah! Asthandile’s got a taste of her medicine and it sure is bitter,ai sekushubile manje,well done Mike and Thoz can’t wait 4 the next chapter,pls post it soon!!!

  19. Great Chapter Mike.

    @ Mbali the best way to hurt a man is to let him know how pathetic he is in bed… Even if he is good make him think he is a boring vegetable! Try it and otle ompotse if osa go sokodisha!

  20. Awesome chapter bhudi Mike. @mbali pliz ignore your hubby, he is bored as a doctor and jelous you are not stressed like him. I am PA myself and have bought 2cars, built a house for my mum and last year bought my own house so should stop taking his frustrations on you. Be proud of what u do as you sit in board meetings with very powerful execs, which he doesn’t. He is very mean. He enjoys tormenting u. Just ignore him. Shop more and look more prettier.

  21. Ya Mike this book!! Mbali R you have allow this man to walk over  you for so many yrs. When he married you didnt he knew that you were not a doctor. isnt that there were doctors even then for him to marry a non ignorant woman dr like him. I am so irritable by his behavior. Upgrading your self for u is a good thing but that so called husband of yrs will always fine something to insult you because it is not about what you have or know for him to love and protect you but it his love and protection that will make you feel valued. I am sure he is the only Dr in his family so now he is thinking that he is the only thing that ever happened in anyone’s life. i know gal i havent given you any answer except showing my annoyement but since you have talerated this for so long you can still try and speak to him. Otherwise use his money to upgrade yrself study until u become a proffessor then dump his sorry ass and tell him then you couldnt be with the Dr since you were now better than him.

  22. Ancishe docta ikhekhe?weee.u gona share him wid small varsity kids mark ma words,Abuse is abuse tell him straight usukhathele ilento yakhe,wht du u hv to loose?your worth more than uk’hlukunyezwa umfana oytshela uyindoda coz a real man wouldnt degrade his wife phambi kwabangan bakhe,n mostly asuke emhlula amanye amadoda then yena akhiphele kuwena lonto,watchin generations or vuzu or whateva akusho awazi nicks n mostly afta kade usebenza kanzima osukwin maybe thts how u distress akayeke lento lobhuti,Ill tell one thing ma sista,PA is jst a tittle,tht job can’t n won’t be perfomed by umuntu ongazi nicks,whateva he myt say or asekushilo ngomsebenzi wakho I’d say uyena ongazi lutho,

  23. Hi Mbali sorry that you had to go through this, its the people we love that hurts us the most. His a doctor and should know that his coursing emotional abuse on to you. I hope you find a solution to your problem but going to UNISA will not change him even if you try to prove him wrong.

    Pray to God to change him and he will lead you the way.

    Mike, how long must we wait for Thandeka Mkhize?

  24. Mbali I say scare the guy to the point that you make him think that you will leave him, this will really hurt him, he does not want to lose his wife and kids! For sure he’ll apologies and try get his act straight, he’ll realise how valuable you really are

  25. Hi Mikeeee thank you very much! New Year and lots of drama!
    @Mbali woooo sorry babes,bt u nid to fix! I also say hit him with hs weaknesses, if non here are some tips:
    1.Honey what’s happening, r u sure u r not diabetic these days I hardly enjoys our prayers. Tell hm hs a doctor bt cant check hs own health.
    2. Babes I’ve bn sacrifising for 8 yrs! I think u can do something ngalamanzi kapopo(weak sperms),pls try pull up yo socks!
    3. Or show hm u r up to date,talk about Nathi Nene and great changes hw petrol price have dropped etc.
    I wish I was in yo shoes, my hubby knows he can’t degrade me, and as a result we respect each other a lot! Even if he experiences tough tym at work he warns them that my wife wl call u to order. Pls don’t allow that to happen to u!

  26. When the player doesn’t like being played, shame on you astha you truly are pathetic. This marriage is toxic.

    Mbali I am all for what Sihle said, plotting to belittle him will just make you as bad as he is. PA’s should be respected all round, like Jackz said we run the ish.

    Thanks Mikey

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